From the Greek Septuagint text as was used by First Century Christians.
Supposedly written by JeremiAh over a period somewhere between 655-BCE and 570-BCE.
However, the fact that JeremiAh is sometimes mentioned in the third person indicates that a later writer (possibly Ezra) also had a hand in the writing.

Chapter 1

1 These are the words of God that came to JeremiAh (the son of HilkiAh), a Priest who lived in AnathOth in the land of BenJamin. 2 God's words came to him in the days of JosiAh (the son of AmMon) the king of Judah in the thirteenth year of his reign. 3 All of this happened from the time of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah, until the eleventh year of ZedekiAh (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah and [the beginning of] the captivity of JeruSalem, [which happened] in the fifth month.

4 The Word of Jehovah came to me and said:
5 'I knew you before you were formed in the womb
And before you came from the belly.
So I chose you and I made you holy,
To serve as a Prophet to the nations.'

6 But I said, 'O Almighty One and Lord; Look! I don't know how to speak, for I'm just a young man.'

7 And the Lord told me:
'Don't say that you're just a young man;
For you'll go to whomever I send you,
And you'll speak whatever I tell you to say!
8 So, don't be afraid when you go before them,
Since I'm with you and I will protect you.'

9 Then the Lord stuck out his hand toward me and touched my mouth, and said:
'Look! I'm putting My words in your mouth.
10 For I've appointed you over nations and kingdoms…
To root out, cut down, and set free,
And then to rebuild and replant.'

11 Thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me again and asked, 'What do you see now, JeremiAh?'

And I said, 'I see a walnut walking stick.'

12 Then the Lord said to me:
'You are [very observant];
And I'm [watching to see if you'll] do as I [say].'

13 Then the Word of The Lord came to me a second time and asked, 'What do you see now?'

And I replied: 'I see a kettle over a fire, and the front side of it is facing the north.'

14 Then the Lord said to me:
'Thus, from the face of the north,
All the bad ones will be burned away,
From among those who live in the land.
15 For {Look!} this is what Jehovah has said:
From the north, I'll be gathering kingdoms,
Which will come, and then they'll each place their thrones,
On the thresholds of JeruSalem's gates,
And on the walls of the cities of Judah.

16 'Then I'll speak My judgments against them,
For all the bad things [these people] have done…
[I'll speak of] how they have left Me,
And sacrificed to gods that they've never known…
Then they bowed before the works of their hands.

17 'So arise and wrap up your waist,
And tell them all that I'll tell you to say!
Don't be afraid when you go there,
Nor be in terror before them;
For, this was said by Jehovah:
I'm with you and I will [protect] you.

18 '{Look!} So today, I've turned you into a fort…
A fortified wall made of brass,
To resist Judah's rulers and kings,
And to oppose the people of your land.'

19 And the Lord said:
'Although they will wage war against you,
There's no way that they'll be able to win;
For I'm with you and I will [protect] you.'

Chapter 2

1 Then the Word of the Lord came to me again and said,
2 'Go and yell in JeruSalem's ears…
Tell them that thus says Jehovah:
I remembered the mercy you had in your youth,
And the love that you had for perfection,
When you obeyed IsraEl's Most Holy One.

'Yes, this was said by Jehovah,
IsraEl's Most Holy Lord.
3 For, IsraEl is Holy to Jehovah,
And because they are His first born,
He's offended by those who are chewing them up,
And He'll bring bad things to those doing this.'

4 'O house of Jacob (you families of the house of IsraEl);
Hear the word of Jehovah!
5 For, Jehovah is asking you this:
What defect in Me, did your fathers find,
That they'd leave Me to act in this way,
And follow all of these foolish things?

6 'They no longer ask, Where is Jehovah…
The One who led us through the desert from Egypt…
Through that vast land that had no water or fruit…
A land through which no man can travel…
A land where none can survive?

7 'For I led you to CarMel, where you ate its fruits,
As well as its other good things…
Then you entered My land and defiled it,
And My inheritance, you turned into something that's foul.

8 'The priests didn't ask, Where's Jehovah?
So, those who resisted the Law,
Were never prompted to turn back to Me.
Your shepherds were all disrespectful,
And your prophets spoke prophecies by BaAl,
So you followed after things that were worthless!

9 'But despite all of this, I still chose you, says Jehovah;
And the sons of your sons, I [accepted].

10 'Now, go to the Island of Cyprus and see…
Yes, send to Kedar and you'll understand!
See if the gods of those nations
Have ever had any effect.
Then you'll know that they really aren't gods!

11 'Yet My people have left all their glory,
For things that do them no good!
12 And by this, the skies were amazed…
[It caused them to] shudder,
says Jehovah.

'To Me, My people did two wicked things:
Š 13 They abandoned the spring of the waters of life,
Š And they dug cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.

14 'Is IsraEl a slave or a native-born son;
For, why did he choose to be plundered?
15 Now, lions are roaring before him,
That are ordered to wipe out his land.
So his cities will be cut to the ground,
So that no one can live there again!

16 'The sons of Memphis and TahPanhes
Those who know you, are laughing at you!
17 And this happened because you have left Me,

Says Jehovah, your God.

18 'Now, what are the ways of Egypt to you,
That you would [long for] their waters?
And what are the ways of Assyria to you,
That you'd wish to drink from their rivers?

19 'So, because you left Me, I'll discipline you…
I'll scold You for your evil ways…
You'll see happen it and then you will know,
How bitter are the ways of turning from Me,

Says Jehovah, your God!

20 'I've come to think [poorly] of you,
Says Jehovah your God.
For, through the ages, you've broken My yoke,
And you have ripped off My bonds.

'You said, I won't be [Your] servant;
But I'll climb up every high hill,
And bow beneath every shade tree…
And there is where I'll go whoring!

21 'I planted you as My grapevine,
For the purpose of bearing the fruitage of truth.
But, why did you then turn so bitter,
And become a grapevine that's strange?

22 'Now, if I would wash you in lye,
And if I'd use plenty of soap,
You'd still be spotted in your sins before Me.

23 'How can you say you're not dirty,
And that you've not chased after BaAl?
Look how you've acted in graveyards…
Yes you know all the things that you've done!

24 'Upon desert waters, her ways have been spread,
And she's driven by the winds of desires.
So to them, she's been handed over,
To turn her away from her [evil].

'Now those searching for her won't get tired,
And she'll be humbled when they arrive.

25 'Though she should turn her feet from this path,
And turn her throat from this thirst,
This is what she's still saying:
I will act like a man;
So, I will chase after strangers,
And with them, I will make love!

26 'As a thief is shamed when he's caught;
That's how IsraEl's sons will be shamed…
Yes they, their kings, and their rulers,
As well as their prophets and priests.

27 'For they've said to a tree, You're my father;
And they've said to a stone,
You gave me life.

'So although they have turned their backs,
But not their faces, to Me,
When hard times come, they'll still say:
O Jehovah, please save us!

28 'Will [your idols] save you when hard times arrive…
Will [you turn] to these gods that you've made for yourselves?

'In Judah, each city has its own gods,
And in all of JeruSalem's streets,
They offer sacrifices to BaAl.
29 So, why are you talking to me?

'Jehovah says:
You've been irreverent and lawless toward Me,
30 And it's in vain that I've spanked you like children;
For you didn't learn from your correction.

'So, though your prophets have been devoured by swords
And though lions came and wiped them away,
This hasn't [taught you] to fear Me.

31 'So, hear the word of the Lord,
For Jehovah is asking you this:
To IsraEl, am I a desert…
Am I a land that is barren to you?

'Why is it that My people say,
You are no longer our Lord,
So we won't be coming before You?

32 'Will the bride forget her tiara,
And will virgins forget the bands for their breasts?
Yet, I've been forgotten by you,
Through too many days to be counted.

33 'What good can you make of your ways,
So that you can seek [My] affection again?
It just won't do any good,
Because you've become so wicked.

'All of your ways are now dirty,
And innocent blood is found in your hands.
34 No I didn't find them in ditches,
But [hanging] from every [tall] tree.
35 Yet you say,
I am not guilty…
So, please turn back You rage!

'{Look!} I'm the One who's passing judgment on you,
When you say that you haven't sinned!
36 And for you, I feel great disdain,
Because of the things that you've done many times.

'So by Egypt, you will be disgraced,
As Assyria has disgraced you before.
37 You'll be taken from here with your hands on your heads,
Because Jehovah has thrust you away,
And none of the things that you hope will succeed.'

Chapter 3

1 'If a man releases his woman,
And she leaves and [moves in with] another;
If she thereafter [also leaves him];
Can she return [to first one] again?
For, once she has been defiled,
Isn't she always defiled?

'Yet, after [you've had] many shepherds,
You want to come back to Me,
says Jehovah.
2 Now, raise your eyes to see the right way…
See how you've been defiled!

'For you sat by the road [and waited] for them
Alone and defiled like a crow,
In this land of your evil and whoring.

3 'You've stumbled and had many shepherds,
And because you looked like a whore,
You have brought shame on them all.

4 'Yet, didn't you call Me [your] Father…
The One who founded your virgin condition?
5 [And wasn't it you who once said],
Through the age, I'll still be a virgin…
I'll guard this state 'til I've won?
{Look!} Yet, though you once made such a vow,
You went and did this vile thing!'

6 It was during the days of King JosiAh that the Lord said this to me:
'You saw what the house of IsraEl has done.
For she's climbed up every high mountain,
And crawled under every tree in the woods,
And there, she's committing [adultery].

7 'Then, after she did all her whoring,
I told her to turn away from this badness!
Yet, she [refused] to turn back.

'So when I saw that Judah had broken [her vows];
8 I knew that in order to benefit all,
I had to stand up [for what's right].

'For the house of IsraEl fell into seduction,
And then she committed adultery.
So with a certificate of release, I sent her away.

'But the [vow]-breaker Judah wasn't bothered by this,
And she continued in her whoring ways.
9 For, whoring was nothing to her…
She even did it with wood and stone things…
10 Her heart refused to turn back,
And all she offered was lies.'

11 Then the Lord said to me:
'Even IsraEl was better than this [vow]-breaker Judah;
12 So, go to the north and then read these words…
Tell [those in the north] that thus says Jehovah:

'O house of IsraEl, if you'll come back to Me,
Against you, I'll not set My face…
I will show mercy upon you
, says Jehovah,
And I won't stay outraged through the age.

13 'Just be aware of your sins!
For you've shown disrespect to Jehovah your God…
[Your love] you've given to strangers,
Beneath every tree in the woods,
And you didn't obey what I said,
says Jehovah.

14 'So return, you sons who've revolted, says God,
And I'll be your Lord once again.
I'll choose one man from each city,
And I will choose two from each family;
Then, I will take them to Zion,
15 And appoint these ones whom My heart has chosen
To serve as shepherds for you,
And with higher knowledge, they'll watch over you.

16 'Then, as you grow and spread in the land, says Jehovah;
In those days, they'll no longer speak
Of IsraEl's Holy Chest of the Sacred Agreement…
No, it won't come into their hearts,…
It won't be named or examined…
This won't be done anymore!

17 'For, in those days and during that time,
JeruSalem will thereafter be known
As the place of the Throne of Jehovah,
And it's where all the nations will gather
With no wicked thoughts in their hearts.

18 'In those days, the houses of IsraEl and Judah,
Will become one [nation] again.
They'll be gathered from the lands of the north,
To the place that I gave to their fathers.'

19 Well at that, I shouted: 'May it happen, O Lord! For You told me that You will let me have children again, and that I would receive a choice piece of land… the inheritance of the Almighty God… [the God] who is over all the nations! Yes, Father; You've called me, and now I'll never turn from You!'

20 But the Lord said:
'As a woman turns from her man,
Is how the house of IsraEl has left Me.
21 So from her lips, will come sounds of weeping.

'Tell IsraEl's sons to turn back and beg,
Because their ways have led them to sin,
And they've forgotten their Most Holy God.
22 So, O sons, you should turn back…
Turn back and I'll heal your broken condition!'

[And I said]: 'Look… that's how we'll be with You then, for You are our God Jehovah; 23 and all the powers of the hills and mountains are really the powers of our Lord… our God who is IsraEl's Savior! 24 However, the efforts of our fathers have been eaten away by shame since the time of their youth. Now, all their calves and sheep (their sons and daughters) 25 go to bed in shame and they're covered by their dishonor. Yes, like our fathers, we have sinned before God from the time of our youth down to this day, and we've failed to pay attention to the voice of our God Jehovah!'

Chapter 4

1Then the Lord said:
'If IsraEl should [choose to] return,
I'll also turn back to them.
If they'll wash the disgusting things from their mouths…
If they'll show that they will respect Me…
2 And if they'll swear in their oaths, As Jehovah lives
I'll bless them with equity, justice, and truth.
Then the rest of the nations will praise them,
And in JeruSalem, all will praise God.

3 'So to the men of Judah and JeruSalem,
Jehovah gave these instructions:
Prepare your [hearts]… get them ready for plowing…
Don't allow thorn bushes to grow there!

4 'O men of Judah and JeruSalem;
Circumcise yourselves to your God…
Snip the hardness out of your hearts,
So He doesn't send upon you the fire of His rage…
[A fire] that can't be extinguished
Because of the bad things you're doing!

5 'Announce [this message] to Judah,
And in JeruSalem, they should hear it:
Blow trumpets throughout the whole land,
And then, cry out in loud voices!

6 'Say, All should gather inside the walled cities…
Gather your things and run to Mount Zion!
Do this quickly, don't wait,
For, from the north, bad things will arrive…
A terrible destruction is heading your way!

7 'Now the lion has come from his lair,
And he is wiping out nations.
He's arisen and come from his place,
To desolate lands and destroy them!

