From the Greek Septuagint text as used by First Century Christians

NOTE: Recognize that the book of Psalms was the IsraElite songbook, so each Psalm was originally written as poetry and had a cadence. Since this can be clearly seen in even the Greek translation of the Septuagint, we have tried to restore the poetic beauty in our English translation by adding or deleting extraneous words to compensate for the language differences, while not allowing the poetic changes to harm the integrity of the original message. We found that by doing this (by looking for natural cadence and following the laws of Hebrew poetry), it became much easier to see where errors and changes have crept in due to translating or scribal errors, for it soon became clear that some of the Psalms (note Psalm 68, for example) have suffered obvious losses, which required us to work harder to restore a natural cadence and logical order to the sentence structures.

Psalm 1

NOTE: Why Psalm and not Psalms? Recognize that this is the book of IsraElite hymns or sacred music, for ‘psalm’ means ‘sacred hymn.’
Therefore, since each of the Psalms is just a song (not songs) in that book, it is a book of Psalms (songs), but each Chapter is just a Psalm (or song).

1 Blest is the one who ignores the impious
And will not side with the sinners,
Or sit among the disgusting.
2 For he wants to do the Will of Jehovah,
And consider His Laws day and night.

3 He’ll be like a tree that’s planted near water,
And he will bear fruit every season…
He’ll thrive and his leaves will not drop.

4 But, for the impious, this will not be so;
For they’re like the dust that’s blown ‘cross the earth.
5 So they won’t be raised in the Judgment,
Nor will sinners see the [blessings] on the righteous.

6 For Jehovah knows what the righteous have done,
And the ways of the impious will perish.

Psalm 2

A Psalm of David.

NOTE: Superscriptions such as the one above are notes to show such things as who wrote the song, or whom it was written, what inspired its writing, the occasions on which it is to be sung, or how it is to be sung.

1 Why do the nations and all of the peoples
Think about things that are worthless?
2 For the rulers of their lands and their kings
Are against Jehovah and His anointed.

3 They say, ‘We should strip off their bonds,
And we should throw off their yokes.’
4 But the One in the heavens is laughing…
At them, Jehovah is laughing.

5 So, in His anger, He’ll speak,
And in His rage, He’ll disturb them and say,
6 ‘I’ve placed My king on Mount Zion
To be the ruler over My Holy Place.’

7 Then the Lord spoke to me about His decree.
[He said to me], ‘You are My son,
And today, I’ve become your own Father.
8 So just ask and I’ll give you the nations
All the way to the ends of the earth
As those whom you will inherit.
9 With a rod of iron, you’ll lead them,
And break them like pots made of clay.’

10 O kings of the earth, pay attention;
And those judging the lands should now learn
11 To serve Jehovah in fear…
Yes, all should tremble and praise Him.

12 Give ear to all these instructions
So you don’t provoke Him to rage.
For, if you should kindle His anger,
Away from the righteous, you’ll perish,
While those yielding to Him will be blest.

Psalm 3

A Psalm of David when he was running from his son AbSalom.

1 O Jehovah;
Why are so many against me
And why are so many attacking?
2 Concerning my soul, they are saying:
‘He won’t be saved by [his] God.’

3 But, You are my shield, O Jehovah…
You’re my glory who raises my head.
4 So, with my voice, I’ve called to the Lord,
And from His holy mountain, He heard me.

5 Then I went to bed and I slept,
And when I awoke, God sent me His aid.
6 So, I will not fear tens of thousands
Who’ve surrounded me and [planned to] attack.

7 Arise and act, O Jehovah…
Deliver me please, O my God!
Now, You have cut down all those
That had no reason to hate me,
And You’ve broken the teeth of the sinners.

8 For salvation comes from Jehovah,
And He blesses His people.

Psalm 4

To the music director; a Psalm of David.

1 When I called to my God in difficult times,
He felt pity and heard what I prayed.

2 [So hear me], O sons of men;
How long will you stay so hardhearted,
And why do you love what is foolish,
Always searching for things that aren’t true?

3 You must be aware of the wonders
That God has performed for His clean one;
For He listened to me when I called out to Him.

4 So, be angry with me, but don’t sin…
Complain as you pray in your beds.
5 To Him, offer pure sacrifices,
And put all your trust in Jehovah!

6 Many have asked, ‘Who’ll show us His good things…
Who will show us the light from God’s face?’

7 He’s the One who put joy in my heart,
And provided me with fruit, grain, and oil.

8 So, I will lie down in peace, O my Lord,
Since You have filled me with hope.

Psalm 5

To the music director; a Psalm of David to his heir.

1 Lend me an ear, O my Lord,
Please listen to me when I call…
2 Hear my voice and the things that I beg
As I pray to Jehovah, my King and my God!

3 Hear my voice in the morning…
As I pray, stand by me and watch over me.
4 For You aren’t the God of lawbreakers,
And the wicked may never travel with You.

5 O Lord;
You don’t put up with those who break laws,
And before Your face, the lawless won’t stand.
6 For You will destroy all the liars
And the men of blood and deceit, whom You hate.

7 Because of Your mercy, I’ll enter Your House,
And toward Your Most Holy, I’ll bow…
Yes, I’ll always [show that] I fear You.

8 O Jehovah;
Lead me in ways that are righteous
When my enemies are standing before me.
Straighten out all of my paths,
But please keep an eye upon them.

9 For there is no truth in their mouths,
And foolish ways are bound in their hearts.
Their throats are like open tombs,
And they’ve used their tongues to deceive.

10 So, bring Your judgments against them, O God,
And cause their council to fail.
For their irreverence, drive them away,
Since they’re in rebellion against You.

11 All can be glad who’ve put trust in You…
May they cry out and loudly shout cheers!
For among them, You’ll dwell in Your Tent,
And those loving Your Name will boast about You.

12 You’re the One who blesses the righteous, O Lord…
With the shield of goodness, You’ve crowned us.

Psalm 6

To the music director: A psalm of David for the eight-string lyre.

1 O Jehovah;
Don’t discipline me in Your rage,
And please don’t correct me in anger.
2 Show mercy on me, for I’m weak, O my God…
My bones are shaking, so heal me O Lord.

3 The man that I am is deeply disturbed!
So, where have You gone, O my God…
How long will You stay far away?

4 Return to me… please save me [O Lord];
Deliver me please, in Your mercy!
5 For the dead are unable to bow before You…
In the place of the dead, who can praise You?

6 Of moaning, I have grown so tired…
Each night, I soak my bed with my tears.
7 For my eyes are very disturbed
By all the troubles they see.

I’ve aged because of those who oppose me;
8 So, please remove all that’s lawless in me
And hear the sounds of my weeping, O God.

9 Then Jehovah heard the things that I’ve begged…
My God showed me favor and listened!
10 So, may those who hate me be shamed and disturbed…
May my enemies all be dishonored.

Psalm 7

A Psalm of David that he sang to Jehovah because of the things that were said by Cush [of the tribe] of BenJamin.

1 O Jehovah, my God;
In You, I have put all my trust,
So save me from those who pursue me.
2 May my life not be snatched by those lions,
From whom I cannot be ransomed or saved!

3 O Jehovah, my God;
If I have done many bad things,
Or if, in my hands, there’s injustice…
4 If I’ve repaid bad to those who’ve done good,
May I fall before all of my enemies.
5 May those who hate me, chase me and catch me,
Then trample my soul to the ground,
And may it thereafter camp in the dust.

6 O Jehovah, my God;
In Your rage, now arise…
Before my enemies, stand tall!
Awaken, O Jehovah my God,
And give the order to attack them!

7 By many, I have been surrounded,
So now’s the time for You to arise.
8 Condemn all these people, Jehovah,
But please find me guiltless and righteous.

9 O God;
Bring an end to the badness of sinners,
And straighten the ways of the righteous…
Examine their their kidneys and hearts.
10 Please send me aid, O my God,
And save all those with straight hearts.

11 My God is just, forgiving, and strong…
He’s not One who’s angry each day.
12 But, if you should try to oppose Him,
He will shine up His sword,
Then He will stretch tight His bow… 13
He’ll prepare His weapons of death,
And get ready to shoot flaming arrows.

14 See how the wicked are slaves to their sins;
For in misery, they have been conceived,
And to lawless ways, they’ve given birth.
15 But whenever they dig out a pit,
They’ll fall into that cesspool they’ve made…
Yes, into the pit that they dug.

16 May their misery fall upon their own heads,
And may they receive their own wicked ways.
17 But, I will follow my God’s righteous paths,
And I’ll strum to His Most-Holy Name.

Psalm 8

To the director over the wine vats; a Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah, our Lord;
How great is Your Name on the earth,
For Your majesty has reached to the heavens.

2 From the mouths of infants and babies,
You have ordered up praises.
And as for those who oppose You;

You’ll remove the opponents and avengers.

3 I see in the skies, the works of Your hands…
The moon and the stars that You’ve founded.
4 So, what is man that You’d think about him,
Or a son of man that You’d visit?

5 A bit less than Your angels, You’ve made him,
Then You crowned him with glory and honor,
6 And placed him over the works of Your hands…
You put it all under his feet.

7 You brought sheep and oxen together,
And all the cattle that live in the plains.
8 [You put] flying things in the sky,
And fish in the water, treading paths through the seas.

9 O Jehovah, our Lord;
How wonderful is Your Name on the earth.

Psalm 9

To director; A private Psalm of David to his son.

1 O Jehovah;
Wholeheartedly, I will praise You,
And I will describe all Your wonders.

2 O Highest One;
In You, I’ll be joyful and glad,
And I will strum to Your Name.

3 You’ve turned my enemies and made them retreat…
Before Your face, they are weak and destroyed.
4 You’ve heard my case and my cause,
And from Your throne, You sent righteous decisions.

5 For, You have scolded the nations,
And wiped the irreverent away…
Through the age and the age of the ages,
You have wiped away all their names.

6 My enemy’s swords have all failed,
And the memory of them and their cities
Has all been wiped [from our land].

7 Jehovah lives through the ages,
And He’s ready to judge from His throne.
8 In justice, He’ll judge this place where we live;
And He’ll judge all the peoples uprightly.

9 Jehovah is a refuge to the needy
And a helper to those in distress.
10 All who know You will trust in Your Name,
Since You never reject those searching for You.

11 So, strum to Jehovah, you people on Zion…
Proclaim His deeds to the gentiles!
12 For, He remembers whose blood is required,
[And He hears] the cries of the needy.

13 Show mercy on me, O Jehovah…
From the gates of death, please lift me away,
14 So I can shout in joy in praise about Your salvation
And laud You before Zion’s gates.

15 In their corruption, the nations are mired,
And in their own snares, their feet have been caught.
16 For Jehovah is known as the One who brings justice,
And the One who sets snares for the sinners
With the things that their own hands have made.

17 Now, bring Your vengeance on the sinners,
And send those who hate You away to their graves.
18 Do not forget those in need,
Nor allow the hopes of the poor to be crushed.

19 Yes, please arise, O Jehovah…
May You not be beaten by men!
Stand the nations before You in judgment,
20 And appoint [Your servant] to give them their laws…
Then remind them that they are just mortals.

Psalm 10

1 O Jehovah;
Why have You stayed far away…
Why have You left us, for we need You now!

2 Because of their pride and their wicked ways,
The Godless are chasing the poor.
But, may those proud ones fall into a trap
Because of their slanderous ways.

3 The sinners are blessing themselves
With all the things that their [hearts] have desired…
It’s the only way that the unrighteous are blest.

4 But those sinners are provoking God’s rage,
For they don’t choose to search for Jehovah;
So with them, our God never walks,
5 And He views their ways as disgusting.

O please don’t decide on their behalf…
Make them rule among people who hate them.
6 For, they have said in their hearts:
‘I will never be shaken…
Through generations, nothing bad will happen to me.’

7 Bitterness and cursing is what fills their mouths…
Toil, misery, and treachery comes from their tongues.
8 With the rich, they lie waiting in ambush
To kill the innocent and poor.

9 They lie and wait in concealment
Like lions inside of their lairs.
They lie in wait to capture the poor,
So they can snatch them away
And keep them under their power.

10 But their domination of the needy,
Is what will lead to their downfall.
11 For they say in their hearts, ‘God’s forgotten…
God’s turned his face and He doesn’t see.’
12 So arise, O Jehovah my God!
Raise your hand and remember the poor!

13 The irreverent keep making God angry,
Because they have said in their hearts,
‘There will never be an accounting.’
14 But, since You can see the misery they bring;
So in rage, do not overlook them…
Snatch them up with Your hands!

For the poor and the orphans have nothing,
And their only helper is You.
15 So, break the arms of those sinners…
When we search for them, they may not be found!

16 Jehovah is king through the ages,
And into the age of the ages.
May the gentiles be wiped away from His land,
17 And may He hear the cries of the poor.

O Jehovah; Your ears have heard what they’ve planned…
The things that they’re saying deep in their hearts.
18 So, please bring justice to the orphans and poor,
And may such men find no reasons to boast!

Psalm 11

For the director; A Psalm of David.

1 Since I have submitted to Jehovah,
Why has He said to my soul,
‘Like a sparrow, you must fly to the mountains?’

2 {Look!} For sinners are stretching their bows,
And preparing arrows for their quivers,
To shoot at my heart in the moonlight.

3 Yes, all that You’ve built, they’ve demolished;
And where are the righteous… what have they done?

4 Jehovah is in His Most Holy Place,
And His throne is high in the heavens.
But His eyes pay attention to the needy,
And His eyelids [are open] to see sons of men.

5 About the righteous, Jehovah inquires;
But those loving injustice, He hates to the core.
6 So upon the unrighteous, He will rain fire…
They’ll get sulfur and wind in their cup.
7 For Jehovah is just and He loves what is true,
And His face sees the good things they do.

Psalm 12

To the director; the eighth Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah; please come down here and save me,
For there are no holy ones left,
And few among men tell the truth.

2 Each man, to his neighbor, now speaks foolish things…
Deceit and wrong, they speak from their hearts.

3 So Jehovah; please destroy the lips of the liars,
And the tongues of those who boast of great things…
4 Those who say, ‘We’ll make our tongues great,
And ask with our lips, Who’s Jehovah?

5 ‘Because of the misery of the poor
And the moaning cries of the needy,
I’ll arise and offer them safety…
To them, I will openly speak.’

6 Jehovah’s wise words are like the best silver…
They are wisdom refined seven times in a fire.

Though you stand tall in the heights, O our Lord,
On the sons of men, You still keep an eye.
7 So, please watch over and keep us
From [the bad ones of] this generation and age.
8 For the Godless now have us surrounded,
And around us, they walk everywhere.

Psalm 13

To director; A Psalm of David.

1 For how long, O Jehovah, will I be forgotten…
How long will You keep Your face turned away…
Will it be this way ‘til the end?

2 How long must my life endure grief,
And plan for it night and day in my heart…
How much longer will my enemies be stronger?

3 Listen to me, O Jehovah!
O my God, please look down upon me!
Brighten my eyes, so I won’t sleep in death…
4 May my enemies never say that they’ve won.
For, those who oppress me will cheer if I fall.

5 I have put faith in Your mercy,
And Your salvation brings joy to my heart.
6 So I’ll sing to Jehovah who’s blest me,
And I’ll strum to His Name in the heights.

Psalm 14

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 ‘There is no God,’ says the fool in his heart,
As he does what’s corrupt and disgusting…
And none are doing what’s righteous!

2 But Jehovah looks down from the heavens
To see if sons of men are searching for God.

3 Yet, all are crooked and useless,
For, no one does good… no, not one!

Their throats are like open tombs,
And they use the tongues in their throats to deceive.
Under their lips, there’s the poison of asps,
And with what’s bitter, their mouths have been filled.

Their feet are in a great hurry
To shed innocent blood and destroy.
There is misery in all of their ways;…
The road to peace they’ve not known;
And in their eyes, there’s no fear of God.

4 Those who break laws do not understand,
For they swallow down people as though they are bread.
They haven’t called out to Jehovah,
5 So, they’re afraid when there’s nothing to fear.

With generations of the righteous, God is nearby;
6 But most look down on wise words from the poor,
And on those put faith in Jehovah.
7 So, who will stand up for Zion,
And to IsraEl, who’ll bring its salvation?

But, when Jehovah brings back our captives,
Jacob will cry out in joy,
And in IsraEl, there’ll be reasons for joy.

Psalm 15

A Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah;
Who is allowed to visit Your Tent,
And who can camp on Your Holy Mount?
2 Just the flawless who pursue righteous ways…
Just those who speak truth in their hearts…
3 Just those whose tongues don’t speak treachery…
Just those who won’t harm their neighbors,
Or scorn those that are living nearby…
4 Just those who won’t join with the wicked.

They’re the ones who praise those fearing the Lord,
And speak well of those who do as they say.
5 They don’t lend their money for interest,
Nor ask the innocent for bribes…
Through the ages, such ones won’t be shaken.

Psalm 16

An inscription by David.

1 Please watch over me, O Jehovah,
For in You, I’ve put all my hope.
2 I’ve said to Jehovah, ‘You are my Lord,
And other than You, I have nothing good.’

3 The holy ones within His land
Are all in awe of Jehovah,
And they are willing to serve Him.
4 Yet, there are many who give in to weakness
And hurriedly search to do what is bad.
I’ll never gather with such men for blood,
Or mention their names with my lips.

5 Jehovah, You are my inheritance
And You’re the share in my cup,
For You’ve given me back what is mine.
6 My borders have fallen across the best parts,
And upon the choicest of portions.
7 So I’ll praise the Lord who gives me direction,
And corrects my kidneys at night.

8 For I see that Jehovah is always beside me…
He’s at my right hand, so I’ll never fall.
9 For this, my heart will always be glad,
And with my tongue, I will speak praises of Him.

Upon Him, my flesh camps in hope,
10 For, He won’t abandon my soul in the grave,
Nor will His holy one see corruption.

11 The ways of life, He has shown me,
And His face has filled me with joy.
Therefore, to my delight;
I’ll sit in perfection at His right hand.

Psalm 17

A prayer of David.

1 Please listen, O Lord, to my cries,
And pay attention to the things that I beg.
Notice the things about which I pray;
For my words are not being spoken
With lips that have tried to deceive.

2 In Your presence, may my judgment be given,
And may Your eyes look upon me in fairness.
3 For You’ve tried my heart in Your visits at night…
You’ve [tried] me by fire and found nothing
To prevent me from speaking [to You].

4 Concerning the hard ways of men;
Your lips have been my protection.
5 Into Your ways, You’ve molded my steps,
So my feet may never be caught in a snare.
6 Yes, I called out to You and You heard me, O God…
Your ears listened to the things that I begged.

7 O You who [will bring us] salvation;
Please show Your wonderful mercies
To those who are trusting in Your right hand.

8 Guard me like the pupil of Your eye…
Take me under Your wings,
And there, provide a safe haven for me.

9 From the faces of the Godless, protect me…
From those who wish to bring misery.
For my enemies have me surrounded,
10 And they speak with mouths filled with pride,
As they are wrapped in their fat.

11 They’ve driven me out and have me surrounded…
Their eyes have plans to cut me to the ground.
12 They treat me like a lion they’ve prepared for the hunt…
As a cub that must now run and hide.

13 So now, please arise, O Jehovah;
Cut them off and then knock them down!
With Your sword, save my soul from the godless…
14 Use Your hands to destroy those who hate me.
Yes, cut their bodies to pieces,
And leave them there on the ground!

But, fill [righteous] bellies with good things,
And please provide for their children,
Then give what is left to their babies.

15 May Your righteous one be seen once again,
And may I be filled with Your glory.

Psalm 18

To the director; A Psalm of Jehovah’s servant David, which he sang to the Lord on the day that God rescued him from his enemies and from the hands of Saul.

1 O Jehovah;
With all my strength, I will prove that I love You,
2 For to me, You are real, O my Lord…
Yes, You are my refuge and savior.

My helper is God, and in Him I will trust…
3 He’s my protector and defender…
He’s the trumpet of my salvation.
3 So in praise, I’ll call to Jehovah,
And from my enemies, I will be saved.

4 By the pangs of death, I once was surrounded…
I was attacked by floods of the lawless.
5 Of the place of the dead, I was in fear,
And I was expecting death’s snares.

6 Then, in my distress, I called to my God.
I shouted, and He heard me, there in His Home…
My cries to Him reached His ears.

7 Then the ground trembled and shook,
And foundations of mountains were disturbed,
As the rage of my God rumbled against them.

8 After that, came the smoke of His rage,
Along with the fire that He sent,
Which ignited the coals all around Him.

9 He leaned and came down from the heavens,
As darkness was under His feet.
10 He arrived riding on cherubs,
With their wings spread out on the winds.

11 For concealment, He came in the darkness;
For, He was wrapped in a tent of dark fog.
12 The radiance of His presence was covered by clouds,
As well as by hail and by fire.

13 Jehovah thundered from out of the sky,
And the Most High spoke with His voice.
14 He shot His arrows all around them,
And with lightning, He then filled the skies.

15 Then He opened the sources of water,
And the foundations of homes were exposed.
O Jehovah, this came from Your scolding…
From the blast of the Spirit of Your rage.

16 Down from the heights, He arrived,
Then He grabbed me and took me away from the floods.
17 From the mighty, He came down and saved me…
From those mighty ones who detest me.

18 They opposed me during bad days,
But Jehovah became my support.
19 He then carried me to a [safe] place…
Yes, because He chose me, He saved me!

20 The Lord will provide my reward
According to the righteousness of my ways.
Yes, for my clean hands, He will repay me,
21 Since I have kept watch on His ways…
Unlike the irreverent, I’ve never left God.

22 His decisions are now here before me,
And from His Laws, I’ve never departed.
23 So flawlessly, I’ll stand here before Him,
As I guard against all Law breaking.
24 Then Jehovah will repay me for my righteous ways,
Since His eyes have seen that I’ve kept my hands clean.

25 To the holy, we must always be holy,
And be blameless to those free from blame,
26 Then among the elect, we’ll be chosen…
But we’ll be turned away if we’re crooked.

27 Your people must watch out for the humble,
And humble the eyes of the proud!

28 Light my lamp, O Jehovah my God…
Please light my way in the darkness.
29 From bands of marauders, please save me…
Then by my God, I can scale any wall.

30 The ways of my God are all flawless,
And His words have been proven by fire.
He’s the defender of those who believe,
31 And there’s no other God than Jehovah…
Who else can be compared to our God?

32 He’s the God who wrapped me in power,
And showed me ways that are flawless.
33 He’s made my feet firm like those of a stag,
And He’s lifted me into the heights.
34 He taught my hands about ways of war,
And He turned my arms into bows made of brass.

35 You’ve prepared a shield to protect me…
You’ve taken me in Your right hand
And given me all Your instructions;
So, with Your guidance, I can stand ‘til the end.

36 You’ve widened the path underneath me,
And You have given me strength.
37 So I’ll chase my enemies and catch them,
And not return ‘til I’ve won.
38 I’ll squeeze them until they’re unable to stand,
And at my feet, they’ll have fallen.

39 You’ve wrapped me in the power of war…
You’ve bound my enemies, both hand and foot.
40 You’ve shown me my enemy’s backs,
And destroyed all those who detest me.

41 They shouted, but no one could save them…
They called to their Lord, but he didn’t hear.
42 So I’ll grind them to powder and throw them away…
Like dust in the squares that’s blown by the wind.

43 You’ll rescue me from their disputes,
And place me as the head over nations.
Unknown peoples will serve me…
44 They’ll hear my voice and obey me.
And those sons of foreigners who have told lies
45 Will grow old and lame in their unrighteous paths.

46 Jehovah lives, so may [He] be praised
May [the Name] of the God who saves me be raised…
47 The God who handles my vengeance,
And makes all the peoples submit.
48 From all my enemies, He’s saved me…
Yes, from those who’ve attacked and opposed me.

You’ve raised me above the unrighteous…
You’ve rushed to my aid and You’ve saved me.
49 So I’ll praise You before all the nations…
O Jehovah, I’ll strum to Your Name.
50 For You’ve shown all the ways that You can save the king…
You’ve shown mercy upon Your anointed
To David and his seed through the ages.

Psalm 19

For the director; A Psalm of David.

1 The heavens describe the glory of God,
And space speaks of things that He’s made with His hands.
2 Day after day, His words bubble up,
And He brings us knowledge night after night.

3 There is no more speaking nor words,
And the sounds of voices cannot be heard.
4 For throughout the earth, their [death] knell has gone,
And these words have reached to the ends of the man’s home
That He’s pitched His Tent on the sun!

5 Like a groom who has come from his [wedding],
He shouts like the mighty in His journey.
6 He leaves from one end of the sky,
And from the other side of the heavens, returns.
So, no one can hide from His heat.

7 The Law of Jehovah is perfect,
And it brings changes to lives!
What God says can always be trusted,
And from it, even young ones learn wisdom.

8 Jehovah’s rules are all straight,
And they bring joy to our hearts.
The Commandments of the Lord radiate,
Providing light for everyone’s eyes.

9 The fear of Jehovah is pure…
It lasts through the age and through ages of ages.
And the judgments of the Lord are all true,
For they bring equal justice to all.

10 More precious than gold or gems are [His Laws],
And they’re sweeter than honey in its comb.
11 For, when His servants obey them,
They will receive grand rewards.

12 Yet, none of us realize all our sins,
So from sins that are hidden, please cleanse us.

13 From foreign peoples, protect me;
For, if they cannot control me,
I’ll remain unblemished and free of all sins.
14 Then good prophecies will flow from my mouth,
And all thoughts in my heart will be of Jehovah;
For, He is always my helper.

Psalm 20

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 In bad times, you should turn to Jehovah
Let the Name of Jacob’s God be your shield.
2 For, from His Holy Place, He will send help…
He’ll send you assistance from Zion.

3 May He remember all that you’ve sacrificed…
Yes, all of your fattened burnt offerings.
4 May God provide you the things your hearts crave,
And fulfill whatever you’ve planned.
5 Then all people will shout about His salvation,
And praise the Name of our God…
So, may Jehovah grant you whatever you ask.

6 Now I’ve [seen] Jehovah’s salvation;
For, from His holy place in the heavens
He heard the things His anointed had asked,
And it was all under control.
Yes, with His right hand, He saved me
7 From the attacks of chariots and horsemen.
For, when I called on the Name of [my] God,
8 They fell and were bound hand and foot,
While I arose and stood firm.

9 O Jehovah; please save the king,
And hear us when we call out to You.

Psalm 21

A Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah;
The king gladly submits to Your power,
And for Your salvation, he cries out in joy,
2 Since You’ve given him all that his heart could desire,
And provided all the things that he asked.

3 And even before he had asked You,
You [poured] great blessings upon him,
And placed a gemmed crown on his head.

4 When he asked for life, You gave him long days,
Into the ages of ages.
5 Through Your salvation, You glorified him,
And laid splendor and majesty upon him.
6 Through the age, You have blessed him,
And made him glad with the joy of Your face.

7 The king has put his hope in Jehovah,
And he trusts in the mercy that comes from above.
8 So, may his enemies be found in Your hands;
May Your right-hand grab all those who hate him,
9 And in Your Day, throw them into an oven.

In Your rage, please send them disturbance,
And then destroy them in fire.
10 Destroy their fruit from the earth,
And their seed from among sons of men.

11 For their purpose toward You was just to do bad,
And they argued over plans unfulfilled.
12 So, throw them away with Your garbage,
And prepare their faces for this.

13 O Jehovah; may Your might be exalted,
And we’ll sing and strum about Your mighty deeds.

Psalm 22

To the director; for help in the early morning. A Psalm of David.

1 O God, my God, please listen to me!
Why have I been abandoned by You?
Are the words about all my errors,
Keeping me from Your salvation?

2 For, all day long, I call out to You;
However, my God, You don’t listen…
So don’t think that I’m thoughtless during the night.

3 You dwell within Your Most Holy Place
As the One who sends IsraEl blessings.
4 In You, our fathers put faith,
And then You brought them salvation.
5 They called out to You as their only hope,
And they were never disgraced.

6 But people think of me as a worm, not a man…
I’m the scorn and contempt of my people.
7 Yes, those who see me [are laughing]…
They’re shaking their heads and they’re saying:
8 ‘Since he’s putting his trust in Jehovah;
If God wants him, let Him come down and save him!’

9 It was You who pulled me from [my mother’s] womb,
And You were my hope when I sucked at her breasts.
10 By You, I was thrust from the womb…
And from the belly of my mother, You’ve been my God.
11 So, please don’t leave me now that trouble is near,
For no one else will come to my aid.

12 I’m surrounded by great herds of cattle,
And by mighty bulls, I’m encircled.
13 Like lions, against me, they’ve opened their mouths…
Like those who roar and drag off [their prey].

14 My bones have become just like water,
And the heart in my chest has melted like wax.
15 My strength has dried out like a clay pot,
And my tongue is stuck to my throat;
For to the dust of death, I’ve been led.

