PaulÕs most scholarly work, written for him by an unknown disciple (possibly Luke and possibly in Aramaic) to the congregation in Jerusalem around 65-CE.

Chapter 1

1 A long time ago, God spoke to our fathers through the Prophets in many places and in many ways.
2 And in the last part of these days, He spoke to us through a Son that He has made the heir to everythingÉ
The one that He used to create the ages and 3 who shines with the same glory, is the exact image of His being, and is responsible for everything that is said through His power.
Then, after he cleansed us of our sins, this one sat down at the right hand of the Great One in the highest places, 4 and has now become so much greater than the [other] messengers [of God] and so different that he has inherited a [special] name among them.

5 For example;
To which of [GodÕs] angels did He ever say,
ŌYou are my son; today I have fathered you.Õ
ŌI will become his Father and he will become My son.Õ

6 And again (when He sent His firstborn into the earth),
ŌLet all the angels bow low before him.Õ

7 [Also notice that] when He spoke of those angels, He said that He made them spirits and public servants that are like flames of fire.
8 But when He spoke of His Son, [He said]:
ŌYour throne, O god, is through ages of ages, and the scepter of your kingship is the scepter of righteousness.
9 So, because you loved righteousness and hated wickedness, The God (your God) has [anointed] you with the oil of great joy among those that are your companions.Õ

10 And [this was also said about him]:
ŌIn the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth and [you] made the heavens with your hands.
11 But though they will pass away, youÕll still remain; for like clothes, they will grow old.
12 Then, as [you would do to] a robe, you will wrap them up and repair them.
Yes, youÕre the one and your years will never expire.Õ

13 Also, to which one of His angels did He ever say,
ŌSit here at My right until I set your enemies as a stool for your feet
14 Yet, all these others are just divinely-authorized spiritsÉ public servants that are being sent to serve the needs of those that will inherit salvation!

Chapter 2

1 This is why itÕs so important for us to pay extraordinary attention to the things that weÕve heard, so we donÕt drift away!
2 Because, if these words that were spoken through [GodÕs] messengers should prove to be true and the reward for all errors and disobedient acts is going to be strictly enforced;
3 How could we escape such a great thing if we have neglected our salvation, which began with and was received by those that heard it being confirmed upon us by the Lord?

4 Notice that even God joined in this testimony by providing signs, omens, many powerful deeds, and by distributing His Holy Breath as He wished.

5 However, He didnÕt entrust the home that is coming (the one that IÕm talking about) to the hands of [His] messengers.
6 For somewhere, someone testified to this fact when he asked,
ŌJust what is man that You should remember him, or the Son of Man that You should watch over him?
7 Though You made him just a little lower than [Your] messengers, You then crowned him with glory and honor and put him over everything that You had made with Your handsÉ
8 You put everything under his feet!Õ

So notice that when [God] put everything under [his feet], He didnÕt leave anything over which he isnÕt in charge.
Nevertheless, we donÕt see everything obeying him yet.

9 Well, though he was made lower than [GodÕs] messengers for a little while, we can see that after Jesus suffered and died, he was crowned with glory and honor so that because of GodÕs loving care, he might taste death for us all!

10 Yes, it was fitting that this one through whom and for whom everything exists Š this primary leader [who is responsible for] our salvation Š should bring many sons to glory and make them perfect through his sufferings.

11 And because this one that is holy and those that he makes holy are one, he isnÕt ashamed to call them his brothers, 12 for he said:
ŌI will report Your Name to my brothers
And again,
ŌIn the midst of the called ones, IÕll sing Your praises.Õ
13 And again,
ŌIn Him, I will put all my trust.Õ
And again,
Ō{Look!} The children God gave me, and IÉÕ

14 Therefore, since his ŌchildrenÕ share in his blood and flesh, he shares [with them] in the same way, so that through his death he can finish off the one that has the power [to bring] death, the Slanderer, 15 and to set free all of those that have spent their lives as slaves to the fear of death.

16 So [when he came], he really didnÕt take on [the shape] of one of [GodÕs] messengers somewhere.
Rather, he took on [the shape of] AbraHamÕs seedÉ
17 For he was obliged to become like his brothers in every way so that he could become a merciful and faithful High Priest before God and to offer a sacrifice that would cover their sins.

18 And because he suffered and was tempted, he is also able to help those that are still being tempted.

Chapter 3

1 Therefore, holy brothers who are partakers of the celestial calling;
Consider this Apostle and High Priest for our confessions, Jesus.

2 He was faithful to the One that made him to become just like Moses (the man that [God] [appointed to be over] His whole House).
3 However, [Jesus] was considered to be worthy of an even greater glory than Moses, because the one that actually builds the house receives more honor there.

4 Of course, every house is built by someone, but the One that built everything is God.

5 Now, this Moses was truly a faithful, willing servant within His whole House, [and he served] as a witness to things that were going to be said.