'So your cities will all be demolished,
And you'll no longer be living within them.
8 Because of this, put on sackcloth…
Be sad, and then start to bawl!
For the anger and rage of Jehovah,
Will not be diverted from you.

9 'And in that day,' said the Lord,
'There'll be no heart in the king…
The hearts of the rulers and priests will be shocked,
And the prophets will all be confused.'

10 Then I replied: 'O Almighty Lord; You must surely be joking… aren't you misleading these people? Aren't you saying that there'll really be peace for JeruSalem and that the sword won't be coming into our lives?'

11 [But He replied]:
'At that time, I'll say to these people
(To those who are living in JeruSalem):
An addiction to delusions has come from the desert;
For the ways of the daughters of My people,
Can no longer thought be thought of as pure…
No, none have kept themselves holy.
12 So the spirit of fulfillment is coming from Me,
And I'm speaking judgments against them.

13 'Look! Like a cloud, this one has arisen,
Whose chariots are sending out blasts,
And whose horses are lighter than eagles.
So woe, for misery is heading your way!

14 'Therefore, O JeruSalem;
Rinse the evil out of your hearts,
So you can somehow be saved!
For, how long did you think you could do all those things,
Which are [the root] of your [problems]?

15 'So from Dan, you'll start hearing voices,
And from Ephraim will come misery.

16 '{Look!} Remind your nation of this,
And shout it aloud in JeruSalem:
From a far-away land will come an alliance,
That's speaking against the cities of Judah!

17 'Jehovah says, They'll [camp] around her and guard all her fields,
Because I've been neglected by you.
18 It's due to your [bad] ways and your bad deeds,
That they are coming against you…
Because your evil is so bitter,
It has now reached to your hearts!

19 'This [thought] brings pain to My belly…
It causes My heart to feel spasms and ache…
But My Soul has been forced to take action!

20 'So, since I'll no longer stay silent,
My Soul now hears trumpet blasts,
And the cries of misery and war.

'This conflict is something that's called for,
And misery will come to your land.
For, you have abandoned My Tent,
And its covering of skins you have parted.

21 'Why must I watch [people] fleeing,
And hear the blowing of trumpets?
22 Yet, it will all happen because,
The leaders of My people don't know Me…
They've become undiscerning, foolish sons…
They're just wise when it comes to doing what's bad,
And no longer remember how to do what is good.'

23 Then I looked toward the land and I couldn't see anything, and I looked up into the sky, and its lights weren't there. 24 I also noticed that the mountains were shaking and all the hills were being disturbed. 25 So I looked around and I didn't see anyone, for even the birds in the skies had been frightened away. Then I noticed that CarMel was bare and all it cities were burning… they had been set on fire by the face of Jehovah. 26 For, due to His anger and rage, He had removed them from His view.

27 And at that, the Lord said:
'Though the whole land will soon lie in ruins;
No way will it all be destroyed.

28 'But the land should now start to mourn,
Because the skies above will grow dark…
I've spoken, and I won't change My mind.
I won't be dissuaded… it will happen!

29 'So from the sounds of horsemen with tightly stretched bows,
In every place, they will run…
They'll hide in caves and in sacred groves…
Down among rocks, they'll descend.
Then their cities will all be abandoned…
No one will be living there.

30 'So now, what will you do…
Will you wrap yourselves in scarlet and gold?
If you rub antimony on your eyelids,
It will all be in vain!
For, though you may dress in your finest of clothes,
Your lovers have already pushed you away,
And now they're seeking your life!

31 'So I hear the sounds of a woman in labor,
And the moans of one who is giving first birth.
But the voice of the daughter of Zion grows faint,
And her hands grow weak as she says:
Woe to me, for my life has now failed,
And I am being destroyed!

Chapter 5

1 'Now, run through JeruSalem's streets…
Yes, seek and search in her squares…
See if there is one righteous man…
A single trustworthy person.
Then, to such a one, I'll be kind,' says Jehovah.

2 'As Jehovah lives, they often say,
But when they swear oaths, aren't they lying?'

3 [And I said], 'O Lord;
Your eyes have searched for those who are true;
But, when You whipped them, they felt no pain.
You finished them off, but they didn't learn…
Their faces remained as solid as rocks,
And they refused to turn back to You.

4 'But perhaps it's only the poor,
Who don't understand the ways of the Lord,
Or comprehend the fairness of God.
5 So I'll go and speak to the wealthy…
They'll recognize the ways of the Lord,
And [trust in] the fairness of God.'

'But look! Together, they've broken their yokes,
And they have all torn off their bonds.
6 It's because to this, that lions attacked…
Then, out of the woods came a wolf,
Which entered their homes and [consumed] them,
As leopards kept watch in their towns.

'That's how those who leave Him are hunted,
Because, none have shown Him respect,
And their rejection [of God] has grown worse.'

7 [And the Lord said]:
'What sort of kindness should they expect,
Now that their sons have all left Me?
Because they swear oaths by those that aren't gods,
With them, I've now become filled.
They are even committing adultery,
And whores find rest in their homes!

8 'Like horses, they snort and are sex crazed…
Each one for the wife of his neighbor.
9 So for this, shouldn't I come to visit,' asks the Lord?
'Shouldn't My soul now take vengeance
Upon a nation that's acting this way?

10 'So upon her battle towers, they'll climb,
And they'll knock them down until none remain…
Yes, these are the ones who will do it!
They must go and destroy all her supports,
For none of it came from Jehovah!

11 'They haven't shown Me any respect, says Jehovah…
Not the houses of IsraEl or of Judah.
12 And about their Lord, they have lied;
For they've said,
These things will not happen…
What's bad won't really arrive…
Neither famine nor sword will we see.

13 'For [His] Prophets are really just windbags,
And they don't [speak] the word of Jehovah;
So this will happen to them, not to us!'

14 'But because of this, says Jehovah the Almighty…
Because you have said all these things,
I've put My words like flames in your mouths,
And they'll consume you as though you were wood.

15 'O house of IsraEl, pay attention:
For from a far-away land,
I'm bringing a nation against you,
says Jehovah,
Which speaks a tongue that you won't understand.

16 'The quivers of their mighty are like open tombs,
17 And they'll consumer your harvests and bread,
As well as your sons and your daughters.

'They'll eat your sheep and your calves…
They'll devour your vineyards and fig groves,
As well as all of your olives.
They'll thresh your fortified cities with swords
(Those places that you have relied on).

18 'And in that day,' said the Lord;
'Your God won't allow your fulfillment.
19 And when you ask why He let this happen,
Jehovah will give this reply:
I did it because you have left Me,
And you served strange gods in My land.
So, you will now have to serve strangers,
In a land that is no longer yours.

20 'To the house of Jacob, announce all these things,
And let it be heard throughout Judah!
21 Pay attention, you foolish and heartless…
You who have eyes but can't see,
And you who have ears but can't hear.

22 'Why have you failed to show fear of Me,
And not bowed to Me with your faces to the ground?
For I'm the One who ordered the sands,
To be the limits of the seas!
It's the order [that I gave] through the ages,
That the seas cannot go beyond them…
Its [waves] may never disturb them,
And there's no way they can win.
For, no matter how great the roar of the waves,
They can't pass the limits I've set.

23 'Yet, to these people, came hearts that don't listen,
And they've continued to resist My persuasion…
They turned aside and they left [Me].

24 'They have not said in their hearts,
We should fear Jehovah, our God…
The One who gives rain in its seasons
(Both the early and the late rains),
And who orders full harvests for us.

25 'By your lawless deeds, you've turned from these things…
By your sins, you've removed what's good from yourselves.
26 For among My own people, the godless are found,
Who set snares to corrupt other men,
As they devise [evil] plans.

27 'As a trap is set to catch many birds,
With treachery, their homes are now filled.
And because of this, they are famous and rich…
They've grown fat on injustice.
28 The side of orphans, they never take,
And they don't give justice to widows.

29 'Am I not watching such things,' asks Jehovah?
'Won't My soul bring vengeance upon them?

30 'This is why things have changed…
This is why they'll shudder throughout the whole land!
31 For their prophets now prophesy lies,
As their priests are applauding and clapping their hands.
So, since this is what My people have loved,
I must now do this thing!'

Chapter 6

1 'O sons of BenJamin, be strong,
There in JeruSalem's midst.
But, you should start blowing your trumpets…
From the House in the Vineyards, sound the alarm!
For, bad things now loom in the north,
And a great destruction is headed your way!

2 'O you daughter of Zion,
Your haughty ways will soon be removed;
3 For to you, will come shepherds and flocks,
Who will pitch their tents all around you,
And there, each one will tend his own portion.

4 'Let's get ready to wage war against her…
Arise, and we will attack her at noon!
But, woe to us, for the day is now gone,
And the shadows of daylight have failed.
5 So let's arise and attack her at night,
Then wipe her down to her foundations!

6 'For, thus says Jehovah of Armies:
Cut down all of her trees…
Against that city of liars, send troops…
Complete your tyranny against her!

7 'As the cool taste of well water,
You must cool off her evil.
Disrespect and misery are in her,
So, throw it back into her face!

8 'O you [who live] in JeruSalem;
In misery, you'll be lashed with whips,
But My soul won't totally leave you…
I won't make you an untrodden land,
Which will not be lived in again.

9 'For, thus says Jehovah of Armies:
Glean them as you would gleans grapes
(Those few who'll remain in IsraEl)…
Return as the picker returns to his [vines]!

10 'To whom should I be saying these things…
Yes, whom can I tell that will listen?
{Look!} Because their ears are uncircumcised,
They are unable to hear.
And since the Word of Jehovah is something they scorn,
{Look!} They'll be unwilling to listen!

11 'Though I waited, My rage wasn't filled,
And I didn't completely finish them off;
So I'll pour it out on their children,
And upon their groups of young men.

'Their women and men will be taken away,
With the elders and those who have filled their days.
12 Then their houses will be given to others,
Along with their women and fields.

'Jehovah says,
Against all in this land, I'll stretch out My hand …
13 Against all from the small to the great…
All those who are filled with their own lawless ways.

'For their priests and all their false prophets,
Have each acted in falsehood.
14 And though they claim to bring healing,
They're just treating [Me] with contempt.
They also claim there is peace…
But, where indeed is this peace?

15 'So now they'll be shamed, because they have failed.
But, even though they'll be disgraced,
They'll refuse to accept their dishonor.
And because of this, they will fall…
They'll perish when I come to visit,
says Jehovah.

16 'And Jehovah said:
Now, stand in the roads and behold…
[Consider the] paths of the ages;
Then choose the best road and travel that way,
As you search for ways to clean up your lives!

'But because you have said, We won't go.'
17 I'm appointing watchmen for you,
And you must listen for the sounds of their trumpets!

'But, though you will say, We won't listen!
18 The nations [that are coming] will listen,
As will all those who are tending their flocks.

19 'O land, pay attention and look,
For I'm bringing what's bad on these people…
It's the fruitage of their rejection!
Because they've ignored My words and My Laws,
I have pushed them away.

20 'Why offer frankincense from SheBa to Me,
And cinnamon from far away lands?
For your whole burnt-offerings, I will not accept,
Since your sacrifices no longer delight Me.

21 'Because of this, says Jehovah,
Upon them, I am bringing a weakness.
Fathers and sons will be weak,
And their neighbors and loved ones will die.

22 'Then Jehovah said:
{Look!} From the north, a people are coming,
Who'll awaken the nations to the ends of the earth…
23 They'll come with their spears and their bows,
And on you, they will not show mercy.

'Their sound is like the roar of the sea.
And with horses and chariots, they will attack,
Bringing the fire of war against you,
O you daughter of Zion.

24 'About them, we've heard the reports,
And the things that we heard have made our hands weak…
Anguish has grabbed hold of us,
Like the pangs of a woman about to give birth!

25 'Don't go out into the fields,
And do no walk on the roads,
For they're filled with enemies carrying swords!

'So, O you daughters of My people;
[It's time for you] to wear sackcloth…
Strew ashes and mourn for your loved ones,
26 And in pity for yourselves, beat your breasts;
For misery will suddenly come upon you.

27 'Among you (you people on trial),
I've appointed someone who'll judge;
And as you are tried, you will know I'm the One,
Who is judging your ways.

28 'Yet, none of you are willing to listen,
Since you're walking in ways that are crooked…
You're corrupted like brass touching iron.

29 'Because the forge bellows have failed,
It's in vain that the smith works his silver;
For their wicked ways will not melt.

30 'So call out to them and then say,
That their silver has all been rejected…
Yes, they've been rejected by [God].'

Chapter 7

1 Then the Word of the Lord came to JeremiAh and said,
'Stand at the gate of [My Temple]
And against them, you must read these words:

2 'O Judah; Hear the Word of the Lord,
For Jehovah of Armies (the God of IsraEl) says this:

3 'Set right all the things that you're doing,
For, if you'll choose to set your ways straight,
I'll settle you here in this place.

4 'Don't rely on your lies anymore;
For they'll be no help when you're shouting,
O the Temple of Jehovah!
O the Temple of [God]!

5 'You must change your deeds and your ways,
And get yourselves straightened out.
Each man must be fair with his neighbor,
6 And fair with foreigners, orphans, and widows.

7 '[You] may no longer be tyrants…
Innocent blood, don't shed in this place…
And stop chasing after strange gods!

'Then, [when all this] badness is gone,
I'll bring you back to this land once again,
Which I gave to your fathers through the ages.

8 'But now, you are trusting in words that are lies,
Which will do you no good at all.
9 You commit adultery, murder, and steal,
And when you swear oaths, you are lying.
You also burn incense to BaAl,
And follow strange gods that you've never known.

