An American English Bible

With Old Testament based on the Greek Septuagint text that was used by Jesus and his Apostles

See why the Bible is more interesting and believable when the words are translated into what they really meant in their original languages,
rather than what Bibles based on established religious doctrines tell us that they meant.


This Bible isnt authorized by, nor does it represent the views of any religious group. Its content is the work of more than sixty online contributors and the dedicated efforts of a few translators and editors who have spent many thousands of hours on this enormous project, and whose only interest has been to help themselves and others to understand what the Bible truly says. And yes, we are still open to receiving your personal well-researched input.
Since it is in the public domain, this English Bible, its Notes, and its Commentaries that are original to this work may be copied, used, and distributed as you may wish.
Spot any typos or errors? Please tell us!
You will find the 2001 Translation – An American English Bible reads differently from other Bibles, because many of the words are more accurately translated, and because its OT portion is based on the Greek Septuagint text. Please check the blue links to see why the words are translated as they are.
The 2001 Translation is not (and probably never will be) available in hard copy. Why not? Because:

1. It is still a work in progress.

2. The links are a necessary part of this Bible, because they explain why we have translated and edited it as we have, and links aren't possible in printed text.

3. This is a free page and all its work is independently contributed, so we have no religious sponsors or means of income to pay the printing costs.


Dutch (NT only, based on Aramaic text)



Why a New Bible Translation?


How We Do the Translating


Why the Greek Septuagint?


The Bibles Internal Proofs of its Authentic History


Linked Scriptural Commentaries


Notes and Scriptural Observations
Arranged in alphabetical order for quick reference (updated regularly)


The Ancient Scriptures of Israel

Genesis   Exodus   Leviticus   Numbers   Deuteronomy
  Joshua   Judges   Ruth   1 Samuel   2 Samuel   1 Kings
  2 Kings   1 Chronicles   2 Chronicles   Ezra   Nehemiah
  Esther   Job   Psalms   Proverbs   Ecclesiastes
  Song of Solomon   Isaiah   Jeremiah   Lamentations
  Ezekiel   Daniel   Hosea   Joel   Amos   Obadiah
  Jonah   Micah   Nahum   Habakkuk   Zephaniah
  Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi


The Christian Era Scriptures

Matthew   Mark   Luke   John   Acts   Romans
  1 Corinthians   2 Corinthians   Galatians   Ephesians
  Philippians   Colossians   1 Thessalonians   2 Thessalonians
  1 Timothy   2 Timothy   Titus   Philemon   Hebrews
  James   1 Peter   2 Peter   1 John   2 John   3 John

  Jude   Revelation


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