16 Many dogs now have me surrounded,
And the wicked have gathered against me.
They’re cutting into my hands and my feet,
17 And they count all my bones as they watch me and think.
18 They’ve divided my garments among them,
And thrown dice for the clothes that I wear.

19 O Jehovah;
I know that Your help is not far away,
For You’ll notice then and come to my aid.
20 So please, rescue my soul from the broadsword…
[Your] one-and-only son from the hands of the dogs!

21 Save me from the mouths of the lions;
On rhinoceros horns, May I not be disgraced.
22 Then I’ll speak of Your fame to my brothers,
And among the congregation, I’ll praise You.

23 All you who fear Him; Give praise to Jehovah!
Yes, glorify Him, seed of Jacob,
And seed of IsraEl, show Him your fear!
24 For He’s never looked on you with contempt,
And He’s never loathed the prayers of your poor…
Nor from me, has He ever turned His face,
For I’ve called out to Him and He listened!

25 So, before the gathering, I’ll praise Him,
And before them all, I’ll confess.
I’ll also pay all my vows
In the presence of those who respect Him.

26 Then the stomachs of the poor will be filled once again,
And those who are seeking Jehovah
Will offer Him praise from their hearts
Through the age and through ages of ages.

27 So, turn back to Him… remember Jehovah,
All you to the ends of the earth.
All the families of the nations should bow before Him,
28 For the right to rule is just His alone.

Yes, He is the King of all nations,
29 And He’d feed all the mighty on earth,
If they would just bow down before Him,
[Instead of] choosing to go under the ground.

So, with my whole soul, I’m living for Him,
30 And my seed will serve Him alone.
They’ll proclaim Him to future generations,
31 And they’ll speak of His justice to those not yet born.

Psalm 23

A Psalm of David.

1 Because Jehovah has watched over me,
There’s nothing that I’ve ever lacked.
2 For, in tender grass, He has camped me,
And beside still waters, He’s fed me.

3 In Him, my life is renewed;
And He’s guided me along righteous paths
For the sake of His Name.

4 So, should I travel through the shadow of death,
I’ll fear nothing evil, because He is near…
And in His scepter and staff, I’ll find comfort.

5 Now, before me, He’s set a spread table,
Away from those who oppose me.
My head, He’s anointed with oil,
And with His excellent cup, made me high.

6 Since His mercies have pursued me throughout my whole life;
I will dwell in the House of Jehovah
For the rest of my days.

Psalm 24

A Psalm of David [to be sung] on the Sabbath.

1 The land and its goodness belongs to Jehovah
The world and all who live in it.
2 For, He’s the One who prepared all its rivers,
And the One who founded its seas.

3 Who can ascend the mountain of God,
And who can stand in His Holy Place?
4 Just those with innocent hands
And those with hearts that are pure…
Those who’ve chosen not to do what is foolish,
Or sworn evil things against neighbors.
5 Yes, only such ones will be blest by Jehovah,
And see the charity of our Savior, God.

6 This generation is seeking Jehovah…
They’re seeking the face of Jacob’s God.
7 So, open the gates of your rulers…
Yes, open the gates of the ages,
That your glorious King may now enter.

8 Who is this glorious King?
He is the Almighty Jehovah…
The dynamic Lord with the power of war.

9 Yes, open the gates of your rulers…
Open the gates of the ages,
So your glorious King may now enter.

10 And who is this glorious King?
He is Jehovah of Armies!

Psalm 25

A Psalm of David.

1O Jehovah;
To You, I’ve lifted my soul;
2 For, You are the God to whom I submit.
So, through the age, may I not be disgraced,
Nor may my enemies make fun of me.

3 Don’t bring disgrace to those clinging to You,
But bring shame to those who rebel without cause.

4 O Jehovah; You have shown me Your ways,
And now teach me to walk in Your paths!
5 In Your ways of truth, please guide me,
And teach me that You’re My Savior and God;
For I’ve waited on You all my days.

6 Remember Your compassions, O Lord,
And the mercy that You’ve shown through the ages.
7 Please overlook the sins of my youth…
Forget the ignorant things that I’ve done.
Speak to Yourself about mercy for me…
Please be kind, O Jehovah!

8 Jehovah is upright and kind,
But He upholds His Laws against sinners.
9 He guides the meek ones toward justice,
And He teaches the gentle His ways.

10 [God’s] ways are all about mercy,
And to those hearing His words, He sends truth
To those [who live by] His Sacred Agreement.

11 Because of Your Name, O Jehovah,
Please cover over my sins!

12 To those in fear of Jehovah,
He gives His laws [and straightens] their paths.
13 Then their souls will lodge among good things,
And their seed will inherit the land.
14 For Jehovah’s a fort to all those who fear Him,
And to them, He has given a promise.

15 So my eyes always look to my Lord,
For He pulls the snares from under my feet.
16 O look upon me and feel mercy,
For I am a poor only child
17 Whose pain of heart keeps on growing.

Please lead me toward the things that I need…
18 Please notice my humiliation;
Yes, look at my deeds and forgive all my sins!

19 For my enemies have kept on increasing,
And the unrighteous all hate and detest me.
20 So, guard my life and please save me…
May I not be disgraced, for I’m trusting in You.

21 The guileless and upright have stuck close to me,
Because I’ve been sticking by You, O [my God].
22 So, ransom us please, O IsraEl’s God…
[Save us] in our time of distress.

Psalm 26

A Psalm of David.

1 O God, please provide me with justice!
For the ways that I’ve walked are free from all blame,
And I’ve put my trust in Jehovah.

2 O Lord, I will never waver;
So, test me and put me on trial…
Set my heart and kidneys on fire!

3 Before my eyes are Your mercies,
And I am pleased with Your truths.
4 I don’t sit in the high court with fools,
Nor do I hang out with those who break laws.

5 I’ve detested the gatherings of those who are bad,
And with the irreverent, I’ve never stayed.
6 In innocence, I have washed my hands,
As I’ve walked ‘round Your Altar, O Lord.

7 Hear my voice as I’m singing Your praises,
And as I’m lauding Your wonders.
8 The beauty of Your House, I have loved, O Lord…
That place where You Tent in glory.

9 So, don’t destroy my soul with the Godless,
Nor with men of blood, end to my life…
10 Those whose hands are filled with what’s lawless,
And those who’s right hands take bribes.

11 Ransom me, for I am free from all blame…
Please show mercy upon me!
12 For with my feet, I’ve walked a straight path,
And among the congregation, I’ve praised You, O Lord.

Psalm 27

A Psalm of David before his anointing.

1 Jehovah’s my Light and my Savior;
So, whom should I have reason to fear?
The Lord is my life’s defender;
So, before whom, should I ever be shy?

2 For, those who attacked to bring evil,
And those who wished to devour my flesh
(Those enemies of mine who’ve oppressed me)
Have all weakened and have fallen.

3 Should they set their camps up before me,
And should they attack me in war;
My hope is that my heart won’t show fear.

4 There is one thing that I’ve asked of Jehovah
(Yes, this is the one thing I’m seeking):
To dwell in His House all the days of my life,
Where I can see the delights of the Lord,
And visit His Most Holy Place.

5 For, whenever evil arrives,
He hides me inside of His Tent,
And during bad days, He’s my shelter.
Within His Tent, He conceals me,
And He stands me high on a rock.

6 For look… He has lifted my head
Higher than my enemies!
So, around His Tent, I’ll walk and bring gifts…
A sacrifice of praise, I will offer,
And I’ll sing and strum to Jehovah!

7 I’ve said to You in my heart:
‘I will always search for my God!’
8 Yes, within my heart, I’ve been saying:
‘I will always search for Jehovah!’

My face will always be looking to You,
And Your face, I will always be seeking.
9 So, please don’t turn from me, O my God…
Don’t turn from Your servant in anger;
Rather, keep on being my helper!

‘Don’t ever curse me or send me away…
Don’t leave me and don’t overlook me.
O God, may I trust that You are my Savior!’

10 Though my father and mother have left me,
Jehovah has chosen me as His own.
11 So Lord, put Your ways in my heart,
And before my enemies, straighten my paths.
12 Don’t hand me to those who oppress me…
Those who’ve witnessed against me and lied,
And whose justice has lied to itself.

13 I trust that I’ll get what is good from the Lord
While I’m still in the land of the living.
14 Thus, I’ll wait on Jehovah and act like a man…
I’ll wait on the Lord who strengthens my heart!

Psalm 28

A Psalm of David.

1 I’ll call out to You, O Jehovah
My God, I won’t remain silent!
So, don’t be silent with me,
Or make me like those who enter the pit.

2 Listen, O Lord, to my voice as I beg
And raise my arms toward Your Temple.

3 Don’t draw me along with the sinners,
Nor destroy me with the unjust.
For, though they speak peace to their neighbors,
Inside their hearts, there is evil.

4 O Jehovah; repay them for the bad things they do,
And for all of their wicked deeds.
Give them back all the [bad] things they’ve done…
Yes, give them a just compensation!

5 O Lord;
Because they don’t notice the things that You do
(All the works that You do with Your hands),
You should wipe them away,
And never rebuild them again.

6 Praise Jehovah, for He’s heard my prayers…
7 He’s my helper and my defender,
So in Him, my heart has put hope.
Because He’s helped me, my flesh has done well,
So to Him, I will always sing praises.

8 Jehovah’s the fort of His people…
His anointed’s Defender and Savior.
9 So upon Your inheritance, pour blessings,
And bring salvation to Your people…
Through the ages, please tend them and lift them.

Psalm 29

A Psalm of David for when the Sacred Tent was being transported.

1 O sons of God;
To Jehovah, you should bring sacrifices…
The offspring of rams, you should offer to God.
To the Lord, offer glory and honor…
2 [Yes, speak] of His Glorious Name,
And bow to Him in His courtyard.

3 His voice is over the waters…
The glory of God causes thunder,
And it also brings [rain].
4 The voice of Jehovah is mighty,
And of His majesty, it speaks.

5 The voice of Jehovah breaks [trees]…
Even Lebanon’s cedars.
6 He thins them out like Lebanon’s calves,
And as the rhinoceros young.

7 Like [lightning], the voice of Jehovah cuts through…
8 The voice of the Lord shakes the desert.
The Deserts of Kadesh tremble before Him,
9 For with His voice, He fashioned the hinds.

So, He tears down all of the sacred poles,
Since those who wish to glorify Him
Should [do it at] His [Temple].

10 Jehovah brings calmness to storms,
And He seats His king through the ages.
11 Jehovah shows His strength for His people,
And our Lord will bless them with peace.

Psalm 30

A Psalm for the dedication of David’s palace.

1 O Jehovah; I praise You for lifting me high,
And for not giving joy to my enemies.
2 I’ve called out to You, O my God,
And You have sent healing to me.

3 O God, You’ve saved my life from the grave…
And from those going into the pit
4 So, You holy ones, play music to Him…
Remember and acknowledge His pureness.

5 For, while there is wrath in His rage,
There’s also life in His Will.
And though weeping may come in the evening,
In the morning, there’ll be much rejoicing.

6 In prosperous times, I once said:
‘Through the ages, no way will I [stumble],
7 For by Your Will, I was given my [power].’
But thereafter, You just turned away,
And I was very disturbed.
8 So, O Lord, I cried out to You…
Before my God, I was begging.

9 What value has my blood if I die
And rot away under the ground?
Is there knowledge of You in the dust,
And will dirt testify to Your trueness?

10 Jehovah then heard and showed mercy on me…
He was my helper [once more].
11 So my [heart] that once beat in fear,
Has now returned to rejoicing.

12 You tore off my sackcloth and wrapped me in joy,
So I’ll strum to You in my glory.
And O Jehovah, my God;
There’s no way that I’ll ever be angry [with You],
And through the age, I’ll keep singing Your praises.

Psalm 31

To the director; A Psalm of David about his change of state.

1 In You, O Jehovah, I’ve put all my hope;
So, may I not be disgraced through the age.
Please rescue me in Your justice,
And take me away from this place.
2 Incline Your ear and listen to me…
Hurry and take me away!

Become to me a God of defense,
And make Your House a place of salvation…
3 A fortified place and safe haven!

For the sake of Your [Holy] Name,
Please direct me and feed me,
4 Then lead me away from their snares…
For Jehovah, You are my defender.

5 Into Your hands, I’ve entrusted my breath,
And You’ve paid my ransom, O God of truth.

6 You detest those who waste time doing what’s foolish,
So I’ll put my trust in Jehovah,
7 And I’ll shout in praise of His mercy.

For He’s noticed my humiliation,
And He’s witnessed the distress in my life.
8 Then He saved me from my enemies’ hands,
And He set my feet in a place where [it’s safe].

9 So show mercy on me, O Jehovah,
For I am in great distress.
My eyes are disturbed and enraged,
As is my belly and soul.

10 My life has been wasted in grief,
And through most of my years, I’ve had to moan.
For my strength has been weakened by poorness,
And there has been pain in my bones.

11 I am scorned by my enemies,
And I’m even scorned by my neighbors.
So, those who know me now fear me,
And the rest have all run away.

12 I’ve been forgotten like one of the dead,
And as a shattered pot, my heart has become.
13 I’ve heard the complaints of those moving about,
As they have gathered against me.

Though they’ve come together to kill me,
14 I have put my trust in Jehovah.
I’ve said to Him, 15 ‘You are my God,
And I’ve left my [life] in Your hands.
So please rescue me from my enemy’s hands,
And from all those who pursue me.
16 Please show Your face to your servant…
In Your great mercy, please save me!’

17 O Jehovah, don’t let me meet with disgrace,
For I am calling to You.
May all the godless be shamed,
And then be led to their graves.

18 May the lips of deceivers be speechless…
Those who condemn righteous people
In contempt and in proud, lawless ways.

19 O Jehovah, Your ways are all kind,
But they’re hidden from those who don’t fear You.
Before them, You send aid to the faithful,
20 And within Your face, You conceal them
From the disturbance of those who are evil.
Yes, You shelter them inside Your Tent,
Away from all scolding tongues.

21 So, praise Jehovah for His mercy,
And for the miraculous things that [He brings]
To those cities that are under attack.

22 I said, when I saw things had changed:
‘He’s thrown me away from His eyes.’
But then, You listened to me,
And You heard what I said when I called out to You.

23 So, love Jehovah, you holy ones;
For such trueness is what God requires.
But, He will send retribution
To those who have too much pride.
Therefore, act like men and strengthen your hearts,
And put all your faith in Jehovah!

Psalm 32

A prayer of David for understanding.

1 Blest are those who’re forgiven for breaking the Law
And those whose sins He has covered.
2 Blest are those in whom He doesn’t find sin,
Or treacherous words in their mouths.

3 I’ve become more settled as my bones have aged…
I no longer cry out all day long.
4 For Your hand pressed against me both day and night,
And in misery, I writhed, as though run through by thorns.

5 My lawless deeds, I’ve admitted to You,
And my sins, I’ve not tried to hide.
I’ve openly confessed to the Lord
All of my lawless ways,
And You forgave the godless thoughts in my heart.

6 For this, the holy should pray at right times,
So the flood will never approach them:
7 ‘You’re my refuge from the troubles I face,
And You have ransomed my soul
From those who had me surrounded.’

8 [And in response, God will reply]:
‘I’ll send understanding to you…
I’ll teach you the ways you should go,
And I’ll always watch over you.
9 So don’t act like horses or mules
That have to be bridled and don’t understand,
And whose jaws must be squeezed to behave.’

10 Sinners will be whipped many times,
But, mercy surrounds those who trust in the Lord.
11 So, you should find joy in Jehovah;
Shout about Him in joy, all you righteous…
Wholeheartedly boast about Him!

Psalm 33

A Psalm of David.

1 You righteous; rejoice in Jehovah,
Because He blesses the upright.
2 Play psalms to Jehovah on harps;
Strum to Him on your lutes of ten strings;
3 Then before Him, sing a new song…
Yes play, shout loudly, and cheer!

4 The words of Jehovah are righteous;
So, trust in the things that He does.
5 For our God loves charity and fairness,
And the earth is filled with His mercy.

6 By the Word of Jehovah, the skies came to be,
And the Breath from His mouth formed their powers.
7 As in a leather bag, He pulled them together,
And in treasuries of the deep, He put water.

8 So, fear Jehovah, all dwellers on earth;
Before Him, let all stand in awe.
9 For He just spoke and it all came to be…
When He gave the orders, it started.

10 He wipes the plans of nations away,
And annuls the devices and plots of their kings.
11 But Jehovah’s Will lasts through the ages
From generation to generation are the things in His heart.

12 So, Blest is the nation whose God is Jehovah…
Those whom He’s chosen to inherit.

13 From the heavens, Jehovah looks down,
And He watches the things that the sons of men do.
14 From the home that He has prepared,
He watches those dwelling on earth.
15 He’s the One who fashioned their hearts,
And He watches the things that they do.

16 So, Kings can’t be saved by large armies,
And giants aren’t always saved by their might.
17 Thus, don’t look to a horse for salvation,
Because, even with their strength, you can lose.

18 {Look!} Jehovah watches all those who fear Him…
Those who put faith in His mercy.
19 Only He can keep their lives from destruction,
And in times of famine, provide them with food.

20 So, we must wait on Jehovah,
For He’s our defender and helper.
21 Find joy in Him with your whole hearts,
And put trust in His Holy Name.

22 Please send us Your mercy, Jehovah;
For in You, we have put all our faith.

Psalm 34

A Psalm of David that speaks of the time his view of AbiMelech changed and how it caused him to send him away.

1 Through the age, I’ll give praise to Jehovah…
His praises will stay on my lips,
2 And I’ll praise the Lord with my life.

So, listen you meek and be glad…
3 Glorify Jehovah with me…
Let’s praise His great Name together.

4 I searched for the Lord and He heard me…
He rescued me during my travels.
5 So, come to Him… be enlightened,
And your faces will never be shamed.

6 A poor man once called to God and He heard,
Then He rescued him from all his problems.
7 God’s messengers camped all around him,
And He saved this one who showed fear of His Name.

8 Taste and see that our God is good,
For those trusting in Him will always be blest!
9 Yes, fear Jehovah, you holy ones;
For those fearing Him will lack nothing.
10 And though the rich may go hungry and poor,
Those seeking the Lord won’t lack for what’s good.

11 Come to me, children, then listen,
As I teach you the fear of Jehovah!
12 Who is the man that doesn’t want life,
And to see better days?

13 Remove all that’s evil from your lips…
Take treachery away from your tongues…
14 Turn from what’s bad and do what is good…
Search for peace and pursue it!

15 For Jehovah keeps His eyes on the righteous,
And His ears hear the things that they ask.
16 But the face of Jehovah opposes the bad,
And He’ll wipe their memory out of the land.

17 The righteous call out and God hears them,
Then He rescues them from their problems.
18 God’s near to those who have broken hearts,
And the humble in spirit, He rescues.

19 Though the righteous will have many problems;
From such things, God will save them.
20 For Jehovah watches over their bones,
And not a single one will be broken.

21 In sadness, the sinners will come to their end,
And those hating the righteous will be condemned.
22 But Jehovah will ransom the lives of His servants,
And no way will He harm those who trust Him.

Psalm 35

A Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah;
Bring judgment on those who are doing me wrong…
Wage war with those waging war!
2 Take up Your weapons and shield me, my God;
Arise and come to my aid!

3 Swing Your sword at those who pursue me…
Say that You’ll deliver my soul!
4 May those seeking my life feel shame and remorse…
May those wishing me bad retreat in disgrace.

5 May they soon be like dust in the wind…
May God’s messengers squeeze them all dry.
6 May their road become slippery and dark,
And may they be chased by God’s angels.

7 Though I have done them no wrong;
Snares, they have hidden before me,
And about my soul, they speak badly.
8 So, let them be caught in the snares that they’ve set…
May the snares that they hunt with, catch them…
Into the traps that they’ve set, may they fall.

9 I’ll praise Jehovah with my whole soul…
Of His salvation, I’ll shout.
10 With my bones, I’ll say to Jehovah:
‘O Lord, there’s no one else like You!
For You rescue the poor with a hand that is greater
Than those who tear the needy to shreds.

11 ‘For they sent lying witnesses against me,
And asked questions that I didn’t understand.
12 They’ve repaid me with bad for the good things I’ve done,
And left my soul without seed.

13 ‘Because of the troubles they’ve caused me,
I’ve had to wear sackcloth and fast.
So now, I pray that I might be restored.

14 ‘As neighbors and brothers, they once were so kind;
So in mourning and sadness, I’ve humbled my soul.
15 But they happily gathered against me,
And they were not sad when they cut me with whips.

16 ‘They tried me and then they made fun…
Against me, they were grinding their teeth.
17 O Jehovah, how long will You let this go on?
Rescue my soul from their evil plans!’

18 [Then God replied:}
‘O My only begotten;
From those lions, I am coming to save you.
Then, before the assembly, I’ll praise you,
And before those bad ones, I’ll lift you!’

19 So, may those who hate me unjustly
Not [be allowed to] rejoice…
Those who detest me without any charge…
Those who looked away with their eyes.

20 Though to me, they once spoke of peace,
In anger and treachery, they’ve plotted.
21 They’ve opened their mouths against me and said:
‘Well done… yes, very well done.
For we’ve seen it all happen with our own eyes.’

22 O Jehovah, You’ve witnessed it all!
So, don’t remain silent or leave me.
23 Awaken, O Lord… pay attention!
Take notice of my cause, O my God.

24 Judge me, O Lord, and bring justice…
My God, don’t let them rejoice!
25 Don’t allow them to say of my soul in their hearts,
‘Well done… yes, very well done.’
And please don’t allow them to say,
‘We have swallowed him down!’

26 May those who’ve rejoiced at my harm feel ashamed,
And may those who witnessed against me feel bad,
27 As those who seek justice are joyful.
Then, may they cry, ‘Praise Jehovah,
Because He brought peace to His servant!’
28 Then I’ll use my tongue to sing of Your justice,
And I’ll praise You throughout the rest of my days.

Psalm 36

To the director; about David, the servant of Jehovah.

1 About his sins, the lawbreaker says,
‘As I see it, there’s no God to fear.’
2 So before Him, he acts wickedly…
Yet, [God] will expose his lawbreaking.

3 Of treacherous things, their mouths speak,
And they talk about breaking [God’s] laws,
Since they have no desire to know what is good.
4 They dream of crimes as they lie in their beds
And do nothing at all that’s worthwhile;
For they’ve never learned to hate what is bad.

5 O Jehovah, who lives in the heavens;
Your mercy and truth ascends to the clouds.
6 Your justice is like the mountain of God,
But Your judgments are like an abyss,
Which saves both men and their cattle.

7 O God;
In many ways, Your mercies are seen.
And sons of men put their hope
In the protection of Your wings.

8 They feast on the things that come from Your House,
And they delight in the water from its streams.
9 For the springs of life come from You,
And from Your light, we’ve come to see light.
10 So, send mercy to all those who know You,
And give justice to those with straight hearts.

11 May I not be kicked by the feet of the proud,
Nor may hands of sinners ever shake me.
12 May all those who work at lawlessness fall,
Rejected and unable to stand.

Psalm 37

A Psalm of David.

1 Never be be jealous of the wicked,
Nor envy those who break laws.
2 For like grass, they’ll quickly be dried,
And they’ll wilt away like young shoots.
3 Rather, put your hope in Jehovah,
And always act in kind ways.

If you live off the ground, its riches will serve you,
4 And you’ll find delight in Jehovah.
For He’ll give you all that your hearts may desire.

5 Open your ways to Jehovah;
Yes, trust in Him, and He’ll act.
6 He’ll shine a light on your righteous deeds,
And brighten them like it was noon.

7 Yes, put your trust in Jehovah,
And to Him, you must always pray.
Don’t envy those who prosper from crime,
8 And don’t be angry… abandon your rage!

Don’t let jealousy move you to do wicked things,
9 For the wicked will soon be destroyed,
As those who wait on Jehovah
Will inherit the land.

10 Soon the sinners will no longer be here…
You’ll look where he was and not find him.
11 But the meek will inherit the land,
And find great delight in the abundance of peace.

12 For, sinners keep their eyes on the righteous
And grind their teeth when they see them.
13 But at them, Jehovah is laughing,
For He sees what He’ll do to them in His Day.

14 Sinners have unsheathed their swords
And stretched their bows very tight
To attack the needy and poor,
And to kill all those with straight hearts.
15 But, may their swords strike their own hearts,
And may their bows be broken to bits.

16 A little is better to the righteous
Than an abundance wealth is to sinners.
17 For the arms of sinners will be broken,
And the Lord will support all the just.

18 He knows the ways of the flawless,
And their inheritance will last through the ages.
19 They won’t be disgraced in hard times,
And when famine arrives, they’ll be filled.

20 But the sinners will all be destroyed.
And then, those enemies of God
Who think they’re glorious and exalted,
Will be blown away just like smoke.

21 The sinners borrow and do not repay,
But the righteous feel mercy and lend.
22 So, those who praise them will inherit the land,
While those who curse them will be wiped away.

23 Jehovah straightens the footsteps of men,
And all should [walk in] His ways.
24 Then, if you should fall, you won’t break;
For the Lord will be holding your hand.

25 I was once young, and now I’ve grown old;
Yet, I’ve not seen the righteous abandoned,
Or his seed ever begging for bread.
26 Since, each day, he shows mercy and lends;
Thus his seed will always be blest.

27 So, turn from evil… do what is good,
And live through ages of ages!
28 For Jehovah is a lover of justice,
And through ages, He doesn’t abandon the holy…
So the righteous will always be guarded,
As the lawless are driven away.

The seed of the Godless will perish;
29 But the righteous will inherit [the] land,
And through ages of ages, they’ll camp there.

30 Mouths of the righteous think first and then speak…
They talk of fairness and justice.
31 And because they have God’s Law in their hearts,
They will not stumble and fall.

32 When the sinner thinks of the righteous,
He searches for ways to destroy them.
33 But Jehovah won’t abandon them into their hands,
Nor will He condemn them in judgment.

34 Wait on Jehovah and follow His ways,
And you will inherit the land.
Then, you will see the sinners destroyed,
35 While they will see you lifted high…
As high as Lebanon’s cedars.

36 I went to see… and look, he was not!
I searched in his place and he’s gone!

37 So, guard your innocence and honest ways;
For those who love peace are the ones who’ll survive,
38 While the lawless will all be destroyed,
Along with any godless that still might remain.

39 For Jehovah will save all the righteous
And He’ll be their defender when they are oppressed.
40 Yes, the Lord will help them and save them…
He’ll snatch them away from the sinners…
He will deliver and save them,
Because they’ve put faith in Him.

Psalm 38

A Psalm of David to be remembered on the Sabbath.

1 O Jehovah; don’t discipline me in Your rage,
And in anger, don’t give me correction.
2 For Your arrows have already struck me,
And Your hand has been heavy upon me.

3 My flesh has not healed from the rage of Your face,
And there’s no peace in my bones because of my sins.
4 All my bad deeds hang over my head…
They oppress me and they weigh me down.

5 The stripes of my foolishness fester and smell,
6 And in misery and sadness, I walk through the day.
7 My flanks have been covered by mocking,
And in my flesh, there’s no healing.

8 I’ve been humbled and afflicted for my wicked ways.
So, from the moaning in my heart, I have roared:
9 ‘O Jehovah, my desire is to stand before You,
So from You, my moaning won’t be hidden.
10 For my heart is disturbed and my strength is all gone…
Even my eyes do not work.

11 ‘My friends and neighbors oppose me…
They approach, but they stand at a distance.

12 ‘Those seeking my life and wishing me bad,
Speak foolishly as they plan to deceive me.
13 But I pretend that I do not hear them,
As though I am someone who’s deaf,
And like the mute, I don’t open my mouth.

14 ‘I became like a man with no hearing,
And with nothing to say in reply.
15 For in You, O Jehovah, I’ve put all my trust…
And my God, I’ve hoped that You’d listen.

16 ‘May my enemies not rejoice at my fall…
May my legs not shake as they’re plotting against me.

17 ‘I’m ready for all of their whips…
I’m prepared and ready to suffer.
18 I’ll admit to all of my lawless deeds,
And I’m anxious because of my sins.

19 ‘My enemies have camped all around me…
All those who hate me unjustly.
20 They’ve repaid my good deeds with bad,
And lied when I was on trial.

21 ‘So, do not leave me, Jehovah!
Yes, my God, don’t desert me!
22 Hear my pleas for help, O my God;
O Jehovah, please come here and save me!’

Psalm 39

To the director; an ode of David to IdiThun.

1 I promised to guard all my ways,
And not to sin with my tongue.
So I put a lock on my mouth
When sinners are standing before Me.

2 Then, I became humble and mute,
And I spoke not even good words,
As my pain kept on growing.

3 Then my heart became hot within me,
Burning away all my thoughts,
And my tongue spoke out and I said:
4 ‘Jehovah, please show me my limits,
And the number of days I will live,
So I can understand what I must yet do.

5 ‘{Look!} The days of a palm, You’ve given to me;
Yet, I am nothing before You.
For, foolish are the ways of all men.’

