From the Greek Septuagint text as was used by First Century Christians
A prophecy that was spoken against IsraEl and the Jews sometime around the middle 5th Century BCE.

Chapter 1

1 This is the matter of the word of Jehovah concerning IsraEl [that came] by the hand of His messenger.

2 ‘I have loved you,’ says Jehovah.
'But you've asked, How have You loved us?

'Wasn’t Esau the brother of Jacob?' asked Jehovah,
‘Yet, though I loved Jacob, 3 I disliked [his brother].
So I ordered an end to his borders,
And I gave him a home in the desert.

4 'And because Edom will say,
Although we've been cut down,
We will return and rebuild our [homes].

For this,' says Jehovah, the Almighty;
‘If they rebuild them, I’ll still knock them down;
For the Lawless Borders, is what they’ll be called,
And a People Opposed to Jehovah.

5 'And when your eyes this, you'll say:
Jehovah has been magnified,
Far beyond IsraEl's borders.

6 'Fathers are glorified by their sons,
And a servant gives glory to his master;
But, if I’m you father, where is My glory;
And if I'm your Lord, where is [your] fear,’
Asks Jehovah, the Almighty?

‘You Priests treat My Name with contempt,
Then you ask how you've shown it dishonor…
7 By bringing unclean bread to My Altar!

'Then you ask how you've made it unclean…
You do it when you say that My table's unclean,
And you treat it with contempt by the things that you bring.

8 'For, when you offer [a lamb] that is blind,
Isn't this something that's evil?
And when you bring Me the lame or the ill,
Isn't this [something that’s] bad?

'Bring it instead to [your king]
(The man who [rules over] you)…
Will he then show special favor?
Yes, when you present it to him,
Will he bestow honor upon you,’
Asks Jehovah, the Almighty? ‘No!’

9 ‘Now, repent before the face of your God…
Yes, come before Him and beg!
With all the bad being done by your hands,
Should I accept such things from your souls,’
Asks Jehovah, the Almighty? ‘No!’

10 ‘So to you, the doors will be closed…
You can't come and ask for My favor,
By igniting a fire on My Altar.

'There is nothing at all that I need from you,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.
‘So, I will not accept any [gifts] from your hands.

11 ‘Among all of the nations
(All from the sunrise to the sunset),
My Name is being glorified.
For they burn incense to My Name,
And what they offer before Me is pure!

'My Name is great among all the nations,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.
12 ‘But, you profane it whenever you say,
Jehovah's table's unclean,
And you treat the food that's set before Me,
As something that's worthy of contempt.

13 ‘For you say, It is just too much trouble
And then, you [sniff in distain],’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty,
‘As you bring Me game and the lame and the ill.

'Yes, such things, you've offered to Me.
But, when I receive such things from your hands,
Do you think that I'll show you favor,’
Asks Jehovah, the Almighty? ‘No!’

14 ‘Cursed is the powerful man,
Who has a male [sheep] in his flock,
And whose vow [that was promised] comes due…
Then he offers Me one that’s imperfect instead!
For, no one is greater than Me,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty,
‘Among the nations, My Name is well-known!’

Chapter 2

1 ‘O Priests, this is what I am saying:
2 If you won't listen and take it to heart,
That My Name must be glorified,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty;
‘Then, I will send curses upon you…
I will curse all the things that you want me to bless…
I’ll curse them and not them happen,
If you don’t take this message to heart.

3 '{Look!} The [lamb’s] shoulder, I've given as yours;
But I can still throw its dung in your face…
[I’ll give you] manure for your holiday feasts,
And at that time, I’ll remove you!
4 And then, you will know I am the One,
Who sent these instructions to you.

'It’s My agreement with Levi,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.
5 'For I made an agreement with him…
An agreement that will bring life and peace.
I also gave him fear, so he'd fear Me,
And prepared him to give My Name glory.

6 'The law of truth, [I put] in his mouth,
And unrighteous words weren't found on his lips.
Straightforward in peace, he traveled with Me,
And many, he turned from injustice.

7 'So the Priests must safeguard the knowledge,
That once came from his lips,
And seek the laws that came from his mouth;
For, he had served as an angel,
Of the Almighty Jehovah.

8 ‘But, you have turned from his ways,
And many, you’ve turned from the Law…
You’ve corrupted My sacred agreement with Levi,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty!

9 ‘So, I have now handed you over,
To those whom you view with contempt…
To those whom even the gentiles,
Do not view with respect.
For, you haven’t guarded My ways,
And My people, you've turned from My Law.

10 ‘Don’t you each have one father?
And weren’t you formed by one God?
So, why have you each let your brothers,
Profane My Agreement with your fathers?

11 ‘For this, Judah will be abandoned…
Because, in IsraEl and JeruSalem,
Disgusting things are now being done.

'For Judah has profaned the Lord's holy things
(Things that I [dearly] loved),
When they [turned] to alien gods.

12 'So the Lord will destroy those who've done this,
And Jacob’s tents will be humbled…
All those who carry sacrifices [to Me].

13 ‘Yes, you're the ones who have done all these things,
And that's why I've come to hate you…
For you’ve covered My Altar with tears!