10 'So, though there's just badness within you,
You still come and stand before Me,
In the [Temple] that's called by My Name,
And you dare to say,
We are clean.

11 'Hasn't My House that's standing before you,
And which is called by My Name,
Become just a den of thieves?
Look… I've seen it,
says Jehovah!

12 'Go to My old place in Shiloh
Where I camped and placed My Name long ago,
And see what I did because of their evil,
Before the faces of IsraEl, My people!

13 'Now, because you are doing these things,
About which I warned you, but you failed to hear…
The things that I shouted before you,
But to which, you failed to make any change;
14 I'll do the same thing to this [Temple]…
The one that is called by My Name,
And upon which you have relied…
The Place that I gave to your fathers and you.

'Yes I'll do the same as I once did to Shiloh…
15 I'll throw you away from My face,
Like I cast off your brothers (Ephraim's seed).

16 'Now, you must not pray for these people…
Don't come and petition for mercy,
Nor approach Me with vows on their behalf,
For, I will not listen to you!

17 'Don't you see the things that they're doing
In all the cities of Judah,
And in JeruSalem's streets?

18 'The sons go out to gather the wood,
So their fathers can then light the fires,
[To bake] the dough that their women knead,
As cakes for the armies of the heavens.

'They offer drinks to strange gods,
So they can provoke Me to rage…
19 Don't they provoke Me to rage,' asks Jehovah?
'But, shouldn't they be the ones who're provoked,
By the disgrace on their faces?

20 'It's because of this,' says Jehovah,
'That I'll pour out My anger and rage on this Place…
Upon the men and their cattle;
Upon every tree in their fields;
As well as on the land's produce…
The fire has been lit and it won't be put out!'

21 Jehovah said:
'Gather up all your burnt-offerings,
With the rest of your other sacrifices,
Then go on and eat all the meats!

22 'For on the day that I led them from Egypt,
I didn't ask your fathers to offer such things…
I didn't tell them to bring Me,
Whole burnt offerings or other sacrifices.

23 'The only instructions that I gave them,
Was to pay attention to the things that I say!
[I said], You'll be My people and I'll be your God,
As long as you walk in My ways,
And do whatever I tell you is good!

24 'But they didn't listen to Me,
And their ears just paid no attention;
They followed the evil thoughts in their hearts,
And became the butt not the head
From the day that their fathers left Egypt 'til now.

25 'So I sent them My servants the Prophets,
Morning after morning, day after day.
26 But they didn't listen to Me…
Their ears just paid no attention,
And their necks were stiffer than those of their fathers.

27 'So, go and tell them these words,
But they won't listen to you…
Call out to them, but they'll not respond.

28 'Go tell them that theirs is the nation
That refused to hear the voice of its God…
They failed to believe or give heed,
To the instructions that came from [His] mouth.

29 'So, shear your [hair] and throw it away,
Then let your lips start to wail;
For Jehovah's rejected and pushed away
The generation that has done all these things!

30 'Before Me, the sons of Judah are wicked,' says Jehovah.
'For they've brought what's disgusting into My House,
And defiled the Place that is called by My Name.

31 'They've also built for themselves a shrine for Topheth,
In the Valley of Hinnom's sons,
Where they burn their sons and daughters in fire…
Something that I never told them to do,
Or which ever came into My heart.

32 '{Look!} And because they've done this, the days have arrived,' says Jehovah,
'When, in the Valley of Hinnom's sons,
And in that Shrine that they [built to] Topheth,
Nothing more will be heard.

'For their valley will soon be destroyed,
And they'll [bury] Topheth there in a tomb,
Since his place will no longer exist.

33 'His people will also be dead,
And they'll serve as food for the birds in the sky,
As well as for the beasts on the ground,
Since no one will come to chase them away.

34 'From the cities of Judah, I'll take them,
And off of JeruSalem's streets.
Then the sounds of joy will be gone,
And the voices of brides and grooms won't be heard;
For the land will become desolation.'

Chapter 8

1 'During that time,' says Jehovah,
'They'll lift the bones of Judea's kings,
As well as the bones of its rulers,
Along with the bones of its Prophets and Priests,
And the bones of the rest of people,
Out of JeruSalem's graves.
2 And there they will dry, under the sun…
Yes, under the moon and the stars,
Beneath the armies of the heavens,
Those that they loved and served…
Those whom they held to and followed,
And those before whom they bowed.

'So, they will not be lamented,
Nor will they be buried in tombs;
3 They'll just lie on the ground as examples,
For rather than life, they chose death.
So, all who remain of that generation,
Will be laid wherever I choose.'

4 Then the Lord asked:
'Will those who fall not be resurrected
Will those who turned not return?

5 'Why have they chosen rejection,
And held so firmly to their resolve…
Why haven't they wished to return?

6 'Give ear, indeed, and pay close attention,
For they aren't saying what's right!
None have repented their badness,
Nor have they asked what they have done wrong…
They've just stopped running the race,
Like a horse that's snorting and covered with sweat.

7 'The stork in the sky knows her time,
As do swallows and doves in the fields.
Even sparrows keep watch for the time [they will die]…
But My people do not understand,
The judgments that Jehovah has made.

8 'So, how can they say, We are wise,
And we have the Law of Jehovah?

For, all these lies that are written,
By the quills of the scribes are in vain!

9 'The wise are frightened and shamed,
Because they've rejected [God's] Word…
So what wisdom do they truly have?

10 'I'll give their women to other men,
And I'll leave their fields to other men's heirs.
For, from the small to the great,
They've loved and chased after money;
And from prophet to priest, they all lie!

11 'They've dishonored the daughters of My people,
And they shout, Peace! Peace! when there's really no peace!

12 'By the disgusting things that they've done,
They have brought shame on themselves.
Yet, they're not ashamed of their shame…
They refuse to know any shame.

'And because of this, they will fall,
Along with all the rest that will fall…
In the time of my visit, they'll fall,' says the Lord.
13 'And they will reap what they've [sown],' says Jehovah.'

There are no grapes on the grapevines,
And there are no figs on their trees,
For, all of their leaves have now dropped.

14 So, why are we just sitting here?
We can flee to the fortified cities!
But there, they'll just turn us away,
Because our God has disowned us.

Bile we'll be given for water,
Since we have sinned before [God].
15 And though we will gather for peace,
We will receive nothing good…
Just worry at a time we need healing.

16 From Dan, we'll hear sounds of swift horses
– The sounds of snorting and those riding steeds –
And then, the whole land will be shaken.

They'll come here and eat up our land,
Along with everything in it…
The cities and all those who dwell here.

17 '{Look!} I'll send snakes against you to kill you
(The types that have never been charmed).
18 Then, they will incurably bite you,
Adding grief of hearts already perplexed.

19 'Look! Hear these cries of My people's daughters,
Which will come from far-away lands:
Isn't Jehovah on Zion,
And isn't there also a king?

'But, they've provoked Me to rage,
With their carvings of idols,
And by following these strange, worthless things.'

20 Summer has already passed,
And we've yet to receive any harvest.

21 About the destruction of my people's daughters,
I'm perplexed and wrapped up in darkness…
I'm in labor like a woman who's about to give birth.

22 In GileAd, there aren't any ointments,
Nor do they have any doctors.
So there will not be any healing,
For the daughters of my [beloved] people.

Chapter 9

1 Who'll provide enough water to come from my head,
And feed the springs of tears from my eyes,
So I can cry day and night for my people…
For the daughters of my people who will be slain?

2 And who'll provide me a hut in the desert,
Where I can escape from my people?
For, they are committing adultery,
And breaking [God's] Sacred Agreement.

3 'Their tongues are stretched tight like bows,
As lies and mistrust now grow in the land;
For, they chase evil after evil…
And they no longer know Me,' says the Lord.

4 'Each man should keep watch on his neighbor,
And not rely on even his brother;
For their brothers will stomp them under their heels,
And their friends will [try to] deceive them.

5 'For they all just [laugh at] their friends,
And no way do they tell them the truth,
Since their tongues have learned to speak lies;
They do whatever is wrong;
And they never repent [the bad] that they've done.

6 'They're compiling interest on interest,
And what is treacherous upon treachery;
For they do not wish to behold Me,' says [God].

7 'Because of this,' says Jehovah of Armies;
'{Look!} I'll judge them and set them on fire!
What else can possibly I do,
In the face of these wicked ways,
Being done by the daughters of My people?

8 'Why, their tongues are piercing like arrows,
And the words from their mouths are deceitful.
Though each one speaks of peace to his neighbors,
Inside, they really feel hatred.

9 'So, shouldn't I pay them a visit,' asks Jehovah,
'And bring My vengeance upon them?'

10 '[It's time to] mourn for the mountains,
And time to wail for the roads in the desert.
They're failing, because there aren't enough men,
And they don't hear the sounds of birds in the skies…
Why, even the cattle are gone!

11 'Evacuation has come upon JeruSalem,
And she'll be a home for wild beasts.
I've appointed extinction to the cities of Judah,
And they will no longer be lived in.

12 'Now, who is the man that's discerning?
Let him recognize this…
May the words of Jehovah be with him,
So he can tell you the reasons
Why the land is being destroyed…
Being burned away into a desert,
So no one will go there again.'

13 And the Lord said to me:
'Because they've abandoned My Law
(The one I set in front of their faces),
And paid no attention to My voice,
14 Chasing after things that pleasure their hearts
(Things that are evil and idols,
Which their fathers had taught them to worship)…
15 On account of this,' says IsraEl's God
(Jehovah of Armies is His Name);
'{Look!} Upon distress, I will feed them,
And I'll make them drink bile for their water.

16 'They'll be scattered among many nations,
(Those unknown to them and their fathers);
For against them, Im sending the sword,
Until they're completely consumed.'

17 Then the Lord said:
'Call for the women who wail…
Yes, shout and tell them to come!
Send for all the wise women…
Explain that it's their time to speak.

18 'For, they should start their lamenting,
And start bringing tears to our eyes…
Cause water to flow from our eyelids!
19 For in Zion, this dirge will be heard:

'How have we come to such misery?
We're disgraced, for we have abandoned our land,
And thrown away all our tents.

20 'Listen to this, O you women;
For, it is the word of your God!
Let your ears hear the words from His mouth,
Then teach this lament to your daughters…
Let each one teach her neighbors to wail!

21 'For, death has crept through your windows…
It has come to your land to wipe out your young,
And remove the young men from your squares.

22 'Then all men must die on the face of the plains,
To set an example for those in your land;
And just like grass that's been mowed,
No one will go to collect them.'

23 Then the Lord said this:
'Don't allow the wise to boast of their wisdom,
Nor let the mighty boast of their strength…
And don't let the rich boast of their wealth!
24 For, when they boast, let them brag about this:

'That they perceive Me and know Me…
That they know of My mercy and fairness…
That I've judged to bring this land justice…
And these things being done, are My will,' says Jehovah.

25 '{Look!} For the days are coming,' says Jehovah,
'When I will visit the uncircumcised,
As well as the circumcised of Edom
26 (Those in Judah, Egypt, and Edom;
The sons of AmMon and MoAb…
All who are shaving their faces,
And all who live in the deserts).
Though the flesh of the nations is uncircumcised,
IsraEl is uncircumcised in its heart.'

Chapter 10

1 O house of IsraEl; Listen to the Word of Jehovah!
2 Don't learn the ways of the gentiles,
And don't [follow] the [zodiac] signs…
These things that are feared by the nations,
3 For the customs of the nations are worthless!

An idol is a tree that they've cut from the woods,
Or it's something that someone has cast [in a mold].
4 They adorn them with silver and gold,
And then nail them into place with a hammer…
Make them stiff, so they cannot move.

5 They're just carved pieces of silver,
So they are unable to speak,
And then they have to be carried…
They can't lift themselves into place!

So you have no reason to fear them,
For nothing in them can do bad or good.
6 They aren't like You, O Jehovah;
For You're great… and great is the strength of Your Name.

7 Who won't fear You, O King of the Nations?
For to You, come the wise from all lands;
Because, in all of their kingdoms,
They have no gods that are like You.

8 [Their idols] are foolish and thoughtless,
Since trees can just teach foolish things.

9 It's by the hands of skilled goldsmiths,
That silver from Tarshish is melded,
Into gold that was taken from Uphaz
– It's all just the workings of craftsmen –
10 Then they deck those things in purple and blue.

11 As the result, tell them this:
'Let these gods who can't make the skies or the ground
Be destroyed from all lands under heaven!

12 'For it was Jehovah who made the earth,
And by His strength, He erected man's home.
Then, in His intelligence and wisdom,
He stretched the skies out above it.

13 'He gathers all the waters under the skies,
And [assembles] the clouds to the ends of the earth.
He made the lightning and rain,
And from His treasuries, brought forth the winds.

14 'The knowledge of men, He disgraces;
And the idols that they carve, shame the goldsmiths.
For false gods are just cast in ovens,
And there is no spirit within them.

15 'They are foolish works that are made to be mocked;
And in the time of their visitation,
They will all be destroyed.

16 'But, this isn't the portion of Jacob;
For the One who shaped everything
(IsraEl's inheritance and scepter),
Is named Jehovah of Armies!
17 And from the [nations], He will gather supporters,
Who will dwell among His elected.'

18 Then the Lord said:
'{Look!} I'll stumble all those who live in this land,
And squeeze them out, to [show what they've done].
19 So, woe to you, for you'll be destroyed,
And your wounds will be very painful.'

And I said: 'But I've already been wounded… and this has surely come from You! 20 For my tent is in a miserable condition, it has been totally destroyed, its coverings of skins have been ripped apart, my sons and my sheep are all gone, there are no walls for my tent, and I have no place to store its coverings of leather! 21 Even my shepherds have been acting stupidly. For since they have also failed to search for Jehovah, they've allowed all of my sheep to be scattered and confused in their pastures.