6 However, the Anointed One is the Son that is in charge of [GodÕs] HouseÉ
And we are that House as long as we keep on boasting of our hope and hanging on until the end!

7 This is why it was said through [GodÕs] Holy Breath:
ŌIf you should hear His voice today, 8 donÕt harden your hearts as they did in the bitter day of testing in the desert.
9 For thatÕs when your fathers put Me to the test to prove [My power], although they had already witnessed all that I had done during [the previous] forty years!
10 And this is the reason why I became so disgusted with that generation and said,
Their hearts are always wandering and theyÕve never understood My ways.
11 So in My rage, I swore that they would never enter My rest!Õ

12 Therefore brothers, watch outÉ yes, be careful that none of your hearts should ever become so wicked and unbelieving that they cause you to pull away from the Living God!
13 Rather, you must encourage each other every day Š including today Š so that none of you will ever become hardened and be tempted to sin.
14 For if we can hang onto this position from the time that we start believing until the end, we will remain sharers in the Anointed One.
15 And thatÕs why it was said,
ŌIf you should hear His voice today, donÕt harden your hearts as happened in the bitter day of testing in the desert.Õ

16 So, who was it that heard [GodÕs voice] and brought Him this bitterness?
WasnÕt it all those that left Egypt under Moses?

17 Then who was it that He became disgusted with for the next forty years?
WasnÕt it those that had sinned and whose carcasses fell in the desert?

18 And who was it that He said wouldnÕt enter His rest?
WasnÕt it those that disobeyed?

19 As you can see, they didnÕt enter [His rest] because they didnÕt have enough faith!

Chapter 4

1 Therefore, we should all be afraid that some of us might actually be left behind when it comes to the promise of entering His rest.
2 For weÕve had the good news preached to us the same as they didÉ
And they failed to benefit from what they heard, because they didnÕt share in the faith of the ones that were paying closer attention!

3 Indeed, we have in fact entered the rest of the ones that believedÉ the ones about whom He also said,
ŌSo in My anger, I swore that they would never enter My rest!Õ

Yet, remember that His work [had actually been completed] since the founding of the world!
4 For in one place He said this about the seventh day:
ŌGod rested from all His of works on the seventh day.Õ
5 And [this is the period that He was talking about when He said],
ŌThey will never enter My rest.Õ

6 So from this we must conclude that some will enter it, while those to whom this good news was first given didnÕt enter it because of their disobedience.

7 Also notice that He mentioned a particular day, Ōtoday,Õ in DavidÕs [psalm].
For He went on to say (as I mentioned before),
ŌIf you should hear His voice today, 8 donÕt harden your hearts.Õ
8 So if they had already been led to this place of rest by JoShua, [God] wouldnÕt have spoken of another day later on.

9 Therefore, the Sabbath that the people of God must observe is something that is yet to come!
10 And thatÕs when those that enter His rest will also rest from all the things that theyÕre doing, the same as God is resting from [the things] that He [was doing].

11 So as you can see;
We should be doing everything we can to enter that rest, so that none of us will fail because we didnÕt obey!

12 Understand that the word of God is alive, itÕs at work, and itÕs sharper than any two-edged swordÉ
It cuts so fine that it can separate the breath from the breather, as well as his joints from his marrow.
Therefore, it can even judge our thoughts and the desires of [our] hearts.
13 For nothing in creation is invisible to His eyesÉ everything is naked and open before the One that sent us His word!

14 So in view of the fact that we have such a great High Priest who has passed [into] the heavens Š Jesus, the Son of The God Š letÕs keep talking about him!
15 For we donÕt have a High Priest that canÕt sympathize with our weaknesses; rather, we have one that has been tested in every way just like usÉ [but he didnÕt] sin!

16 Therefore, we should boldly approach his throne of loving kindness and speak freely, so that we can receive his mercy, loving care, and aid whenever we need it.

Chapter 5

1 Now, all High Priests are selected from among mankind, and then theyÕre appointed over other men and assigned to do the things of God, such as offering the gifts and the sacrifices for sins.
2 However, [the Priests] feel a kinship with those that donÕt understand and who make mistakes, since theyÕre also surrounded by their own weaknesses.
3 And this is why they have to make offerings not only for the sins of the people, but also for themselves!

4 However, no man can take this honor on himself;
He can only be called to [the Priesthood] by God, as Aaron was.

5 Likewise, the Anointed One didnÕt glorify himself to the position of High Priest.
That was done by the One who said to him:
ŌYouÕre My SonÉ today I have fathered you!Õ

6 And He said in another place:
ŌYouÕre a Priest through the ages in the order of MelchiZedek.Õ

7 Then during the time that he was here in the flesh, [Jesus] begged and pleaded with the One that was able to save him from death, calling out with tearsÉ
And he was drawn close and listened to, because he was faithful.