6 When men travel, they may carry an idol…
For they trust in things that are foolish.
They may also carry their treasures along…
Yet they know not why they collect them.
7 But I believe that I can endure,
With just the aid of [My God].

8 So, please save me from my lawless ways,
And from the scorn that fools bring.

9 I was mute and I wouldn’t open my mouth,
For these trials have come from Jehovah.
10 But, please bring an end to the whippings,
For in mighty hands, I am failing.
11 This correction is what You have sent me…
And along with the lawless, You’ve disciplined me.

Like spiders, men’s lives waste away,
And this is the folly of humans.
12 So, hear my prayer, O Jehovah…
Listen as I beg in my tears!

Please don’t stay silent with me,
For, like my fathers, I’ve traveled with You!
13 Refresh me and spare me before I must leave…
Before I no longer exist.

Psalm 40

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 I’ve endured and waited on God,
Then He noticed and heard what I prayed.
2 He led me from the misery of the pit…
From the mud and slime, He removed me.

Then He stood my feet on a rock,
And straightened the paths that I walk.
3 He put a new song in my mouth…
A sacred hymn to my God.

When they’re afraid, many look to the Lord.
4 And blest are those who trust in His Name…
Those who do not search for what’s foolish,
And those who don’t act in rash ways.

5 O Jehovah; You’ve done such wonderful things…
Wondrous and great are Your ways, O my God,
And there are none who are equal to You!
So I’ll speak and tell of Your glorious ways
And the unnumbered ways they keep growing.

6 Sacrifices and offerings, You didn’t want,
Nor did You seek whole burnt offerings
Or sacrifices for [the covering of] sins;
Yet, You prepared a body for me.

7 So I said, ‘Look, I have come…
In the knob of the scroll this was written about me:
8 I’ve come to do Your Will, O my God;
For Your Laws lie deep in my [heart].

9 ‘I’ve announced the good news of [Your] righteous ways
Among the great congregation…
O Lord, I’ve not held back my lips!

10 ‘I’ve not hidden Your righteous ways in my heart,
And I’ve told the truth about Your salvation…
I’ve not hidden Your mercy and truth
Before the great congregation.

11 So Jehovah, don’t hide Your compassions from me…
May Your mercy and truth give me strength.’

12 Bad things are now all around me,
For my lawless deeds overtook me
And I’m no longer able to see.
They’ve multiplied like the hairs on my head,
And by my own heart, I’m abandoned.

13 So think well of me and save me, O God…
O Jehovah, pay attention and help me!
14 May those who are seeking my life
(Those who wish to lift it away)
Together, feel shame and disgrace.

May those who wish to do evil
Feel shame and be forced to back off.
15 Let them feel their shame right away…
Those who are saying of me,
‘Well done, yes very well done.’

16 May all those who seek You be happy, O Lord,
And may they start shouting in joy…
May all who love Your salvation
Start shouting aloud, ‘Praise Jehovah!’

17 I now find myself poor and in need,
So, please don’t forget me, my God.
Since You’re my defender and helper,
Please don’t wait or delay!

Psalm 41

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 Blest are those who are paying attention
To the needs of the poor.
For God will save them when bad days arrive.

2 May Jehovah bless them and guard them…
May He keep them alive on the ground
And save them from their enemy’s hands.
3 May God give them aid in their beds of grief,
And turn their beds when they’re ill.

4 I said, ‘O Jehovah, show mercy on me;
Heal my soul, for I’ve sinned against You,
5 And my enemies are saying bad things,
Asking about me, When will he die?

6 Once foolishness came here to visit,
And he spoke to me from his heart.
He also brought the lawless along,
And they all went outside to talk.

7 To each other, my enemies whispered,
And developed a plot [to destroy] me.
8 They planned to do something illegal…
They said, ‘He’ll go to bed, but never arise.’

9 And a man with whom I always had peace
(One upon whom I had always relied
And who once ate bread at my table),
Against me, made plans of deceit.

10 But You, O Lord, showed mercy on me.
You lifted me up and repaid him.
11 By this, I knew that you [loved] me,
And that my foes will never rejoice over me.

12 You helped me because I’m not guilty,
And through the age, I stood strong before You.
13 So, Praise Jehovah, IsraEl’s God,
Through the age and the age of the ages…
May it ever be so!

Psalm 42

To the director; the contemplation of the sons of KorAh.

1 As a stag searches for springs of water,
Is how my heart longs for You, O my God…
2 Since my soul thirsts for the Almighty God.
When may I come and stand before You?

3 My tears have become my bread day and night…
Each day, people ask me, ‘So, where is your God?’
4 I think of such things and thereafter,
[Before You], I pour out my soul.

I’ll go to Your wonderful Tent…
I’ll go to the House of my God.
I’ll go shouting aloud, singing praises to You,
As though it were a great holiday.

5 O man within me; why are you so sad…
Why do you bother me so?
You must put your trust in your God…
Sing in praise of the ways that He saves!

6 O my God; I’m so bothered within,
And it’s about You that I am concerned.
In the land of the Jordan, I think about You,
Here on little Mount Herman.

7 Because of the roar of floods in the deep,
I cried out to You [in my fear];
For I’m covered by Your crests and Your waves.

8 Each day, I beg God for His mercy,
And each night, I pray that He’ll send it…
This God [who watches over] my life.

9 Then I say to God, ‘Since You are my shield,
Why do You still overlook me…
Why must I always look downcast,
And have to squeeze past my opposers?

10 ‘For they berate me as they’re breaking my bones,
And afflict me each day, as they ask:
So now, where is your God?

11 O man within; why are you dejected,
And why do you bother me so?
Put your hope in Jehovah…
Praise your Savior and God!

Psalm 43

A Psalm of David.

1 Judge me, O God… try my case
Here in an unholy nation…
Save me from the unjust and deceitful!

2 Since You are my God and my fortress,
Why have you thrust me away…
Why must I be so downhearted,
And be oppressed by my enemies?

3 From Your Tent and Your Holy Mountain,
Send Your light and truth as my guide.
4 Then I’ll go to the Altar of God…
To the God of my youth who once brought me joy.

5 Why have You rejected my soul
And allowed me to be so upset?
Yet, I still have faith in my God,
And I’ll still sing praises to Him…
So please rescue my soul, O my God!

Psalm 44

To the director; a Contemplation of the sons of KorAh.

1 O God; Our ears have heard about it,
For our fathers told us the stories
Of the deeds that You did in their days.
2 How, with Your hand, You replanted nations,
And of how You also destroyed them…
How You oppressed them and drove them away.

3 How they couldn’t inherit this land with their swords,
Or of how their own arms couldn’t save them…
Only by Your right hand and mighty arm,
And by the light of Your face (if You liked them).

4 So, You are my King and my God…
You’re the One who told us how Jacob was saved.
5 So [we’ll trust] that our enemies will also be gored,
And that in Your Name, those rising against us
Will come to know Your contempt.

6 Therefore, I will not trust in my bow,
Nor in my broadsword to save me…
7 Just in the One who will save us,
And bring disgrace to those who detest us.

8 Yes, we’ll praise our God every day,
And through the ages, speak of Your Name.

9 But now, You’ve pushed us away in disgrace
And no longer take the lead of our army.
10 From our enemies, You’ve forced us to flee,
And You’ve given us as plunder to them.

11 Like sheep, You gave us as food,
And scattered us among all the nations…
12 You treated Your people as worthless,
And assigned us as having no value.

13 You’ve made us the scorn of our neighbors,
To be taunted and sneered at by those roundabout.
14 You’ve made us a parable to the gentiles…
As those at whom they can just shake their heads.

15 So, all day long, I am taunted,
And with shame, my face has been covered.
16 The sounds of berating and disrespect
Is all that I hear from our enemies,
Who have carried us off.

17 Yet, though all these things have happened to us,
We’ve not forgotten our God,
Nor have we broken our Agreement with You.
18 We’ve not left our hearts in the rear,
Nor have we turned from Your righteous paths.

19 In this God-forsaken place, we’ve been humbled,
And we’re covered by the shadow of death.
20 If we’d forgotten the Name of our God,
And chosen the hands of foreign gods,
21 We should have expected such things.
For He knows the secrets deep in our hearts.

22 Because of You, we’re slaughtered all day…
We’re thought of as sheep to be butchered.
23 So, wake up… why are You sleeping, O Lord?
Stand up… don’t push us away ‘til the end.

24 O why have You turned away,
And not noticed our misery and affliction?
25 For our souls have been humbled down to the dust,
And our bellies have been forced to the ground.

26 So arise, O Jehovah, and help us!
Ransom us for the sake of Your Name!

Psalm 45

To the director: Regarding the changes. An ode of contemplation of the loved one by the sons of KorAh.

1 From my heart, I thrust out good words,
Then quickly, I wrote my work for the king;
For my tongue had become like a reed pen…
As one that is held in the hands of a scribe.

NOTE: This appears to be a Messianic prophecy.

2 More beautiful than the children of men,
Is the favor that pours from your lips.
3 And for this, may our God be praised though the age.

3 So now, strap your sword to your thigh,
4 And in your fineness, stretch tight your bow!
Bless us and rule us in truth…
In your gentle ways and in justice,
Give us direction with your right hand!

5 Sharpen your arrows, O mighty one.
For the peoples beneath you must fall…
All the enemies in the heart of the king.

6 Your throne, O [god], is through ages of ages,
And your Kingdom is ruled by your scepter.
7 For, you have loved what is right,
And you have hated law breaking.

And for this, The God who’s also your God
Has anointed you with His oil
And praised you above all your peers.

8 Your clothes smell of myrrh, balsam, and fruit,
Which is found in your palace of ivory.
9 In your honor, the daughters of kings find delight,
While your queen is at your right hand,
Wearing finest clothes embroidered with gold.

10 So listen, O daughters, and look…
Incline your ears and forget your own kin…
Those in the house of your father.
11 For the king has desired your beauty,
And he is your [sovereign] lord.

12 So, you daughters of Tyre, bow before him,
And you rich, bring gifts to curry his favor!
13 The king’s daughter is glorious within,
And she’s wrapped in clothes embroidered with gold.

14 Then, all the virgins who follow in her train
(Those closest to her) will be carried to you.
15 They’ll be carried there singing praises of joy,
And led to the Most Holy Place of the king.

16 Then, in place of your fathers, sons will be born,
And you’ll appoint them as rulers over the lands.

17 From one generation to another,
All will remember your name.
Yes, all the peoples will praise you,
Through the age and the age of the ages.

Psalm 46

To the director; by sons of KorAh regarding secret things

1 Our God is our refuge and powerful aid
Against the many problems we face.

2 Because of this, we won’t be afraid
When the whole earth is upset,
And the mountains fall into the seas.
3 For, by His force, the waters will roar,
And the mountains will all be disturbed.

4 A river brings joy to the city of God…
To the holy high Tent of Jehovah.
5 Since God is in there, [the city] won’t fall;
For, morning-after-morning, God sends it His aid.

6 Kingdoms were tilted and nations were shaken,
For the Most High shouted and then shook the earth.
7 But, Jehovah of Armies is with us;
Yes, Jacob’s God is our shield!

8 Come and witness the works of our God…
The miracles that He brings to our land!
9 For He’s driven wars to the ends of the earth…
He has destroyed all the bows,
And He’s burned all the weapons and shields in a fire.

10 ‘Relax and know that I am your God;
And among the nations, I’ll be raised high…
I’ll be raised high throughout the whole earth.’

11 Yes, Jehovah of Armies is with us;
The God of Jacob is our shield!

Psalm 47

For the director; by the sons of KorAh

1 Clap your hands, all you nations
And joyfully call to our God!
2 Fear Jehovah, for He’s the Most High;
Yes, He is the King of the earth!

3 He’s caused the peoples to yield,
And He’s put all the nations under our feet.
4 For, as His inheritance, He chose us;
And He loves the beauty of Jacob.

5 With a shout, our God has ascended…
From Jehovah, the sound of the trumpet was heard.
6 So, to our God, play your music…
Strum [your harps] to our King.
7 Since our God is the King of the earth,
Before Him, play your instruments well.

8 God rules over the nations,
And He reigns from His holy throne.
9 So, under AbraHam’s God,
The rulers of the peoples are gathered;
For He owns all the kings of the earth,
And by them, He’s greatly respected.

Psalm 48

A Psalm; an ode by the sons of KorAh for the second Sabbath.

1 O how great is Jehovah
May He be praised in the city…
Praise our God upon His Holy Mountain!

2 Leap for joy, all you on the earth;
For, just to the north of Mount Zion
Is the city of the great king.
3 In her estates, God is well known,
And He’s the One who comes to her aid.

4 {Look!} The kings of the earth have assembled…
Yes, they have all come to this place,
5 And when they saw it, they were amazed…
It shook them and it disturbed them.
6 Thereafter, they started to tremble
Like a woman undergoing birth pangs.

7 With storms, You will wreck boats from Tarshish,
8 And the things that we’ve heard are what we believe…
That the city of Jehovah the Almighty
(Yes, the city of God)
Was established by Him through the ages.

9 We’ve received Your mercies, O God,
And among Your people, we’re standing.
10 O God, may Your Name always be praised
To the ends of the earth;
For, from Your right hand comes true justice.

11 So Mount Zion, you should be joyful…
And shout in joy, you daughters of Judah
Over the judgments of God.

12 Encircle Zion and grab hold of her…
Describe each one of her towers.
13 Keep her army close to your Hearts,
And make her palaces strong,
So that future generations can see her.

14 [Jehovah’s] is our God through the ages
And into the age of the ages.
For, through the ages, He’s watched over us.

Psalm 49

To the director; by the sons of KorAh.

1 Listen to this, all you nations;
Give ear, all you who dwell in the land;
2 You earth-born ones and sons of men,
Both the rich and the poor.
3 For my mouth will now speak of wisdom,
And the thoughts that my heart comprehend.
4 So, incline your ears to listen to proverbs,
For I’ll explain my riddle in this song:

5 Why should I fear that wicked day
When the lawless are chasing my heels,
And when they have me surrounded…
6 Those who enforce their own power,
And brag of their wealth before all?

7 A man’s brother can’t serve as his ransom,
Since he can’t pay God for even himself!
8 And if he should try to ransom himself,
Through the age, he’ll grow weary trying.

9 Thus, may he live ‘till the end,
So his body will not see corruption.

10 Whenever a wise man comes to his end;
Along with the foolish and mindless he leaves,
And his wealth is then passed on to strangers.

11 Thereafter, his home is his tomb…
It’s his tent through the next generations.
And though they may call the land by his name,
12 He’ll see no honor in that.

He then becomes like the cattle;
For like them, he thinks not at all…
13 And this is the snare in his path.
Though his mouth may find pleasure in the things that he’s said,
14 Like a sheep, he goes to the the place of the dead,
And he’s put in a place where he’s tended by death.

In the morning, he was ruled by the upright,
But their help grows old and ends in the grave
Where they and their glory are banished.

15 For, only God can ransom our lives
From the hands of the grave,
Whenever He chooses to take us.

16 So, fear not those who make themselves rich,
Or those whose houses receive all the glory.
17 For when we die, we take nothing away,
And all of our glory is gone.

18 Yet, while we’re alive, we think our lives blest,
Since men have given us praise.
19 But from one generation to another,
We all just go down to our fathers,
And through the ages, we never see light.

20 For an honored man does not realize
That he’s like the unthinking cattle,
And [his end] is also like theirs.

Psalm 50

A Psalm of Asaph.

1 Jehovah is the God of all gods;
For He speaks and calls the sun from the east,
Where it crosses the earth to where it descends.

2 It’s from Zion that His beauty is shining,
3 And when His coming is seen,
He’ll not be silent thereafter!

For a fire will go before Him and burn,
And a gale will blow all around Him.
4 He’ll call to the earth from the heavens above,
And then, He’ll set separate people.

5 He’ll gather His holy ones to Him
(Those who [follow] His Sacred Agreement),
6 Then across the skies, He’ll shout His decisions.

For, God is truly our judge.
7 He says, ‘Listen, My people, and I’ll tell you…
Yes listen, O IsraEl, and I’ll testify!
For I am God… I’m your God!

8 ‘I won’t discipline you for what you sacrifice,
Since you whole burnt-offerings have been there.
9 However, I never asked you for calves,
Or for your winter yearlings or flocks.

10 ‘For the beasts in the fields are already Mine,
As are your cattle and oxen,
11 And all the birds in the skies.
For the beauty of the fields came from Me!

12 ‘If I were hungry, I would never tell you;
For, all in man’s habitation is Mine.
13 So, why should I eat meat of bulls,
Or drink the blood of male goats?

14 ‘Why not offer Me praise as your sacrifice,
And just pay the vows that you make?
15 Then, you could call out to Me,
And I would [be there to] save you…
And thereafter, you’d speak of My glory.’

16 So, to the sinners, God asks:
‘Why do you bother to take up My Laws
And speak of My Sacred Agreement,
17 When you really hate My instructions,
And disregard all that I say?

18 ‘If you saw a thief, you’d run with him,
And you’d join with those committing adultery!
19 For your mouths are filled with what’s bad,
And your tongues are twisted in lies.

20 ‘Against your own brother, you sit and speak ill…
You set snares for the sons of your mother!
21 Then, if I don’t speak when you’re breaking My Laws,
You think that I am like you!

‘But, I will soon discipline you…
I’ll stand in your face [and speak of] your sins!
22 So notice, all you who’ve forgotten your God;
For the time will come when I’ll snatch you away,
And no one will be there to save you.

23 ‘And though you may have offered Me glory
With your sacrifices and praises…
There’s no way that I will then spare you!’

Psalm 51

To the director; A Psalm of David when the Prophet Nathan came to him over his taking BathSheba the wife of UriAh.

1 Show mercy on me, O my God!
In Your abundant compassions
Please erase the ways that I’ve broken Your Laws…
2 Wash away all of my lawless deeds,
And cleanse me from all my sins.
3 For I know all the laws that I’ve broken,
And my errors are ever before me.

4 Against You alone have I sinned,
And before You, I’ve done wicked things.
So, Your decisions are righteous,
And You’re justified in Your judgments.

5 {Look!} But in lawlessness, I was conceived…
Yes, in the strange food of sin
That I’ve craved [since I came from] my mother.

6 However, You love what is true,
And now You’ve revealed the bad things I’ve done
From the hidden, private things of Your wisdom.

7 So may I be sprinkled with branches of hyssop
That I may be clean once again…
Wash me with the snow from above,
So I can stand whitened before You.

8 Please let me know cheering and gladness…
Let my humbled bones be joyful again!
9 Turn Your face away from my sins
And erase all of my lawless deeds!

10 O God, please give me a heart that is clean,
And with a righteous spirit, renew me inside.
11 Don’t reel and turn Your face in disgust,
Nor take away Your Holy Breath.

12 Return the joy of salvation to me…
Support me and [help me] rule [well].
13 Then I’ll teach Your ways to the lawless,
And I’ll turn the irreverent toward You.

14 O my Savior and God;
If You’ll save me from the guilt of this blood,
31 My tongue will shout in praise of Your justice.

15 O Jehovah; to You, I’ll open my lips,
And with my mouth, I will praise You!

16 If You wanted sacrifices, I’d give them,
But You don’t think well of burnt offerings.
17 What You want is a spirit that’s broken,
Since You don’t overlook humbled hearts.

NOTE: Some versions of the Septuagint don’t include the following verse, which seems to have been a later addition to this song.

18 O Jehovah; In Your good will,
Do the best thing for Zion…
Let JeruSalem’s walls be rebuilt.
19 Think well of our righteous sacrifices,
And we’ll bring burnt offerings to Your Altar.

Psalm 52

To the director; A Psalm of David’s contemplation, regarding the time when Doeg the Edomite went to Saul to tell him that David had gone to the house of AhiMelek.

1 O you who think you’re so mighty;
Why do you boast of the evil you’ve done,
And of your lawless deeds, all day long?

2 For, unrighteousness thinks of your tongue
Like the treachery of a razor strap,
3 Since you have preferred evil to goodness,
And lies to telling the truth.
4 You have loved words that cause drowning,
As well as tongues of deceit.

5 For this, our God will destroy you…
He’ll pluck you out of your tent,
And uproot you from the land of the living.

6 Of the righteous, you then will know fear;
For they’ll laugh at you and then say:
7 ‘Notice this one who won’t lean on God,
But rather, puts trust in his wealth,
And feels strong in his own foolish ways.’

8 But, in the House of my God,
I’ve been like a tree of ripe olives.
For, through the age, I’ve trusted His mercy…
Through the age, I’ve put faith in my God.

9 Therefore, through the ages, I’ll praise Him,
For He’s finally brought me results.
And I will trust in His Name,
Because He provides for His holy ones.

Psalm 53

To the director; A Psalm for the harp. A contemplation of David.

1 ‘There is no God,’ say the fools in their hearts;
So, they are corrupt and disgusting.
For, they are breaking [God’s] Laws,
And they don’t choose to do what is good!

2 God looks upon them from His place in the skies,
For He watches what sons of men do
To see if they’re paying attention,
And if any are searching for Him.
3 But they’ve all turned aside and are useless;
There are none that do good… no, not one!

4 Don’t they know (those who act without law…
Those eating [God’s] people like bread),
That they should [search for] Jehovah?
5 For that’s why they’re afraid when there’s nothing to fear.

Yet, God will scatter the bones
Of those who just try to please men.
And since they live their lives in disgrace,
God treats them all with contempt.

6 Now, who will be appointed from Zion
To become IsraEl’s savior?
For when God returns all carried away,
Jacob will cry out in gladness,
And IsraEl will once more know joy!

Psalm 54

To the director; one of the hymns of contemplation by David, regarding the time when the Ziphites said to Saul: ‘{Look!} Isn’t David hiding among us?’

1 O God;
Please save me for the sake of Your Name,
And use Your powers to bring us what’s fair.

2 O God,
Please listen to my prayer…
Hear the words that come from my mouth.
3 For, strangers have risen against me,
And the mighty who don’t know You are seeking my life!

4 But look!
God then came and He helped me…
Jehovah has shielded my soul!
5 To my enemies, He’s sent what is bad,
And He’s used the truth to destroy them.

6 So I’ll offer sacrifices to You,
And I will give praise to Your Name.
7 For, from great danger, You’ve saved me,
And my eyes have seen my prayers answered.

Psalm 55

To the director; one of the hymns of the contemplations of Asaph.

1 Give ear, O God, to my prayer…
Don’t overlook the things that I beg…
2 Please pay attention and listen!

I sat alone and was worried;
For, by my enemy’s voice,
I became very disturbed,
3 As well as by the oppression of sinners.
For lawlessly, they have turned against me,
And in anger, they’ve shown me their rage.

4 My heart was pounding within me,
And fear of death overcame me…
5 I was afraid, shaking, and covered by darkness,
6 So I begged, ‘Please give me the wings of a dove,
That I may spread them and go find some rest!’

7 {Look!} I was driven far away into exile,
And I was forced to live in the desert,
8 Where I waited for someone to save me
From my own fears and the storms.

9 O Jehovah; please sink them…
Make them speak different tongues!
For I’ve seen how lawless they are,
And I hear of their wars in the cities.

10 Lawless ways and misery dwell in their midst…
Day and night, they encircle our walls,
11 Bringing injustice to our city squares,
By treacherously charging interest for loans.

12 Had I been slandered by my enemies,
I would have been happy to endure it.
And if someone who hates me had threatened,
I just would have hidden from him.

13 But it’s you, O man, someone like me…
A leader of mine and a Seer!
14 It was you who once sweetened my food,
And we lived in the same house together!

15 But may death now come to them all,
And alive, may they fall into their graves.
For, wickedness travels among them,
And it dwells in their midst.

16 Then I cried out to God, and He heard me.
17 So at morning, noon, and during the night,
I’ll beg Him for the things that I need,
And He’ll listen to all my requests.

18 Because I was peaceful, He’ll ransom my soul
He’ll save me from those who were once on my side
But who have now come to attack me.

19 Yes, our God, who exists through the ages,
Will listen and then make them humble…
He will not bargain with them,
Because they’ve not learned to fear Him.

20 He’ll stretch out His hand and repay
All those who’ve profaned His Sacred Agreement.
21 With the rage of His face, He will cut them to shreds,
And then He will snatch out their hearts.
For though His words sound as soft as olive oil,
He can also shoot them like arrows.

22 So upon Jehovah, throw your concerns,
Then He’ll nourish and watch over you.
For He won’t allow ages to pass,
As the righteous are being abused.

23 Yes You, O God, will soon lead them
(Those men of blood and deception)
Into the well of corruption.
There’s no way that they’ll live half of their days;
And Jehovah, I’m trusting in You.

Psalm 56

To the director. For the people; from the holy things of David and for an inscription [about the time] when the Philistines held him at Gath.

1 Show mercy on me, O my God;
For a man has trampled on me all day long,
And he has oppressed me in war.

2 All day long, my enemies are winning…
From higher ground, they have fought me.
3 But today, I won’t be afraid,
For in You, I am putting my trust.

4 I’ll praise You with words throughout the whole day;
For in my God, I’m putting my hope,
So I’ll not be afraid of what flesh can do.

5 Every day, they’ve hated my words,
And they think of ways they can hurt me.
6 They run and hide, then watch for my heel,
As they patiently wait for my soul.
7 Yet, You won’t bring them salvation,
But in rage, You’ll thereafter destroy them.

8 O God, to You, I’ve given My life,
And as You promised, You’ve noticed my tears.
9 So, when I must call out to You,
Please drive my enemies away.

{Look!} I’ve always known that you are my God,
10 So I’ve [paid attention to] Your council,
And I’ve spoken in praise of Your words.
11 So because I’ve put faith in my God,
I’ll not be afraid of what men can do.

12 Within me, O God, are the vows
That I made as I was speaking Your praises…
13 For from death, You ransomed my soul.
There are also tears in my eyes,
For You didn’t allow them to trip me.
Thus, here in the light of the living,
I can keep pleasing Jehovah.

Psalm 57

To the director; ‘Do not Destroy,’ by David. For an inscription on a monument regarding the time he ran away from Saul [and hid in] a cave.

1 O God, show mercy upon me…
Yes, please be merciful to me!
For to You, I have given my life,
And in the shadow of Your wings, I’ve put faith.

Until these lawless things pass me by,
2 I’ll call out to God, the Most High…
The One by whom I am blest.

3 From the heavens, He’s sent me protection,
And heaped scorn on those who were walking on me.
God sent me His mercy and truth,
4 And from those young lions, He saved me.

For, whenever I went to bed,
I was bothered when I thought about sons of men
Whose teeth are just like their weapons,
And whose arrows are like sharpened swords.

5 May You be exalted, my God,
Above the highest of the heavens…
Above all the lands, may Your glory be raised!

6 Now, they have set snares for my feet,
And my soul, they have dragged down to the ground.
And though they dug a cesspool in front of my face,
They were the ones who fell in it.

7 So my heart is now ready, O God,
To sing and strum to Your glorious Name.
8 Therefore, awaken my glory and ready my harp
When I arise in the morning.

9 Then among the peoples, I’ll praise You, O Lord,
And among all the nations, I’ll strum to [Your Name].
10 For above the heavens, Your mercy is raised,
And Your Truth is higher than the clouds.
11 So above the skies, may You ever be raised…
O God, may Your glory [shine] on the earth.

Psalm 58

To the director; ‘Do Not Destroy,’ by David. An inscription on a monument.

1 Won’t You speak out for righteous ways,
And won’t You, in justice, judge sons of men?
2 For their hearts have brought lawless ways to our land,
And their hands are wrapped in injustice!

3 Sinners come out of the womb
And wander from the belly speaking lies.
4 Their rage is like that of serpents;
And as asps that can’t speak, for their ears have been closed,
5 So they can’t hear the sounds of [snake] charmers,
[And they strike] with the potions of witches.
6 But now, God has broken the teeth in their mouths…
Their molars of lions, He has shattered.

7 He views them as though they’re just water,
And He’ll stretch tight His bow ‘til they’re conquered…
8 Like melted beeswax, they will be removed;
For, He will strike them with fire,
And thereafter, they’ll not see the sun anymore.
9 As white-thorned shrubs, He views their thorn-bushes;
And He’ll swallow them down still alive.

10 We’ll all rejoice when we see they’ve been punished,
And wash our hands in the blood of those sinners.
11 Thereafter, each man will be forced to declare
That this is the fruitage of justice,
And there’s a God who brings what’s fair to the land.

Psalm 59

To the director; ‘Do Not Corrupt’ by David. An inscription on a monument about the time when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him.

1 From my enemies, please save me, O God…
Ransom me from those who attack me.
2 Deliver me from those breaking the Law…
From those men of blood, please save me!

3 {Look!} For, they have been hunting soul
Yes, they’ve sent their mighty against me.
But Jehovah; I’ve not broken Your laws,
Nor are [they coming] because I have sinned!