22 '{Look!} There's been a report that the sounds of a great rumbling can be heard coming from the land in the north, where orders to have been given to come here and destroy our cities too… to scatter us like the nest of an ostrich!

23 I know, O Lord, that our people don't know the right way to go, and we don't know how to walk a straight path. 24 So correct us in fairness, O Jehovah… don't send Your rage and allow just a few of us to remain! 25 Pour out Your rage on the nations [instead]… on those kingdoms that really don't know You, and on those who don't call on Your Name. For IsraEl has already been completely consumed, all of their pastures lie desolate… and now they're getting ready to come and consume the rest of Jacob!'

Chapter 11

1 These words came to JeremiAh from Jehovah. He said, 2 'Listen to the words of My Sacred Agreement, then [read them] to the men of Judea and to those who live in JeruSalem. 3 Say, IsraEl's God, Jehovah, said this:

'Cursed is the man who pays no regard,
To the words of this Sacred Agreement,
Which I gave to your fathers,
On the day that I led them from Egypt…
From out of that furnace of iron.

4 'Pay close attention to My voice,
And do all the things that I tell you to do,
Then, you'll be My people and I'll be your God.

5 'And I'll reestablish My oath
– The oath that I swore to your fathers –
To give them a land of honey and milk,
That flows to them as it does to this day.'

And I replied, 'May it be, O my Lord.'

6 And the Lord said to me:
'Read these words to the cities of Judah,
As well as at JeruSalem's [walls].
Say, Hear the words of the Sacred Agreement,
And then [be careful to] do them!

7 'For, we bore witness together
– And I testified to your fathers –
That, from the day that I led them from Egypt,
Down to this very day,
I arose early to serve as a witness.

'I told them to hear the words of my voice!
But, they wouldn't listen or turn an ear…
They just followed the evil ways of their hearts.

'They agreed to the words of this Contract,
And to the things that I said they must do;
8 But then, they just didn't do them.'

9 And the Lord said to me:
'A conspiracy has been found among Judah's men,
And among those who live in JeruSalem!
10 For, they've gone back to the unrighteous ways of their fathers…
Those who were living before them,
And who also refused to listen to me.

'{Look!} Those in the houses of IsraEl and Judah,
Are following and serving strange gods…
They've annulled the Agreement that I made with their fathers!

11 'And because of this, says Jehovah;
{Look!} I will bring evil upon them,
Which they won't be able to remove.

'Then, once again, they'll start calling to Me,
But this time, I will not listen.
12 And [what happens to] those in the cities of Judah,
Will [be worse] than for those in JeruSalem.

'So, they'll have to call out to their gods…
Those to whom they burn incense…
Those who can't save them in times of [distress].

13 'O Judah;
You have as many gods as you have towns,
And you have shrines on each of JeruSalem's streets,
Where you burn incense to BaAl.

14 'So, you must not pray for these people…
Don't beg or petition for them!
For, when they call, I won't listen,
In their time of distress.

15 'Disgusting things are now done in My House,
By those whom [I once dearly] loved!
So, will vows and holy meat atone for the bad?
Are you putting your hope in such things?

16 'As a pretty olive tree providing much shade,
Was the sight of all those who called on My Name.
Then came the sound of it being chopped down…
It was lit on fire [and burned].
So, all her tender branches were wasted.

17 'It was planted by Jehovah of Armies…
The One against whom they spoke evil.
So, on the houses of IsraEl and Judah,
There also came something that's evil,
Which they brought on themselves by provoking my rage…
By their burning incense to BaAl.'

18 [But I said]: 'O Lord; please tell me about it so I'll know, because only You are fully aware of the things they're doing! 19 Why, I'm just an innocent lamb who doesn't know that he's led to the sacrifice; for they're plotting and making plans against me, saying:
Come, let's give him wood for his bread…
From the land of the living, let's wipe him away,
And make sure that his name is forgotten!

20 'O Jehovah of Armies; Please judge them fairly over such things… try their kidneys and hearts! May I [live to] see Your punishment on them… but remember that I've acted uprightly.'

21 It was because of this that the Lord then replied concerning the men of AnathOth who were seeking my life. For these were the ones who were saying to me, 'Don't prophesy in the Name of Jehovah anymore, for if you do, we'll kill you!' 22 So Jehovah of Armies then said:
'Look! I'll pay them a visit,
Then, all their young men will die by the sword,
And their sons and daughters will starve.

23 'None of them will remain;
For to those who are living in AnathOth,
I will be bringing what's bad,
In the year of My visitation.'

Chapter 12

1 [And I said]: 'You are righteous, O Lord; so let me plead my case before You, and then I'll leave it up to you to decide.

'Why do the irreverent [seem to] succeed?
For the wicked and disrespectful continue to prosper.
2 Yet, they were planted and rooted by You,
And they produced children and fruitage.
So, it seems as though You are near to their mouths,
But far away from their kidneys.

3 'You know me, O Lord,
And before You, my heart has been tried.
So, may they be gathered like flocks,
And then made holy for slaughter!

4 'How long will the land have to mourn,
And all the grass in the fields become dry,
Because of their evil deeds?
Though they offer their cattle and birds;
They say that God can't see what they're doing.'

5 [And the Lord replied]:
'Since your feet get tired when they run;
How can you be ridden like a horse?
Why have you trusted that there will be peace,
And why do you whinny for the Jordan?

6 'For, even your brothers and the house of your father,
Have failed to pay attention to you…
Behind your back, they are yelling at you!
So, don't trust them when they speak kind words.'

7 [And I said]:
'I have abandoned my home…
My inheritance, I have forsaken…
And into the hands of her enemies,
I've given the love of my life.

8 'For [she], (my inheritance) has become,
Like a lion that lives in the woods…
She roared, so I started to hate her.

9 'She's become a den of hyenas,
And [this den] has is now her protection.
So, gather to her the beasts of the fields,
And let them go there to eat her!'

10 [And the Lord replied]:
'My vineyard's been destroyed by its shepherds…
Yes, my portion, they have defiled…
What was mine, they've turned into a desert!

11 'So, destruction and extinction is what I have planned.
And because of me, the land will soon be destroyed.
Yet, the people didn't take this to heart.

12 'Then, through every pass in that desert,
Will come those who bring misery…
Yes, those who will use my sword to consume.
And from one end of the land to the other,
There'll be no peace for all flesh.

13 'For, though I planted wheat, thorn-bushes [grew];
So, all of this did no good.
Therefore, be ashamed of your prideful words,
And for speaking in scorn to Jehovah!'

14 Then the Lord said:
'When it comes to the wicked around you
(Those who touched my belongings…
IsraEl, my people and portion);
{Look!} From their land, I will uproot them…
From its midst, I'll uproot the people of Judah.

15 'But, after I drive them away,
I will let them return,
And I will show mercy upon them.
I'll let them return and resettle,
In the land they received from their fathers…
I'll return each one to his [home].

16 'And if my people should learn the right way,
And start swearing their oaths by [God's] Name…
If they'll say, As Jehovah is living,
As they're now swearing by BaAl;
I'll let them return and rebuild their homes.

17 'But, if they should choose not to return,
I will lift that nation away…
I'll remove them and I will destroy them,' said the Lord.

Chapter 13

1 Then the Lord said:
'Go buy a loin cloth of linen,
And thereafter, wrap it around you…
But, do not wash it in water.'

2 So I went out and bought the loincloth, just as I was told by the Word of the Lord, and I wrapped it around my loins.

3 Then the Word of Jehovah came to me a second time saying:
'Now, you should take off the loincloth
(The one that you've wrapped 'round your loins),
4 Then, get up and go to the EuPhrates River,
And hide it in a hole in the rocks!'

5 So I went and hid it by the EuPhrates, as the Lord had told me to do.

6 Then after many days, the Lord said to me:
'Get up and go to the River EuPhrates…
Go search and bring back that loincloth…
The one that I told you to hide there.'

7 So I went back to the EuPhrates and dug up the loincloth from the place where I'd hidden it… and {Look!} it was ruined… there's no way that it could have been used after that!

8 Then the Word of the Lord came to me and told me, 9 'This is what Jehovah has said:

'Like this, I'll corrupt the insolence of Judah,
Because of JeruSalem's insolent ways…
10 The insolence of those who don't wish to obey…
Those who follow the wicked ways of their hearts,
By chasing and serving strange gods,
Then bowing to their faces before them.

'They will become like this loincloth,
Which will never be useful again.
11 For, just as this cloth hugs the loins of a man;
I've stuck by the houses of IsraEl and Judah,
says Jehovah.

'They'd have been a famous people to me,
And a reason for boasting and glory…
But, they just paid no attention.

12 'So, speak these words to those people.
Say that IsraEl's God, Jehovah, says this:
Your leather bags will be filled with wine!

'And when they ask,
Aren't you aware that we already know,
That our leather bags will be filled with wine?
Why have you have said this to us?

13 'Then, tell them that thus says Jehovah:
{Look!} I'll fill all who live in this land with strong drink…
And their kings (David's sons) who sit on their thrones,
As well as their priests and their prophets,
Along with all those in Judah,
And those who dwell in JeruSalem.

14 'Then, I will send them away…
Each man will be torn from his brother,
And fathers will be torn from their sons.
And thereafter, I will not miss them,
says Jehovah…
I won't spare them or pity their ruin.'

15 'Hear… yes listen, and then give up hope!
For, this is what Jehovah has said:

'Give glory to Jehovah, your God!
16 Give glory before it gets dark…
Before your feet stumble amid mountain shade,
Where you'll wait for light in the shadow of death,
But where you'll only find darkness!

17 'For, if you should choose not to listen,
You'll weep in secret, because of your pride;
And there, your eyes will shed tears,
For the scattering of the flock of Jehovah.

18 'Now, go and tell the king this:
Your rulers must sit down and humble themselves,
For their wreaths of glory will be smashed from their heads.

19 'The cities toward the south will be closed,
And not be opened again.
Judah will then be resettled,
In a complete relocation.

20 'So, raise your eyes, O JeruSalem,
And see what's coming to you from the north!

'Now, where is the flock you were given…
[Yes, where are] the sheep of your glory?
21 What will you say when these people arrive,
And you'll be forced to teach them hard lessons,
Against yourself and your rule?

'Won't labor pangs then control you,
As though you're a woman about to give birth?

22 'And if you should ask in your heart,
Why has this happened to me?
It's because your sins have been great!
So, your butt will now be uncovered,
To be an example to your heels.

23 'If Ethiopians could change their skin color,
Or leopards could change all their spots;
You'd also be able to do what is good,
And learn [not to do] any evil.

24 'This is how your people will be scattered by Me…
Like twigs that are blown in the desert by wind.
25 Yes, this is your portion and lot,
Because of the ways you've opposed Me,
says Jehovah.

'For, you forgot Me and trusted in lies.
26 So, to your faces, I'll now show your butts…
Your dishonor will be exposed before all.

27 'For I've seen your snorting and adultery…
Your disgusting acts and your whoring,
That you've done in your hills and your fields.

'So, woe to you, O JeruSalem,
Because, you're too dirty to come after Me,
And for you, there's no longer hope!'

Chapter 14

1 Then the Word of Jehovah came to me (JeremiAh) concerning the drought, [For I had said:]

2 'Judah now mourns, for she has empty gates,
And the land is enveloped in darkness,
As cries ascend from JeruSalem.

3 'Her great ones send young men for water,
Who find nothing when they get to the wells;
So, they just bring back empty jars.

4 'All the works in the land have now failed,
Because, there has been no rain.
So the farmers are shamed and they cover their heads.

5 'And when the hinds in the prairies give birth,
They just abandon their young;
For there's not enough [grass] in the fields.

6 'Wild burros in the woods must suck wind;
And because there is so little hay,
The eyes of all the wild beasts have all failed.

7 'Because of our sins, [You've] opposed us, O Lord;
But, help us for the sake of Your Name.
However, our errors are many,
And we're [guilty] of sinning against You.

8 'But, Lord; You are IsraEl's endurance…
In hard times, You've been our Savior.
So, why are You being a stranger to us…
Like a native-born son on vacation?

9 'Are You like a man who is sleeping,
Or are You someone who's able to save us?
For You've been among us, O Lord,
And we are called by Your Name;
So, You should never forget us!

10 And the Lord replied concerning these people:
'They've [sinned] and they have spared no one;
So, God hasn't prospered their ways,
And He is recalling their sins…
For their errors, He's now come to visit.'

11 Then the Lord told me:
'Don't request good things for these people;
12 For when they fast, I won't hear their prayers;
And if they should bring sacrifices,
I will not think well of them.
I'll just finish them off by the sword,
As well as by famine and [plague].'

13 And I said:
'O Great Being… O Lord; our prophets have said that we won't ever see the sword and that we'll never go hungry, for you're going to bring peace to our land!'

14 And then the Lord told me:
'Those who prophesy this in [God's] Name,
Are all [in fact], telling lies;
For, I did not really send them,
Nor did I tell them what they should say.

'So the visions that they have are all lies;
And the manifestations and omens,
To which they have prophesied,
Are just things that have come from their hearts.

15 'And because of this,' says Jehovah;
'Tell those who prophesy lies in My Name
(Those whom I didn't send):
[You've said] that famine and the sword
Will never come to this land;
So you prophets will die by diseases,
And I'll finish what's left by starvation!

16 'Yes, you who prophesied this,
Will be die by the sword and by famine;
Then your bodies will be tossed in JeruSalem's streets.

'You won't be buried in tombs…
Nor will your wives, sons, or daughters;
For I'll pour your own badness upon you!