8 But thereafter, although he was the Son, he learned obedience from the things that he suffered.

9 Then when his [training] was finished, he became the source of age-long salvation for all those who would obey him, 10 which is when God made him a High Priest in the line of MelchiZedek.

11 Now, we have so much to say about him that will be hard to explain to you, since youÕve become so slow in your hearing.
12 For though you should be teachers in view of the time, you now need someone to go back and teach you the basics of GodÕs word againÉ
YouÕve become people who need milk, not solid food!

13 Yes, those who are unfamiliar with righteous teachings are [in fact] babies that need milk to survive, 14 while those that have trained their senses to recognize the difference between right and wrong have become adults that can eat solid food.

Chapter 6

1 Therefore, letÕs go beyond the basics of the Anointed One and move on toward maturity!
LetÕs not go back and lay a new foundation on such matters as repenting over bad deeds, having faith in God, 2 or about baptisms, ordinations, the resurrection of the dead, or the age-long judgments.
3 Yes, letÕs [go beyond the basics], if God will allow it.

4 ItÕs impossible for those that have already been enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift, been partakers in [GodÕs] Holy Breath, 5 and savored the word of God and the power of the coming age 6 to be revived and make them repent once theyÕve fallen away;
For they would have to hang the Son of God back on the pole and subject him to shame once again!
7 TheyÕre like a piece of ground that should give birth to green plants after it drinks in all the rain that falls on it after itÕs been cultivated by those that hope to receive its blessings from God, 8 but then it just produces thorns and thistles.
Yes, they will then be rejected (almost cursed), and in the end, theyÕll be burned off!

9 Yet, regardless of what such ones may do; when it comes to you, my loved ones.
We believe that you will receive better things and salvation, 10 because God isnÕt unrighteous and He wonÕt forget the all the good things that youÕve done, or the love that youÕve shown for His Name, or the ways that youÕve served the needs of the Holy Ones and [of how you] keep on doing so.

11 So what we want is for each of you to show a real zeal when it comes to holding onto these things that youÕve been hoping for all the way to the endÉ
12 We donÕt want you to become lazy!
What we want you to do is to become just like those who through their faith and endurance are going to inherit the things that theyÕve been promised!

13 For when God gave his promise to AbraHam (and because He couldnÕt swear by anyone greater, He swore by Himself), 14 He said:
ŌWhen it comes to blessings, IÕll bless you;
And when it comes to growth, IÕll make you grow.Õ

15 Then because he was patient, [AbraHam] finally received what he was promised.

16 Now, men always swear by the greater one when they make agreements, as an assurance of the thing that they are promising.
17 So when God wanted to show the heirs of the promise how unchangeable His words are, He agreed to it with an oath, 18 so that through two unchangeable things about which God cannot lie, those of us who are fleeing would have a strong incentive to hang onto the hope that HeÕs laid before us.

19 And this is what should be the sure and stable anchor for our lives, since it goes through the inner curtain [into the Most Holy], 20 which is where Jesus eventually entered as the age-long High Priest in the line of MelchiZedek.

Chapter 7

1 This MelchiZedek (who was the king of Salem and a Priest of the Most High God) is the one that met AbraHam as he was returning from the slaughter of the kings and who blest him.
2 Then AbraHam shared a tenth of everything that [he had captured] with him.

Notice that [the name MelchiZedek] translates as King of Righteousness.
And as the king of Salem (Peace), heÕs also the King of Peace.
3 Also notice that there are no genealogical records of him, so he was [virtually] without a father or mother, for there is no [record] of the beginning of his days or of the end of his life.
And in the same way; as the Son of God, [Jesus] remains a Priest throughout all time.

4 Now, do you see how great this man was to whom [our] family head AbraHam gave a tenth of the best things from his loot?

5 So while itÕs true that the sons of Levi were [also] made Priests and they were commanded by the Law to collect a tithe from the people (who were their brothers, because they all came from the loins of AbraHam), 6 this man whose genealogy we canÕt trace took ten percent from AbraHam himself!
Then he blest the one to whom the promise was given, AbraHamÉ
7 And you canÕt argue the fact that the lesser one is always blest by the greater!

8 Therefore, when mortal men receive the tithes in that place today, they are saying that heÕs still aliveÉ
9 And we can also say that Levi [presented] those tithes through AbraHam, 10 since he was in the loins of his forefather when MelchiZedek met with him!

11 Now, if perfection could have come through the Priesthood of Levi and from the Law, we wouldnÕt have needed another Priest to come in the line of MelchiZedek (someone that isnÕt of the line of Aaron).

12 However, since the Priesthood has been changed, there must also be a change in the Law, 13 because this man that weÕre talking about was a member of another tribeÉ
One from which no one has ever served at the Altar.
14 For we all recognize that our Lord came out of Judah, a tribe that Moses never spoke of as being the Priests!