4 Although I’ve done nothing illegal,
From them, I’ve been forced to flee…
So awaken to meet me and notice!

5 O God, Jehovah of armies…
O God of IsraEl, take notice…
Come and visit those nations!

Don’t pity those who are lawless…
6 May they come back starved in the evening,
And like dogs, may they roam through the [streets]!

7 They shout with their swords held up to their lips,
As they ask, ‘Who is paying attention?’
8 But You, O Lord, should be laughing out loud,
And treating them all with contempt.

9 For, You are my strength, O my God…
You are my shield [and protector].
10 So Your mercy travels before me,
And to my enemies, You send whatever I wish.

11 But don’t kill them, so Your Laws are not overlooked;
Rather, scatter them with Your great power.
O my defender, Jehovah;
Have them be led far away!

12 For the sins of their mouths and the words on their lips,
Let them be taken as captives…
May they be cursed for their pride and their lies.

13 In Your rage, please come and consume them,
So that they will no longer exist.
Then all to the ends of the earth
Will know Jacob’s Lord is the [only true] God.

14 When they arrive in the evening;
May they be starved upon their return,
And like dogs, may they roam through the [streets].
15 May they be scattered to search for their food,
And then, let them grumble as they’re starving.

16 Then I’ll sing of all Your great powers,
And I’ll praise Your mercies each morning;
For, You are my refuge and shield
In my day of distress.

17 Because You’re my helper, I’m strumming to You…
I’m playing to You, for You are my God.
O God; You are truly my shield,
For, You have shown mercy upon me.

Psalm 60

To the director; ‘The Changings.’ For an inscription on a monument by David, as a lesson about when he fought the MesoPotamians of the Syrian [army] under SoBal, and when JoAb returned and cut down twelve thousand men of Edom in the Salt Valley.

1 O God;
You’ve knocked us down and pushed us away,
But, along with Your rage, You’ve also felt pity.
2 For though You shook our land and disturbed it;
You’ve healed the cracks that resulted.

3 You’ve taught Your people hard lessons,
And we’ve melted in the wine of Your rage.
4 But, to those who feared You, You then sent a sign,
To flee from the face of the bow.
5 So, since You have saved all those whom You love,
Please listen, and with Your hands, save me!

6 And from His Holy Place, our God then spoke out.
He said, ‘I’ll shout and then divide SheChem…
The Valley of Tents, I will split.

7 ‘Gilead is Mine and ManasSeh is Mine;
Ephraim is the fort of My head,
And Judah is the place of My king.’

8 Then, over Edom He said:
‘Moab is the kettle of My hope;
So, I will stretch out My sandal,
And make the Philistines submit.
9 So, who can take Me up to their forts,
And who can guide Me to Edom?’

10 O Lord; why did You thrust us away?
O God; won’t You be with our army?

11 Help us in our day of oppression,
For, there is no salvation from men.
12 Only by God do we have any strength…
Only He can show great contempt
For those who have been our oppressors.

Psalm 61

To the director; one of the hymns of David. A Psalm.

1 Listen, O God, to the things that I beg…
Please pay attention to my prayer!

2 From the ends of the earth, I called out to You
When my heart was discouraged at the Rock;
Then You lifted me high and showed me the way.

3 When my enemies were there in front of my face,
You were my only reason for hope…
You were my tower and strength.

4 So I’ll go to Your Tent through the ages;
In the protection of Your wings, I’ll seek shelter.
5 For You, O God, have heard what I vowed,
And an inheritance is what You will give
To those who are fearing Your Name.

6 Day after day, add life to the king
From one generation to another.
7 Through the ages, may he live before You
And search for Your mercy and truth.
8 Then, through the ages, I’ll sing to Your Name,
And I’ll render my vows every day.

Psalm 62

To the director; for IdiThun. A Psalm by David.

1 Shouldn’t my life be devoted to God?
In His salvation, shouldn’t I trust?
2 For, He is my God and my Savior…
He is my shield, so I’ll not be afraid
When I must fight larger armies.

3 So, how long will You pile so much upon men?
For like walls that lean, we’ve become…
Like fences that have many gaps…
And then, to each one, You send death.

4 Because they’ve conspired to remove all my honor;
From them, I have run away.
For though, with their mouths, they have blest me;
Within their hearts, they have cursed me.

5 But I’ve given my life to my God
And I’ve trusted in Him to survive.
6 He is my God and my Savior…
He’s my shield, so I’ll never leave Him.
7 Yes, He’s my salvation and glory…
God is my hope, so I’m trusting in Him.

8 In Him, the congregation should also put faith…
Since He’s their helper, they should pour out their hearts.
9 In the sons of men, they shouldn’t put trust,
Since they are the same as the false weights
That are used to cheat them on scales…
To mislead them and do them wrong.

10 Nor should they trust in unrighteous ways,
Or long for things they can steal.
And should they find treasures before them,
They shouldn’t let it enter their hearts.
11 For the Lord spoke to me and said this:
‘God sends His mercy along with His might,
12 And He pays each one back for the things that he does.’

Psalm 63

A Psalm by David about the time he spent in the desert of Idumea.

1 God, O my God, I rise early,
Because my soul is thirsting for You.
Yes, my flesh has been longing for You
In this land that is barren, unwalked, and dry.

2 So, to Your Holy Place, I’ve now come
To behold Your power and glory.
3 And since Your mercies are better than life,
My lips will [sing praises about them].

4 With my whole life, I will praise You,
And to Your Name, I will raise my hands.
5 So may my life become filled with the fatness of fat,
And with joyful lips, may my mouth offer praise.

6 I’m thinking of You as I lie in my bed…
I’m meditating at the breaking of dawn.
7 And because You’re my helper, I’m shouting in joy,
As I lie in Your wings of protection.

8 To You, my soul will stick closely,
And I’ll grab hold tightly to Your right hand;
9 For there are those who are seeking my life.

May they be sent to the depths of the ground
10 May they be handed up to the sword…
The reward of foxes, may they receive.

11 May the king find joy in [his] God,
And may he swear oaths here before Him;
For, He has stopped up the mouths
Of those who’ve spoken against him.

Psalm 64

To the director; A Psalm by David.

1 O God, please listen to my voice;
For, I am begging before You.
Of my enemies, I am afraid…
So, please come and rescue my soul!

2 From the conspiracies of the wicked, give me shelter…
And from the crowds of the unrighteous.
3 For they’ve sharpened their tongues just like broadswords,
And in bitterness, they’ve stretched tight their bows.
4 They aim from hiding at the unblemished,
Then shoot at me without fear.

5 They’ve decided to do evil things,
And they’ve talked about how they’ll hide all their snares…
Asking each other, ‘Who will see them?’

6 For lawless ways, they have searched,
But all their searching has failed;
For, not a single man would step forward,
Who had any depth in his heart.

7 So, may Jehovah be praised;
For, even on their infants, calamity came.

8 Though they spoke in contempt with their tongues,
And all who viewed them were frightened;
9 Of the works of my God, they all were in awe,
When they came to see He was with me.

10 So, may the upright find joy in Jehovah,
And in Him, may they put all of their trust;
For He blesses those with straight hearts.

Psalm 65

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 From Zion, I am sending this hymn, O my God;
From JeruSalem, I’m sending this vow.
2 Please hear this prayer [that I offer];
For before You, all flesh must approach.

3 Though we were overwhelmed by our errors,
Our irreverent ways, You have covered.

4 Blest are those whom You’ve chosen and claimed;
For, in Your courtyards, they’ll camp,
And there, You’ll fill them with the good things
That come from Your House and Your Holy Tent.

5 Of Your righteousness, we all are in awe;
So, hear us, our God and our Savior!
6 You’re the hope of all to the ends of the earth,
And of those far away on the seas.

You’re the One who made mighty mountains,
7 And the One who brings disturbance to the seas
(The roar of which no one can stand).
8 But, that’s how the nations will soon be disturbed…
It’s how those at our borders will come to know fear.

9 Your signs bless the comings of mornings and evenings,
And You’ve made the land drunk with Your visits.
With the river of God, You’ve enriched it…
You’ve nourished [our land] with the water You sent.

10 Yes, You’ve sent [much water to the land]
To saturate the rows and make them produce.
You’ve sent raindrops to make it all grow,
And we’re happy to watch as it springs from the ground.

11 You graciously bless the crown of the year,
When You fill our fields up with fatness.
12 Then the beautiful mountains will also be fat,
Along with all of the deserts.
And wrapped [in green], the hills will become,
13 As the rams and sheep grow much wool.
For in the valleys, You make the grain grow,
So of You, we’ll shout and sing praises.

Psalm 66

To the director; a Psalm of awakening.

1 Shout to Jehovah, all you on the earth,
2 And then play music to His Name!
Shout in praise of His Glory!
3 Tell Him, ‘We fear the things that You do,
So, may Your enemies submit to Your power.
4 May the whole earth bow down before You,
And may they strum to You in the heights.’

5 Come witness the works of our God,
For they’re more to be feared than men think;
6 Because, He changed the sea to dry ground,
And He did the same to the river…
For they walked across them both on their feet.

So in Him, we all should find joy,
7 For, He’s the master of His domain.
And through the age, He’s been watching the nations;
So, may those who enrage Him not think themselves great.

8 O nations; give praise to our God…
May we hear the sounds of your voices!
9 For, He’s the One who gave life to my soul,
And let nothing stumble my feet.

10 Yes, You have tried us, O God,
For, You have refined us like silver.
11 First, You led us into a snare,
And upon our backs, laid oppression.
12 Then, You assigned men to be over our heads…
But through fire and water, You led us to rest.

13 So, with my offerings, I’ll go to Your House
And render to You all my vows…
14 Those things that my lips have opened to say…
The words my mouth spoke in distress.

15 I will bring burnt offerings before You,
As well as incense and marrow…
My rams, winter yearlings, and bulls.

16 Come listen to me and I’ll tell you
About my fear of my God,
And of the things He has done for my soul.

17 To Him, my mouth has cried out,
And with my tongue, I then shouted this:
18 ‘If You’ve found injustice within my heart,
O Jehovah; then, please overlook me.’

19 However, He listened to all that I said…
He heard the sounds of my prayers!
20 So, may our God forever be praised,
Since He didn’t overlook what I said,
Nor did He remove His mercy from me.

Psalm 67

To the director; a hymn among the Psalms of David.

1 O God, feel pity and bless us…
Show mercy and shine Your face on us!

2 Throughout the whole earth, may Your ways be made known,
And may all the nations see how You save…
3 May everyone come to know You, O God…
May they all be aware of Your [power].

4 You gentiles; be glad and cry out [in joy],
For He judges the peoples in straightness,
And He will lead all the nations on the earth.
5 So, may all come to know You, O God…
May they all be aware of Your [greatness].

6 The earth has provided us all with her fruit…
And it was from God (our God)
That such a blessing arrived.
7 So, may our God continue to bless us,
And may He be feared to the ends of the earth.

Psalm 68

To the director; a Psalm of David.

1 May God chase away those who hate Him,
And may those who detest Him, flee far from His face.
2 Like smoke, may they just blow away,
And melt like beeswax in fire.
That’s how the sinners will all be destroyed
Before the face of our God.

3 But the righteous have reasons for joy;
So, may they happily shout in His presence…
May they all be joyful and may they be blest!

4 So, sing to God… yes, strum to His Name!
Open the way to the One riding west…
The One whose Name is Jehovah!

May they all shout before Him in joy,
And before His face, may they all be concerned.
5 For, He is a Father to orphans,
And the One who gives justice to widows…
He’s the God who dwells within His Most Holy.

6 He settles common people in homes,
And He releases all those bound in shackles.
He [provides] for even the bitter,
And for those who dwell among tombs.

7 O God, as You passed by Your people,
And as You were crossing the desert,
8 The land was shaken and the skies dripped with rain,
Before the face of the God upon Sinai…
Before the face of IsraEl’s God.

9 O God; You sent rain to Your people,
And then You set us apart.
10 You also gave life to the beasts [in the fields],
And Your kindness provides for the poor.

11 So, the Great God Jehovah will speak
And announce the good news to our army,
12 That the king and his armies of loved ones
Will divide the spoils in his palace.

13 Then, if you must sleep among sheep folds;
You will also sleep amidst doves…
The types that have silver wings,
With the colors of green and gold on their backs.

14 The Heavenly One scatters kings
Like snow when it falls on Mount Selmon
15 (The mountain of God and the Hill of BaShan…
The fourth great mountain of provision).

16 So mountains; why does God dwell upon you?
For Jehovah camps at the extremes,
17 And His chariots number into the millions.
Yet, from His Holy Place on Mount Sinai,
The Lord still sends His provisions.

18 To the highest places, he has stepped up,
And he’s taken captivity as his captive;
Then, he gives gifts to the people
As he camps among those who resist His persuasion!

19 So, praise Jehovah our God…
Yes, praise Jehovah each day!
For, He is the One who has blest us…
Our God is the One who has saved us!

20 Yes, our God is the God of salvation…
For, from the brink of death, He has saved [us]!
21 So our God will shatter our enemies’ heads…
The tops of hairy heads of those walking in sin.

22 For Jehovah spoke and said this:
‘I’ll bring them back from the depths of the seas…
From BaShan, I will return them.
23 Then I’ll dip their feet in their enemy’s blood,
And it will stain the tongues of their dogs.’

24 O God;
Your travels are seen from Your Holy Place…
The comings and goings of my God the King.
25 Rulers have traveled before You,
As women played harps and [shook] tambourines.

26 May God be praised in the gathering
All the way to IsraEl’s springs.
27 It’s the place where (to our surprise),
Young BenJamin was appointed the ruler
Of the governors and princes of Judah,
And the leaders of ZebuLun and NaphTali.

28 Give orders, O God, and send us Your power…
Give us the strength to accomplish
All the things that You want us to do!
29 Then the kings [of the earth] will bring gifts
To Your Holy Place in JeruSalem.

30 Scold those wild beasts that live in the reeds,
And the bulls that are mixed among heifers.
Lock away those who put trust in their silver,
And scatter the nations… all those that want war.

31 Yes, send ambassadors from Egypt,
With Ethiopians in front and their hands stretched toward God.

32 O you kingdoms throughout the whole earth;
Sing before God and play music!
33 Yes, strum to Jehovah who lives in the skies
In the heavens above, toward the east.
{Look} Let them shout in a powerful voice
34 And give glory to IsraEl’s God,
Whose majesty and power [is seen] in the clouds.

35 God’s wonders are in His Most Holy Place.
And from there, IsraEl’s God sends the power
That He uses to strengthen His people.
So, all should give praise to [Jehovah]!

Psalm 69

To the director; for the changes. A Psalm of David.

1 Save me, please, O my God,
For my soul [is drowning] in water.
It’s deep and slimy, and I have no support…
2 I’ve gone into the depths of the sea,
And by the winds of a gale, I’ve been sunk.

3 From shouting, I have become tired,
And my throat is now very sore.
But, though my eyes have started to fail,
I still have faith in my God.

4 My enemies number more than the hairs on my head…
Yes, there are many who hate me.
And my foes are now very strong
(Those who’ve unjustly driven me out).
And for things that I didn’t steal,
They tell me that I must repay.

5 O God; You know of my sins,
And You know of my foolish ways…
For from You, they’ve never been hidden.

6 But, may all those who put trust in You
Never feel ashamed about me.
Yes, O Jehovah of armies;
May those who are seeking IsraEl’s God
Never feel ashamed about me.

7 But, because of You, I am scorned,
And my face has been covered with shame.
8 I’ve been driven away from my brothers…
I’m a stranger to the sons of my mother.

9 Though zeal for Your House has consumed me,
The scorn of blasphemers has fallen upon me.
10 So my life is now wrapped up in fasting,
And this gives them more reasons to laugh.
11 For, when I was covered in sackcloth,
I became a parable among them.

12 Those who sit at the gates now think about me,
And about me, even drunks [make up] songs.
13 But to You, O Jehovah, I’ve cried out in prayer:
‘O God, I’ll wait ‘til the time that You’ve set,
When in Your mercy, You’ll heed me once more,
And show them the truth of how You can save.’

14 O save me, for I’m stuck in this mud…
Pull me out of the waters of those who detest me!
15 May the gale not sink me in water,
Nor swallow me down in the mouth of its well.

16 Please listen to me, O Jehovah,
For Your mercies are all very tender.
Yes, in Your compassion, please look upon me!

17 Don’t turn Your face from Your servant…
In my time of affliction, please notice!
18 Pay attention and ransom my soul…
From my enemies, please come here and save me!

19 You know of my shame and remorse,
And before You, my enemies scorn me.
20 Though I thought they would grieve over my misery;
They didn’t, and they brought me no comfort.

21 As food, they offered me bile,
And they gave me vinegar, to quench my thirst.
22 May [what they offered] become their own snare…
May [it keep them] from their reward.

23 May their eyes become dark, so they cannot see,
And may their backs be bent over double.
24 Please pour out Your anger upon them…
May they be caught in Your rage.

25 May the houses that they own become empty,
And may no one ever live in their tents.
26 For they’ve chased this one whom You struck,
And added to the pain of my wounds.

27 For their lawless ways, may they see lawless ways…
May they not enter Your justice.
28 In the Scroll of Life, may their names not be written…
Among the righteous, may their names be erased.

29 I stand in Your presence, poor and in pain;
So God, please take care of me!
30 Then I’ll praise Your Name [every day]…
With songs, I will sing of Your glory.

31 So, God above, I will please You…
[I will offer] hoofed calves that are just sprouting horns.
32 Then may all the poor people see it,
And may they all start rejoicing!

Inquire of God who gives life to our souls;
33 For Jehovah pays attention to the needy,
And He listens to those bound in shackles…
He never looks upon them in contempt.

34 So, praise Him You heavens, you earth, and you sea,
And all the things that may crawl there;
35 For Zion will be saved by our God,
And the cities of Judah will then be rebuilt,
Which the people will inherit thereafter…
Yes, that is where they will dwell.
36 The seed of Your servants will own it,
And those loving Your Name will all camp there.

Psalm 70

To the director; A Psalm of David in remembrance of his being saved by Jehovah.

1 O God, please hear me and help me…
O Jehovah, please rush to my aid!
2 May those seeking my life feel shame and remorse…
May those wishing me harm retreat in disgrace.
3 May those saying of me, ‘Well done, well done,’
Turn back and then be ashamed.

4 But, may those who seek You be glad and rejoice…
May those who love Your salvation
Give praise to You, O Jehovah.

5 Help me, O God, for I’m poor and in need…
Become my helper and Savior…
I [need You now], so do not delay!

Psalm 71

A Psalm of David that was sung by the sons of JoNadab who were the first to be carried off as captives.

1 In You, O Jehovah, I’ve put all my hope;
So, may I not be disgraced through the age.
2 In Your justice, please take me and save me…
Incline Your ear and deliver!

3 Become to me, a God of defense,
And carry me to a fortified place.
For, You are my trust and my refuge!

4 Then, from the hands of sinners, God saved me…
From the lawless and those who were doing me wrong.
5 O Jehovah; You’re the One who helped me endure…
The One whom I’ve trusted since youth.

6 From the womb, I have always put faith in You,
And from the belly of my mother, You watched over me.
So to You, I will always sing praises.

7 You’ve been a miracle to many,
And You’ve been my fortress and helper.
8 So, may my mouth sing in praise of Your glory
And majesty, throughout the whole day.

9 When I grow old, don’t toss me away;
Don’t abandon me when my vigor is gone.

10 My enemies met, and against me, they spoke…
Together, those seeking my life laid their plans.
11 They said, ‘God’s left him, so let’s chase him down,
Since there is no one that will come to his aid.’

12 So my God, don’t stay far away…
My God, pay attention and send me Your aid!
13 May those slandering my soul become failures…
May those wishing me bad feel shame and remorse.

14 In You, I will always trust,
And I will continue to praise You.
15 My mouth will speak of Your justice all day,
And of Your salvation, I’ll write.

16 I will walk in the might of Jehovah…
My Lord, I will speak of Your justice.
17 O God; from my youth, You have taught me,
And now, I will speak of Your wonders.

18 My God; don’t forsake me when I’m old and grey,
Or until I’ve spoken to the next generation
Of [the power of] Your mighty arm.

19 O God; I will speak of Your justice and might,
And of the magnificent things that You’ve done…
For my God, to no other, can You be compared.

20 Though You showed me hard times and affliction,
You then turned around and gave back my life.
You brought me back from the pit…
You led me up out of the ground.

21 In the abundance of Your greatness, You blest me…
You returned to offer me comfort.
You led me up from the abyss,
And lifted me out of the ground.

22 So Jehovah, I’ll praise You to all,
And I will sing songs about Your just ways…
About IsraEl’s Most Holy, our God.

To You, I will also strum on my harp,
23 And as I play before You, I’ll be shouting aloud,
Because You have ransomed my soul!
24 With my tongue, I’ll speak of Your justice,
And make those who do wrong feel shame and remorse.

Psalm 72

For Solomon; A Psalm of David.

1 O God, show the king Your decisions
And teach the king’s son to be just,
2 So we can judge Your people uprightly,
And always be fair with the poor.

3 May the mountains send peace to Your people,
And may the hills send them justice that’s true.
4 Help [my son] to be fair with the poor…
May he save the sons of the needy
And humble all those who’d extort them.

5 As long as the sun, may he live…
For generations of generations, like the moon.
6 May he be like rain upon fleece,
And as the rain that falls to the ground.

7 May his days stand for justice and peace
Until the moon is no more.
8 From sea to sea, may he rule…
From the river to the ends of man’s home.

9 Before him, may all Ethiopians fall…
May his enemies all lick the dust…
10 May the Kings of Tharsis and the islands
Come to him bearing their best…
May the kings of Saba and Arabia bring gifts.

11 May all the earth’s kings bow before him…
May all the nations start to serve him.
12 For he’ll save the poor from the mighty,
As wells as the needy, who have no one else.

13 May he spare the poor and the needy;
May he save the lives of those who have little.
14 From interest and injustice, may he ransom their souls,
And may his name be valued among them.

15 May he live a very long life,
And may he receive Arabian gold.
May he be someone that they pray for,
And may they praise his name every day.

16 Let grain abound throughout all his land…
On the tops of the hills, may it sway.
May the grain grow like Lebanon’s trees…
May it thrive like grass in the fields.

17 May his name be praised through the ages
May his name endure [as long as] the sun.
May the tribes of the earth praise his name,
And may all nations call him the Blest One.

18 Praise Jehovah, IsraEl’s God,
For, He’s the One who brings wonders!
19 Through the ages, praise His Name and His glory,
And on through the age of the ages…
May the earth be filled with His glory… amen!

20 This is the end of the hymns of David, the son of Jesse.

Psalm 73

A Psalm of Asaph.

1 O how good is IsraEl’s God
To those who have hearts that are straight!

2 But my feet had once been unsteady,
So I slipped and fell in my tracks,
3 Because I was zealous for unrighteous things,
As I noticed the peace of the wicked.

4 I noticed that they have no fear of death,
And I’ve not seen them whipped [for their badness].
5 They don’t work as hard as other men do,
And they never seem to be beaten.

6 So because of this, they are proud to the end…
In injustice and irreverence, they’re wrapped!
Injustice pours from their fatness,
As they follow the ways of their hearts.

8 They think, and then speak wicked things…
In their pride, they speak of injustice.
9 Since they have set heaven against their own mouths,
Their tongues will go under the ground,
10 While [from there], Your people will all be returned
And then, full days they will know.

11 Yet they ask, ‘Doesn’t God ever notice?
Aren’t these things known up above?
12 For {look!} the sinners continue to prosper,
And through the ages, hold onto their wealth!’

13 This is why my heart justified foolish things,
And from innocence, I then washed my hands.
14 So, I deserved to be whipped all day long,
And to be scolded each morning.

15 I said, ‘This is how I’ll describe what I’ve done:
{Look!} With Your sons, I’ve broken the contract,
16 But now, I’ve stopped and thought it all through,
And what I’ve done weighs heavy upon me…
17 So I’ll take it before God to see what I’m due.’

18 On the deceitful, He’s appointed what’s bad,
And from their high perches, He will throw them down…
19 Yes, how far they’ll fall to meet with this end…
Because they are lawless, they’ll be suddenly gone.

20 O Jehovah, when I came to my senses,
I awoke and examined Your city,
Then I noticed how You treat the bad with contempt.
21 Then my heart came on fire and my kidneys were changed;
22 For, I was the one deserving Your contempt…
An unthinking brute, I’d become.

23 But You never left me, despite all I’d done…
You held me by my right hand.
24 You gave me correction and led me,
Then into Your glory, returned me.

25 Now, what do I have in the heavens…
Well, other than You, what else do I need?
26 O God; though my heart and flesh have both failed,
Through the age, You’ve been my portion and strength.

27 Look! All will perish, who stay far from You…
The unfaithful, You will destroy.
28 But please keep me close to You, O my God,
For I need to trust in my Lord.
At Your gates, may I always sing praises of You
Before the daughters of Zion.

Psalm 74

A Psalm of contemplation by Asaph.

1 O God; You have pushed us away to the end…
What made You angry with the sheep in Your pasture?

2 Remember those whom You purchased first…
Your inheritance and those whom You’ve ransomed
When You first arrived to camp on Mount Zion.

3 Please come and look at these ruins…
See what they’ve done to Your Most Holy Place.
4 For, those who hate You now feel they can boast,
And on Your Holy Days, claim success as their sign.
5 But the thing that they don’t realize
Is that this all came to us from above.

They went to the woods and cut down the trees,
6 Then with axes and chisels, they broke down our gates,
7 And they burned Your [Tent] to the ground.

They’ve profaned the Tent that carries Your Name,
8 And they said in their hearts to their brothers:
‘Let’s drive His Holy Days from the land!’

9 So from You, we haven’t seen signs,
Nor have we had a Prophet among us,
For we’re no longer known by our God.

10 O God;
How much longer will [You let them] berate us?
Will they oppose Your Name through the ages?
11 Why have You taken Your right hand away,
And held it back on Your chest?

12 Our God and King lives through the ages,
And He’ll bring salvation back to our land.
13 He’s the One who holds back the sea with His might,
And who smashed the head of the dragon
The one that rules over the waters.

14 Yes You fractured the head of the beast
And fed him to the black peoples.
15 You tore open his rivers and springs,
And dried all his creeks that held water.

16 The days are Yours, and so are the nights;
For it’s You who created the sun and the moon.
17 You’re the One who set the earth’s borders,
And You’re the One who made summer and spring…
18 Please don’t overlook the things that You’ve made!

Our enemies speak badly of [You],
And the foolish are provoking Your Name.
19 So, don’t leave the praise of Your Name to wild beasts,
And [forever] forget those who need You.

20 Yes, we’ve overlooked Your Sacred Agreement,
And for this, our land has grown dark…
It’s covered with the homes of lawbreakers!
21 But, please don’t turn from the humble
And let them be brought to disgrace,
For these poor and needy still praise Your Name.

22 So stand up, O God, and judge Your great cause…
Then notice those fools that are laughing at You!
23 Don’t overlook the voices of Your servants,
Or the pride of all those who hate You
And oppose You throughout the whole day.

Psalm 75

To the director; Do Not Destroy. A Psalm of Asaph.

1 I will praise You, O God…
Of You, I will speak, and I’ll call on Your Name.
I will describe all Your wonders,
2 For at the right time, You will send justice.

3 Now the land has just melted away,
As have [the righteous] who live there…
In that place where You who once set its columns.

4 But I’ve spoken to the unrighteous
And warned them to stop breaking laws.
Then, to the sinners, I said:
‘Stop raising your trumpets [for battle]…
5 Don’t lift your horns to the heights,
Or say unrighteous things about God.

6 ‘For, you can’t escape to the valleys,
Or into the mountains or deserts.
7 Since God is our judge, He may humble one,
While He’s elevating another.’

8 A cup is now in the hand of the Lord,
Which He has filled with pure wine.
And though He leans it this way and that,
His wine and its dregs never spill…
And from it, the sinners must soon drink their fill.

9 Through the age, I’ll shout in praise of Jehovah,
And to Jacob’s God, I will strum.
10 For the trumpets of the sinners, He’ll shatter,
While the horns of the righteous, He’ll raise.

Psalm 76

To the director; one of the Psalms of Asaph. An ode about Assyria.

1 In Judah, our God is well known,
And in IsraEl, His Name’s become great.
2 Since His home is on Zion, this place now knows peace,
3 And He’s broken all the bows, shields, and swords,
So there can be no more war.

4 From this mountain of the ages,
You have sent us the light,
5 While You disturbed those with ignorant hearts.
For, all the rich fell asleep,
And then, in their hands, they found nothing.

6 The men riding horses slept also,
And the God of Jacob was laughing at them.
7 For, they should fear You, since none can oppose You,
And none can [survive] when You’re angry.

8 From the heavens, Your decisions were heard,
As the earth stood still and felt fear.
9 But then, You stood up for justice, O God,
And You saved the meek of the land.
10 So the minds of men are [singing] Your praises,
And the rest of their thoughts, celebrate You.