17 'Then you must tell them this:
Fill your eyes with tears day and night,
And don't bring an end to your crying!
For, to the daughter of My people will just come defeat…
Yes, they will be horribly beaten!

18 'So, if you go out to the fields,
You'll just see those slain by the sword.
And if you enter the cities,
You'll just see the misery of famine.
Then, to a land that you do not know,
They'll take your priests and your prophets!'

19 [And I said:] 'Then, are You rejecting all of Judah and have You removed Your Person from Zion? Why are You striking us instead of healing us? For though we've waited for peace, nothing good has happened… [yes, we're waiting for] healing, but all we're finding is that things are just getting worse!

20 'We're aware, O Lord, of our errors and of the sins of our fathers… yes, we know that before You, we're guilty of many sins. 21 But please back off because of Your Name… don't destroy Your glorious throne! Please remember Your Sacred Agreement… don't wipe it away!

22 'For, which idol of the nations can bring rain… yes, which one can bring what they say they'll bring to the skies? Who other than You can accomplish such things… [yes, who other than] Jehovah our God? Therefore, we'll continue to wait for You, since You're the One who created it all!'

Chapter 15

1 And the Lord said to me:
'If you'd put SamuEl and Moses before me,
Even for them, my soul wouldn't change.
So, send these people away from my face…
Yes, let them [be carried away]!

2 'And if they should ask, Where will we go?
You should tell them that thus says Jehovah:

'As many as are [appointed for] death,
[Are the number of those] who will die;
As many as are [appointed] to the sword,
[Are the numbers of those] who will die by the sword;
As many as are [appointed] to famine,
[Are the numbers of those] who will starve;
And as many as are [appointed] as captives,
[Are the numbers of those] who'll be carried away.

3 'And Jehovah said:
I will take vengeance in four different ways:

Š They'll be put to death by the sword

Š They'll be torn to pieces by dogs

Š They'll serve as prey for wild beasts

Š Or they'll be rotting flesh for the birds in the skies.

4 'To many distresses, I'll hand them,
To all kingdoms throughout the whole earth,
Because of ManasSeh, king of Judah
(The son of King HezekiAh),
And for all that he did in JeruSalem.

5 'O JeruSalem, who will spare you?
Yes, who will be timid against you,
And who will say,
May you have peace?
For to Me, you have turned [your backs],
says Jehovah.

6 'So, you will be [forced to] retreat;
Then I'll stretch out My hand to destroy you,
And I will not spare you thereafter.

7 'I will scatter and disperse,
Those inside the gates of My people.
And they will all become childless…
They'll destroy My people, because they're so bad.

8 'There'll be more widows than the sands of the seas…
To mothers of young men, I will send misery…
I'll bring trembling and anxiety upon them at noon.

9 'Then the one who bore seven, will have none,
For her life will meet with misfortune,
And her sun will set at midday.
She'll be disgraced and berated,
And I'll give what is left to the sword,
says Jehovah.'

10 So, woe to you, O mother who bore me;
For, I am a man who must judge,
And bring what's bad to this land.

Yet, none of this will benefit me,
For no one has offered to help me,
And I'm weakened by all those who curse me.

11 So, may it be, O Jehovah the Almighty…
May they get no help in their time of distress,
And may their enemies bring them no good.
12 Let them know that [You are like] iron,
And Your strength is like a robe made of brass.

13 [Then the Lord said this concerning the people]:
'Because of the sins in your borders,
I'll give all your treasures to them.
14 Before them, you will be slaves,
And you'll live in lands that you've never known.
For a fire will soon burn among you,
Which will be lit by my rage.'

15 O Lord, please don't forget me…
Save me from those who pursue me…
Please don't hold back [your hand]!
It's because of You, that I'm hated,
16 By those who've not heeded Your Words.

If You'll completely finish them off,
Your words will bring joy to my heart.
For, O Jehovah the Almighty;
I'm a man who is called by Your Name!

17 Among those who mocked You, I haven't sat,
And before Your hand, I was cautious.
I sat by myself all alone,
Filled with great indignation.

18 Why are those who bring grief [allowed to] prevail?
For my wounds have been so severe…
And where can I go to be healed?

All of this is untested water to me…
It's something that I cannot trust.

19 Then the Lord said:
'If you should ever return [to this land],
I'll return all that you've owned,
And before My face, you'll then stand.
If you'll separate those who are worthy
From all the rest who are not,
You will then serve as My mouth.

'But, though they may come before you,
You must not go before them.
20 For, to these people, I've made you,
A fortified wall of forged brass.

'And though they'll wage war against you,
They won't be able to beat you,
Because I'll be there to save you.

'I'll rescue you,' said [the Lord]…
'I'll deliver you from their wicked hands,
And ransom you from these cursed people.'

Chapter 16

1 Then the Word of the Lord came to me saying:
2 'Do not take another wife in this place,
And don't father daughters or sons.
3 For, concerning the sons and daughters,
Who've been born in this place…
And concerning the mothers who gave them birth,
And those in this land who are fathers:

4 'They'll die by death and disease,
And not be entombed or lamented.
As examples, they'll lie on the face of the ground!

'[Most] will fall by the sword,
And starvation will kill all the rest.
Their corpses will serve as food for wild beasts,
And for the birds in the skies.'

5 And the Lord told me:
'Don't join in their [funeral processions],
And for them, don't mourn or lament,
Since I'm the one who took peace from these men,
Along with compassion and mercy.

6 'So, the great and the small of this land will all die,
And they won't be lamented or buried…
No one will beat their chests over them,
Nor cut on themselves or shave their heads.

7 'No way will there be feasts of mourning…
No bread will be broken in consolation,
For those who are mourning their dead;
Nor will a drink be provided,
Over the deaths of fathers and mothers.

8 'Don't enter their homes for a banquet…
Don't sit down with them to eat or to drink;
9 For thus says Jehovah, IsraEl's God:

'{Look!} Before your eyes, I'll remove them,
And during your [life, this will happen].
There'll be no sounds of gladness or joy,
Nor the voices of grooms and their brides.

10 'Now, when you say such things to these people, they'll ask:
Why has Jehovah pronounced such bad things?
For what wrong have we really done…
How have we sinned against God?

11 'And when they ask, this must be your reply:
It's because your fathers have left Me, says Jehovah;
And they have followed strange gods…
They bowed before them and served them…
They've abandoned Me and not kept My Laws…
12 And you're even more wicked than them!

'{Look!} You've chased the evil that pleases your hearts,
And you have refused to obey Me.
13 So I'll drive you away from this land,
To a land that is strange to your fathers and you,
Where you'll serve strange gods day and night…
Those who will show you no mercy!

14 'Yes, because of this, days will come, says Jehovah;
When they'll say, As Jehovah is living…
The One who led IsraEl from Egypt.
15 But then, they will also be saying:
As Jehovah is living…
The One who led the house of IsraEl back,
From the lands in the north,
And from everywhere else they were taken.
For then, I will bring them back to their land…
This land that I gave to their fathers.

16 '{Look!} To them, I will send men who fish, says Jehovah,
And they will go fishing for them.
I will also send hunters,
Who'll hunt for them on the mountains and hills,
And in the holes among rocks.

17 'But My eyes are now watching their ways,
And they can't hide their offenses from Me.
18 So, for all of their unrighteous ways…
For the sins with which they've ruined My land…
For the disgusting things of their rotting flesh…
And for filling My inheritance with their lawless deeds;
I will pay them back double!

19 'But thereafter, they will be saying,
O Lord, our strength and our helper…
Our refuge during hard times;
To You, all the nations will come,
From the ends of the earth.

'And they each will also be saying:
How false were the idols our fathers acquired;
Because, in them, there was no hope at all…
20 Though each man made his own gods,
None of these proved to be gods.

21 '{Look!} At that time, I will show them My hand…
And I will show them My might.
Then they'll learn that My Name is Jehovah!'

Chapter 17

1 Thus says Jehovah:
'All of Judah's sins have been written,
With a stylus of iron…
In the tablets of their hearts, they've been clawed,
And upon the horns of their altars.

2 'So their sons will remember their altars,
As well as their sacred poles,
Which were found under every tree in the woods,
And upon every high hill.

3 'And on your mountains, there in the plains,
I'll hand over your wealth and treasures as loot,
For the sins [you've committed] upon their high peaks.

4 'Then the inheritance I gave you, will all be gone,
And you'll have to serve people who hate you,
In a land that you've never known.
For you've kindled the fire of My wrath,
Which will blaze against you through the rest of this age.'

5 Thus says Jehovah:
'Cursed is the man who has any hope;
For, though his flesh is still on his arms,
His heart is far from Jehovah.
6 So he'll be like a tree in the desert,
And when good things arrive, he won't see them.
In a desert of salt, he'll be planted…
In a brackish land, where no one has lived.

7 'But, praised is the man who relies on the Lord,
And puts all his hope in Jehovah.
8 For he'll be like a tree that was planted near water,
And shoots its roots into moisture.

'He'll have no fear of sweltering heat,
And grow fat like a tree in the woods.
He'll have nothing to fear in the year of the drought,
And he'll keep on producing his fruit.

9 'The heart is the deepest of all things;
So, who can know [what's inside] a man?
10 But I Jehovah, examine the hearts,
I also put the kidneys on trial,
And repay each one for his ways…
By the fruits of the things he has done.

11 'As partridges call to [eggs] that won't hatch,
So is the man that's rich but unfair.
For, in the last half of his days,
He will lose all his wealth,
Which [will prove] that he's been a fool.'

12 [O Lord];
Our Holy Place is Your glorious throne,
Which, since ancient times, we've held in esteem.
13 Yet, IsraEl still awaits the disgrace,
Which will come upon those who have left You.

So, may the names of those who've rebelled,
Be written deep under the ground;
For they've left their Lord and the source of their life!

14 Make the Sabbath days holy once more…
Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed…
Save me and I'll be delivered,
For You are my reasons for boasting!

15 'Look,' they say; 'Where is this Word of the Lord?
May [whatever He says] come upon us!'

16 But I've never tired of following You,
And I've not desired the ways of those men.

You know all the things that have come from my lips…
Before Your face, they're all here!
17 So, please don't push me away…
Protect me in that bad day!

18 May those who chase me be shamed,
And may I not bring disgrace on myself.
May they all come to know terror;
But, may I never know terror.
Bring that bad day upon them…
Yes, double the destruction upon them!

19 And then the Lord then told me:
'Go stand at the gates of the sons of your people
(The gates that the kings of Judah walk through…
All those gates through which they must pass).
Go and stand at each one of those gates,
20 Then this is what you should say:

'O you kings of Judea…
Yes you kings of Judah and JeruSalem,
And all others who enter these gates;
Hear the Word of Jehovah!
21 For [our God] Jehovah said this:

'Save your souls…
Don't carry loads on the Sabbaths…
Carry nothing at all through JeruSalem's gates…
22 Carry nothing from your homes on the Sabbaths,
And do not do any work!
Keep the Sabbath days holy;
For that's what I said to your fathers!'

23 'But, they'll not turn an ear to listen to you…
They'll have stiffer necks than their fathers…
They'll not pay attention or do what you say.'

24 Then the Lord [told me to say this]:
'If you will just listen to Me,
And not carry goods through these gates on the Sabbaths…
If you'll treat the Sabbaths as holy,
By refusing to do any work;
Then, kings and rulers will enter these gates,
Who will sit upon David's throne.

25 'They'll come with horses and chariots;
And I will appoint them as rulers,
Over Judah as well as JeruSalem;
Then they'll settle in this city through the age.

26 'At that time, [the people] will come,
From Judah and from JeruSalem.
From the land of BenJamin, they'll also come,
And from the mountains and fields in the south.

'They will bring their burnt-offerings,
Along with incense and frankincense,
As well as offerings of praise and thanksgiving,
To the Temple of [God].

27 'But, if you should choose not to listen,
And not treat My Sabbaths as holy…
If you continue to lift and tote loads,
Through JeruSalem's gates on the Sabbaths;
I'll kindle a fire inside of its gates,
To devour JeruSalem's plazas…
A fire that can't be extinguished!'

Chapter 18

1 This message came to JeremiAh from Jehovah. 2 He said:
'Get up and go to the house of the potter,
And hear the words that I'll say there.'

3 So I went to the house of the potter, and {Look!} there I found the man making a [pot] on his stone. 4 However, the pot that he was making fell apart, so he reshaped it into one that he was pleased with.

5 It was then that the Word of the Lord came to me saying:
6 'Now, Jehovah asks this:
O you house of IsraEl;
Can't I reshape you in the same way,
As the potter just [reshaped this pot]?
For, O house of IsraEl;
{Look!} As clay in the hands of a potter,
Is what you are in My hands.

7 'So, when I speak of bringing an end,
To any nation or kingdom,
And I plan to destroy them and lift them away;
8 If that nation should turn from doing what's bad,
I will then change My mind
About the bad things I'd planned.

9 'So if I speak of building a nation or kingdom,
10 And they [choose to be] wicked before Me,
Refusing to hear what I say;
About the good things, which I had planned,
I will then change My mind.

11 'So, say this to those men of Judea,
And to those who live in JeruSalem…
Tell them that thus says Jehovah:

'{Look!} I will shape bad things against you,
And devise against you, a plot,
Unless you turn from your evil ways,
And change your bad ways to good!'

12 But they replied:
'We'll act like men and we'll do as we please…
We'll do whatever is bad in our hearts!'

13 Because of this, thus said the Lord:
'Go and ask the gentiles this question:
Have you ever heard better reasons to shudder,
Than what IsraEl, the virgin, has done?