15 And this makes it even more obvious that a new Priest has arisen that is like MelchiZedek, 16 because he didnÕt become [a Priest] by the Law of human commandments, but by the power of a life that canÕt be destroyed!
17 And in witness to this fact, it was said:
ŌYou are a Priest through the ages in the order of MelchiZedek.Õ

18 Therefore, the Commandments that were given [to Moses] have obviously been set aside, because they were weak and they didnÕt do any good, 19 since the Law didnÕt make anyone perfect.
All it really did was lead us to a better hope thatÕs [now] drawing us closer to God.

20 [Notice that the Old Law] didnÕt come with a sworn oath.
21 So those that became its Priests [were appointed] without a sworn oath.
And no one else has had an oath sworn about him like the one that said,
ŌJehovah has sworn (and He wonÕt change His mind):
You are a Priest through the ages

22 Therefore, Jesus has become the guarantee of a better Sacred Agreement, 23 because [under the old Agreement], many had to become Priests, since their deaths prevented them from continuing [in that position].

24 However, [Jesus exists] through the agesÉ so the Priesthood that he holds is permanent.
25 And this is why heÕs able to save those that approach The God through him, because he will always be alive to intercede on their behalf!

26 Yes, he has truly become a High Priest for us that is loyal, righteous, pure, and far-removed from the sinners, since heÕs now higher than the heavens.
27 And unlike the former High Priests who had to offer sacrifices daily (first for their own sins and then for those of the people), he did this just once when he offered himself!

28 And though the Law appointed men as High Priests that had weaknesses;
The promise that came with a sworn oath (and which supersedes the Law) appointed a Son who remains perfect through the ages!

Chapter 8

1 So the point IÕm making is this:
We already have such a High Priest, and heÕs sitting at the right hand of the throne of Majesty in the heavens, 2 where HeÕs handling Priestly duties at the Most Holy in the real Tent that was built by Jehovah, not by men.

3 And since every High Priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices, it was necessary for him to have something to offer too.

4 However, he likely wouldnÕt have been a Priest if he were here on the earth, since there are already those that are appointed by the Law to offer the gifts.
5 But when they handle these Priestly duties, what theyÕre doing is following a pattern that is just a shadow of how these sacred duties are being handled in the heavens!
For when Moses was about to finish the [Sacred] Tent, He was given a divine warning that said:
ŌBe sure to assemble everything by the pattern you were shown on the mountain.Õ

6 But now [Jesus] has received a much better Priestly assignment, because he has become the mediator of a better Sacred Agreement, which was legally established on better promises.
7 For if there hadnÕt been problems with the first [Agreement], there would have been no reason to search for a second one.
8 But [notice that God] had a problem with the people, for He said:
Ō{Look!} The time is coming, says Jehovah, when IÕll make a new Sacred Agreement with the Houses of IsraEl and Judah 9 thatÕs unlike the Agreement that I made with their fathers when I took them by the hand and led them out of Egypt.
But because they didnÕt keep their [side of] the agreement, I stopped caring for them,
says Jehovah.

10 ŌSo, this is the Agreement that IÕm going to make with the House of IsraEl at that time, says Jehovah:
I will put My laws in their minds and write them in their hearts.
Then, theyÕll be My people and IÕll be their God.

11 ŌSo at that time;
No one that lives in the land will have to teach their neighbors and brothers and tell them to know of Jehovah.
For from their least to their greatest, theyÕll all know Me.
12 Then I will be merciful toward their unrighteous ways, and I will forget all their sins.Õ

13 So [notice that] when He spoke of a New Sacred Agreement, He was making the old one obsolete!
And now that which was made obsolete is growing old and is about to disappear!

Chapter 9

1 Indeed, the first regulations for worship involved a worldly Holy Place.
2 So they prepared this first Tent, which contained both the [sacred] lampstand and the table for the showbread, and this was called the Holy.
3 Then behind the curtain was a second Tent that was called the Most Holy.
4 It contained a gold incense holder and the Chest of the Sacred Agreement that was completely overlaid with gold and held the gold jar of manna, AaronÕs staff that grew buds, and the Tablets of the [Sacred] Agreement.
5 Then on top of that, there were the glorious cherubs that cast a shadow over its cover.

So now, letÕs discuss some of the details of these things.

6 After they were all constructed, the Priests entered the first Tent regularly to perform their sacred duties.
7 However, the second [tent] was only entered once a year, and just by the High Priest. But even he couldnÕt enter it without the blood that he had to offer both for himself and for the sins of the peoplesÕ ignorance.

8 Now, the Holy Breath makes it clear that the entrance to the Most Holy couldnÕt be seen while the first Tent was standingÉ
9 And this well illustrates this time in which we are now living.

So with this illustration in mind, [we must understand that] the gifts and sacrifices that were being offered couldnÕt make the conscience of the one that was serving there perfect, 10 for this whole thing had to do with food, drink, and types of cleansing, which were fleshly, legal requirements [that would last] until the time for setting things straight would be imposed.