'You've brought weeping and moaning upon it,
Because of the troubles you've caused.
And you thought that I’d still consider your offerings,
And accept them as though they were worthy?

14 ‘So, the time has come when you'll ask Me:
Why have You done this [to us]?
It's because the Lord has served as a witness,
Between you and the wives of your youth
(Those whom you’ve sent away).
For, they have [long] been your partners…
They’re the ones to whom [you've sworn oaths]!

15 'Because you're doing such things,
Do not expect Me to send what is good
With even small portions of My Holy Breath!

‘Then you asked:
What more than a seed, does God want?
[I want you to] safeguard your spirits,
And not abandon the wives of your youth!

16 'No, do not detest them and send them away,
Then cover it up in your minds,'
Says Jehovah, IsraEl’s God.

For, thus says Jehovah, the Almighty God:
'Keep a close watch on your spirits,
And do not abandon [your women]!

17 'You also provoke Him with things that you say…
And then you ask how you've done this.
By your saying, Before Him, the wicked are good…
He really thinks [kindly] of them,

And, Where is this God who wants justice?

Chapter 3

1 {Look!} I will be sending My messenger,
To prepare the way in front of My face.
Then the lord (the one for whom you've been searching)
Will suddenly arrive at My Temple…
This messenger of [My] Sacred Agreement.

‘Look, he's coming,’ says Jehovah, the Almighty!
2 ‘Now, who will endure the Day he arrives;
Yes, when he appears, who can stand?
For he'll enter like the fire of a furnace,
And [arrive like] lye to do washing.

3 'He'll put his melting pot in a furnace,
As they do when they refine silver;
Then the sons of Levi, he will refine,
And he'll pour them out like silver or gold.

'Then, before Jehovah, they'll serve,
To offer sacrifices that are righteous.
4 And He will be pleased once again,
With the offerings of Judah and JeruSalem,
As He was in the days of the ages,
And in the years of long ago.

5 ‘Then I’ll come against you in judgment,
And against all those who make potions.
I'll also be a swift witness,
Against those committing adultery,
And those swearing false oaths in My Name…
Against those who don’t pay their employees…
Against those who tyrannize orphans and widows,
And to foreigners, will not offer justice.

'Yes, these are the ones that don’t fear Me,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty…
6 'I’m Jehovah, your God, and I never change!

7 ‘For you sons of Jacob just won’t turn away,
From the sins of your fathers…
You’ve not turned from them or guarded My Laws!

'[All I ask] is for you to turn back to Me, And then, I’ll turn back to you,'
Says Jehovah, the Almighty!
'Yet you ask, From what things do we have to turn back?

8 'Will a man be stomped on by God? No!
Yet, you [are guilty] of stomping on Me!
Then you ask, How have we been stomping on You?
By holding back your first-fruits!
9 For you turn from Me and stash them away…
This is how you're stomping on Me!

10 'Now, this year has come to an end,
And you’ve harvested produce and stored it in barns…
But your homes will all soon be ravaged!

‘You should offer to Me what [is due],'
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.
'Then, see if I don’t open to you,
An outpouring of rain from the skies!

'Then I’ll pour My blessings upon you,
Until you’ve received [more than] enough.
11 For you, I will set aside food,
And I'll not destroy the fruit of your ground,
Nor will I weaken your grapevines,'
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.

12 ‘Then all nations will say you are blest,
And your land will be one that’s desired,'
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.

13 ‘But you’ve put Me down with your words,' says Jehovah.
'And then you dare to [come here and] ask:
How have we spoken against You?

14 'By your saying, Our service to God is in vain!
And, Though we have kept His instructions;
Before Him, we still must come here and beg!
15 So, we declare the aliens blest,
As are those who are breaking the law;
For, they oppose God and still live!

16 'Yet, some still talk to their neighbors,
And speak of their fear of Jehovah.
The Lord pays attention and listens to this,
Then he writes [their names] in the scroll,
Of those who show honor and still fear His Name.

17 'And in that Day, they'll be Mine,'
Says the Almighty Jehovah;
'I'll prepare a procurement and set them aside,
As a man [shows favor] to the son who [obeys].

18 ‘Then you'll turn to look and you’ll see,
What will happen to those who are sinning…
You'll see the difference between those who serve God,
And those who prefer not to serve Him.’

Chapter 4

1 ‘For Look! The Day is about to arrive,
Which will consume like an oven…
For against them all, it will blaze.
Then the arrogant and evil-doers,
Will be like stubble that is burned in that Day,’
Says Jehovah of Armies…
‘No way will a branch or a root still remain!

2 ‘But on those who still fear My Name,
The sun of righteous ways will arise,
And healing [will follow on] its wings.
Then you'll come here and leap like young calves,
Which have been spared from the stock pens.

3 'And on the lawless, you'll trample…
They’ll be like ashes under your feet,
In the Day that I have prepared,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty.

4 ‘Remember the Law of My servant Moses…
The one that I gave him in that dry place,
As well as the orders and decisions,
That I gave to IsraEl through him!

5 ‘{Look!} I’ll send EliJah, the Prophet,
Before the Great Day of the Lord.
6 He’ll restore the hearts of fathers to sons,
And the hearts of men to their neighbors…
So I won't have to strike the whole earth.’

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