14 'Will snow leave the rocks on the mountains…
Will rain not fall when it's blown by the wind?
15 Yet, by My own people, I've been forgotten.
So it's in vain that they burn incense to Me,
And they'll now grow weak in their paths.

'On the roads of the ages, they will not walk;
For, since they don't know the right way to go,
16 They've ordered an extinction upon their own land…
A hissing [that will last] through the age.

'Then, all who go there will be stupefied,
And they will just shake their heads.
17 Since enemies will blow out [My people],
As though they are flames in the wind.
I'll show them the rear not the front,
In the day that they are destroyed.'

18 Then [the people] started saying: 'We need to come up with a plot [to destroy] JeremiAh, for the Law will never pass away, nor will the wisdom or words of [our] prophets. Come on, let's beat him on his tongue so we won't have to listen to his words anymore!'

19 Hear me, O Lord; Hear the [results] of my righteous deeds! 20 Should I be repaid with evil for good [that I'm doing]? Why, they're meeting and talking about doing something evil to my soul!

Remember [all the times] that I stood before You and asked You to do good things for them… when I urged You to turn from Your rage against them! 21 But now, because of [these things that they're doing], please bring a famine upon all their sons and hand them over to those who are carrying swords! Let their women become childless and widows… may all of their husbands be killed, and may all their young men fall by the sword! 22 Yes, let there be cries in their homes as You set looters upon them, for now they're plotting to arrest me, and they're hiding snares to catch me!

23 You know, O Lord, that they're planning to kill me, so don't overlook their errors and sins, and wipe them away from before You. Let their failures remain in Your [eyes], and then deal with them in the day of Your rage!

Chapter 19

1 Then the Lord said to me:
'Go buy a shaped earthen pitcher,
From the elders of the people and the priests.
2 Then go to the graveyard of Hinnom's sons,
Which is at the threshold of the East Gate,
And read all these words that I'll tell you:

3 'Say, O you kings of Judea,
And you who live in JeruSalem;
Hear the word of Jehovah!
For, this was said by Jehovah of Armies…
Yes the God of IsraEl said that,
{Look!} He'll bring such bad to this place,
That it'll ring in the ears of those hearing about it.

4 For, they have left Him and [chosen] this place,
To burn incense to their strange gods
(Gods that their fathers never knew).
And the kings of Judah have filled up this place,
With the blood of innocent men.

5 'Here, they've built [altars] to BaAl,
And they've burned their sons in a fire…
Something that He never spoke of,
And never told them to do,
Or which ever came into His heart!

6 'And because of this, days will come, said the Lord,
'When they'll no longer call this place
[The Valley],
The Graveyard of Hinnom's sons.
It'll be called,
The Graveyard of Slaughter!

7 'For there, I'll slay the counselors of Judah,
As well as those of JeruSalem…
Before their enemies, I'll cut them down,
Through the hands of those who are seeking their lives.
Then I'll hand their dead as food for the birds,
And the wild beasts of the ground.

8 'I'll order the extinction of this city…
It'll be just a place where hissing is heard.
And all who come here will look at it sadly,
Then whistle at its disaster.

9 'Here they'll eat the flesh of their daughters and sons,
And in their strongholds, the flesh of their neighbors,
When their enemies (those seeking their lives) have arrived.

10 'Then, break that pitcher in front of their eyes,
And before all those who've come with you.
11 Then tell them that thus says Jehovah:

'This is how I will do it;
I'll break your city and its people,
Just like this pot has been shattered,
So that it can not be repaired.
They'll be buried here in this place,
Where [they now play] tambourines…
There'll be no other place to be buried.

12 'Jehovah says:
This is what I will do to this place,
And to everyone who now lives there…
I'll hand this city to destruction…
13 Yes, all of JeruSalem's homes,
And the palaces of all its rulers.

'They will all fall into ruin,
Because of the bad things they've done here.
For here, they've burned incense on roofs,
To all the [Zodiac signs],
And offered drinks to strange gods.'

14 Then JeremiAh left [the valley] where Jehovah had sent him to prophesy, and he stood in the courtyard of the [Temple] of Jehovah and said this to all the people there:

'Thus says Jehovah of Armies:
{Look!} I'll bring calamity on this city,
And to the rest of its cities and towns.
I'm bringing all the evils that I've spoken against her;
For, you have hardened your necks,
And not listened to the instructions that I sent.'

Chapter 20

1 Well, when Pashur, the son of ImMer the Priest (who had been anointed as the leader of the Temple of Jehovah) heard what JeremiAh was prophesying, 2 he had him beaten and thrown into the dungeon near the Upper Gate of the House of BenJamin, which was near the Temple of Jehovah.

3 Then the next morning, as Pashur was leading JeremiAh out of the dungeon, JeremiAh said to him:
'Jehovah won't call your name Pashur,
But rather, you'll be called Refugee.
4 Because Jehovah says this:

'{Look!} I'll hand over you and your friends,
To be taken away from this place,
Where they'll fall by their enemy's swords…
And your eyes will see it all happen.

'Then, I will hand Judah to Babylon's king,
And he'll move the people away,
Or cut them to pieces with swords.

5 'I'll remove the strength from this city
– All its works and all the king's treasures –
And put them into their enemy's hands.

'To Babylon, they will be led;
6 Then, you and all who live in your house,
Will be taken to Babylon as captives,
And there is where you will die…
It's where you'll be entombed along with your friends,
To whom you prophesied lies.'

7 Then I said: 'You've deceived me, O Lord… yes, I was truly deceived! Though You've held on and won, I'm the butt of their laughter every day and I'm the one at whom they're all sneering! 8 So from here on in, I'm just going to laugh at the bitterness and call for more misery and rebellion. Since, all that speaking the Word of Jehovah has brought me is scorn and taunting each day.'

9 And I said: 'There's no way that I'm going to [speak of] Jehovah anymore… I won't even mention His Name!' However, soon it became like a fire that burned and blazed in my bones and made me weak on the inside, until I was no longer able to bear it. [So I said:]

10 'I've heard that they've said in their meetings:
Let's all rise up against him…
Yes, let's stand together against him,
As well as against all his friends.

'Let's ignore what he says will be coming…
Yes, let him keep being deceived.
For against him, we will prevail,
And then, we'll take vengeance upon him.

11 'However, Jehovah is with me,
As a warrior who's making me strong.
So, they have chased me in vain,
And though they will all come to shame,
They'll fail to see their dishonor,
Which will be remembered through ages.

12 'O Lord;
Try me according to Your righteous ways…
Examine my kidneys and heart.
May I see Your punishment on them…
For before You, I've laid out my pleas for defense.

13 'So, sing to Jehovah and praise Him,
Because He'll save the lives of the poor,
From the hands of those who have power!

14 'O cursed is the day I was born…
May the day that my mother gave birth,
Never be longed for again!

15 'And may that person be cursed,
Who brought the news to my father:
Rejoice, for you have a male child!
16 May he be as the cities that did not repent,
Which will be destroyed by Jehovah!

'Let Him hear their cries in the mornings,
As well as their shouting at noon!
17 For he failed to kill me in my mother's womb,
Which would serve as my tomb through the ages.

18 'Why did I come from the womb…
Just to see all this misery,
And to spend all my days in such shame?'

Chapter 21

1 The following are the words that came to JeremiAh from Jehovah after King ZedekiAh had sent Pashur (the son of MelchiAh) and ZephaniAh (the son of MaAseJah) the Priest to him to say this: 2 'Go beg to Jehovah for us, because the king of Babylon has us surrounded. [Ask] if the Lord will send wonders and drive that king from [our walls].'

3 So the Lord told JeremiAh, 'Say this to King ZedekiAh:

'I'll turn back the weapons of war in your hands,
Which you're using to fight those Chaldeans,
Who have come to oppress you,
And who are outside of your walls;
4 Then I'll bring them into your city.

5 'For, I will wage war against you,
With an outstretched hand and My mighty arm,
In [My] anger and rage.

6 'I'll strike all those who live in this city,
In a slaughter of men and their cattle…
Yes, soon they all will be slaughtered.

7 'And then, said Jehovah,
I'll hand over Judah's King ZedekiAh,
As well as all of his servants,
Along with those that live in this city,
Who survive death from the famine,
And the swords in the hands of those seeking their lives.

'By the mouth of the sword, they'll cut them to bits…
They will not spare or feel pity.

8 'Then, speak to these people and tell them…
Yes, tell them that thus says Jehovah:

'{Look!} Before your faces, I've put life and death.
9 And those who stay in this city,
Will die by the famine and sword.
But, those who leave to join the Chaldeans…
(The men who have you surrounded) will live!
Your [reward] will be your own lives!

10 'For against this city, I've set My face,
To do just bad things, not good,
says Jehovah.
It's going to be handed to Babylon's king,
And he will burn it with fire.'

11 O house of the king of Judea;
Hear the Word of Jehovah!
12 And to you, O house of David;
Against you, Jehovah said this:

'In the morning, discuss the judgment on you,
Then, get yourselves straightened out.
Rescue those being shredded,
From the hands of those who are doing them wrong!

'Don't let My anger be lit like a fire;
For, after it has been kindled,
No one will come to put it out!

13 'Look… it's Me that's coming against you,
Yes, you who live on that [rock],
And you who live in the plains…
Those who ask, Whom must we fear?
And, Who will enter our homes?

14 'Yes, I am the One who is watching,
And the One who is lighting the fire,
Which will burn everything that's around [you]!'

Chapter 22

1 Then the Lord said,
'Go to the [palace] of Judea's king,
And these are the words you must speak there:

2 'O you king of Judea;
Hear the Word of Jehovah,
You who are sitting upon David's throne…
Yes you, as well as your servants,
And the people who enter these gates!

3 'Jehovah says:
You must [learn to] be righteous and fair,
And rescue those being plundered,
From the hands of those who are doing them wrong!

'Don't tyrannize strangers, orphans, or widows…
Be irreverent no more…
And stop shedding innocent blood in this place!

4 'For, if you [continue] doing such things,
Their kings will enter the gates of this house,
And on David's throne, they will sit.
Yes they, their children, and people,
Will arrive on chariots and horses.

5 'If you choose to pay Me no heed,
I swear this oath by Myself,
says Jehovah:
On your house, I'll bring desolation!'

6 And the Lord said this against the [palace] of the king of Judah:
'You're the same as GileAd to Me,
For, you are Lebanon's head.
So, should I not wipe you away,
And leave your cities deserted?

7 'I'll bring annihilation upon you,
By a man who carries the axe.
He'll cut down all your fine cedars,
And throw them into a fire.

8 'Then, nations will [march] through this city,
And each man will ask his companion,
Why did [God] let this happen?
9 And the other will give this reply:
Because, they abandoned their Sacred Agreement,
With Jehovah, their God…
They bowed before and served other gods.

10 'So don't weep or feel sorry for those who will die…
Weep for those who are taken to exile,
Because they'll never return,
Or see the land of their fathers again.'

11 The Lord also said these words against ShalLum (JehoiAkim), the king of Judah (the son of [King] JosiAh), who reigned in place of his [brother] that [had been carried] off [to Egypt]. He said:

'You will never return here,
12 And you'll die where I had you taken;
So this land won't see you again!

13 'For your [palace] was built on injustice,
And unfairly, its rooms were constructed,
Since you made your neighbors work without pay…
No you didn't even pay them their wages!

14 'A well-designed house, you've built for yourself,
With windows and good ventilation,
And cedar walls that are painted vermillion.
15 So, should you [take over] the reign,
Because you're mad at your father?

'Of food and drink, he had plenty,
Because he was fair, honest, and just!
16 But, you have not [seen the need],
To judge the humble in fairness,
Or to be just with the poor!
Have you done this because you don't know Me,' asks Jehovah?

17 '{Look!} There is nothing good in your eyes or your heart,
And your desire is just for more wealth.
So you're shedding innocent blood,
And doing such bad things as murder!'

18 Then Jehovah said this to JehoiAkim, king of Judah:
'Because of all that he's done,
Woe [will come to] this man.
So let no one feel sorry for him,
And no one should wail, O my brother!

'Over him, they should never weep,
Or say, Too bad for you, O my Lord!
19 For he'll be buried just like a burro…
He'll be scraped up and tossed from JeruSalem's [walls]!

20 'Now, go up to Lebanon and shout…
Go to Bashan and call to the ends of the sea,
[And you'll see that] your lovers are beaten!

21 'I've spoken to you of your sins,
And you said that you'd pay Me no heed.
This has been your way since your youth…
You've paid no attention to My voice!

22 'So your shepherds will just tend the wind,
And your lovers will be taken as captives.
Then, you'll be shamed and disgraced,
Before all of those with whom you've made love.

23 'O you who call Lebanon [your home],
And you who nest among cedars;
You'll groan like a [woman] about to give birth,
For pangs of grief are coming to you!

24 'As I live,' says Jehovah;
'King ConiJah (JehoiAkim's son),
Will become a seal in My right hand,
For, from your place, I'll soon pick you up,
25 And I'll hand you to the one who is seeking your life…
The one before whom you are cautious…
To the hands of King NebuChadNezzar,
And the hands of his Chaldeans.

26 'I'll throw you and the mother who bore you,
Into a land where you were not born…
Which is the place where you'll die!
27 So, to this land that's the love of your life,
You will never return.

28 'ConiJah will also meet with disgrace.
And like a pot [that's been thrown] in the garbage,
He'll be thrown in a land that he's never known.'

29 O land, hear the Word of Jehovah…
30 Record him as one who's been banished,
And then proclaim this in public:
'Nothing will grow from his seed,
Which will ever sit upon David's throne,
Or rule in Judah again!'