11 But when the Anointed One came as the High Priest of good things and entered through the greater and more perfect Tent that wasnÕt made by [human] hands (something that wasnÕt part of this creation), 12 he didnÕt enter the Most Holy with the blood of goats and young bulls; rather, [he entered] the Holy Place with his own blood once and for all time, so as to provide an age-long ransom for us!

13 Now, if the blood of goats and bulls or the ashes of a heifer that are sprinkled on those that were unclean can make their flesh holy and clean;
14 How much more will [this be true of] the blood of the Anointed One!

For through the age-long spirit of himself that he offered spotlessly to God, he is purifying our consciences from our own dead deeds, so that we can start serving the living God.
15 And because of this, he is the mediator of a New Sacred Agreement that redeems us from the death that came from [failing to obey] the first Agreement, and so that those that have been called could receive the promised age-long inheritance!

16 [Understand that] whenever thereÕs [any sort of an] agreement, death is part of the bargain for the one who agrees to it, 17 since an agreement that lasts until death is something that has been proven.
However, it isnÕt as strong while the one that made the agreement is still living.
18 [And this is why] that first [Sacred Agreement] had to be made with blood!

19 So after Moses explained all the Commandments of the Law to the people, he took the blood of young bulls and goats, mixed it with water, and then [he] used scarlet wool and hyssop to sprinkle the scroll and all the people.
20 And he said:
ŌThis is the blood of the Sacred Agreement that God has made with you.Õ

21 Thereafter, he sprinkled the blood on the Tent and over all the things that were used for worship.

22 Yes, according to the Law, almost everything is cleansed by blood.
So unless blood is spilled, there is no forgiving.
23 And this is why it was also necessary for the heavenly things that are symbolized by [the earthly things] to be cleansed that way.

However, heavenly things require better sacrifices.
24 So the Anointed One didnÕt enter a Most Holy that was made with hands (which is just a copy of the real thing);
Rather, he actually entered heaven itself to stand before The God on our behalf!

25 And he doesnÕt have to offer himself often, as the High Priest that enters the Most Holy each year must do with blood that isnÕt his own.
26 Otherwise, [Jesus] would have been required to suffer many times since the founding of the world.
But now he has displayed himself at the end of the age and offered himself so as to do away with sins just once through his sacrifice.

27 And as men must die just once (which is followed by a judgment);
28 The Anointed One was also offered just once to carry the sins of many.
So the next time heÕs seen by those that are so eagerly awaiting him, theyÕll be free from sin and ready for salvation!

Chapter 10

1 Therefore, since the Law isnÕt the reality, but just a shadow of good things to comem the sacrifices that are offered annually will never make the that that brings them perfect.
2 For if that were true, they wouldnÕt have to be offered anymore, since those that are cleansed would no longer have any sins on their consciences!

3 However, these sacrifices remind us of our sins year after year, 4 because the blood of bulls and goats canÕt remove sins!

5 And it was because of this, that when he came into the world, he said,
ŌYou didnÕt want sacrifices and offerings.
So You prepared a body for me, 6 because You found no delight in burnt offerings and sin offerings.Õ

7 Then he said,
ŌLook! I have come to do Your Will, O GodÉ in the knob of the scroll it was written about me.Õ

8 So notice that after he first said,
ŌYou didnÕt want or approve of sacrifices and offerings, or burnt offerings and sin offeringsÕ (which are being offered in observance of the Law);
9 he went on to say,
ŌLook, I have come to do Your Will.Õ
So he had to remove the first one to establish the second!
10 And itÕs because of this Will that weÕve been made holy through that single offering of the body of Jesus the Anointed One!

11 Now, all the Priests take their stations each day in Temple service, and they offer the same sacrifices over and overÉ which can never take sins away completely.
12 However, [Jesus] offered just one sacrifice for sins through the agesÉ and then he sat down at the right hand of God, 13 where heÕs awaiting [the time when] his enemies will be set as a stool for his feet.

14 Indeed, he made this single offering so as to bring those that are being made holy to perfection forever.
15 And the Holy Breath testifies to us about this, for first it said,
16 ŌThis is the Sacred Agreement that I will make with them in those days, says Jehovah:
I will put My Laws in their hearts and IÕll write them in their minds.Õ
17 [Then it says,]
ŌI will be merciful toward their lawless acts, and I will forget all their sins.Õ

18 So when such things are forgotten, there is no more need for sin offerings!

19 Therefore, brothers;
We can confidently say that we have an entrance into the Most Holy Place through the blood of Jesus, 20 because he has worked out a way through the curtain for usÉ
A sacrificial but living way, through his flesh.

21 And since we now have such a great Priest who is over the House of God, 22 letÕs approach him with honest hearts and complete faith, since we rinsed our wicked conscience from our hearts back when we washed our bodies in clean water.

