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PLEASE NOTE: We do not claim that any of the following linked commentaries are absolute truth or should be accepted as religious doctrine. Rather, they reflect the results of ongoing research and reader input. So if you are looking for doctrines, you will be disappointed. On the following linked pages, you will see that most are regularly changed and updated to reflect the most current findings. They are linked here not to tell you what to think, but to make you ask questions about the things you've been taught. And hopefully, by thinking, you will reach better conclusions.


120 Years (updated 1/18/2016)

Allah the Moon God (contributed)

Animals Our Wards (a contributed poem) edited 11/27/2012

Armageddon – When? (updated 1/20/2016)

Arrangement of the First Christian Churches (updated 1/21/2016)

Baptism (updated 1/21/2016)

Bible Chronology According to the Septuagint (Dates changed 1/24/2017)

Christian Forgiveness and Repentance (updated 1/30/2016)

Christian Morality (updated 2/1/2016)

Christians, Jews, Moslems, and the Bible (updated 2/2/2016)

Church, Congregation, Synagogue, or Called Ones? (updated 2/3/2016)

Coming, Presence, or Nearness? (revised 12/4/2016)

Corruption (updated 2/5/2016)

Does the Bible Promise Everlasting Life? (updated 2/5/2016)

False Anointed and False Prophets (updated 2/5/2016)

GodŐs Laws and Principles (updated 2/6/2016)

GodŐs Promise of an Inheritance (updated 2/7/2016)

Gog of Magog (updated 2/7/2016)

Is there a Burning Hell? (updated 2/8/2016)

Isaiah 24 - Is It Speaking of Armageddon? (updated 2/9/2016)

Jehovah (updated 2/11/2016)

Jerusalem and Ôthe Israel of GodŐ (updated 2/12/2016)

Jerusalem's Destruction – 587 or 607 (contributed) Editor's Note revised 2/12/2013

Mark of the Beast (updated 5/3/2016)

New Covenant (updated 2/3/2016)

Passover and the LordŐs Evening Meal (updated 2/13/2016)

Powers of GodŐs Holy Spirit (updated 2/15/2016)

Removing 'the Wicked' from the Congregation (updated 2/16/2016)

Similarities Between the Exodus and the Events of Revelation (updated 2/16/2016)

The Faithful and Sensible Slave (updated 2/17/2016)

The Great Tribulation (updated 2/18/2016)

The Hereafter (updated 2/19/2016)

The Importance of Being the Firstborn (updated 2/20/2016)

The Last Days (updated 2/21/2016)

The Problem with Setting Bible Historical Dates (updated 2/22/2016)

The Rapture (updated 2/23/2016)

The Resurrection (updated 2/24/2016)

The ÔSeedŐ – GodŐs Kingdom (updated 2/25/2016)

The Sheep and the Goats (updated 2/27/2016)

The Trinity (contributed)

NEW! Timeline for the Kings of JeruSalem from the Start of Temple Construction to the City's Destruction

What is Righteousness? (updated 12/31/2014)

What is Truth? (updated 2/28/2016)

When Was Jerusalem Destroyed? (contributed) Editor's Note revised 2/12/2013

Which Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? (updated and rewritten 1/24/2017)

Who Are ÔThe Other SheepŐ of John 10:16? (updated 2/29/2016)

Who Was Jesus? (updated 3/1/2016)

Why Most Bible Chronologies are WRONG! (updated 3/2/2016)

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