Chapter 23

1 O you shepherds who scatter,
And destroy the sheep of His pasture;
Against you, Jehovah said this…
He said this to those who shepherd His [sheep]:

2 'You have scattered My sheep…
Yes, you have pushed them away,
And refused to [watch over] them.
So, {Look!} I will take vengeance upon you,
For the wicked things that you've done.

3 'Then, from the whole the earth, I'll gather them back
(Those who are left of My people),
From wherever they had been pushed,
And bring them [back] to their pastures,
Where they'll multiply and grow once again.

4 'Then I will raise shepherds to tend them,
So they won't know terror or fear,
Nor will they have to be searched for again,' says Jehovah.

5 '{Look!} The days are coming,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll bring a righteous dawning to David,
And an understanding king will then reign,
Who'll bring what's righteous and fair to the land.

6 'In his days, he'll bring salvation to Judah,
And IsraEl will camp in submission.
He'll be called JoSedek (Jehovah is Righteous) by Jehovah.

7 'And because of this, {Look!} days will come,' says Jehovah;
They'll not say [in their oaths], As Jehovah's alive…
The One who led IsraEl from Egypt.

8 But rather, they will be saying,
As Jehovah's alive…
The One who gathered IsraEl's seed,
From the lands in the north,
And from everywhere that they had been pushed,
Then He brought them back to their land.

9 But their prophets have broken my heart,
And they have rattled my bones.
I became like a person who's broken,
Or as one who's had too much wine,
Before the face of Jehovah…
Before His beautiful, glorious face…
10 For the land is full of adultery.

Because of this, the land is in mourning,
And all of its pastures have dried.
For their race has become wicked and weak,
11 And their prophets and priests are corrupt.

'I saw their wicked ways in My [Temple],' says Jehovah,
12 'So I allowed them to slip into darkness,
Where they have stumbled and fallen!
Then, in the year that I visit,
I will bring more bad things upon them,' says Jehovah.

13 'Among Samaria's prophets,
I beheld the violations of [My] Law.
For, it was by BaAl that they prophesied
To mislead IsraEl, My people.

14 'Then among the prophets of JeruSalem,
I also saw reasons to shudder.
For they committed adultery and lied,
While shaking hands with the wicked…
Not turning their hands from bad ways.

'So to Me, they are very like Sodom…
And like GomorRah, are all those who live there.
15 And because of this,' says Jehovah to those prophets;
'{Look!} I will feed them on grief,
And water that's bitter, I'll give them to drink.
For, everywhere throughout the land,
JeruSalem's prophets have brought what is foul.'

16 Thus says Jehovah the Almighty:
'Don't listen to the words of those prophets…
Those who prophesy before you.
For their visions [prove that] how foolish they are,
And what they speak just comes from their hearts,
Not from the mouth of Jehovah.

17 'They tell those who've pushed the Lord's Word aside:
You'll have peace, if you'll follow your hearts…
No evil will come to any of those,
Who follow the delusions in their hearts.

18 Who has stood in the fort of the Lord…
Who has beheld and heard what He said…
Who has listened and paid close attention?

19 {Look!} A shaking will come from Jehovah…
His anger will arrive as a rumble;
Then a whirl-wind will come to the godless.

20 Yet, this won't turn the rage of Jehovah,
Until His heart has been satisfied.
And they won't comprehend 'til the end of their days.

21 'I did not send those false prophets…
And yet, they still came before you.
And though I've never spoken to them,
They have still prophesied.

22 'If they had followed My council,
And paid attention to what I had said,
My people would have turned from their wicked ways.

23 'But, I am a God who is near,' says Jehovah!
'I'm not a God who is far away.
24 So, what can be hidden [from Me]…
What's the secret that I cannot see?
Can't I fill the heavens and earth,' asks Jehovah?

25 'Yet, I've heard what the prophets have said…
Those who are speaking lies in My Name…
Those who say, I [saw this] in a dream!

26 'How long will their lies still continue,
Within the hearts of those prophets?
How long will they prophesy lies,
And speak from the desires of their hearts?

27 'They've come up with ways to forget My Name,
Then they use their dreams to describe to their neighbors,
How [it was really] their fathers,
Who've forgotten My Name,
And turned to the service of BaAl.

28 'Let those dreaming prophets describe all their dreams!
And let those who say that they have My word,
Describe what I've really said!

'As straw is to grain, so are My words,' says Jehovah.
29 'Aren't My words like the flames of a fire,' asks the Lord?
'Aren't they an axe that cuts rocks?

30 'Look! I am against all those prophets,
Who steal My words from their neighbors.
31 Look! I am against all those prophets,' says Jehovah,
'Who roll prophecies out from their tongues,
While all they really do is just sleep.

32 'Look, I am against all those prophets,
Who speak prophecies from false dreams they had.
For, they are misleading My people,
With all their lies and delusions!

'I did not really send them,
Nor did I tell them to do this…
I gave them nothing to bring to these people,' says Jehovah.

33 'And if you are asked by these men,
Or asked by a prophet or priest,
Over what is Jehovah concerned?
You must give this reply:

'What bothers Me is you people,
For I'll beat you down,
says Jehovah…
34 You people, you prophets, and priests…
You who are asking why I am bothered,
And I'll punish such men and their homes!

35 'Then, each one will be asking his neighbor,
And each man will be asking his brother:
What is Jehovah's reply?
What answer came from the Lord?

36 But don't ask Jehovah about this again;
For, His replies should be your concern,
37 Since you have twisted God's words.

'So, [the next time that] you ask of the prophets,
What was said by Jehovah, our God…
38 Because you've spoken these words once again;
I'll send Jehovah's concerns upon you.
For I told you that you should not ask,
What's Jehovah concerned with, again!

39 '{Look!} It's because of this, that I'll take you,
And beat you down in this place,
Which I gave to your fathers.
40 I'll place scorn on you through the ages
A dishonor that won't be forgotten.'

Chapter 24

1 Well, it was after NebuChadNezzar (the king of Babylon) had taken JeconiJah (the son of JehoiAkim) the king of Judah and the governors from JeruSalem as prisoners and led them into Babylon that the Lord showed me two reed baskets of figs sitting before the Temple of Jehovah. 2 The first basket of figs was much fresher and better than the other, for the second basket of figs was so bad that they couldn't be eaten. 3 And the Lord asked me, 'What do you see, JeremiAh?'

And I replied, 'Figs… some are good, but the others are so bad that they can't be eaten.'

4 Then the Word of the Lord came to me saying,
5 'Jehovah, the God of IsraEl, says this:
These good figs are like those Judeans,
Whom I already sent away from this place,
Into the land of Chaldea.

6 'I will fix My eyes upon them for good,
And to this land, I'll restore them…
I'll rebuild them and I'll not destroy them again…
I'll plant them and not pluck them up.

7 'I'll give them a heart that will know Me,
So they'll know that I am their Lord.
They'll be My people and I'll be their God,
And they'll turn toward Me with their whole hearts.

8 'And when it comes to those bad figs,
Which no one can possibly eat…
Because they have been so rotten
, says Jehovah;
I'll hand over King ZedekiAh,
Along with all his great men.

'Then the rest of the people in JeruSalem,
And those who've remained in this land,
As well as those [who've gone down to] Egypt,
9 Will be scattered throughout all the kingdoms of the earth.

'They'll be scorned as a parable of hatred,
And cursed in every place where I'll push them.
10 Upon them, I will bring famine,
As well as plagues and the sword,
Until they're forced from this land,
That I gave to their fathers and them.'

Chapter 25

1 Well, it was in the fourth year [of the reign] of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah that these words came to JeremiAh concerning all the people of Judah. And then, during the first year [of the reign] of NebuChadNezzar (the king of Babylon), 2 the Prophet JeremiAh went and spoke to all people of Judah and to those who were living in JeruSalem, telling them this:

3 'From the thirteenth year of JosiAh (the son of Amon) – for [the past] twenty three years – Jehovah's word has been coming to me, and I've been getting up early each morning to tell you [what God has said]. However, you just haven't listened. 4 [So now, Jehovah says this]:
'At dawn, I sent you My servants the Prophets,
But your ears refused to listen to them,
And you chose to pay no attention.

5 'They told you to turn from your wicked ways,
And then you'll continue to live in the land,
That I gave to your fathers and you,
Through the age and into the ages.

6 'I told you not to follow strange gods…
Not to serve or bow before them,
So you wouldn't provoke Me to rage,
With these works of your hands,
And then I wouldn't do bad things to you.
7 But, you refused to listen to Me.

8 'So because of this,' says Jehovah…
'Since you didn't trust the things that I said;
9 {Look!} I'll send for a family that lives in the north,
And lead them down to this land…
I'll bring them against those who live here,
And against all the nations around you,
To make them all desolation…
They'll appoint them for extinction and hissing,
As well as for scorn, through the age.

10 'They'll destroy the sounds of happiness and joy,
As well as the voices of grooms and their brides…
The scent of lamps and perfumes.

11 'There'll be an extinction throughout the whole land,
Then you'll serve these nations for seventy years
As well as Babylon's king.

12 'And after seventy years are fulfilled;
On the king of Babylon and his wicked nation,
I will then take My vengeance
For the unrighteous things that they'll do,' says Jehovah.

'And upon the land of Chaldea;
Through the ages, I've appointed extinction.
13 Against that land, I'll bring all the words,
That I have spoken against them…
All the things JeremiAh wrote in this scroll,
And which he has spoken against them!

14 'For, they will have forced many nations,
As well as their great kings to serve them.
So I'll pay them back for the bad things they'll do…
According to the works of their hands.'

15 Then Jehovah the God of IsraEl said:
'Take this cup of pure wine from My hand,
And give it to those nations where I'll send you…
Give it to them as their drink!
16 Then they'll drink it and they will vomit it out,
And go mad before the sword that I'll send.'

17 So I took the cup from the hand of the Lord and gave it to the nations to drink (all of those to whom He had sent me… to JeruSalem and the cities of Judah… to the king of Judah and his governors) 18 so as to appoint desolation upon them and to be lands that are no longer walked (places of hissing and curses), 19 as well as on PharaOh (the king of Egypt), on his children, on his people, and on all his great men (yes, all who live in his realm), 20 as well as on the kings of Philistia and Uz; on AshKelon, Gaza, EkRon, and those who are left in AshDod, 21 and on Edom and MoAb.

'Sons of AmMon will then be extinct,
22 As well as the kings of Sidon and Tyre,
And the kings who [live] 'cross the sea,
23 Such as Dedan, Tema, and Buz
(All those who are shaving their faces),
24 And the kings of Arabia and their subjects
(Those who rest in the desert);
25 All the kings of Zimri and Elam;
All the kings of the Medes;
26 And all the kings from the east wind
(Both those far away and those who are near),
Along with all of their brothers,
And the rest of the kingdoms across the earth's face…
Pharaoh Shishak will also drink with them!'

27 'Tell them that thus says Jehovah, the Almighty:
They must drink it and all will get drunk,
And then, they will vomit and fall!
For they'll be unable to stand,
Before the sword that I'm sending to them!

28 'And if they refuse to drink from the cup;
Explain that Jehovah of Armies said this:
[You have no choice] but to drink it,
29 Because, this affliction has started,
In the city that carries My Name.

'And if you should try to clean yourselves up,
There's no way that you'll ever be holy;
For now, I have called for a sword,
To come upon the whole earth,

Says Jehovah of Armies.

30 'You must speak these words against them and say:
From high above in His Holy Place,
Jehovah will bring execution…
He'll speak a word with His voice,
And against your place, send destruction.

'Then those who gather this vintage will say,
To those who have settled the land:
31 Part of the earth has been ruined;
And this judgment of nations has come from Jehovah.
For, with all flesh, He's contending,
And the irreverent will be given to the sword.'

32 Jehovah of Armies also said this:
'{Look!} From a nation, comes evil to nations,
And a storm will rage to the ends of the earth.
33 And in that day;
From one part of the earth to the other,
Those who are slain by Jehovah,
Won't be lamented, gathered, or buried…
They'll be like manure on the face of the ground.

34 'So shout, O shepherds, and cry out!
Beat on your chests, O rams of the flocks!
For your days became full for the slaughter,
And you will fall like the choicest of rams.

35 'For shepherds; their chance for flight will be gone,
And safety will flee from the rams of the flocks.
36 So, from the shepherds, cries will arise,
As well as the bleating of rams,
When Jehovah wipes out their pastures.

37 'Peaceful places to rest, there'll no longer be,
In the face of Jehovah's anger and rage.
For He's come like a lion that's abandoned its lair,
To make their land a place that's unwalked,
In the face of His mighty sword.'

Chapter 26

1 It was in the first part of the reign of King JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) that this word came from Jehovah. [The Lord] said:

2 'Go stand in [My Temple] courtyard,
And give orders to all in Judea…
To those who are coming to bow here.
Give them the orders about which I spoke,
And don't overlook any words!

3 'Then perhaps they will listen and turn from their bad,
And I can bring an end to the evil,
Which I've arranged to send upon them,
Because of the bad things they're doing.

4 'Now, tell them that thus says Jehovah:
If you refuse to listen to Me,
And obey all the Laws that I've set before you…
[If you won't] obey the words of My servant
5 – The words of the Prophet I sent,
But to whom you chose not to listen –
6 I'll make this [Temple] like Shiloh,
And appoint this city as a curse,
Before all the nations of the earth.'

7 Well, all the priests, all the false prophets, and all the people heard what JeremiAh said when he spoke those words in the [Temple] of Jehovah. 8 And when he finished saying what Jehovah had ordered him to say before all the people, all the priests, and all the false prophets; the people grabbed him and said: 9 'We're going to kill you for prophesying in the Name of the Lord and saying that this [Temple] will become like Shiloh and this city will become desolate with no one living in it!'