23 Therefore, letÕs hang onto the confession of our hope and not give up, because the One that gave us this promise is faithful.

24 And letÕs keep reminding ourselves that we must continue to help each other to grow in love and in good deeds.

25 Also, donÕt stop meeting together as some have made it their custom.
Rather, letÕs keep on encouraging each otherÉ
And [do this] even more so as we see the Day drawing near.

26 However, we must understand that if we still choose to follow a sinful course after coming to an accurate knowledge of the truth, there are no more sacrifices left for our sins.
27 All [that remains] then will be just the fear and anticipation of judgment through the same roar of the fiery zeal that is going to consume those that are now opposing us.

28 Understand that if anyone ignored the Law of Moses and two or three testified against him, he was to die without compassion.
29 So how much more worthy of punishment do you think a person will be if he tramples on the Son of The God, or if he considers the blood of the Sacred Agreement that made him holy as something unclean, or if he has outraged the loving care of the Breath [of God] by treating it with contempt?

30 For we know who it was that said,
ŌVengeance is MineÉ I will repay!Õ
And again,
ŌJehovah will judge His people.Õ
31 Yes, itÕs a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the Living God!

32 I want you to each think back to those days, just after you came to an understanding and were enduring so much suffering, what a hard fight it was.
33 Sometimes it was like being in an arena where you were being insulted and persecuted along with [many] others that had to share in this experience.

34 Back then, you were so sympathetic toward those who were in prison.
And even when everything you owned was being taken away, you were still joyfulÉ
Because you knew that you had gained something much better and longer lasting!

35 So, donÕt throw away your willingness to speak out, because youÕve paid too much to earn it!
36 You need to hang on, so that after youÕve done GodÕs will, you can walk off with [the prize] that you were promised!

37 For in just a little while, the one who is coming will be here, and he wonÕt be late!
38 ŌBut My righteous ones will live because of their faith,Õ
ŌIf he gives up, My soul finds no pleasure in him.Õ

39 Therefore, we donÕt want to be the type that gives up just to be destroyed. Rather, letÕs be the type that has the faith that will save our lives!

Chapter 11

1 Understand that true faith is when you expect the things that youÕre hoping for and youÕre convinced of things that you havenÕt yet seenÉ
2 And we can testify that [many] ancient ones [had such faith].

3 Likewise, our faith teaches us that the ages were set in place by the Word of God, and from that which was not, the things that we now see have appeared!

4 Thereafter, it was because of his faith that Abel offered a greater sacrifice to God than did Cain.
And the One who witnessed his righteousness and saw the gifts that he offered was God.
So although [Abel] is dead, he is still speaking!

5 And it was because of his faith that Enoch was transported so as not to see deathÉ
No, he couldnÕt be found, because God transported him.
However, before he was transported, he proved that he had pleased God well.

6 So we can see that itÕs impossible to please God well without faith, because those that want to come to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards all those that are eagerly searching for Him.

7 It was also because of [his] faith in a divine warning about things that he had not yet been seen, that Noah was moved by his fear to build a chest that saved his [family].
And through this righteous act of faith, he condemned that world and became its heir.

8 It was because of his faith that AbraHam obeyed when he was called and traveled to a place that he was about to receive as an inheritanceÉ
Yet when he left, he had no idea of where he was even going!
9 Then by faith, he lived in tents like an alien in a foreign country, in the same land that had already been promised to him, along with IsaAc and Jacob, who also became heirs of that promise.
10 For he was awaiting the founding of a city that was to be designed and built by God.

11 It was by her faith that Sarah received the power to conceive a seed when she was barren and when it was too late [in life] for her to do so.
However, she considered the One that gave her the promise to be trustworthy.
12 So from [this woman] that was sexually dead came a huge numberÉ
Like the stars in the skies or the countless grains of sand on the seashore!

13 And though all of these faithful people died without having received what they were promised;
They saw it from afar and embraced it, confessing that they were strangers and aliens in their own land.

14 And indeed, when people talked like that, they showed that they were seeking their own fatherland.
15 For if they were remembering [the place] from which they came, they likely would have had the opportunity to go back to it.
16 However, they were reaching out for something betterÉ something thatÕs under the influence of the heavens.
As the result, God was never ashamed of them or to be called their God. For He has in fact prepared a city for them!

17 It was also by his faith that AbraHam offered up IsaAc when he was being tested.
And he did this [despite the fact that IsaAc] was the only-conceived son that was to receive the promisesÉ 18 the one of whom [God] had said,
ŌWhat will be called your seed will come through IsaAc!Õ
19 But [AbraHam] trusted that God would be able to raise him from the dead.
And in effect, thatÕs what really happened!

20 It was also because of his faith that IsaAc blest Jacob and Esau concerning future things.

21 And it was because of his faith that Jacob blest each of the sons of JoSeph before he died, bowing low as he leaned on his cane.