11 What you vow, you should pay to Jehovah
And you who are living nearby
Should also bring gifts before Him!

12 You should always be in fear of Jehovah,
Because He can break the spirits of rulers…
And of Him, even kings are in terror!

Psalm 77

To the director; a Psalm of Asaph for IdiThun.

1 With my voice, I called out to Jehovah
I shouted to God [in hope] that He’d hear.
2 In the day of attack, I begged to my God,
And my hands were [folded] before Him all night.

I could not [find any comfort],
And my soul refused to find rest;
3 For I thought of my God and was bothered…
As I thought, my spirit grew faint.

4 Then, each time that I closed my eyes,
All I saw was my enemies…
Which disturbed me so much that I couldn’t speak.

5 So I reasoned about days of old,
And I thought of the years of the ages.
6 In my heart, I pondered it greatly…
And I remembered the songs that I sung in the night,
Then suddenly, my breath became still.

7 Has God pushed me away through the age…
Will the Lord care about me no more?
8 Through the age, will His mercy be gone…
Through generations, will He not reply?
9 Will God forget to show pity…
In His rage, will He forget His tender compassions?

10 Then I said, ‘I’ll now make a change…
And perhaps His right hand will change.
11 I’ll recall the works of Jehovah,
And think about all of His wonders.
12 Of the things He has done, I’ll now meditate,
And I’ll contemplate all of His works.’

13 O God; Your ways are all holy,
And what God is as great as our God?
14 You’re the God who does wonderful things,
And among all mankind, Your powers are known.
15 For, with Your arm, You ransomed Your people…
The sons of Jacob and JoSeph.

16 O God; the waters beheld You…
They looked at You and their depths were in fear.
17 So, rain and thunder came from the clouds,
And Your arrows shot both near and far.
18 From the thundering of Your wheels, there came lightning,
Which trembled and shook the home of mankind.

19 Your ways can be found in the seas,
And Your roads are [covered by] rivers,
So Your footsteps can never be seen.
20 But You guided Your people like sheep
Through the hands of Aaron and Moses.

Psalm 78

A contemplation of Asaph.

1 My people; Pay attention to my laws…
Incline your ears to the words from my mouth!
2 For my mouth will now speak illustrations,
And I’ll talk in riddles from the start.

3 We’ve heard about it so many times,
For our fathers told us the stories…
4 From their children, they never did hide it…
They told of how each generation
[Spoke] in praise of [God] and His rule,
And of the wondrous things that He’s done.

5 He provided a witness in Jacob,
And to IsraEl, He sent us a Law,
Which He ordered the fathers to teach to their sons,
6 So each generation would know,
And the sons being born would pass it along…
7 That they all must trust in Jehovah,
And never forget the things He has done,
Or fail to inquire about His Commandments,
8 So they won’t become crooks like their fathers,
Who were a crooked and a bitter generation
That never straightened their hearts
And had a spirit that God couldn’t trust.

9 Ephraim’s sons stretched tight their bows,
Which they shot and which saved them in the days of their wars.
10 But they failed to keep their Agreement with God,
And His Laws, they chose not to follow.
11 They forgot all the good things He’d done,
And all the wonders that He’d shown them…
12 The wonders that He showed to their fathers in Egypt
(In plains of Tanis, where it happened),
13 When He ripped open the sea,
And through its midst, led them through…
As He held back the waters as though in a bag.

14 Then He led them with a cloud during the day,
And by the light of a fire throughout the night.
15 He split open the rock in the desert,
And from a pit, gave them something to drink…
16 He brought water out of a stone,
And a river, thereafter flowed from it!

17 But then they turned and they sinned against Him…
They embittered the Most High in that dry place…
18 They put God to the test in their hearts
By demanding the type of food their souls craved.
19 And of God, they spoke ill when they asked,
‘Can’t God set a table in the desert?’

20 Since He struck the rock and from it flowed water
(And a stream poured across the whole land);
How could they ask if He’d provide bread,
Or set a table for His people?

21 So when Jehovah heard all of this,
It raised His anger against them.
Then He lit a fire within Jacob,
And He brought His rage upon IsraEl.
22 For they’d failed to put faith in their God
And in His power to save them.

23 Then He ordered the clouds up above,
And the gates of the heavens were opened.
24 Manna rained down for them to consume…
The bread of heaven, He gave them.
25 So the bread of angels was eaten by men,
And He sent enough to make them all full.

26 Thereafter, He sent the winds from the skies…
By His power, He brought the winds from the south,
27 And meat rained upon them like dust…
Feathered creatures, as the sands of the seas.
28 They fell in the midst of their camp,
As well as around all their tents.
29 So they ate and became very full,
Since He’d brought them all they desired.

30 No, they weren’t deprived of the things that they’d asked;
But, while the food was still in their mouths,
31 The rage of Jehovah came upon them,
And there amidst plenty, He killed them…
IsraEl, His chosen, He then pushed away.
32 For by saying these things, they had sinned,
Since they’d failed to believe in His wonders.
33 So in folly, they ended their days,
And their years concluded too soon.

34 Then, after those deaths, they turned back to Him…
They again arose early to search for their God.
35 They remembered that God was their helper…
The Most High God had redeemed them.

36 But, though with their mouths, they spoke of their love;
With their tongues, they also told lies.
37 With Him, their hearts had never been straight,
Nor did they trust His Agreement with them.

38 Yet, He felt pity and covered their sins…
He didn’t destroy them or show them His rage…
Or allow His anger to blaze.
39 He remembered that they were just flesh…
Like winds that blow by to never return.

40 Then they made Him bitter in the desert,
And provoked Him to rage in a waterless land.
41 They turned around and put God to the test…
The Holy One of IsraEl, they angered.

42 They forgot the hand that He used on that day
To buy them from their oppressors…
43 All the signs that He’d sent upon Egypt,
And the miracles that came upon Tanis’ plains…
44 How He turned their rain and rivers to blood,
So they were unable to drink it…
45 And of how He sent fleas there to bite them,
Followed by frogs, bringing ruin…
46 Or of how He appointed blight on their fruit,
And sent them the misery of locusts.

47 Then He killed their grapevines with hail,
And He sent killing frost to their sycamore trees.
48 He also brought hail on their cattle,
And burned their possessions in fire.

49 Then He sent them His rage to show His displeasure
By commissioning wicked angels against them…
50 He opened the road of His anger,
And He did not spare them from death…
Even their cattle were chosen to die.

51 He struck all the firstborn in Egypt…
He sent misery upon tents of Ham.
52 But like sheep, He set His people aside,
Then like a flock, led them into the desert.

53 They weren’t afraid, so He led them;
Then He covered their enemies under the sea.
54 To His Holy Mountain, He brought them…
All of those whom He’d purchased
With His mighty right hand.

55 Then before them, He drove away nations,
And created a place for them to inherit.
Then He allowed them to set up their camps…
The tents of IsraEl’s tribes.

56 But they tested and embittered God the Most High;
For His [Laws], they chose not to keep.
57 They turned and annulled their [Agreement with Him],
And became crooked bows like their fathers.
58 In their hills, they provoked Him to rage,
And made Him jealous with things carved by hand.

59 Then, because God heard what they’d done,
He turned from IsraEl in contempt.
60 The Tent in Shiloh, He then pushed away…
The Tent where He’d camped among men.

61 Then, into captivity, He handed their strength…
Their beauty, to their enemy’s hands.
62 He gave His people to broadswords…
His inheritance, He then overlooked.

63 Their young men were burned up in fires,
And there weren’t wedding songs for their virgins.
64 Their Priests all fell by the sword,
And no one wept for their widows.

65 Then Jehovah awakened from slumber
Like a Mighty One who was dizzy from wine.
66 He struck their enemies and made them retreat,
Appointing them to scorn through the ages.

67 But the tent of JoSeph, He rejected,
And Ephraim’s tribe, He no longer chose.
68 It was Judah’s tribe that He wanted,
And Mount Zion would be the place that He loved…
69 It’s where His Most Holy Place would be built.
So He laid its foundation out on the ground,
[As something that would last] through the ages.

70 Then He chose David, His servant,
And took him away from his flocks.
71 To tend Jacob, He left [his sheep] giving birth…
God’s inheritance… IsraEl, His servant.
72 David cared for them with an innocent heart,
And with hands that were skilled, he led them thereafter.

Psalm 79

A Psalm of Asaph.

1 O God; to Your inheritance, the nations have come,
And defiled Your Temple in JeruSalem,
Turning it into a storehouse for fruit!

2 The decaying flesh of Your servants
Has become food for the birds in the skies…
Yes Your holy ones have become food
For the wild beasts of the earth.

3 In [the streets of] JeruSalem,
Their blood has been poured out like water,
And their bodies have been left unburied.
4 So, we’re now the scorn of those living nearby…
We’re sneered at and taunted by neighbors.

5 O Lord, how long will You let this go on…
Will You be angry forever?
How long will Your zeal keep burning like fire?

6 Please pour out Your rage on the nations instead…
On those who don’t know You and don’t bear Your Name.
7 For, they have swallowed down Jacob
And turned his place into a ruin.

8 Please forget our past lawless deeds…
Send Your compassions, for we [need Your aid]!
9 Help us, O our Savior, God
For the sake of Your glorious Name!

Jehovah, for the sake of Your Name,
Please save us and cover our sins,
10 So the nations may never have reason to ask,
‘So, what has become of your God?’

To the nations before us, make [Your Name] known…
Avenge the blood of Your servants!
11 Bring an end to the moans of the shackled…
By the might of Your arm, protect them from death!

12 Please repay our neighbors with seven times worse
For scorning and speaking badly of You.

13 O God; We are Your people,
And we are the sheep of Your pasture.
Then, through the ages, we’ll tell about You…
And praise You to coming generations!

Psalm 80

To the director; for the changings. A testimony of Asaph. A Psalm about the Assyrians.

1 Pay attention, O IsraEl’s Shepherd;
May the One who sends cherubs arrive,
And to JoSeph’s sheep, serve as our guide!
2 Awaken before Ephraim, BenJamin, and ManasSeh,
And use Your might to bring us salvation!

3 O God; please return to us once again…
Show Your face and we will be saved!
4 O Jehovah, [the Great] God of armies;
How long will our prayers make You angry?

5 The bread of tears, You have fed us…
A measure of tears, we’ve been given to drink.
6 You’ve brought us war with our neighbors,
And allowed our enemies to sneer in disgust.
7 O Jehovah, [the Great] God of armies;
Turn Your face toward us and we will be saved!

8 You removed Your grapevine from Egypt,
And in front of us, drove away nations
To provide a place for our planting.
9 Before us, You opened the way,
Then You sunk our roots in the ground.
10 You gave us mountains to shade us,
As well as the branches of cedars.

11 To the sea, we then spread our limbs,
And we stretched our roots east toward the river.
12 So, why have You torn down our fences,
And given our fruit to all who pass by?
13 For we’re being destroyed by boars in the woods…
You’re allowing pigs to consume us!

14 O God of armies, turn back…
Look down from the heavens and visit this vine!
15 Tend those whom Your right hand had planted…
On Your own behalf, make these sons of men strong!

16 For we’ve been dug up and then burned…
By reproach from Your face, we’re being destroyed.
17 Stretch Your hand out toward Your people…
Toward these sons of men, please stretch Your hand…
These ones whom You once had made mighty.

18 Don’t allow this separation from You…
Return our lives and we’ll call on Your Name.
19 O Jehovah, God of armies;
Turn Your face toward us and we will be saved!

Psalm 81

To the director; for the wine vats. A Psalm of Asaph.

1 Shout in joy to our helper, God;
Yes, call out before Jacob’s Lord.
2 Sing and beat on your tambourines…
Make beautiful music on harps.
3 Blow trumpets on all the New Moons…
On the holy days, blow your horns!

4 To IsraEl, He once gave these orders
(They were the decisions of Jacob’s God);
5 As a witness, He sent them to JoSeph
After he was taken to Egypt,
Where he heard a language that he didn’t understand:

6 ‘I removed the heavy loads from your backs,
And I freed your hands from serving as slaves
Who had to bear [heavy] loads.

7 ‘It was there that you first called upon Me,
And from their oppression, I saved you…
I heard you when you had to hide from their storms,
Then I tested you at the Waters of Dispute.

8 ‘So, listen to Me, O my people,
For I will now testify.
Yes, O IsraEl… listen and hear Me!

9 ‘No new gods may you have,
Nor may you bow before others.
10 For, I am Jehovah, your God…
The One who led you from Egypt.
Now, widen your mouths and I’ll fill them!

11 ‘But My people just would not listen…
IsraEl paid no attention!
12 So I drove them away for the things that they did,
And for the bad they’d conceived in their hearts.

13 ‘If only My people had listened…
If IsraEl had followed My ways,
14 They wouldn’t have been humbled by their enemies…
For against their oppressors, I’d have stretched out My hand.’

15 But though the enemies of God lied before Him;
The time will arrive in this age,
16 When you will be fed on the fatness of wheat,
And out of the rocks, you’ll suck honey.

Psalm 82

A Psalm of Asaph.

1 God stands in the gathering of gods,
And among them, He is passing judgment.
2 So, how long will You judge their injustice
And put up with the presence of sinners?

3 ‘Please defend the orphans and poor…
Bring justice to the afflicted and the oppressed!
4 Rescue the weak and the needy…
From the hands of sinners, please save them!

5 For, they don’t know, nor do they perceive,
Because such ones travel in darkness,
That the foundations of the earth will be shaken.

6 ‘I said to them, You are gods…
You are sons of the Most High!
7 But, like men, you will perish also,
And like their rulers, you’ll fall

8 So arise, O God, and judge the whole earth,
For, You will inherit the nations!

Psalm 83

An ode. A Psalm of Asaph.

1 O God; to whom can You be compared?
O God; do not remain silent.
2 For {Look!} Your enemies have shouted their battle cries,
And those who hate You have now raised their heads.

3 Against Your people, they’ve planned treachery…
Yes, against Your holy ones, they’ve gathered.
4 They’re saying, ‘Come, let us destroy them,
So they are no longer a nation…
May IsraEl’s name be forgotten!’

5 But, it’s against You, that they’ve met and conspired,
And now they’ve reached an agreement…
6 Those tent-dwellers in Edom…
Those of Hagar, 7 AmMon, and Gebal…
The Amalekites and Philistines,
And all the peoples of Tyre.

8 Even Assyria has joined them,
And to the sons of Lot, they sent aid.
9 So, do to them as You did at the Kishon,
To Sisera, Midian, and Jabin.
10 For, You destroyed them at EnDor,
And made them like manure on the ground.

11 Make their rulers like Oreb and Zeb,
And like Zebee and SalMona,
12 Who said, ‘We’ll inherit God’s Most Holy Place.’

13 Make them like whirlwinds, O God…
Like stubble that’s blown in the air…
14 Like fire that burns down a forest…
Like flames that consume on the mountains!

15 Send storms to chase them away…
Send Your rage to disturb them!
16 Fill their faces with dishonor,
So they’ll have to search for Your Name!

17 O Jehovah; make them ashamed…
Disturb them through ages of ages.
Make them all feel ashamed
Just before You destroy them!
18 Let them know that Your Name is Jehovah,
And that You alone are God, the Most High!

Psalm 84

To the director; for the wine vats. By the sons of KorAh.

1 O Jehovah of armies;
I have proven my love for Your Tent,
2 And that I have longed for Your courtyards…
For, about my living God, my flesh shouts in joy,
3 Since by Him, even sparrows find homes,
And doves find nests for their young!

O Jehovah of armies…
[How I have longed for] Your Altar;
For, You are my King and my God!
4 Blest are those who’ve stayed with You,
And those who’ve praised You through the ages.

5 Blest is the man who trusts in Your aid;
For, You will send joy to his heart.
6 Then, when he must enter the valley of tears,
He’ll be in line for great blessings
From the One who gave him His Laws.
7 For, He will be strong once again
Through the God of all gods who is dwelling on Zion.

8 O God, Jehovah of armies…
Please hear the things that I’m praying.
9 Look upon me, my defender and God…
Gaze at the face of Your anointed!

10 For a day that is spent in Your courtyard
Is better than thousands of days spent elsewhere.
And I’d rather be one who’s rejected
In the House of my God,
Than to live in tents among sinners.

11 For Jehovah is a lover of truth,
And mercy comes from our Lord!
Because God cares, He will send glory…
To the blameless, He’ll send what is good.

12 O Jehovah of armies;
Blest are those who put faith in You.

Psalm 85

To the director; for the sons of KorAh.

1 O Jehovah; You have thought well of Your land,
For, You have returned Jacob’s captives…
2 You’ve forgiven the lawless deeds of Your sons,
And all of their sins, You have covered.

3 You have brought rest to Your anger,
And turned away from Your rage.
4 So become to us, the God of salvation…
Turn from Your anger and rage!

5 Will You always stay angry with us…
Will Your rage last through many generations?

6 O God; when You come back, please make us alive,
And let Your people know joy once again!
7 O Jehovah; please show us Your mercy,
And send to us Your salvation!

8 O Jehovah; I’ll listen to all that You say,
For God will speak to His people in peace…
He’ll speak to those who are holy
And wholeheartedly wish to return.
9 For He’s close to all those who fear Him…
He saves, so in glory, we’ll camp in His land.

10 Now, mercy and truth have been joined,
And justice and peace have now kissed.
11 Truth has arisen throughout the whole land,
And justice peers down from the heavens.

12 Because Jehovah kindly provides,
Fruit will [grow] in our land once again.
13 Then from Him, justice will flow,
And in His footsteps, we’ll walk.

Psalm 86

A prayer of David.

1 O Lord; turn Your ear and listen to me,
For I am poor and in need.
2 Watch over my life, because I am pure…
God save Your servant who’s trusting in You!

3 O Jehovah; show mercy upon me,
And all day long, I will call out to You.
4 Please bring joy to the life of Your servant,
For to You, I have lifted my soul.

5 O Lord; you are my provider…
You are merciful and You are patient
With all those who call out to You.

6 So, give ear to my prayer, O Jehovah,
And heed my voice as I beg.
7 In the day of distress, I called out to You,
And to me, You paid close attention.

8 O Jehovah; You’re unequaled among other gods…
No others can do what You do.
9 So You’ll make all the nations bow before You,
And they’ll glorify Your Name as their Lord.
10 For You’re great and You perform wonders…
You are the only [true] God.

11 Guide me, O Lord, in all of my ways,
And I will walk in Your truth.
Let my heart rejoice, O my God,
And I will give praise to Your Name.

12 Jehovah, my God, I will praise You…
With my whole heart, I’ll glorify You.
13 For Your mercies toward me have been great,
And from place of the dead, You have rescued my soul.

14 But the lawless have risen against me, O God…
They’ve ignored You and they’ve gathered to kill me.

15 Yet, You are patient, Jehovah my God…
You’ve displayed Your mercy, pity, and truth.

16 So now, look upon me… please show mercy!
Show Your might on behalf of Your child…
Save the son of your slave girl…
17 Give me a sign that [You’re with] me,
And let those who hate me see it in shame…
Let them know it was You that came to my aid,
And You’re the One who provided me comfort.

Psalm 87

To the sons of KorAh; a Psalm of an ode.

1 Because you stand on His Holy Mountain,
2 The gates of Zion are more loved [by Him]
Than the rest of the tents within Jacob’s land.
3 So, glorious things have been said about you,
O you holy city of God.

4 To Babylon and RaHab, I’ll speak,
As well as to all those who know me.
{Look!} To the Philistines I will speak also,
As well as to the peoples of Tyre,
And to the Ethiopians, I’ll say:
5 ‘There are men who call Zion their mother,
For men have been born on her heights.
6 This how it’s described in the writings of men,
Which tell of the kings that were born there.’

7 For all of these reasons, you should rejoice…
You people who are dwelling upon her!

Psalm 88

For the director; an ode. A Psalm by the sons of KorAh to be played on the harp. The contemplation about Heman, the IsraElite.

1 O Jehovah; my Savior and God;
During the night, I’m calling to You.
2 My prayer is ascending to You;
So, hear the things that I’m begging.

3 With all kinds of trouble, my soul has been filled,
And my life is approaching the grave.
4 Among those in the pit, I’ve been numbered…
A man with no cure, I’ve become.

5 I am free, like one of the dead…
Like one who’s been killed and thrown into a tomb…
I’m someone that You have forgotten…
From Your hands, they took me and threw me away.

6 They’ve put me into the lowest of pits…
In a place that is dark like the shadow of death.
7 For upon me, Your anger’s remained,
And I have received all Your rage.

8 You’ve driven away all my friends,
And made me disgusting to them.
From them, I’ve been taken away,
And no other place, may I go.

9 My eyes are now sore from crying,
As I call to You throughout the whole day.
To You, I have spread out my arms…
Toward You, they are now opened wide.

10 Can the dead speak to others of Your wonders…
Will the dead arise and give praise to You?
11 Will those in tombs tell of Your mercy,
And will the destroyed [speak of] Your truth?
12 Can Your wonders be seen in the darkness…
Will Your justice be known in lands that are lost?

13 O Lord; in the morning, I cried out to You,
And You knew my prayer before it was said.
14 So why, O Lord, have You pushed me away…
When will You turn Your face toward my soul?

15 I’ve been poor and troubled since youth…
I was humbled and left with nothing at all.
16 For upon me, You’ve poured out Your rage,
And sent frightful things to disturb me.

17 Like water, they had me encircled all day,
And now they have me surrounded.
18 You’ve driven away all my dearest of friends,
And because of my miserable condition,
They’re [pretending that] they never knew me.

Psalm 89

A Psalm of contemplation by Ethan the IsraElite.

1 Your mercies, O Lord, lasts through ages.
So, through generations, I’ll sing about them,
And my mouth will report of Your truths.
2 For, through the ages, Your mercies will grow,
And Your truths will be lifted high into the skies.

3 ‘With My anointed, I’ve made an agreement…
I’ve sworn an oath to David, My servant,
4 That I will watch over his seed;
And from one generation after another,
I will establish his throne.’

5 So the heavens will praise all your wonders, O Lord,
And among the assembly, we’ll speak of Your truths.
6 For, who in the clouds can be likened to [him],
And which of God’s sons is his equal?

7 So you councils of the holy; glorify God,
For He’s great and He should be feared by us all.

8 O God of armies; there’s no other like You,
For You’re the Almighty Jehovah,
And You are surrounded by truth.

9 Of the strength of the seas, You’re the Master;
For You can calm the waves when they rise.
10 You humble and kill those who have too much pride,
And Your mighty arm drives our enemies away.

11 Yours is the heavens and Yours is the earth…
You founded man’s home and its fullness.
12 It’s You who created the north and the west,
So Tabor and Herman are shouting Your Name!

13 You dominate all with Your mighty arm;
So, strengthen Your hand and raise [Your arm] high.
14 For, justice and fairness come from Your throne,
And from Your face, comes mercy and truth.

15 Blest are those who are shouting in joy…
In the light of Your face, may they travel, O Lord!
16 May they shout in joy of Your Name every day,
For Your justice has lifted them higher.

17 You’re the power in which they can boast;
So may they trumpet in praise of Your goodness!
18 For, Jehovah God is our helper…
The Holy One of IsraEl is our King!

19 In a vision, You spoke of Your son and You said:
‘I’m sending them help through this great one I’ve raised…
This one whom I’ve chosen from My people.

20 ‘For, I found David, My servant,
And with My holy oil, I’ve anointed his head.
21 So, with My right hand, I’ll help him,
And with My right arm, I will make him strong.

22 ‘His enemies will take nothing from him,
And the lawless will do him no harm.
23 Before him, I’ll cut his enemies down,
And I’ll chase away all those who hate him.
24 My truth and My mercy are with him,
And his battle horn will be raised in My Name.

25 ‘I’ll set his [left] hand over the sea
And his right hand over the river.
26 Then he’ll call out to Me and he’ll say,
Father, You are my God…
Yes, You are my Savior and shield

27 ‘I’ll appoint him to be my firstborn,
And put him over the kings of the earth.
28 In mercy, I’ll guard him throughout the age,
And he can trust the things that I’ve promised.

29 ‘I’ll establish his seed throughout the ages,
And his throne, as the days of the skies.
30 But, if his sons should abandon My Laws
And choose not to walk in My ways…
31 If My rules, they choose to profane,
And My Commandments, they choose not to keep…
32 For their lawless ways, I’ll send them My switch,
And whip them for all of their sins.

33 ‘But in mercy, I will not wipe them away,
Nor in any way, will I wrong My truth.
34 To My agreements, I’ll always be true,
And I won’t annul the things that I’ve said.
35 So, after I’ve sworn oath before him,
Could My holiness lie before David?

36 ‘So, his seed will last through the ages…
His throne will stand for as long as the sun,
37 And it will endure like the moon…
These things I’ve prepared through the ages
As My trustworthy witness above in the skies.’

38 So then, why have You thrust him away in contempt,
And against Your anointed, have You lifted [Your hand]?
39 Have You wiped away the promise You made,
And defiled his safe havens throughout the land?

40 You’ve removed the barriers around him,
And turned his forts into places of fear.
41 Those walking the roads have taken what’s his,
And he’s become the scorn of his neighbors.

42 You’ve raised the hands of those who oppress him,
And given his enemies joy.
43 You’ve turned Your help from his broadsword,
And refused to assist him in war.

44 You’ve desisted from making him clean,
And You’ve ripped his throne to the ground.
45 You’ve shortened the days of his reign,
And upon him, You have poured shame.

46 How long, O Jehovah, will You turn away…
How long will Your rage keep burning like fire?
47 Please notice these problems that I’m facing!

In folly, You made sons of men;
48 For, which living man will never see death?
Can he save his own soul from the grave?

49 So, where is Your mercy, O ancient Lord…
When You swore to David, were You telling the truth?
50 Notice the scorn that Your servant’s received…
The scorn that the nations have sent to my belly…
51 At Your anointed, Your enemies are laughing!

52 Amen… through the age, may Jehovah be Praised!

Psalm 90

A prayer of Moses, the man of God.

1 O Jehovah; You’ve been our refuge
From one generation to another.
2 Yes, before the mountains existed,
And the earth (the dwelling of man) took its shape…
Through ages of ages, You’ve been there.

3 So, please don’t humble Your people;
For you told them, ‘Return to Me, sons of men!’

4 Why, a thousand years in Your eyes, O Jehovah,
Are like yesterday, after they’ve passed…
They’re like just a watch in the night.
5 But the years [of men] are looked on in scorn,
For like sprouting plants, we just pass away…
6 In the morning, we blossom and sprout,
And in the evening, we dry up and fall.

7 Now, we’ve failed in the face of Your anger,
And we’ve been disturbed by Your rage.
8 For the Laws that we’ve broken are all there before You…
They stand in the light of Your face.

9 Yes, all of our days have been failures,
And we’ve even failed when it comes to Your rage.
Our years are as brief as the time that it takes
For a spider to think [of catching its prey].

10 Our days may last for seventy years,
Or if You command, until eighty.
But they’re mostly spent in misery and toil,
‘Til we mellow and accept [Your] correction.

11 Who knows the power of Your rage?
And because of the fear of Your anger,
How can we number our days?

12 So, please expose Your right hand to me,
And send Your wisdom into my heart,
That I may receive Your correction.

13 How long will it be, O Jehovah,
Until You turn back to us?
O please send comfort to Your servants!

14 For, in the morning, O Lord,
We were filled with Your mercy…
We shouted in joy and were glad every day.
15 We were grateful for even the days we were humbled,
After many years of seeing the bad.

16 So, please look on Your servants (Your works),
And to our sons, please send them Your guidance.
17 Send us Your light, O Jehovah our God,
And bless the all things our hands do…
Yes, please bless the works of our hands!

Psalm 91

A Psalm of Praise by David.

1 Those who live in the care of the Most High
And lodge under the God of heaven’s protection
2 Will say, ‘You’re my refuge and shield…
You’re my God, and You’re the One that I trust.’

3 From the snares of hunters, He’ll save you…
He’ll rescue you from all your problems.
4 With the shadow of His back, He will shield you,
And under His wings, He will hide you,
Where you’ll be surrounded by truth.

5 You won’t be afraid of things in the night;
Of arrows that fly during the day;
6 Of things that happen, which you haven’t planned;
Of things that travel in darkness;
Or of the demon at noon.

7 A thousand will fall at your right,
And ten thousand, you’ll hold in your hand.
8 You’ll see it all with your eyes and then think,
‘This is the outcome for sinners.’
9 O Jehovah; You’re the One that I trust.

If you’ll make the Most High your refuge,
10 Nothing bad will approach you,
And the whip will not enter your tent.
11 For, to His messengers, He will give orders…
He’ll tell them to keep an eye on your ways,
12 So then, with their hands, they will lift you,
And no stone will stumble your feet.
13 You can step on an asp or a cobra,
And trample on lions or dragons.

14 ‘Because he trusts Me, I’ll save him…
I’ll be his shelter, for he knows My Name.
15 He’ll cry out to Me and I’ll listen,
And during hard times, I will be there.

‘I’ll rescue and glorify him…
16 I’ll extend the days of his life,
And show him the many ways I can save.’