22 Then JoSeph, when he was getting close to his end, showed his faith when he talked about the exodus of the sons of IsraEl and gave them instructions regarding his bones.

23 The parents of Moses showed faith when they hid him for three months after his birth, because they saw that the young child was beautiful, and they werenÕt afraid of the kingÕs decree.

24 Then after he became great, Moses showed his faith by refusing to be called the son of PharaohÕs daughterÉ
25 Yes, he chose to be treated badly with the people of God rather than to spend his time enjoying sinful pleasures.
26 [He did this] because he considered the insults of being the anointed as far more valuable than all the treasures of EgyptÉ
And he was looking to the future for his reward!

27 Then again, by his faith, Moses left EgyptÉ no, not because he feared the kingÕs anger;
Rather, he hung on like someone who was seeing something that was invisible!

28 Then by faith, he arranged for the Passover and the sprinkling of blood, so that the destroyer wouldnÕt touch [IsraElÕs] firstborn.

29 It was also by their faith that [the IsraElites] thereafter passed through the Red Sea as though it were dry land.
But when the Egyptians tried to do the same thing, they were swallowed down.

30 And it was also by the faith of these people, that the walls of Jericho fell after theyÕd circled them for seven days.

31 And it was by her faith (when she peacefully welcomed the spies [into her home]) that the prostitute RaHab didnÕt die along with those that were disobedient.

32 What more can I say?
I donÕt have enough time to tell you about Gideon, Barak, Sampson, JephThah, or DavidÉ or about SamuEl and the Prophets.
33 Yet by their faith, they defeated kingdoms in war, did righteous things, received the promises, fenced off the mouths of lions, 34 overcame the force of fire, and escaped the edge of the sword.
Nor [can I tell] of all the weak ones that were made powerful and became mighty enough in war to drive off foreign invaders.

35 [It was also by faith] that women received their dead through a resurrection.
And while some were being tortured, they wouldnÕt allow a ransom to be paid on their behalf, so that they might receive a better resurrection.

36 Yes, others were mocked and tried with whipsÉ and even put in shackles and in prisons!
37 They were tried, stoned, sawed in half, and slaughtered with swordsÉ
And some had to dress themselves in sheepskins and goatskins as they were in need, oppressed, and mistreated.

38 So although the world didnÕt deserve them, they were forced to wander the deserts, mountains, caves, and peepholes of the earth.
39 Yet their faith speaks well of them, though they never received the promise!
40 And because God has foreseen something better for us, they wonÕt be made perfect apart from us.

Chapter 12

1 So, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, we should each get rid of the things that are weighing us down and set aside any entangling sins, then just hang on and keep running the difficult course thatÕs ahead of us, 2 as we keep on looking toward the founder and perfector of our faith, Jesus,
Who, because he realized the joy that was before him, endured the impaling pole and despised its shame so that he could sit at the right hand of the throne of The God!

3 So, letÕs pay close attention to his example and notice how he was able to endure all of that at the hands of sinners (who just condemned themselves), so we donÕt tire out and give up on who we areÉ
4 For to this point, none of us have had to struggle against sin to the point of bleeding.

5 And donÕt forget the encouragement that was given to you as [His] sons, that said,
ŌMy son; DonÕt treat the discipline of Jehovah lightly, and donÕt try to avoid being corrected by Him.
6 For God disciplines those whom He Loves and He whips those that He accepts as His sons.Õ

7 Understand that the only reason youÕve made it this far, is because of [His] disciplineÉ
Which proves that God is treating you as His sons!
After all, which son isnÕt disciplined by his father?
8 So if you havenÕt been disciplined [by God], you arenÕt one of usÉ no, youÕre not His sons, youÕre bastards!

9 For we all once had fleshly fathers that disciplined us, and we respected them.
Therefore, shouldnÕt we obey the Father who gave us His Breath even moreÉ so we can live?

10 Yes, for a brief period [in our lives, our fathers] used to discipline us over things that seemed right to them.
However, [now] weÕre being brought [before God] to be partakers of His Holiness!
11 And while itÕs true that this discipline doesnÕt make us joyful when we receive it (it makes us sad); later on, those that learn from it harvest the fruit of peace and righteousness.

12 So, straighten up those drooping arms, firm up those shaky knees, 13 and make sure that the tracks youÕre making with your feet are straightÉ
Be healed rather than lame!

14 Try to make peace with everyone and to become holy;
For without that, no one can see the Lord!

15 Therefore, make sure that none of you are falling short of GodÕs loving care, and that no bitter roots are sprouting up to create trouble and make any of you unclean.

16 [Of course, IÕm comparing you to people] that are immoral or worldly, like Esau, who gave away his rights as the firstborn for a single meal.
17 Remember that he changed his mind later and wanted to inherit the blessing; but despite the fact that he tearfully tried to reclaim it, he was rejected.

18 Now, [this mountain] that youÕve approached canÕt be felt, nor is covered with a burning fire, or darkness, or fog, or a thunderstorm;
19 Nor [can you hear] the sound of trumpets being blown, or any voice speakingÉ a voice that the people begged not to have to listen to 20 and which they couldnÕt bear when they heard it say so clearly,
ŌIf so much as a wild animal touches this mountain, it must be stoned!Õ
21 Yes, it was such a frightening scene that even Moses admitted,
ŌIÕm terrified and shaking!Õ

22 So what youÕve approached is Mount ZionÉ the City of the Living God.
It is Heavenly JeruSalem, where millions of [GodÕs] messengers 23 are attending a convention of the gathering of the firstborn whose names have been written in the heavens by God, who is the judge of them all.

[Yes, youÕve approached] the unseen force of those that are righteous and have been made perfectÉ
24 And [youÕve approached] Jesus, the mediator of a New Sacred Agreement, whose sacrificial blood speaks out better than AbelÕs.

25 Therefore, letÕs be sure that we arenÕt also found to be begging not to have to listen to the One that is speaking.

For back then, those people begged not to have to listen to the One who gave that divine warning here on the earthÉ yet they had to listen to it anyhow!
So, how much more should we refuse to turn away from the One that has been speaking to us from the heavens!

26 Back then, His voice rattled the ground. But He promised:
ŌNext time, IÕll not only shake the ground, [IÕll also shake] the sky!Õ
27 And when He spoke of the next time, He implied that the only things that He will shake then are the [temporary] creations [of mankind]É yes, they will be done away with.
However, the things that arenÕt shaken will still be here.

28 So in view of the fact that weÕre going to receive a Kingdom that wonÕt be shaken;
LetÕs show how much we really care by serving God pleasingly in fear and in deep reverenceÉ 29 because our God is a consuming fire!

Chapter 13

1 Therefore, you should love your brothersÉ
2 And donÕt forget to care about even the ones that you donÕt know!
For it was because some did this that they unknowingly showed hospitality to [GodÕs] messengers!

3 And donÕt forget those that are in prisonÉ act as though youÕre locked up with them!
Also, [donÕt forget] those that are being persecutedÉ [act as though itÕs happening to] your own bodies!

4 And make sure that your marriages are kept honorable and that your beds remain clean, because God is going to judge the sexually immoral and the adulterers.

5 Live your lives free from the love of moneyÉ
Be satisfied with the things that you have, because He promised:
ŌI wonÕt forget you and IÕll never let you down.Õ

6 Yes, letÕs be courageous and say:
ŌJehovahÕs my helper, so I will not fear;
For what can men do to me?Õ

7 Listen to those that are taking the lead among you and teaching you the word of God.
Then, as you see the results of their conduct, imitate their faith.

8 [Remember that] Jesus the Anointed One was the same yesterday as he is today and [the same] as he will be through the ages.
9 So, donÕt allow yourselves to be misled by various strange teachings.

Indeed, itÕs better for [your] hearts to be strengthened by [GodÕs] loving care than by anything that you would eatÉ
For such things are no benefit at all to those that are walking in The Way.
10 Rather, we have an Altar from which we may eat that even those that serve at [the Temple] may not eat.

11 Also, as the High Priest [in the Temple] carries the blood of [sacrificial] animals into the Holy Place to serve as sin offerings, and the bodies are thereafter burned up outside of the camp;
12 Jesus suffered outside of the [city] gate to make people holy with his blood.

13 Therefore, letÕs all go to him outside of the camp, bearing all the bad things that were said about him.

14 And since the city thatÕs there isnÕt going to last, we should all be seeking the one that is coming!
15 For it is through him that we should be continuously offering the fruit of our lips (along with everything else) as sacrifices of praise to The God and in praise of His Name!

16 And donÕt forget to do good things, such as sharing whatever you have with others!
Because, these are the types of sacrifices that are truly pleasing to God.

17 Also, have confidence in those that are taking the lead among you and submit to them, because theyÕre watching over your lives!
May they do this with joy, not with groaning, because that would be harmful for you.

18 In addition, keep on praying for us. For we feel that our consciences are clear, since weÕve acted properly in everything.
19 And I especially want to encourage you to do this, so that I can be returned to you a bit sooner.

20 Now, may the God of peace who raised the great Shepherd (our Lord Jesus) from the dead with the blood of an age-long Sacred Agreement 21 use everything thatÕs good, so as to make any adjustments that are necessary for you to do his will.

And may the One that is working within us (through Jesus the Anointed One) in order to accomplish everything that He sees to be good, be glorified into the ages of agesÉ
May it be so.

22 Now, I urge you brothers to live up to these words of encouragement, although I havenÕt really written very much.

23 O yes;
I want you to know that our brother Timothy has been released, and if he gets here soon, IÕll come to see you.

24 Give my greetings to all those that are taking the lead among you and to all the Holy Ones.

Those in Italy send you their greetings.

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