Psalm 92

A Psalm for the Sabbath Day.

1 It’s good to praise You, O Most High Jehovah,
And to strum to Your Name…
2 To [sing] of Your mercies each morning
And about Your truths every night,
3 As [I strum] on my lute of ten-strings…
Playing songs of You on my harp.

4 O Jehovah; You bring me much joy
With all the things that You do.
So I’ll shout in praise of the works of Your hands.

5 How great are Your deeds, O Jehovah,
And how deep are the things that You think!

6 A foolish man will not understand,
And such things, the senseless can’t comprehend;
7 That though sinners will keep arising like grass,
And the lawless will keep on increasing;
Through ages of ages, they will be destroyed.

8 Through the ages, You’ve been the Most High!
9 So, when you notice Your enemies, Lord,
{Look!} You’ll scatter them and they’ll perish…
All those who work at doing what’s bad.

10 Like a rhinoceros, I’ll raise my horn high,
And offer You plenty of oil ‘til I’m old.

11 Though my eyes must always see my enemies
(Those who are rising against me),
And though my ears must still hear of the wicked;
12 Soon the righteous will blossom like palms,
And grow like Lebanon’s cedars…
13 Those who are planted in the House of the Lord,
And those in God’s courtyard, will bloom.
14 There, they will grow old and have plenty,
And take much pleasure in proclaiming,
15 ‘Our God, Jehovah, is righteous,
And in Him, there is no injustice.’

Psalm 93

For the Sabbath Day, after being resettled in the land. A song of praise by David.

1 Jehovah reigns and brings beauty…
He’s wrapped Himself in great power…
Man’s home, He’s made steady and firm…
2 And your throne, He’s prepared through the ages.

3 O Jehovah; the rivers have risen,
And the waters have lifted their voices.
4 But the rivers will be taken away…
By the sounds of many waters, You’ll wear them away.

How wonderful are the tides of the sea,
As well as all the high places.

5 ‘The witness that you’ve given can be trusted;
So to your House, will come what is clean,
Throughout the rest of your days.’

Psalm 94

A Psalm of David for the fourth Sabbath.

1 Jehovah is a God who seeks vengeance,
And this God who seeks vengeance has spoken.
2 So arise, O Judge of the earth,
And pay the haughty all that they’re due!

3 O Jehovah;
How much longer will the sinners remain…
How much longer will the sinners have reason to boast?
4 For, when they speak, they do so unjustly,
And they boast when they’re breaking [Your] Laws!

5 O Jehovah;
They are mistreating Your people…
To Your inheritance, they’re doing what’s bad.
6 They kill the orphans and widows,
And they murder foreign peoples who come here.

7 They’ve said, ‘Jehovah can’t see…
Jacob’s God doesn’t know [what we’re doing].’

8 Look, you fools among [men]…
You should think it over, then quit!
9 Is the [maker] of ears unable to hear…
Is the shaper of eyes unable to see?
10 Won’t the One who corrects all the nations
And teaches knowledge to men,
Also bring correction to you?
11 For Jehovah knows the ways that men think,
And that the things we ponder are foolish.

12 O blest is the man who’s corrected by You…
So please, Lord; teach him Your Laws.
13 Back him away from his evil days,
And then, he’ll dig graves for the sinners.
14 For Jehovah won’t push His people away…
His inheritance, He’ll never abandon.

15 How long until righteous judgments return…
Until those with straight hearts receive what is fair?
16 Who will oppose the wicked with me…
Who will stand and oppose the law breakers?
17 For if it weren’t for the help of Jehovah,
My soul would have gone to the place of the dead.

18 Did I ask for my feet to start shaking?
O Jehovah, show mercy and help me!
19 Despite all the grief in my heart;
To my soul, You’ve brought comfort and love.

20 Will the thrones of the lawless continue before You…
Those who turn order into chaos?
21 Will You let them keep hunting for the souls of the righteous,
And keep on shedding shed innocent blood?

22 Jehovah has become a refuge to me…
My God is my helper and hope.
23 He’ll give the lawless what they deserve,
And remove them from view for their badness.

Psalm 95

A song of praise by David.

1 Come and shout praise to Jehovah…
About God, our Savior, we’ll yell!
2 We should stand in His presence and praise Him…
To Him, we should sing sacred hymns!
3 For God, Jehovah, is great…
He is the King of the whole earth!

4 In His hands, He holds the ends of the earth
As well as the tops of the mountains.
5 His are the seas, for He made them,
And with His hands, He shaped the dry land.

6 So, let us all bow down before Him…
Let’s weep before Him, for He made us.
7 We’re the sheep of His pasture and He is our God…
We’re the sheep that He holds in His hands.

8 Therefore, if you should hear His voice on this day,
Do not harden your hearts…
Don’t be bitter like they were in that day
When they put Him to the test in the desert.

9 ‘I was tested and tried by your fathers,
Though they’d already seen the things that I’d done.
10 So I came to loathe that generation,
And they wandered for the next forty years.

‘In their hearts, they knew not My ways,
11 So I swore this oath in My anger:
They will not enter My rest.’

Psalm 96

1 Sing a new song to Jehovah!
Sing to the Lord of the earth!
2 Yes, you should sing to Jehovah,
And shout in praise of His Name!

Proclaim the good news every day…
The good news about how He saves.
3 Speak of His glory to the nations…
Tell others about all His wonders!

4 Jehovah is great and worthy of praise…
He’s more to be feared than all other gods!
5 For the gods of the nations are demons,
But Jehovah created the heavens.

6 Before Him are beauty and praiseworthy things…
Clean and majestic is His Holy Place.

7 O you families from all of the nations;
You should offer [gifts] to Jehovah…
To the Lord, give glory and honor,
8 And speak in praise about His great Name!

Bring offerings to His holy courtyard,
And before the Lord, you should bow;
9 For in front of His face, the earth trembles!

10 Say to the nations, ‘Jehovah is King…
He’s the One who established man’s home
So that it will never be shaken,
And He’ll judge the peoples in justice!’

11 Be glad you heavens, and earth, shout in joy…
May the seas and what’s in them be shaken!
12 Rejoice, O you fields and you crops;
And you trees in the forests should cry out in joy
13 Before the face of Jehovah.

For He’s coming to judge the whole earth,
And bring justice to man’s habitation…
All the people will be judged by His truth!

Psalm 97

A Psalm of David for when his [kingdom] was established.

1 Shout in joy, O earth, because the Lord reigns!
Let all of the islands be happy!
2 For, though He’s surrounded by darkness and clouds,
On justice and judgments, He’s founded His throne,
3 And flames shoot out from before Him,
To consume His enemies in fire.

4 The lightning that He sent was seen by [all men].
They saw it, and it shook the whole earth.
5 Like bee’s wax, the mountains have melted before Him…
Before the face of the Lord of the earth.

6 The heavens speak of His justice,
And His glory is seen by all peoples.
7 So those bowing to carvings are shamed,
As are those who boast of their idols.
For before Him, the angels bow to their feet!

8 Zion is happy and the daughters of Judah are shouting in joy
Over Your judgments, O Lord.
9 For, You’re the Most High of the whole earth…
You’re higher than all other gods!

10 All those who are loving Jehovah
Must [learn] to hate what is bad!
For Jehovah guards the lives of the clean,
And from the hands of sinners, protects them.

11 Upon the righteous, light shines,
And those with straight hearts will have reasons for joy.
12 So you righteous; take joy in Jehovah…
Remember and praise all His ways!

Psalm 98

A Psalm of David.

1 Sing a new song to Jehovah
About the wonderful things He has done.
For He brings salvation with His holy right arm.

2 Jehovah’s made known to the nations
How He can save and bring justice.
3 He’s remembered His mercy to Jacob,
And to the house of IsraEl, He sent His truth.

To the ends of the earth, they’ve seen how He saves,
And they know that our God can deliver!

4 So, shout to God, all the earth!
Sing… yes, cry out and strum!
5 Play to Jehovah with harps,
And along with the strumming, sing psalms!
6 With brass trumpets and the blowing of horns,
Shout before Jehovah, our King!

7 Roar, O seas, and all that is in them…
Man’s home and all those who live there!
8 Clap your hands, O you rivers,
And mountains, cry out in joy at His face.
9 For He’s coming to judge the whole earth…
In fairness and justice, He’ll judge
Man’s home and all of its peoples.

Psalm 99

A Psalm of David.

1 Because Jehovah now reigns,
Many people will be very angry.
For the One who is sitting on cherubs
Is coming to shake up the earth.

2 Great is Jehovah on Zion,
For He is above all the peoples.
3 So, may they all give praise to His Name,
Because He is holy and fearsome.

4 Our Mighty King is a lover of justice;
So, He has prepared righteous judgments…
Yes, He will bring justice to Jacob.

5 May our God Jehovah be raised…
He’s holy, so all should bow at His feet!

6 Among His Priests, numbered Moses and Aaron,
And SamuEl is someone who called on His Name.
They called out to the Lord and He heard them,
7 Then He spoke to them from a column of clouds.
For, they had guarded His words
And obeyed the orders He gave them.

8 Yes, O Jehovah, You heard them!
O God, You became their provider,
And You punished them for the bad things they did.

9 So our God Jehovah should be raised high,
And before His holy Mountain, all should bow low;
For Jehovah is the most holy God.

Psalm 100

A Psalm of praise by David.

1 Shout to God, all the earth…
2 Yes, serve Jehovah in joy!
Go before Him with happy shouts,
3 And know that Jehovah is God!

For, we didn’t do it… He made us!
We’re His people… the sheep of His pasture.
4 So, go to His gates shouting praises,
And enter His courtyard with hymns.

Go praising His Name and confessing;
5 For, through the ages, He’s proven His mercy…
Through generations, He’s proven His truth.

Psalm 101

A Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah, I’ll sing of Your mercy and justice…
2 Of Your perfect ways, I will strum.
How long will it be until You return?
For there are innocent hearts in my home.

3 I’ve not set my eyes on things that are bad,
And illegal things, I have hated.
4 Toward things that are crooked, my heart has not turned,
And bad men, I have rejected.

5 Those who privately speak ill of friends,
I have driven away,
And I will not eat beside eyes that are proud,
Nor with those who have hungry hearts.

6 My eyes are on the trustworthy…
They are the ones with whom I will sit…
Those who’ve chosen to walk in pure ways,
And those who have shared in my rule.

7 For, no one with pride can stay in my house,
And before my eyes, the unrighteous can’t stand.
8 In the morning, I’ll destroy the land’s sinners,
Along with the lawless who live in the towns.

Psalm 102

A prayer for the poor when they are discouraged and come before Jehovah to pour out their hearts.

1 Please hear my prayer, O Jehovah…
Please listen to my cries when I come before You.
2 Don’t turn Your face when I need You,
But incline Your ear closer to me…
Whenever I call, please respond!

3 For my days have passed by like smoke,
And my bones are parched like dry twigs.
4 Like grass, I have been mowed down,
So my heart forgets to eat bread.

5 My bones stick out from my flesh,
And they’re [tired] of the sounds of my groaning.
6 Like a pelican, I [travel] alone…
I’ve become like the owl in its range.

7 Sleepless, [I lie throughout the whole night],
And I live like a sparrow alone on the roof.
8 All day, my enemies berate me,
And those who once praised me now swear oaths against me.

9 Ashes, I’ve eaten for bread,
And my drink has become my own tears.
10 For with the anger and rage of Your face,
You lifted me up and then broke me down.

11 Like shadows, my days have declined,
And I have dried up like hay.
12 But You, O Lord, live through ages…
From generation to generation, You’re remembered.

13 So arise and feel pity for Zion,
Since the time for its pity is due.
14 To Your servants, her stones are all very dear,
And over her dust, they feel sorrow.

15 O Lord;
Among all nations, Your Name is revered,
And all kings of the earth speak of Your glory.
16 For Jehovah will rebuild Zion once more,
And there, He’ll appear in His glory.

17 He [hears] the prayers of the humble,
And He has no contempt for the things they request.
18 So, let this be written for each generation,
Then those born anew will all praise the Lord.

19 Jehovah looks down from His home in the heights…
He sees the earth from the heavens.
20 From there, He hears the moans of the shackled,
And He releases the sons of condemned ones.

21 In Zion, announce the Name of the Lord,
And shout His praises in JeruSalem!
22 For, all the peoples, as well as their kings,
Will soon be serving Jehovah.

23 Then, in His mighty way, He will speak
And tell me how few of my days yet remain.
24 But, please don’t [give me] just half of my days;
For Your years are through generations.

NOTE: Some of the following verses are applied to Jesus at Hebrews 1:10-12, so the words we have translated as ‘the Lord’ in several of these verses may not be referring to The God.
And where we suspect this to be true, we have not capitalized the personal pronouns that refer to him.
For more information, see subheading The Question Raised at Hebrews 1:10-12 in the linked document, ‘Jehovah.’

25 In the beginning, you founded the earth,
And the heavens are the works of your hands.
26 Yet, they will pass by, while you still remain,
And like clothes (an old robe), they’ll grow old.

Then, you’ll wrap them up and they will be changed.
27 But, you’re the same, for your years don’t expire.
28 So the sons of your servants will live in [your] camp,
And through ages, their seed will remain.

Psalm 103

A Psalm of David.

1 I’ll praise Jehovah with my whole soul…
Yes I’ll praise Him with all that is in me,
And I will give praise to His Holy Name!

2 Praise Jehovah, my soul,
And don’t forget how He’s blest us.
3 For He’s covered our sins and law breaking,
And He’s cured us from all of our ills…
4 He’s ransomed us from life’s corruptions,
And then He crowned us with mercy.

5 With good things, He fulfills our desires,
And like mighty eagles, He gives back our youth.
6 For Jehovah freely provides,
And sends justice to those who’ve been wronged.

7 To Moses, His ways were revealed,
And to IsraEl’s sons, He showed His desires.

8 Jehovah feels pity and mercy…
He’s forgiving and filled with compassion.
9 To the end, you won’t make Him angry,
Nor through the ages, will He cherish wrath.

10 He hasn’t repaid us for our lawlessness deeds,
Nor has He kept count of our sins.

11 As high as the heavens are over the earth
Is His mercy toward all those who fear Him.
12 And as the distance between east and west,
Has He set us from the laws that we’ve broken.

13 As a father shows mercy upon his own sons,
Is how He feels mercy for those fearing Him.
14 For, He remembers how we were once formed,
And He doesn’t forget that we are just dust.

15 For the days of a man are like grass,
Or like the blossoms of flowers in a field.
16 And when the wind blows, he passes away,
So his place is thereafter forgotten.

17 God shows ages of mercy to those fearing Him,
And justice to the sons of their sons…
18 On all those who guard His Sacred Agreement,
And on those who obey His Commandments.

19 Jehovah has prepared His throne in the skies,
And in His Kingdom, He’s the Master of all.
20 So, praise Jehovah, you angels;
For He shows His might and His strength
To those who listen to His words.

21 Yes, praise Jehovah, His armies…
All His servant who are doing His Will.
22 Praise Jehovah, all of His works,
Every place within in His dominion.
Yes, praise Jehovah, my soul!

Psalm 104

A Psalm of David

1 O my soul; give praise to the Lord…
Give praise to Jehovah, my God!

You’ve made Yourself great and praiseworthy,
And clothed Yourself in much beauty.
2 You wrap Yourself up in light like a robe,
And You stretch out the heavens like leather.

3 With water, You’ve filled its roof and upper rooms,
And as Your chariot, You created the clouds,
Which You ride on the wings of a breeze.
4 Your angels, You’ve made like the winds,
And Your servants are like flames of fire.

5 You’ve laid and made firm the foundations of the earth,
So through ages of ages, it will not fail.

6 The depths [of the seas] are Your wrap,
And on the mountains, You have piled water.
7 But at Your reproach, they will all pass away…
They’ll quake at the sound of Your thunder.

8 Then the waters will pour down the mountains,
And descend from there to the plains…
To wherever You tell them to go.

9 You’ve set limits that [the seas] may not pass,
So they cannot cover the land.
10 You send rain as springs into valleys,
So that, from the mountains, rivers will flow.

11 To wild beasts in the fields, You send water,
Which wild burros use to satisfy thirst…
12 As do the winged creatures that live in the skies,
Which build their nests between rocks,
Where they can sound out their cries.

13 You send water to the mountains from Your upper rooms
To fill the lands with the fruits of Your works…
14 And to make grasses grow for the cattle to eat,
As well as all the young sprouts,
Which bring us food from the ground.

15 [You give] wine to men to make their hearts glad,
And olive oil, as a blessing to their faces…
Then, for their hearts, You provide them with bread.

16 The plains, You have filled up with [trees],
And the cedars of Lebanon were Your planting.
17 It’s there that the sparrows build nests,
Until herons take over their dwellings.

18 [You created] high mountains for wild goats to roam…
You made rocks as the refuge for badgers.
19 You made the moon to show us the seasons,
As well as the sun, which knows when to set.

20 You made the darkness of night,
Where beasts in the woods roam about…
21 It’s when lion cubs roar and attack,
Seeking by God, to find food.

22 But, when the sun rises, they gather
And return to their dens to lie down.
23 That’s when men arise and then go to work,
Continuing their toil until dusk.

24 So, how great are Your works, O Jehovah;
You created it all in Your wisdom…
You have filled the earth with the things that You’ve made.

25 You made the vast lands and great seas,
Where animals that slither may dwell.
There’s no way to count all Your creatures…
All the great and the small.

26 For, boats pass over [other] wild beasts,
Which You created in fun.
27 Yet they all expect to be nourished by You,
And to receive it at the right time.

28 So, You’re the One [whom they trust] to provide…
You open Your hand and they’re filled with what’s good.
29 But if You turn away, it upsets them;
And if you should hold back their breath,
They would die and go back to the dust.

30 But with Your Breath, You’ll create them again,
When You renew the face of the earth.
31 So, may God’s glory last through the ages,
And may He find joy in the things He has made.

32 He just looks at the earth and it trembles…
He touches the mountains and they start to smoke.
33 So, with my whole soul, I’ll sing to the Lord…
For as long as I live, I’ll strum to my God.

34 May He find my verses delightful…
May they make Jehovah’s heart glad.
35 May all the sinners expire from the earth,
And may all the lawless cease to exist!

Yes, praise Jehovah, my soul!

Psalm 105

1 Praise Jehovah… call on His Name
Tell all the nations of the things He has done!
2 Sing to Him and strum well…
Try to describe all His wonders,
3 Then applaud His most holy Name…
May the hearts of those who seek Him find joy!

4 Yes, seek Jehovah and you will grow strong…
Always search for His face.
5 Don’t forget the wonders He’s brought…
The miracles and judgments that come from His mouth.

6 You seed of AbraHam… His servants;
You sons of Jacob… His chosen;
7 He is Jehovah our God
Whose decisions are [seen] throughout the whole earth.

8 He remembers His age-long Agreement…
His promise through a thousand generations…
9 The Agreement that He made with AbraHam,
And the oath that He gave to IsaAc.

10 With Jacob, He set out the rules,
Which IsraEl [was to follow] through the ages.
11 Then He said, ‘To you, I will give CanaAn’s land…
Your inheritance is a measured allotment of ground.’

12 [But back then], their numbers were few
(Not many were visiting [the land]),
13 And they traveled from nation to nation…
From one kingdom on to another.

14 But He allowed no one to harm them…
He sent warnings to their kings, in which He said:
15 ‘Do not touch My anointed,
And don’t do any harm to My Prophets.’

16 Then, to their lands, He sent famine,
So they could not trust in their bread.
17 And a man named JoSeph, He sent them…
A slave who’d been purchased [with money].

18 He’d been humbled, for shackles were put on his feet,
And his soul had been pierced through by iron.
19 But, after the Word had arrived,
Signs from the Lord purified him.

20 For the king sent word to release him…
By a ruler of the peoples, he was set free.
21 This man made him master over his house,
And put him in charge of all that he owned.

22 So, he appointed rulers, as he saw fit,
And for wisdom, he looked to the elders.

23 Then IsraEl traveled to Egypt…
Ham’s land was visited by Jacob.
24 And there, his people grew greater…
Mightier than their enemies, [God] made them.

25 Then [God] brought a change to [Egyptian] hearts,
So they’d start hating His people,
And with His servants, deal badly.

26 So He sent His servants, Aaron and Moses
(Those whom He’d chosen to serve Him),
27 And through them, He sent the [Egyptians] His signs…
To the land of Ham, He sent miracles.

28 [God] sent darkness and it became dark,
But against His words, [Pharaoh] chose to rebel.
29 Into blood, He then changed their water,
And He killed off all of their fish.

30 Then frogs crawled onto their land,
And into the closets of kings.
31 He spoke, and stable flies came,
Which was followed by fleas, to their borders.

32 Into hail and fire, He then turned their rain,
Which burned throughout the whole land.
33 Thereafter, He struck their grapevines and figs…
He broke every tree in that land.

34 He spoke, then locusts and grasshoppers came…
So many that they couldn’t be counted,
35 Which devoured all their grasses and fruit.

36 Thereafter, He struck their firstborn
The first-fruits of all they’d accomplished.
37 And with silver and gold, He then led us away,
So our tribes were no longer poor.

38 The Egyptians were happy to just see us go,
For with fear, they’d been overcome.
39 Then He spread out a cloud to protect us,
And sent fire as our light through the night.

40 We asked Him for [meat], so He sent us quail,
And with bread from the sky, we were filled.
41 He tore open the rock and water poured out;
So a river then flowed through the desert.

42 For He hadn’t forgotten His Holy Word…
What He’d promised to AbraHam, His servant.
43 So He led out His people shouting in joy…
Those whom He chose, left there happy.

44 Then He gave us the lands of great nations…
We inherited things for which others had worked.
45 So, we should now guard His decisions,
And always search for His Laws.

Psalm 106

Praise Jah!

1 Praise Jehovah, because He provides,
And His mercies last through the ages.

2 Who will tell of His mighty deeds,
And speak out loud in His praise?

3 Blest are those who are honest,
And do what’s righteous each season.

4 O Jehovah, please don’t forget us,
Or the kindness that You’ve shown to Your people…
Please come visit and save us!

5 Your elected find joy in seeing the good,
And Your people should loudly applaud
The inheritance that You assigned them by lots.

6 But, we and our fathers have sinned…
We’ve broken [Your] Laws and done wrong!
7 Why, even our fathers in Egypt,
Did not understand all Your wonders,
Nor did they remember Your mercy.

For, they had even rebelled,
While going down through the Red Sea.
8 Yet, You saved them because of Your Name,
And let them see all Your powers.

9 You scolded the Sea and it dried,
Then You guided them through that abyss,
[And led them up] into the desert.

10 From those who disliked them, You saved them…
You ransomed them from their enemy’s hands.
11 Then You covered their oppressors with water,
Leaving not a single survivor.

12 When they trusted Your Word, they were blest…
13 But they quickly forgot the things that You did,
And they failed to await Your instructions.
14 For they wanted the things they desired,
And they put You to the test in the desert.

15 Then You gave them the things for which they had asked,
And You sent them enough to satisfy them.
16 But then they provoked Moses to rage,
As well as Your holy one, Aaron.

17 So You opened the ground, and Dathan was swallowed,
Then it covered all of AbiRom’s group,
18 As a fire blazed in the midst of the camp,
And its flames consumed all the sinners.

19 Then, in that dry place, they made a [gold] calf,
And they bowed to the thing that was carved.
20 They changed [God’s] Glory to a calf that eats grass,
21 Forgetting the God who had saved them…
The One who did those great things in Egypt
22 (The wonders [that He’d sent] to Ham’s land),
And His awesome deeds at the Red Sea.

23 So He spoke and said He’d destroy them;
But, Moses (His chosen) just stood there
Among those whom God wished to destroy.
[Then Moses] approached and turned back His rage,
So He chose not to wipe them away.

24 But they looked with contempt on that glorious land,
And in the things that He’d promised, they didn’t have faith.
25 So they stood in their tents and they grumbled,
Refusing to hear the voice of Jehovah.

26 Thus, against them, He then raised His hand,
To cut them down in the desert…
27 To scatter their seed to the nations,
And to spread them among many lands.

28 For they also bowed to BaAl Peor,
And sacrifices to the dead, they consumed.
29 They did all that they could to provoke Him,
And to bring more blows on themselves.

30 Yet, PhineHas stood and offered atonement,
And abated [God’s plans to] destroy them.
31 As the result, he was thought of as righteous,
Through all generations and ages.

32 Then they made Him angry once more,
There at the Waters of Dispute,
Where a bad thing happened to Moses.
33 For they made his spirit grow bitter,
And then he drew open his lips.

34 Thereafter, they failed to destroy all the nations,
As Jehovah had told them to do…
35 They mixed with the gentiles and learned of their ways,
36 Bowing to their idols, to offend Him,
37 And offering their sons and daughters to demons!

38 They poured out innocent blood…
The blood of their own sons and daughters!
To the carvings of CanaAn, they sacrificed them,
And polluted the land with murder and blood.

39 [So the land] was defiled by the things they had done,
And they became practicing whores.
40 So with His people, Jehovah was angry…
His inheritance, He started to hate.

41 Then He gave them into their enemies’ hands…
Those who hated and ruled over them.
42 He allowed their enemies to oppress them,
And humble them under their hands.

43 Though He came back to save them time and again,
They kept on making Him angry,
And all they did was talk back.
So, they were humbled for the bad things they did.

44 Yet, when He saw how they were oppressed,
He listened to the things that they begged.
45 He remembered His Sacred Agreement,
And mercifully turned to them once again…
46 Before those by whom they’d been captured,
He showed deep compassion for them.

47 So, Jehovah our God, please save us,
And gather us back from the nations,
So we may praise Your most Holy Name,
And boast about You once again!

48 O praise Jehovah through ages of ages!
To this, all should shout, ‘May it be!’

Psalm 107

Praise Jah!

1 Praise Jehovah, because He provides…
His mercy endures through the ages.

2 About Jehovah, this has been said
By those whom He saved from their enemies’ hands…
3 From the places from which He had gathered them back…
From the north, south, east, and the sea.

4 They wandered in the desert without water,
And no town could they find as their home…
5 So their lives were failing from hunger and thirst.

6 Then, in great distress, they called to the Lord,
And He rescued them from this condition.
7 He guided them in a straight path
To a city that they could call home.

8 So, may they give praise to Jehovah,
For all the mercies [He’s shown],
And the wonders that He brings to sons of men.

9 He sends fulfillment to empty lives,
And He fills the hungry with good things…
10 Those who sit in the shadow of death,
And the poor who are shackled in irons.

11 But against God’s Word, they rebelled,
And counsel from above, they rejected.
12 So their hearts were humbled and troubled…
They were weakened and no one came to their aid!

13 Then, in their affliction, they called to the Lord,
And He saved them from their distress.
14 Thereafter, He tore off their shackles,
And led them from the shadow of death.

15 So, let them praise [God] for His mercy,
And the wonders that He brings to sons of men.
16 For He broke down all those brass gates,
And He smashed their iron bars into pieces.

17 Due to their lawless ways,
He kept humbling them to drive out their pride
18 Until they no longer could eat their own food,
And they were approaching death’s gates.

19 Then, in their distress, they called to the Lord,
And He saved them from their condition…
20 He sent them His word and it healed them,
And saved them from their corruption.

21 So, may they praise [God] for His mercy,
And the wonders that He sends upon sons of men.
22 Sacrifices of praise, they should offer,
And then shout in joy for the things He has done!

23 The men who go down to the sea in their boats
And those who work across many waters,
24 Have all beheld the works of Jehovah,
And they’ve seen the wonders that He brings to its depths.

25 For He spoke and established the winds and the gales,
Which arise and create the tall waves
26 That lift them high into the sky;
Then to the abyss, they descend…
And this melts away the bad in their lives.

27 For, this upsets them and shakes them,
Then they swallow their wisdom like drunks.
28 In their affliction, they cry to the Lord,
And from their distress, He then leads them.

29 For He sends His orders to the gales,
Which become just a breeze to quiet the waves.
30 Then they’re joyful, after all has been stilled,
And He guides them toward the harbors they seek.

31 So, let them praise [God] for His mercy,
And the wonders that He shows to sons of men.
32 Before gatherings of peoples, they should praise Him,
And before the seats of their elders.

33 Though He created a river in the desert,
And to a thirsty land, brought water;
34 The land still bore fruit that was bad,
Because of the evil of those living there.

35 But He turned a desert into water-filled lakes,
And into dry ground, [He put] springs,
36 Where He thereafter settled the hungry,
And led them to cities in which they would live.

37 Then they planted vineyards and fields,
Which brought the produce of fruit.
38 He blest them, and soon they were many,
And not very few were their cattle,
39 After they’d been decreased and mistreated…
Afflicted with evil and grief.

40 Contempt had been poured on their rulers,
And they’d wandered in places without any roads.
41 But, from their needy, He removed poor conditions,
And He treated their families like His own flock.
42 Then, all the upright were joyful,
As the mouths of the lawless were blocked.

43 So, who now has enough wisdom,
To understand the mercies of God?

Psalm 108

A Psalm of David.

1 My heart is prepared, O my God…
In my glory, I’ll now sing and play!
2 Awaken my glory, my lute, and my harp,
As I am arising at dawn.

3 O Lord; among all the peoples,
I will offer You praise;
About You, I’ll strum to the nations,
4 Because Your mercy is great…
It’s higher than even the skies,
And Your truth reaches into the clouds.

5 May Your glory grow higher than the heavens, O God…
Yes, far above the whole earth.

6 Please bring salvation to Your loved ones…
Please hear me and save me with Your right hand!

7 Then in Holiness, God spoke and said this:
‘[My Name] will be lifted high.
For, I will subdivide SheChem,
And lay out My tents in its valley.
8 Gilead is Mine, ManasSeh is Mine,
And Ephraim is the pillow for My head.
9 Judah [is the place of] My king,
And Moab’s the kettle of My plans against Edom.

‘So, I’ll stick out My shoe [and step down],
And to Me, the Philistines will bow.
10 Can they save their fortified cities from Me?
Can they serve as My guide throughout Edom?’

11 However, O God, You’ve pushed us away…
So Lord, won’t You send us Your [angels]?

12 In this time of oppression, please send us Your aid;
For the salvation of man has no value.
13 Only by God do we have any strength…
On our enemies, only He can show our contempt.

Psalm 109

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 O God of my praise, don’t stay silent,
2 For sinners and liars have spoken against me.
They speak against me with deceitful tongues,
3 And I’m covered with their hateful words.

4 They battle with me for no reason…
Instead of love, they send slander…
So to You, I will lay out my prayer!

5 Instead of good, they’re bringing what’s bad,
And they’re showing hate [in return for] my love.

6 So, send them away with the sinners,
And put the Slanderer at their right hand.
7 When they’re judged, may they leave condemned,
And may their prayers be thought of as sins.

8 May their days no longer be many,
And may others take their positions.
9 May all their sons become orphans,
And may their wives become widows.

10 Let their sons wander and beg…
May they be driven away from their homes.
11 May bankers search for the things that they own,
And may strangers loot what they’ve worked for.

12 May no one come to protect them,
And may no one pity their orphans.
13 May all their children be wiped away…
In one generation, may their names be erased.

14 May Jehovah remember the sins of their fathers… 
May the sins of their mothers not be forgotten.
15 May they stand [in judgment] before You, O Lord…
May their memory be wiped from the land.

16 For, they forgot to show mercy,
And they chased a man who is needy and poor…
Someone whose heart has been broken.

17 Since they love curses, may they get them;
Since they offer no blessings, may they go far away.

18 They wore curses as though they were clothes,
Which poured like water within them,
And became like oil in their bones.

19 So, may they wear their curses like robes…
May they wear them like belts on their waists.
20 May this be the reward from Jehovah
For all those [guilty of] slander,
And for those speaking bad of my soul.

21 O Lord, Jehovah, please help me,
For the sake of Your Name and Your mercy.
22 Rescue me, for I’m poor and in need,
And my heart is deeply disturbed.

23 Like a shadow that passes, I’ve been removed…
I’ve been [eaten] away as by locusts.
24 My knees are now weakened from fasting,
And for lack of oil, my flesh has been changed.

25 To them, I’m someone to laugh at…
They look at me and just shake their heads.
26 So help me, Jehovah, my God;
In Your mercy, please send me your aid,
27 And let them know that this came by Your hand…
That it’s You, O Jehovah, who did it!

28 Upon themselves, may their curses fall,
But please, [my God], send [me] blessings.
May those who’ve risen against me be shamed;
But, may Your servant find joy.

29 On those guilty of slander, bring shame…
Wrap them in shame as though it were clothes.
30 Then, I will offer You praises, my Lord…
With my mouth, I will praise You to many.

31 Now He stands at this poor one’s right hand,
To save me from those pursuing my soul.

Psalm 110

A Psalm of David.

1 Jehovah said this to my lord:
‘Sit here at My right hand
Til I set your enemies as a stool for your feet.
2 A powerful scepter, I’ll send you from Zion,
And amidst your enemies, you’ll rule.

3 ‘In the day of your power, you’ll be the sovereign,
And your holy ones will then shine.
For, since the time that you came from the womb
I’ve made you the [bright] morning star.’

4 This oath was sworn by Jehovah,
And for it, He will never repent:
‘You will be a Priest through the ages
In the order of MelchiZedek,
5 And at My right hand, you will sit.

In the day of your rage, you will shatter kings,
6 And you’ll be the judge of the nations.

‘Then you’ll fill their [lands] with the dead,
And you’ll shatter many heads on the earth.
7 From the [Kidron] Wadi, you’ll drink,
And there, you’ll raise your head high.’

Psalm 111

Praise Jah!

1 I’ll praise You, Jehovah, with my whole heart,
And Your instructions, [I’ll share with] the righteous.

2 The deeds of Jehovah are great,
And He searches for those whom He loves.
3 Majestic and worthy are the things that He does,
And through ages of ages, His justice endures.

4 He’s made His wonders to not be forgotten,
And Jehovah shows pity and great empathy.
5 He nourishes all those who fear Him,
And remembers His promises through ages.

6 His powerful deeds, He’s announced to His people,
And they will inherit the nations.

7 The works of His hands are all just and true,
And His commands are trustworthy.
8 So, through the age of the ages
His truth and uprightness will stand.

9 He will ransom His people,
And through ages, He’ll give them instructions
Concerning His Holy Sacred Agreement,
And of how His Name should be feared.

10 Wisdom starts with the fear of Jehovah,
And those who take this [to heart]
Will always be understanding and good…
They will be praised through the age
And into the age of the ages.

Psalm 112

Praise Jah.

1 Blest are those in fear of Jehovah
And desire to obey His Commandments.
2 For their seed will grow strong on the land…
For generations, their righteous ways will be blest.

3 Glory and wealth will dwell in their homes,
And through the age of the ages
Their righteous ways will endure.

4 For the upright, they light up the darkness,
5 And they’ll show the righteous pity and mercy.

5 The kind feel compassion and lend,
And they manage their matters uprightly.
6 So, they will endure through the ages,
For the righteous will not be forgotten.

7 They won’t have to be in fear of bad news,
For they’ve readied their hearts to trust in the Lord.
8 And because their hearts are so sure;
Of their enemies, they’ll not be in fear.

9 They contribute to those who are needy,
And through the ages, they prove themselves just;
So their trumpets will be lifted in glory.

10 But in anger, the sinners will see this…
They’ll grind their teeth, and then melt away
Along with the things they desired.

Psalm 113

Praise Jah.

1 His servants should all praise Jehovah…
Yes, praise the Name of the Lord.
2 May the Name Jehovah be praised
Both now and into the ages.

3 From the time the sun rises until it descends,
It praises the Name of the Lord.
4 For Jehovah is high above all the nations,
And His glory exists in the heavens.

5 Who else is like Jehovah our God,
The One who dwells in high places?
6 To the humble, He pays close attention…
Both those in the heavens and those on the earth.

7 He raises the poor from the ground,
And from cesspools, He raises the needy.
8 Then He sits them next to the rulers…
Those who are over His people.

9 He provides homes for the childless,
And large houses for those who have many.

Psalm 114

Praise Jah.

1 After IsraEl left Egypt…
After the house of Jacob fled the barbaric,
2 Judah became [God’s] Most Holy Place,
And IsraEl was His power to accomplish.

3 The sea beheld them and it moved away,
And the Jordan turned around and flowed backward…
4 The mountains started leaping like rams,
And the hills were behaving like lambs.

So, what is it with you, O sea…
Why did you withdraw from before them…
Yes, why did you move away?
And Jordan, why did you flow backward…
6 You mountains, why were you leaping like rams,
And Hills, why were you behaving like lambs?

7 In the presence [of God], the ground rattled…
It shivered before Jacob’s God.
8 For, from a rock, He brought water,
And from stone, He chiseled a spring.

Psalm 115

The Idols.

1 Don’t do it just for us, O Jehovah…
Don’t do it just for our sakes!
Do it to glorify Your Name,
And to show everyone Your mercy and truth,
2 So the nations won’t ever have reason ask,
‘What has become of your God?’

3 Our God dwells in the heavens,
And on the earth, He does as He wills.
4 But the nations worship idols of silver and gold…
Things that are made by men’s hands.

5 These idols have mouths that can’t speak;
They also have eyes that can’t see;
6 Though they have ears, they cannot hear,
And their noses smell nothing at all.

7 They have hands with which they can’t grab things;
And though they have feet, they can’t walk,
Nor can they speak with their throats.
8 So, let those who made them, be like them,
Along with those who bow before them.

9 The house of IsraEl has faith in Jehovah;
For, He’s their defender and helper.
10 The house of Aaron puts hope in the Lord;
For, He’s their defender and helper.
11 All those who are fearing Jehovah
Are those who put trust in their Lord;
For, He’s their defender and helper.

12 Jehovah remembered and blest us…
The house of IsraEl, He blest,
And the house of Aaron, He blest…
13 He has blest both the great and the small
Who put all their trust in the Lord.

14 May Jehovah provide for you and your sons…
15 May you all be blest by the Lord…
The One who created the heavens and earth.
16 For the heavens belong to Jehovah,
But to the sons of men, He gave the earth.

17 The dead will not praise You, Jehovah,
Nor will those who are going into the grave.
18 It is only the living who will offer You praise,
Both now and into the ages.

Psalm 116

Praise Jah.

1 I love the fact that Jehovah will listen
To the words of [my prayers].
2 He leans His ears down to hear [what I pray],
So I’ll call upon Him through the rest my days.

3 In the pangs of death, I once had been wrapped,
And fear of the grave was around me;
So, I was afflicted and grieved.
4 But I called out in the Name the Lord:
‘O Jehovah, please rescue my soul!’

5 Merciful and just is Jehovah,
For our God is the One who shows mercy.
6 And this Lord who humbles and saves me
Also keeps watch over infants.

7 O my soul;
Return to your restful state,
For Jehovah has watched over you.
8 O my soul;
He has saved you from death,
And He has removed the tears from your eyes
By keeping your feet from taking wrong steps.
9 So to Jehovah, I wish to be pleasing,
And to stay in the land of the living.

10 I was too proud and that’s why I spoke;
But thereafter, I learned to be humble.
11 For in ecstasy, I once said
That every man is a liar.

12 With what can I repay Jehovah
For all that He’s done for me?
13 I’ll accept His cup of salvation,
And continue to call on the Name of the Lord.

14 My vows to Jehovah, I’ll render
Before all of His people.
15 For, when His holy ones die,
They are never forgotten by God.

16 O Jehovah, I am Your servant…
I’m the son of Your female slave,
And it’s You who tore off my shackles.
17 So I’ll offer sacrifices of praise,
As I call on the Name of the Lord.

18 To You, I will pay whatever I vow
There in front of Your people…
19 There in Your Temple courtyard
In JeruSalem’s midst.

Psalm 117

Praise Jah.

1 Praise Jehovah, you nations…
May He be praised by you all.
2 For His mercy upon us is strong,
And His truth endures through the ages.

Psalm 118

Praise Jah.

1 Praise Jehovah, because He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.
2 May the house of IsraEl say, ‘He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.’

3 May Aaron’s house say, ‘He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.’
4 May those fearing Jehovah say, ‘He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.’

5 In my time of distress, I called to the Lord,
And He answered my prayers in great ways.

6 Jehovah’s my helper, so I will not fear;
For, what can men do to me?
7 And because Jehovah’s my helper,
I will also judge those who hate me.

8 It is better to yield to Jehovah
Than to give in to men.
9 It is better to hope in the Lord
Than to put any trust in your rulers.

10 Many nations once had me surrounded,
But in the Name of the Lord, I pushed them away.
11 Yes, they once had me encircled;
But, though they had me surrounded,
In the Name, Jehovah, I pushed them away.

12 As bees on a comb, I was covered;
But, they were then burned like thorn bushes…
In the Name of the Lord, I pushed them away.

13 I was stabbed and fell flat on the ground,
Then the Lord took hold of my [hand].
14 So, Jehovah’s my strength and my song of praise…
He has become my Salvation…
15 He’s the voice of shouting in joy,
And the Savior of the tents of the righteous.

Jehovah’s right hand showed its power,
16 And by His right hand, I was raised…
The Lord’s right hand showed its power.
17 So, I will not die, I will live,
And I’ll speak of the works of Jehovah.

18 By Jehovah, I once was corrected,
And He didn’t hand me over to death.
19 The gates of justice have been opened to me,
So through them, I’ll walk and confess to the Lord.

20 Yes, this is the gate of Jehovah,
Through which the righteous will pass.
21 Because You heard me, I will confess,
That You are truly my Savior.

22 So, the stone that the builders rejected
Has become the chief cornerstone…
23 It’s by Jehovah that this came to pass,
And in our eyes, it’s a beautiful thing.

24 This day was made by Jehovah,
And for it, we’ll cry out in joy:
25 ‘O Jehovah, please save us!
O Lord, please bless all our ways!
26 And blest is this one who comes in God’s Name…
In the House of Jehovah, we’ll praise him!’

27 Our God Jehovah is shining on us;
So, gather for a great holiday!
Come with many sacrifices
To present on the horns of the Altar.

28 You’re my God, and I will confess
That You are my Lord, and I’ll hold You high.
I’ll confess that You have listened to me,
And explain that You are my Savior.

29 I’ll confess to Jehovah, because He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.

Psalm 119

Praise Jah.

1 Those who are spotless are blest
Those who obey the Laws of Jehovah.
2 And blest are those who search for His [words]…
Those who seek Him with their whole hearts.
3 But, those who practice what’s lawless
Will never walk in His ways.

4 You’ve told us to follow Your orders;
5 So, straighten our paths to follow Your Laws,
6 Then we will never be shamed
By failing to keep Your Commandments.

7 To You I’ll confess with a pure heart,
And I’ll study Your judgments and justice.
8 I will always follow Your Laws,
So that You will never desert me!

9 How can a young man keep his ways straight?
By wholeheartedly obeying Your words.
10 So, from my heart, I’ve inquired of You,
And from Your Commandments, don’t push me away!

11 I’ve hidden Your prophecies deep in my heart,
So against You, I will not sin.
12 May You be praised, O Jehovah…
Please teach me [all of] Your ways!

13 With my lips, I’ll declare the decisions
That have come from Your mouth.
14 I’ve found delight in the things that You’ve said,
And I view them as greater than treasure.

15 On Your Commandments, I will meditate,
And I’ll contemplate all of Your ways.
16 I’ll also think of Your Laws,
And never forget the things that You’ve promised.

17 So, bless and enliven Your servant,
And I will do as You’ve told me.
18 Uncover my eyes and I’ll contemplate
The wondrous ways of Your Laws.

19 I’m just a sojourner on earth,
So, please don’t hide Your Commandments from me.
20 For my soul has longed for Your judgments…
They’re the things that I’ve always desired.

21 You have scolded the proud,
And those who reject Your Commandments are cursed.
22 So, take away my scorn and contempt;
For I’ve searched though the proofs that You’ve sent.

23 But against Your servant, the rulers speak badly,
Though I have pondered Your ways.
24 I’ve thought of the proofs You’ve provided,
And Your Laws have been my advice.

25 Though my soul has been pushed to the ground,
Your Word has kept me alive.
26 My [foolish] ways, I’ve admitted to you,
And You have heard [all my prayers].

So, teach me Your rules 27 and show Me Your Laws…
Teach me to fully understand them,
And to contemplate all Your wonders.

28 My soul was asleep and indifferent;
But now, make me firm in Your words.
29 Remove injustice from my all of ways,
And let Your Laws teach me mercy.

30 The way of truth, I have chosen,
And Your decisions, I’ve never forgotten.
31 In Your just paths, I have always remained,
So Lord, don’t put me to shame.

32 Toward Your Commandments, I’ve run
From the time that You widened my heart.
33 So establish Your Laws deep within me,
And I’ll follow them always, O Lord.

34 Please teach me to understand,
And I will search for Your Laws,
Then guard them with my whole heart.
35 Toward Your Commandments, please lead me;
For, they’re what I’ve always desired.

36 Lean my heart toward Your righteous ways,
And remove my desires for wealth.
37 To my eyes, please give good direction,
So they’ll never desire what is foolish.

Enliven me in Your ways,
38 And send Your servant an omen of fear!
39 Remove my scorn and the things that I dread;
For, all Your decisions are kind.

40 Your Commandments, I’ve always desired;
So, make me alive in Your righteous ways.
41 Please send me Your mercies, O Lord…
And as You once promised, please save me.
42 Then I will be able to give a reply
To those who speak ill of me,
And I can put faith in Your words.

43 Don’t remove Your words of truth from my mouth;
For, in Your judgments, I have raised hopes.
44 I’ll guard Your Laws through the ages
And into the age of the ages.

45 Because I have searched Your Commandments,
My life has become more important…
46 I have spoken of Your ways before kings,
And of this, I’ve never been shamed.

47 On Your Commandments, I have pondered,
And I’ve come to love them so dearly.
48 I’ve sworn to obey all Your orders…
I’ve considered and loved all Your rules.

49 Remember Your words to Your servant,
For they have given me hope.
50 They’ve provided me comfort in times of shame,
And Your signs have given me life.

51 Though the proud have all been unjust,
From Your Laws, I’ve not turned away.
52 Through the age, I’ve remembered Your rules;
And Jehovah, they’ve brought me much comfort.

53 Because of the sinners, I was depressed…
By those who’ve abandoned Your Laws.
54 But Your rules became like music to me,
And [remain within me] wherever I go.

55 During the night, I think of Your Name;
And Jehovah, I’ve followed Your Laws.
56 All the [good] that has happened to me,
Has come because I’ve searched for Your ways.

57 O Lord, You’re the share I was given,
And of guarding Your Laws, I have spoken.
58 With my whole heart, I’ve begged to Your face,
‘Show mercy on me as You promised.’

59 Though against Your ways, I once argued;
My feet then turned toward the things that You said.
60 I’ve prepared myself to keep Your Commandments,
And by them, I’m never disturbed.

61 Though I’ve been twisted in the cords of the sinners;
I’ve not forgotten Your Laws.
62 So at midnight, I wake up to thank You
For Your decisions and justice.

63 I’m a partner to all those who fear You…
To those who obey Your Commandments.
64 For the earth is filled with Your mercy,
And I have learned from Your rules.

65 You’ve used Your servant to do what is good,
According to Your Word, O Jehovah.
66 Now, teach me to know what is right
And to put trust in Your judgments.

67 I was a sinner before I was humbled;
But, ever since then, I’ve guarded Your words.
68 You’ve provided so kindly for me, O Lord,
So in kindness, please teach me Your Laws.

69 The injustice of the proud is a burden to me;
But I’ll seek Your Commandments with my whole heart.
70 Though their hearts of such ones have curdled like milk,
I have still pondered Your Laws.

71 It’s good that I have been humbled by You,
So I’d learn to follow Your rules.
72 For to me, the Laws that come from Your mouth
Are worth more than silver and gold.

73 It was Your hands that made me and shaped me;
So, help me to understand better
And to learn about Your Commandments.

74 Now, those who fear You, rejoice when they see me,
For I’ve raised their hopes through Your words.

75 O Jehovah;
Through Your judgments, I’ve learned to be just,
And by Your truth, I’ve been humbled.

76 May Your mercy bring comfort to me
As You’ve revealed it to Your servant in signs.
77 Show compassion on me and I’ll live,
So I can continue to study Your Laws.

78 May the proud be shamed for treating me badly;
For, they have broken Your Laws,
While I’ve remembered Your Commandments.

79 May those who fear You support me…
Those who’ve heard the things that You’ve said.
80 So, put Your rules in my heart,
Then I will never be shamed.
81 Yes, Your salvation is what I have sought,
And Your words have given me hope.

82 My eyes have failed as I’ve searched for Your signs;
So, when will You send me some comfort?
83 Though I’m like a leather bag in the frost,
I haven’t forgotten Your rules.

84 How many more days will Your servant remain,
And when will You judge those who chase me?
85 For, lawbreakers are plotting against me,
But not by Your Laws, O Jehovah.

86 Your Commandments are true… so, please help me!
For they’re chasing me down for no reason.
87 Yes, soon they will wipe me out of this land,
Though I’ve never left Your Commandments.

88 In Your mercy, please strengthen my soul,
And I’ll guard the words that have come from Your mouth.
89 For, through the ages, O [God],
Your Words have been in the heavens…
90 From one generation to another,
Your truth has always [been found] there.

You laid the foundations of the earth,
And it has continued to be…
91 It’s at Your choosing that each day arrives;
For, all is under Your power.

92 Had I not thought of Your Laws,
In shame, I’d have now been destroyed.
93 So, don’t let forget Your rules through the age,
Since they have given me life.

94 Because I’m Yours, please save me;
For I have searched for Your rules!
95 But. sinners now wait to destroy me,
Because I have followed Your ways.

96 When I thought that I was seeing the end,
Your Commandments brought me [more] time.
97 So I’ve loved Your Laws, O Jehovah;
Throughout the day, they stay on my mind.

98 For You’ve made me wiser than my enemies,
And Your Commandments will be mine through the age.
99 I’ve seen more than all those who taught me,
Because I’ve obeyed Your instructions.
100 I’ve also seen more than the elders,
Because I’ve searched for Your rules.

101 I’ve held back my feet from what’s evil,
So I can guard all Your words.
102 From Your judgments, I’ve not turned aside,
And You have established my laws.

103 How sweet to my throat are the things that You say…
They’re like honey inside of my mouth.
104 And from Your Commandments I have learned
To hate the ways of injustice.

105 Your Law is a lamp to my feet,
And it is a light to my paths.
106 So I’ve stood before You and sworn with an oath
To guard Your justice and judgments.

107 O Jehovah; I have been knocked down;
So, lift me back up, as You promised.

108 The offerings that come from my mouth
Bring pleasure to me, O my Lord.
So, teach me all Your decisions.

109 O Lord; my life is now in Your hands,
And Your Laws, I haven’t forgotten.
110 Though sinners set snares in my paths,
From Your Commandments, I’ve never strayed.

111 I’ve inherited Your proofs through the age,
And they’ve made my heart leap for joy.
112 I’ve inclined my heart to follow Your rules
Through the age, in repayment to You.

113 I have detested lawbreakers,
And I have loved all Your rules.
114 So, You are my helper and shield,
And by Your words, I have raised other’s hopes.

115 Please turn me away from what’s wicked,
And for Your Commandments, I’ll search.
116 Take hold of me, [as You promised] in signs…
Make me strong and don’t shame my hopes.

117 Send me help and I will be saved…
For I’ll always think of Your rules.
118 But, those who turned from me in contempt
Have broken Your Laws with unrighteous thoughts…
119 This land’s sinners are breaking Your Laws,
While I’ve loved the things that You’ve said.

120 Though they nailed up my flesh with no fear of You,
I continued to fear Your decisions,
121 Which taught me Your judgments and justice…
So don’t save those who’re treating me badly.

122 Keep an eye on Your servant for good…
Don’t allow the proud to extort me.
123 For my eyes await Your salvation
And to hear the sacred words of Your justice.

124 Deal with Your servant in mercy
And teach me all of Your righteous ways.
125 Help me to know, for I am Your slave;
Then, I will teach [others] Your words.

126 It’s now time to act, O Jehovah;
For, they’ve wiped away all Your Laws!
127 But, I have loved Your Commandments
More than topaz or gold.
128 I have also followed Your Laws,
And their unrighteous ways, I have hated!

129 Wondrous are the proofs that You’ve given;
So, with my whole soul, I’ll search for Your words.
130 For the revealing of them sheds much light,
And they bring understanding to the simple.

131 I’ve opened my mouth and I’ve sighed…
And for Your Commandments, I’ve longed.
132 So, look upon me and show mercy…
Show mercy to those who are loving Your Name.

133 Please straighten my steps toward the ways I should walk,
And by lawless ways, may I never be ruled.
134 From men’s extortions, please save me,
And I will keep Your Commandments.

135 Please show Your face to Your servant
And teach me all Your righteous rules.
136 For, streams of water will flow from my eyes
Should I find myself breaking Your Laws.

137 You are so righteous, Jehovah,
And all Your decisions are straight.
138 For You’ve told us [that we must be] fair,
And the things that we say must be true.

139 But Your zeal is being [overlooked],
For my enemies don’t remember the things that You said…
140 Though the signs that You sent them were blazing like fire,
And Your servant has loved them in truth.

141 Because of my youth, I am shown no respect;
But Your rules, I haven’t forgotten.
142 Through the ages, it has proven true,
That You and Your Laws are righteous and just.

143 Though distress and afflictions have found me,
About Your Commandments, I’ve pondered.
144 Through the ages, Your words have all proven true;
So, please help me to fully understand them,
That I may continue to live.

145 With my whole heart, I’ve cried out to You:
‘Hear me, O Lord, and I’ll search for Your rules.’
146 To You, I’ve called out, ‘Please save me;
And in Your righteous ways, I will go.’

147 Before midnight, I called out [to You],
And in Your words, I’ve put hope.
148 Then, as my eyes opened at dawn,
I noticed the signs You provided.

149 In mercy, O Jehovah, please hear my voice…
In Your justice, please save my life!
150 Turn from those who chase me unjustly;
For, they have turned from Your Laws.

151 You are always near me, O Lord,
And truthful are all of Your ways.
152 From the beginning, I’ve known of Your words,
And they’ve served as my rock through the age.

153 Look down and save me, so I’m not disgraced,
For I’ve not forgotten Your Laws.
154 Judge my case and [give justice]…
For the sake of Your Word, let me live!

155 Take me away from the sinners…
Those who haven’t searched for Your rules.
156 But, You are filled with compassion, O Lord…
So with Your righteous decisions, please save my life.

157 Though many are trying to drive me away,
And many are those who oppress me;
I haven’t strayed from Your words.

158 I’ve seen others who are lacking good sense,
And because they don’t follow Your words,
They are just wasting away.

159 Notice how I’ve loved Your Commandments, O Lord!
So in mercy, please save my life!
160 For Your words have been true from the start…
Age-long are Your judgments and justice.

161 Without any reason, I’m being pursued,
And my heart is in dread of Your words.
162 But I’ll shout in praise if You’ll send me a sign,
As one who has found great rewards.

163 I’ve detested and abhorred all injustice,
And Your Law, I have always loved.
164 Seven times each day, I praise Your decisions,
And I think well of Your justice.

165 Peace comes to those who are loving Your Laws,
And nothing can stand in their way.
166 So, in Your salvation, I’ve trusted, O God,
Because I have loved Your Commandments.

167 My soul has guarded Your words…
It proves how I truly have loved them.
168 I have kept Your words and Commandments,
And my ways, O Jehovah, are open before You.

169 O Lord, please hear what I’m begging,
And help me to understand all Your signs.

170 If You find me worthy, please let me approach…
Save me, as You’ve shown me through omens.
171 Then, with my lips, I’ll sing hymns,
And I’ll let You teach me Your rules.
172 With my tongue, I will sing of Your omens,
And of how Your Commandments are righteous.

173 Please send Your hand down to save me,
For, I’ve accepted all Your Commandments.
174 Your salvation is what I have longed for, O Lord,
And I’ve contemplated all of Your Laws.

175 So, if You’ll allow me to live,
I will [continue to] praise You,
And Your decisions will serve as my guide.

176 But, I have strayed like a lamb
That would have perished alone;
So, please come and search for Your servant,
For Your Commandments, I’ve never forgotten.

Psalm 120

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 In my despair, I called to the Lord,
And to [my prayer], He then listened.
2 ‘From unrighteous lips, please save me, O Lord…
[Save me] from those who have tongues that deceive.

3 ‘What can I give and what can I add
When it comes to those with tongues that tell lies?
4 For against me, the arrows of the mighty
Are now being sharpened in coals.

5 ‘I’ve run far away to escape them,
And in [the Valley of] Cedars, I’ve camped.
6 My soul was forced to run off and hide
From these men who hate peaceful ways…
7 Though I’ve spoken mildly to them,
They’ve battled with me for no reason.’

Psalm 121

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 I’ve lifted my eyes toward that Mountain
From which I receive all my aid.
2 For my help comes from Jehovah…
The One who made the heavens and earth.

3 He won’t let your feet stumble,
For the One who keeps watch never sleeps…
4 No, IsraEl’s protector never slumbers or sleeps.

5 Jehovah’s your guard and protector;
He’s always at your right hand.
6 So by day, the sun won’t beat down upon you,
Nor will the moon, during the night.

7 Jehovah will protect you from evil,
For the Lord watches over your soul.
8 Jehovah will guard your comings and goings,
From now and into the ages.

Psalm 122

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 I’m overjoyed when they tell me,
‘To the house of Jehovah, we’ll go,
2 And we’ll stand within JeruSalem’s gates.’

3 JeruSalem was built as a city
That we can all share together,
4 And the tribes of Jehovah go up there;
For, this is required by IsraEl’s Law.

5 There sits the throne from which judgments come…
The throne of the house of [King] David.
6 It’s where you can [pray] for JeruSalem’s peace,
And prosperity for all whom you love.

7 [Pray], ‘Let there be peace for our army,
And prosperity for our fortified towns.
8 On behalf of my brothers and neighbors,
I pray for peace upon all…
9 I’ve come to the [House] of Jehovah our God
To pray for good things [to come].’

Psalm 123

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 I have lifted my eyes
To the One who lives in the heavens.
2 For as the eyes of a slave look to his master,
And as the eyes of a handmaid look to her lady;
Our eyes should look to Jehovah our God
Until He shows His pity for us.

3 Show mercy upon us, Jehovah…
Please extend Your mercy to us!
For, with disrespect, we’ve been treated…
4 Our lives have been filled with the scorn of the rich,
And with the contempt of the haughty.

Psalm 124

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 Unless Jehovah is with us…
2 Say it, O IsraEl!
3 Unless Jehovah is with us,
The men who attack will swallow us down…
4 In their rage, we would have been drowned,
And their streams would have taken our lives
5 Their raging waters would have taken our lives!

6 So, praise Jehovah, because He provides,
And we won’t be given as game for their teeth.
7 Like sparrows, our lives will be rescued
From the traps of men who are hunting us down.

Yes their snares have been broken and we have been saved,
8 Since we’ve looked to the Name of Jehovah for aid…
The One who made the heavens and earth.

Psalm 125

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 All those who put faith in Jehovah
Are like those [who live on] Mount Zion.
For, those who live in JeruSalem
Have remained firm through the ages.

2 And as [that city’s] surrounded by mountains,
The Lord will encircle His people
From now and through eons of time.

3 For, He won’t allow whips of sinners
To [fall on the backs] of the righteous…
They will not be stretched out before them,
Or by their hands, be mistreated.

4 O Jehovah; do good for those doing good
And for those whose hearts have been straight.
5 But remove those who are turning toward badness…
Take them away with the lawless, O Lord;
And in IsraEl, may there be peace!

Psalm 126

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 When Jehovah returns Zion’s captives,
It will bring comfort to us.
2 With joyful [cries], our mouths will be filled,
And our tongues will be shouting cheers.

Then, those of the nations will say,
‘Jehovah has proven Himself to be great
By the ways that He is dealing with them.’
3 Yes, He will prove Himself great
By the good ways that He treats us…
Yes, He will make us all joyful!

4 O Jehovah, please bring back our captives,
As water returns to the streams in the south.
5 Then, those who are planting with tears
Will harvest with cries that are joyful.

6 For the ones who’ve been taken are gone,
So those scattering seeds now do so with tears.
But when they return, we’ll be shouting in joy
As we carry our sheaves [to Your Temple].

Psalm 127

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 If the house isn’t built by Jehovah,
Its builders have [worked hard] in vain.
And if the Lord isn’t guarding a city,
It’s in vain to stay awake and keep watch…
2 Though you arise early and go to bed late,
It will all be in vain.

O you who must eat bread of grief;
He will still bring rest to those whom He loves.

3 {Look!} The inheritance of Jehovah is sons,
And your wage is the fruit of the belly.
4 For the sons born to you are like arrows
In the hands of the mighty.

5 So, those filling their [quivers] with [sons] are the blest,
For they will not be disgraced
When they must stand against enemies
Who have arrived at their gates.

Psalm 128

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 Blest are those in fear of Jehovah…
Those who walk in His ways.
2 For, from the works of their hands, they will eat…
They will be blest and all will go well.

3 Your wives will prosper like grape vines,
Which grow on the walls of your homes.
And your sons will be like young olive trees,
As they sit ‘round your table.

4 {Look!} Those who fear Jehovah are blest…
5 Yes, may He bless them from Zion.
May they all see good from JeruSalem
Throughout the rest of their lives…
6 May they live to see the sons of their sons,
And on IsraEl, may there be peace!

Psalm 129

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 Many times, they’ve waged war against me
Since the time of my youth…
Say it, O IsraEl!
2 Many times, they’ve waged war against me
Since the time of my youth,
Yet, they’ve been unable to beat me.

3 Behind my back, the sinners conspired,
As they continued in their lawless ways.
4 But [our God Jehovah] is righteous,
For He’s chopped them off at their necks.

5 Let them be shamed and be forced to retreat…
All those are hating Mount Zion.
6 Let them become like grass on the roofs
After it’s pulled up and dried.

7 Why hasn’t the harvester filled up his hands,
Or collected the sheaves to his chest?
8 Because those passing by didn’t offer this blessing:
‘We bless you in the Name of the Lord.’

Psalm 130

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 I cried out to You from the depths, O my Lord:
2 ‘O Jehovah, please hear my voice…
May Your ears hear the words of my prayers!

3 ‘If You just look upon our lawless ways;
O Lord, who’ll be able to stand?
4 But though we have reason to fear You,
You have covered our sins.

‘Because of Your Name, I’ve waited for You…
5 O Jehovah; My soul has awaited Your word…
6 My soul has put hope in the Lord
From early-watches until late at night.’

7 Let IsraEl put faith in Jehovah,
For in mercy, He has paid our ransom…
8 IsraEl has been repurchased by Him
From their own lawless ways.

Psalm 131

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 O Jehovah; I haven’t exalted my heart,
Nor have my eyes been too lofty.
I haven’t traveled with great ones,
Nor in the wonders of those who’re above me…
2 For if I’ve failed to be humble, I’ve sinned!

But now, my life has been raised
As one who’s been weaned from his mother.
So, please ransom my soul,
3 And may IsraEl put faith in Jehovah
From now and into the ages.

Psalm 132

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 O Lord; remember [King] David,
And all of his gentle ways.
2 For he swore an oath to Jehovah…
To the God of Jacob, he made this vow:

3 ‘When I go home and go to bed,
4 Could I let my eyes fall asleep
Or my eyelids to slumber as I rest in my house,
5 Before I find a place for Jehovah…
A Tent for the God of Jacob [to dwell]?’

6 {Look!} We’ve heard it was there in EphRatha…
It was found in the plains among groves.
7 So we went to His Tent and we bowed there,
In the land that serves as His footstool.

8 Now, arise from Your rest, O Jehovah,
And visit the Chest in Your Most Holy Place.
9 Then Your Priests will make themselves righteous,
And Your holy ones will cry out in joy.

10 From [King] David Your servant…
From Your anointed, You’ll not turn away.
11 For Jehovah swore this to David as truth,
And He will never annul it:

‘On your throne, I’ll establish the fruit of your belly.
12 So, if your sons guard My Sacred Agreement
And obey all the rules that I’ll teach them;
Through the ages, their sons will sit on your throne.’

13 Now, Jehovah has chosen [Mount] Zion…
He took it as His own place to dwell when He said:
14 ‘Here, I will rest through ages of ages
It’s [the place that] I’ve chosen and where I will stay.

15 ‘I will bless the blest among her wild beasts,
And with bread, I will fill up her poor.
16 Her Priests, I’ll clothe with salvation,
And her holy ones will sing songs of joy.

17 ‘There, I will raise David’s trumpet,
And for My anointed, I’ll ready a lamp.
18 Then I’ll clothe his enemies with shame,
And on him, I’ll make holiness blossom.’

Psalm 133

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 {Look!} How good and delightful it is
When brothers can all live together.
2 It’s like perfumed oil that runs down the beard…
Upon Aaron’s beard and then down his clothes.

3 It’s like the dew on [Mount] Hermon
That runs to the mountains of Zion.
For it’s there that Jehovah gave meaning
To the blessing of life through the ages.

Psalm 134

A song [to be sung] while ascending [to the Temple on Mount MoriAh].

1 Praise Jehovah, His servants…
Those who stand in the House of the Lord…
Those who stand in the courtyards
Of the House of our God through the night.

2 Raise your hands to His Holy Place,
And give praise to the Lord.
3 May Jehovah bless you from Zion…
The One who made the lands and skies.

Psalm 135

Praise Jah.

1 Praise the Name of the Lord
Yes, praise Jehovah, His servants…
2 All you who stand at His Temple…
In the courtyards of the House of our God.

3 Praise Jehovah, because He is good…
Play music to His Glorious Name.
4 For, He chose Jacob to be His own…
IsraEl is the Lord’s prized possession.

5 I know that Jehovah is great,
And our Lord is higher than all other gods.
6 He’s done His Will in the Heavens and earth,
As well as in the seas and their depths.

7 He leads the clouds from the ends of the earth…
He made the lightning and rain,
And He brings the winds from His storehouse.

8 He struck the firstborn of Egypt…
All those from men to their cattle.
9 Signs and wonders, He sent to [that land]…
Upon PharaOh and all of his servants.

10 He’s the One who struck many nations,
And brought death to their mightiest kings.
11 There was Seon, the Amorite king,
As well as Og, king of BaShan,
And all the kingdoms of CanaAn.
12 Then He gave us their lands to inherit
For IsraEl (His people) to own.

13 O Jehovah;
Your fame [will last] through the ages
For generations, it’s how You’ll be known.
14 Jehovah will judge all His people,
And they will bring Him much comfort.

15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold…
They’re just the works of men’s hands.
16 A mouth they have, but they cannot speak;
Eyes they have, but they cannot see;
17 Ears they have, but they cannot hear,
Nor have they any breath in their mouths.
18 So, may those who made them be like them,
As well as all those who serve them.

19 O House of IsraEl, give praise to Jehovah!
O House of Aaron, give praise to Jehovah!
20 O House of Levi, give praise to Jehovah…
All those fearing the Lord, praise Jehovah!
21 May Jehovah be praised in JeruSalem…
Praise [the God] who tents upon Zion.

Psalm 136

Praise Jah.

1 Let’s confess to Jehovah, because He is good,
And His mercies endure through the ages.
2 Let’s confess to the God of all gods,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

3 Let’s confess to the Lord of all lords,
For His mercies endure through the ages.
4 Only He does things that are wondrous and great,
And His mercies endure through the ages.

5 He crafted the skies with great skill,
And His mercies endure through the ages.
6 Over water, He raised solid ground,
And His mercies endure through the ages.

7 He alone made the lights [in the skies],
And His mercies endure through the ages.
8 He made the sun the ruler of day,
And His mercies endure through the ages.
9 The moon and stars, He made rulers of night,
And His mercies endure through the ages.

10 He’s the One who struck the firstborn of Egypt,
And His mercies endure through the ages.
11 Then, from their midst, He led IsraEl,
For His mercies endure through the ages,
12 With His arm and hand lifted high,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

13 Then He split apart the Red Sea,
For His mercies endure through the ages;
14 And through its midst, He led IsraEl,
For His mercies endure through the ages.
15 He shook PharaOh and his army into the sea,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

16 Then He led His people into the desert,
For His mercies endure through the ages;
17 And there, great kings, He struck down,
For His mercies endure through the ages…
18 Yes, many strong kings He destroyed there,
For His mercies endure through the ages,
19 Such as Seon the Amorite king,
For His mercies endure through the ages,
20 As well as Og, king of Bashan,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

21 Then, as our inheritance, He gave us their land,
For His mercies endure through the ages…
22 An inheritance to IsraEl, His servant,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

23 He didn’t forget us when we shamed ourselves,
For His mercies endure through the ages;
24 He ransomed us from our enemies’ hands,
For His mercies endure through the ages.
25 Then, He nourished our flesh,
For His mercies endure through the ages.
26 So, confess to God, O you heavens,
For His mercies endure through the ages.

Psalm 137

A Psalm of David through JeremiAh.

1 At Babylon’s rivers we sat
And we wept, as we thought of [Mount] Zion.
2 And there in [Babylon’s] midst,
We hung our instruments on willows.

3 For there, our captors had asked us
To sing the words of our psalms…
Yes, those who took us away, dared to say:
‘From the odes of Zion, please sing us a song.’
4 But, how can we sing the songs of the Lord,
There in an alien land?

5 O [City of] JeruSalem;
Should I ever forget you,
May I also forget my right hand.
6 May my tongue stick to the [roof of my mouth]
If I ever fail to remember
And prefer the joys of JeruSalem,
Which I had known long ago.

7 Remember the sons of Edom, O Lord,
In JeruSalem’s day…
Those who said, ‘Make it empty…
Cut it down to its very foundations!’

8 O miserable daughters of Babylon;
Blest are those who’ll repay you
With the same sort of payment that you sent to us…
9 Yes, blest is the one who’ll grab hold of you
And dash your infants on rocks!

Psalm 138

A Psalm for David, by HagGai and ZachariAh.

1 With my whole heart, I thank You, O Lord,
And I’ll sing Your psalms before angels
May You hear these words that will come from my mouth.

2 I’ll bow toward Your Holy Temple,
And I will give thanks to Your Name
Because of Your mercy and truth…
[I’ll sing] about Your Holy Name,
Which You have raised above all.

3 In whatever day that I call upon You,
Please quickly answer my prayer,
And give my soul the strength to endure.

4 Let the kings of the earth give You thanks,
For they’ve heard all the words that came from Your mouth.
5 Then, let them sing of the ways of the Lord,
For the glory of Jehovah is great.

6 Though Jehovah is higher than all,
He still watches out for the lowly,
While the haughty, He sees from afar.

7 Though I’ve had to walk through difficult times,
It was You who gave me the strength.
And against my enemy’s rage,
You thereafter, lifted Your hands,
And with Your right hand, You saved me.

8 O Jehovah… repay them for me,
For Your mercy, O Lord, lasts through ages…
Don’t overlook the works of Your hands!

Psalm 139

To the director; A Psalm.

1 O Jehovah, You’ve known me and tried me.
2 You knew me when I rose or sat down…
From far away, You’ve known all my thoughts.

3 You’ve traced out my path through bent grass,
And looked ahead to the ways that I’ll go;
4 So You know that there’s no deceit on my tongue.

O Jehovah; there’s nothing that You do not know…
5 Both the things that have past and the things that will be.

It was You who shaped me and made me…
You laid me out in [the palm] of Your hand.
6 So the knowledge of You brings me wonder and strength,
And no way can I fully comprehend it.

7 Where could I go [to hide] from Your Breath,
And where could I flee from Your presence?
8 If I flew to the sky, You would be there;
And I will still be in Your hand
When I must go to the place of the dead.

9 If I could grow wings [and fly toward] the dawn,
Or if I could camp at the ends of the seas,
10 Your hand would be there to guide me,
And in Your right hand, You’d hold me.

11 I said, ‘I’ll surely be trampled by darkness,
And around me, the light will turn into night.’
12 But the dark isn’t darkness to You…
Night is as day and darkness as light.

13 For, You [have examined] my kidneys,
And it’s You who took me from my mother’s womb;
14 So, I will offer You praise.

The wonders of Your works, I’ve thought of in fear…
And the man within me knows this is true.

15 Even my bones weren’t hidden from You
When You made me in secret.
When I was conceived on the earth,
16 You saw me before I was finished;
For You write the lives of all men in Your scroll
On the day they are formed and alone.

17 How precious are Your thoughts, O my God;
They’ve been mighty ever since the beginning.
18 And if I were able to count them,
They’d be more than the sands [of the seas]…
Yet, when I wake up You’re still with me.

19 Please destroy the sinners, O God…
Turn [Your face] from all men of blood!
20 For, concerning their thoughts, You have said,
‘They’ve acted like fools in My [land].’

21 O Lord, I hate those who hate You,
And against Your enemies, I have shown zeal.
22 In perfect hatred, I’ve learned to detest them,
And they are my enemies also.

23 So, try me, O God, and examine my heart…
Search me through and know all my paths.
24 See if any lawless ways are within me,
Then guide me to the paths of the ages.

Psalm 140

To the director; A Psalm of David.

1 Please take me away, O Jehovah,
From all of these wicked men…
Save me from the unrighteous…
2 Those whose hearts are unrighteous all day,
And are always ready for war!
3 For like snakes, they have sharpened their tongues,
And the poison of asps is under their lips.

4 From the hands of sinners, please guard me, O Lord…
Remove me from the unrighteous…
Those who’ve laid plans to stumble my feet.
5 For against me, the proud have hidden their snares…
Ropes, they’ve held out to trip me,
And obstacles they’ve placed in my path.

6 I said to Jehovah, ‘You are my God;
O Lord, please hear the sound of my prayers!
7 O Mighty Lord; who else can save me?
Watch over my head in the day of the war.’

8 O Lord; don’t grant them the things that they want…
Those sinners who are railing against me…
Don’t leave me, so they won’t grow [stronger].

9 Bring trouble to those who surround me,
And then, close up their lips.
10 Into coals of fire, please throw them…
In a miserable place where they’ll not rise again!

11 May those slandering me never prosper…
May the unrighteous hunt them like prey
And search for great ways to harm them.

12 I know that Jehovah keeps watch on the poor,
And He stands up for the needy.
13 So, may the righteous sing songs to His Name,
And may the upright dwell in [the light] of His face.

Psalm 141

A Psalm of David.

1 O Jehovah, I’ve called out to You;
So, please pay attention to my cries.
2 May my prayers rise before You like incense,
And the raising of my hands as an evening sacrifice.

3 O Jehovah; set a watch for my mouth
And a fortress door for my lips.
4 Don’t allow wicked words to enter my heart,
Or the deeds of the lawless to become my excuse.

If I’ve ever been guilty of taking their things,
5 May the righteous correct and rebuke me.
May I not be considered a friend to the wicked,
And may my prayers be in opposition
To all the things they desire.

6 For their judges were swallowed down next to the rocks,
So they didn’t hear the sweet words I’ve spoken.
7 The ground beneath them ripped open,
And pulled their bones into the grave.

8 In You, O Jehovah my Lord,
My eyes have trusted in the hope
That You will keep watch on my life.

9 So, keep me away from the snares that they’ve hidden…
The obstacles that the lawless have set.
10 Within their own nets, may those sinners be caught,
And may they remain there until I have passed.

Psalm 142

A Psalm of contemplation by David about the time when he was praying in the cave.

1 With my voice, I cried to Jehovah…
Before Him, I [bowed down to] beg.
2 I poured out before Him the things that I need,
And I spoke of how I was being oppressed.
3 For He knows that my spirit has failed me,
And they’ve hidden their snares on the roads that I walk.

4 Then I looked to the right and I noticed
There was no one around whom I knew…
There was also nowhere to run,
And about my life, no one was concerned.

5 So I cried out to Him, ‘O Jehovah!
I’m calling to You, for You are my hope…
Since You’re all that I have in the land of the living,
6 Please listen to the things that I’m begging;
For before You, I’ve humbled my soul.

‘Save me from those who pursue me,
Because they are stronger than me.
7 Lead my soul out of this prison
So that I can keep praising Your Name.
Then the righteous will gather around me,
Because of the goodness You’ve shown.’

Psalm 143

A Psalm of David about when his son was pursuing him.

1 Please hear my prayer, O Jehovah…
In Your truth, hear the things that I beg!
Listen to me in Your justice,
2 And please don’t pass judgment on me.
For I know that none of the living
Can ever be righteous before You.

3 My enemy had chased me and humbled my soul
My life had been cut to the ground!
And through the rest of the age,
He would have me thrown into the darkness
That is reserved for the dead.

4 So the spirit within me was troubled,
And my heart was very disturbed.
5 Then, days of old, I remembered…
I thought of the things that You’ve done,
And I pondered the works of Your hands.

6 So I opened my [arms] and spread them before You,
For my life had become like a desert.
7 Then, quickly You heard me, Jehovah…
[Before] I had to give up my breath.

So from me, please don’t turn Your face,
Or make me like those going into the pit.
8 May I be heard in the morning once more;
For, I have put faith in Your mercy.

O Jehovah; please show me the way I should go,
For to You, I have lifted my soul.
9 From those who hate me, please save me, O Lord;
For I’ve taken refuge in You.

10 You are my God, so teach me Your Will;
For Your Spirit is good and will serve as my guide
To lead me in paths that are straight.

11 Because of Your Name, O Jehovah;
You will allow me to live,
And will Your justice lead me away
From all of this pain in my life.

12 To my enemies, please send destruction,
And please show mercy on me…
Wipe away those who’re trying to kill me,
For I am Your servant, O Lord.

Psalm 144

A Psalm of David to GoliAth.

1 Praise Jehovah my God
Who has taught my hands to fight battles,
And the arts of war to my fingers.

2 He’s my mercy, my refuge, and shield…
He is my defender and Savior.
Since He made my people obey me,
In Him, I have put all my hope.

3 What is mankind to You, O Jehovah,
That to us, You’d make Yourself known,
Or the son of man, that You’d think about him?
4 For we really don’t have any value,
And our days pass by like the shadows.

5 O Jehovah; lean down from Your heavens…
Touch the mountains and cause them to smoke.
6 Shoot Your arrows to disturb them…
Flash lightning and drive them away.

7 Reach Your hand down from the heights,
Then grab me out of the water…
From the sons of strangers, please save me!
8 For, with their mouths, they say foolish things,
And their right hands are filled with unrighteous ways.

9 O God; to You, I will sing a new song,
Which I’ll play on my harp of ten strings:
10 ‘Please bring salvation to this king…
From the sword, save David, Your servant!

11 ‘From these sons of strangers, please save me.
For their mouths have said foolish things,
And their right hands are filled with unrighteous ways.

12 ‘Whose sons are these… they’re like new-planted seeds,
Which feel secure in their youth.
Their daughters are well dressed and brightly adorned…
As nicely as you’d see in a temple.

13 ‘Their storerooms are all overflowing,
And their sheep are very prolific…
For they multiply in the streets,
14 While their oxen have grown thick [and strong].

‘None of their fences are broken;
None of their streams are [befouled];
And no crying is heard in their squares.

15 ‘Rather, bless the people of whom this is true…
Bless those whose God is Jehovah!’

Psalm 145

A praise of David.

1 I’ll raise Your [Name] high, my God and my King,
And through the age and the age of the ages,
I will [sing] praises about You.
2 I will praise Your Name every day…
I’ll praise Your Name through the rest of the age
And into the age of the ages.

3 Jehovah is great and praiseworthy…
There is no end to His greatness.
4 To one generation after another,
I will sing in praise of Your works
And I will report of Your power.

5 I’ll speak of Your majesty also,
And about Your holiness and glory;
Then, I will describe all Your wonders.

6 I’ll speak of Your power and Your fearful deeds,
And I will describe all Your greatness,
7 So the memory of all the kindness You’ve shown
Will keep on growing [among them].

Then, about Your justice, they’ll shout:
8 ‘Jehovah is very forgiving…
He’s filled with kindness and mercy.
9 The Lord is benevolent also…
He shows compassion in all that He does.’

10 May all of Your works give praise to You…
Yes, may all of Your holy ones praise You!
11 May they speak of Your glorious Kingdom,
And boast of the realm of Your rule.

12 To all sons of men, may Your rule become known,
And the glory of the majesty of Your Kingdom.
13 Your Kingdom is a kingdom of the ages,
And Your authority is through generations.

What Jehovah says can be trusted,
And the things that He does are all holy.
14 He gives support to the fallen,
And He builds up all the broken.

15 Yes, to You, all eyes look in hope,
And at right times, You provide them their food…
16 You just open Your hand,
And all living things are then filled.

17 Jehovah is righteous in all of His ways,
And the things that He does are all holy.
18 Jehovah is near to those calling on Him…
To those who call on Him in truth.

19 He’ll do the will of all those who fear Him…
He’ll hear their prayers and He’ll save them.
20 For Jehovah guards all those who love Him,
But the sinners, He will wipe away.

21 So my mouth will speak in praise of Jehovah…
May all flesh speak well of His Name.
Praise Him throughout the rest of this age,
And into the age of the ages!

Psalm 146

Praise Jah. A Psalm of HagGai and ZachariAh.

1 Praise Jehovah, my soul!
2 With my whole life, I’ll give praise to the Lord
And I’ll strum to my God for as long as I live!

3 Do not put faith in your rulers;
For, sons of men cannot save you.
4 Their breath goes out and they’re gone from their land…
In that day, their thoughts pass away.

5 Blest are those who have Jacob’s God as their aid…
Those who put trust in Jehovah…
6 The One who made the heavens and earth…
The seas and everything in them…
The One who guards truth through the ages
7 The One who brings justice to those who’ve been wronged,
And who provides food to the hungry.

For Jehovah releases the shackled,
8 And to the blind, He gives wisdom.
Those who’ve been broken, Jehovah restores,
And He loves all those who are righteous.

9 The Lord guards foreigners, orphans, and widows;
But the ways of sinners, He wipes away.
10 O Zion; Jehovah reigns through the age…
Through all generations, He is your God!

Psalm 147

Praise Jah. A Psalm of HagGai and ZechariAh.

1 Praise Jehovah, for our God is good,
And praising Him is delightful!
2 For our Lord will rebuild JeruSalem,
And return all of His scattered people.

3 He’s the One who mends broken hearts,
And wraps all those who are broken.
4 He has counted all of the stars,
And He calls each one by its name.

5 Great is our Lord and great is His strength…
There’s no way to count all the things that He knows.
6 Jehovah watches over the meek,
While sinners are humbled and led to the ground.

7 So, take the lead in praising Jehovah…
Strum to our God on your harps!
8 For He made the clouds that cover the skies,
And from them, sends rain to the ground,
Which makes the grass grow on the mountains,
And shoots to sprout for men [to consume].
9 He’s the One who gives food to their cattle,
And to the infants of crows…
To all that are calling upon Him.

10 He doesn’t need the strength of a horse,
Nor has He any use for men’s legs.
11 But Jehovah thinks well of those who fear Him,
And of those who trust in His mercy.

12 So, praise Jehovah, JeruSalem…
O Zion, give praise to your God!
13 For He’s strengthened the bars on your gates,
And He allows you to give your sons blessings.

14 He’s the One who brings peace to your borders,
And the fatness of wheat to your bellies.
15 He’s the One who sends His signs to the earth,
And the things that He says happen quickly.

16 He sends us His snow as though it were wool,
And He strews the fog as though ashes.
17 Like breadcrumbs, He scatters His ice,
And who can withstand His chill?
18 But, by His word, it will all melt…
He can blow His breath and turn it to water.

19 He’s the One who gave signs to Jacob…
To IsraEl, He sent His rules and decisions.
20 He’s done this for no other nation…
To no other lands have His judgments been shown…
So we should [sing] praises about Him!

Psalm 148

Praise Jah. A Psalm of HagGai and ZechariAh.

1 All you in the heavens; give praise to Jehovah…
Yes, praise Him in all the high places.
2 All of His angels should praise Him…
Yes, praise Him, all you in His armies!

3 Praise Him, O sun and moon;
Yes, praise Him, all stars and all lights!
4 Praise Him, O heavens of heavens,
And praise Him you waters that cover the skies!

5 Praise the Name of the Lord,
For He just spoke and they came to be…
He gave the instructions, and then they began!
6 He’s established them into the ages,
And into the age of the ages.
So, since He’s the One who set them in place,
They will not pass away.

7 You beasts on the ground, give praise to Jehovah,
As should those who dwell in the deep!
8 For fire, hail, and snow, and icy wind blasts,
All arrive by His Word,
9 As did the mountains and hills,
And all the fruit-bearing trees.

He’s the One who made all the cedars…
10 All the wild beasts and slithering things,
And all the feathered, winged creatures.
11 He made all the kings and their subjects…
The rulers and all of the judges…
12 The young men and virgins, the old the young;
13 So, let them all praise the Name of the Lord!

His Name alone is the highest,
And He’s higher than all the skies and the lands;
14 So, all should be raising their horns
And [singing] hymns to His holy ones…
Yes, to the sons of IsraEl …
A people whom He’s held so dearly.

Psalm 149

Praise Jah.

1 Sing a new song to Jehovah…
In the gatherings of the holy, sing His praises.
2 Let IsraEl [take pride in] their maker,
And may Zion’s sons rejoice in their king.

3 Then, may they all dance to His Name…
May they dance to the strumming of lutes,
And to the beating of tambourines.

4 Jehovah finds pleasure in His people,
And the meek, He will lift up and save.
5 Then the holy will boast of their glory,
And shout in joy from their beds.

6 They will praise God with their throats;
For with a double-edged sword in His hands,
7 He’s coming to punish the nations,
And to scold them for the bad things they’ve done.

8 He’ll tie up their kings and put them in stocks,
And put shackles of iron on their nobles.
9 For He’s coming to bring execution
Because of the judgments that He’s written about them,
And to bring His holy ones glory.

Psalm 150

Praise Jah.

1 In His Most Holy Place, praise our God…
Throughout all space, praise His power.
2 In His dominion, shout praises of Him…
In the expanse, give praise to His greatness.

3 Praise Him by the blowing the trumpets;
Praise Him with lutes and with harps;
4 Praise Him with tambourines,
And with the company of dancers.

Praise Him with the strings of the lyre,
Praise Him with the sounds of woodwinds.
5 Praise Him with the clashing of cymbals;
And along with the cymbals, add shouts…
6 May all that breathes praise Jehovah!

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