So all the people assembled [for a trial] against JeremiAh, there inside the [Temple] of Jehovah. 10 And when the rulers of Judah heard [what he had said], they too went up from the king's [palace] to the [Temple] of Jehovah, and they sat on the threshold of the New Gate. 11 Then the priests and false prophets said to the rulers and to all of the people: 'This man deserves the judgment of death for prophesying against this city… which you've all heard him do with your own ears!'

12 And [in reply], JeremiAh said this to all the rulers and the people: 'It was Jehovah who sent me to prophesy all the words that you've heard against this [Temple] and this city. 13 So it would really better for you to change your works and your ways, and to start listening to the voice of your God Jehovah. For then the Lord would bring an end to all the evils that He has spoken against you.

14 'But now, {Look!} here I am in your hands! Do to me whatever you think is going to be advantageous and best for yourselves! 15 But know and understand that if you do away with me, you will have brought the guilt of innocent blood against yourselves, this city, and all those who live here; for it was truly Jehovah who sent me to you to speak all these words in your ears!'

16 Then the rulers and people said to the priests and false prophets: 'This man doesn't deserve a sentence of death, for he was speaking in the Name of Jehovah our God!'

17 Then men from among the elders of the land stood up and spoke before the whole gathering, and said, 18 'MicAh the Morasthite was a Prophet in the days of HezekiAh, the king of Judah, and he spoke to all the people of Judah and told them that Jehovah of Armies had said this:

'Zion is like a field to be plowed;
JeruSalem will be a storehouse of fruits;
And the Temple Mount will then be converted,
Into a grove of sacred poles.

19 'Yet, King HezekiAh and the people of Judah didn't do away with him, because they were afraid of Jehovah. So they begged and bowed before [Him], and Jehovah brought an end to the evils that He had spoken against them. And once again, we have [for a fact, sinned] in a great way against our own souls!'

20 Well, there was another man who was also prophesying in the Name of Jehovah, UriAh the son of ShemaiAh (from KiriAth JaiRim). And he had also prophesied about the city and the land, using the same words as JeremiAh. 21 But when he heard what King JehoiAkim and all the rulers were saying about seeking to kill [JeremiAh], UriAh became afraid and fled down to Egypt. 22 So the king sent his men (ElNathan, the son of AchBor, and some others) to Egypt, 23 and they brought him back from there and stood him before the king, who struck him with a sword and tossed [his body] into the tomb of the sons of his people. 24 However, the hand of AhiKam (the son of ShaPhan) was with JeremiAh, and he kept him from being handed over to the people so they could do away with him.

Chapter 27

1 It was at the beginning of the reign of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah, that this word came to JeremiAh from Jehovah. 2 The Lord said:

'Now, make some shackles for yourself,
And a collar [of iron] to be put 'round your neck.
3 Then send them to the kings of Edom and MoAb,
And to those of AmMon, Sidon, and Tyre,
By the hands of those who have come here,
To see ZedekiAh, king of Judah.

4 'Tell them that they must say to their Lords,
That Jehovah of Armies – the God of IsraEl – declared this:

5 'I'm the One who created the earth and its men,
And all cattle on the face of the ground,
By means of My strength and My mighty arm,
And I'll hand it to whomever I choose.

6 'So now, I have given all of the lands,
To NebuChadNezzar (Babylon's King).
[So all men] must start serving him,
As must all the beasts in the fields,
7 As well as their sons and the sons of their sons,
Through the time that's been set for your lands…
Yes, all of this is now his!

'Many nations and great kings will start serving him,
8 And upon any nation or kingdom,
That won't serve King NebuChadNezzar
– Upon those who won't wear his yoke on their necks –
I'll send the sword, famines, and plagues,
says Jehovah,
Until they yield to his hand.

9 'So don't listen to what your false prophets say
(Those who prophesy through their dreams,
Or those who give omens through potions),
When they tell you not to serve Babylon's king,
10 Because they're all telling you lies,
And you'll be driven away from your land;
For I'll drive you out and [destroy] you!

11 'To the nation that puts its neck in the yoke,
Of the king of Babylon, and serve him;
I'll allow them to stay in their land,
says Jehovah…
They'll continue to work here and live.'

12 So I went and spoke all these words to ZedekiAh the king of Judah, saying: 'If you'll put your neck in the yoke of Babylon's king 13 and work for him and his men, you'll live! Why should you and your people all choose to die by the sword, famines, and plagues, as Jehovah told the nations would happen to them if they choose not to serve Babylon's king? 14 You shouldn't listen to the words of the prophets when they tell you that you must not serve him, for they're prophesying unrighteous things! 15 Jehovah says that He didn't send them, and what they're prophesying in His Name is unrighteous, so He'll have to destroy you… yes, you'll die along with those prophets who are lying to you!'

16 Then I spoke to the priests and to all the people, and told them that Jehovah said this:
'Don't listen to the words of the prophets,
When they speak a prophecy and say,
{Look!} The items of the [Temple] of Jehovah,
Will soon be returned from Babylon;

Because, they are lying to you!

17 Do not listen to them…
Serve Babylon's king and you'll live…
Why bring desolation to your city?'

18 [I said], 'If they truly are Prophets and if they really have the word of the Lord, then have them all come here and meet with me, so that the things that are left in the Temple and the things that belong to Judah's kings (that are still left in JeruSalem) won't end up being taken to Babylon. 19 For Jehovah sent me this warning about the pillars, the [Sacred] Sea and its base, and all the rest of the things that remain here, 20 which the king of Babylon didn't take when he removed JeconiJah (JehoiAkim's son) the king of Judah and all of his rulers and carried them from Judah and JeruSalem back to Babylon.

21 'For, Jehovah of Armies (the God of IsraEl) said this about the things that have been left behind in the [Temple] of Jehovah, and in the homes of the kings in Judah and in JeruSalem:
22 To Babylon, they will be taken,
And that is where they will stay,
Until the day that I come to visit,
And lead them back to this place.'

Chapter 28

1 It was in the fifth month of the fourth year of the reign of ZedekiAh (king of Judah) that HananiAh (the son of Azur), the false prophet from GibeOn, spoke to me in the [Temple] of Jehovah before the eyes of the priests and all the people. He said, 2 'Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, spoke to me and said this: I will break the yoke of Babylon's king. 3 And in just two more years I'll return all things of the [Temple] of Jehovah to this place, 4 as well as JeconiJah and the [people] of Judah who had been relocated. For I'm going to break the yoke of Babylon's king.'

5 Then the Prophet JeremiAh replied to HananiAh, there before the priests and before the eyes of all the people who were standing in the [Temple] of Jehovah, saying: 6 'May Jehovah indeed do what you've said in the words of your prophecy and return the things of the [Temple] of Jehovah along with all those who were carried off to Babylon. 7 However, listen to the words that I will be speaking into your ears before all these people:

8 'Through the ages, there have been many people who've prophesied great things against this land (long before you and me), concerning war, oppression, and plagues… 9 and there were those who also prophesied peace. Then after it happened, the [people] started believing in whichever prophet that had really been sent by Jehovah.'

10 Well, HananiAh then tore the yoke from the neck of JeremiAh and broke it. 11 And he said (there before the eyes of all the people): 'The Lord told me that this is how He will break the yoke of the king of Babylon from the necks of all the nations in just two more years!'

So, JeremiAh left. And as he was going on his way 12 (after HananiAh had broken the yoke from his neck), the Word of Jehovah came to him saying, 13 'Return and tell HananiAh that the Lord said this:
Because you've broken this wooden yoke,
I'll now turn the wooden yokes into iron.

14 Then Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, told me this:
'I'll put an iron yoke on the necks of all nations,
So they'll serve and work for Babylon's king…
And to him, I'll give all their cattle.'

15 Then JeremiAh said this to HananiAh: 'Listen O HananiAh; Jehovah hasn't sent you to these people just so they can learn to rely on the things that they've been doing wrong. 16 And because of what you've done, the Lord told me this:

'{Look!} I'll remove you from the face of the earth…
Yes, this very year, you will die,
For speaking against Jehovah!'

17 Well, he did die in the seventh month.

Chapter 29

1 These are the words of the scroll that JeremiAh the Prophet sent from JeruSalem to the elders who had already been relocated, as well as to the priests and false prophets… to all the people that NebuChadNezzar had moved from JeruSalem to Babylon 2 after King JeconiJah, his queen, his eunuchs, and all the free men, servants, and craftsman had been taken from JeruSalem. 3 [He sent it] by the hand of ElAsah (the son of ShaPhan) and GemariJah (the son of HilkiJah). For they were the ones whom ZedekiAh (the king of Judah) sent to the king of [the empire of] Babylon who lived in [the city of] Babylon.

[The scroll] said, 4 'Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, says this to those who were carried away (those whom He moved from JeruSalem to Babylon):

5 Build houses and get ready to live there…
Plant gardens and then eat their fruits…
6 Take wives and also have children…
Father both daughters and sons!

'Take [mates] for your sons and your daughters,
For, they will give birth to daughters and sons…
They'll multiply and not be reduced!

7 'Seek peace in the land where I've sent you,
And pray to Jehovah on its behalf;
For, in its peace, you'll find peace!

8 'Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, also says this:

'Don't believe the false prophets among you…
Do not be influenced by those,
Who say that you will find comfort…
And pay no attention to the things they have dreamed!

9 'For, there will be those who will come in My Name,
And they will prophesy falsely;
However, I didn't send them,
says Jehovah!

10 'Then, this is what the Lord told me:
After the seventy years,
Upon Babylon have been fulfilled,
I'll come to visit and do as I said…
I'll bring your people back to this place.

11 'I'll work out a way that's peaceful, not bad,
In order to give you these things.
12 Then, you can pray and I'll hear you…
13 You can search for Me and you'll find Me.

'And when you search for Me with your whole hearts;
14 To you, I will then appear!
15 For you've been told that the Lord has put Prophets,
Among those who are living in Babylon.

16 'Then [the Lord also spoke to me about] the king who is sitting on the throne of David and about all the people who are living in this city… about all your brothers who didn't leave and weren't taken into captivity along with you. 17 [He told me that] Jehovah of Armies said this:

{'Look!} I'll send them the sword, famines, and plagues…
Like a bad fig, I will make them…
[A fig] that's too rotten to eat.

18 'I'll pursue them with swords, famines, and plagues,
Then scatter them to all the kingdoms of earth.
To confusion, hissing, and scorn they'll be cursed,
Among all the nations where I'll send them.

19 'For they've paid no attention to My words, says Jehovah,
That I spoke to them through My servants, the Prophets…
Those whom I sent and rose early [each day],
But to whom, they chose not to listen,
says Jehovah.

20 'Yet, those of you who've been moved away
(Those whom I sent from JeruSalem to Babylon),
Have also ignored the words of the Lord.

21 'The Lord also spoke against Ahab (the son of KolaiJah) and ZedekiAh (the son of MaAseJah), who were prophesying lies to you in His Name. He said this:

'{Look!} To Babylon's king, I will hand them,
And he'll cut them down in front of your eyes.
22 So when Babylon's Jews speak curses, they'll say:
May Jehovah do the same thing to you,
As He did to ZedekiAh and Ahab…
Those whom Babylon's king fried over fires.

23 'For, the people in JeruSalem are lawless…
They're committing adultery with their countrymen's wives.
Yet [their prophets] are saying things in My Name,
Which I didn't tell them to say…
And I am the witness [against them],'
says Jehovah!

24 Then [the Lord instructed me] to say this to ShemaiAh the NeHelamite:
'Though you weren't sent in My Name;
You wrote a letter to the Priest, ZephaniAh,
Saying that, thus says Jehovah:

25 'I'm the One who appointed you as the Priest,
To take the place of JehoiAda,
And to be in charge of [My Temple],
As well as over the prophets.

26 'And now, I tell you to put every man,
Who acts [like a prophet], in prison…
Yes, in the [lowest of] dungeons.

27 'So, why have you joined in and scolded,
JeremiAh from [the city of] AnathOth,
Who has served as a prophet to you?

28 'Through him, I told those in Babylon,
And the rest in its most-distant places,
That freedom is still far away.
So, they should build houses and dwell there…
Plant gardens and then eat their fruit.'

29 Well, after the Prophet JeremiAh read this letter in the ears of ZephaniAh, 30 the Word of the Lord came to him again, saying: 31 'Send [a message] to those who've been sent away and tell them that Jehovah has brought condemnation upon ShemaiAh the NeHeLamite. He said:
Since ShemaiAh has prophesied before you,
Despite the fact that I didn't send him,
And he urged you to trust in the bad things you're doing…
32 Because of this,
says Jehovah;
I'll visit ShemaiAh and all of his kind,
And there won't be a man left among them,
Who'll see the good things I'll do among you
, says Jehovah;
For he's preached a turning from Me.'

Chapter 30

1 These words came to JeremiAh from the Lord. He was told that Jehovah the God of IsraEl says this:

2 'In a scroll, you must write all these words,
That I have spoken to you!
3 For {Look!} the days are coming,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll return the people of IsraEl and Judah
(All those who've been relocated),' said Jehovah…
'Yes I'll bring them back to this land,
Which I gave to their fathers,
And they will then be its lords.'

4 And after that, these were the words that the Lord spoke to IsraEl and Judah:
5 'Jehovah says:
Fearful sounds, you will hear…
You'll hear fearful sounds and there will be no peace.

6 'Ask if a male has ever given birth.
Yet I see all men with their hands on their hips,
As though they are women about to give birth,
And their faces are [yellow with] jaundice.

7 'For, that will be a great day of woe,
And no other will be as severe…
It's from this, that Jacob will be returned.

8 'For thus says Jehovah of Armies:
In that day, I'll break all the yokes from their necks;
I'll also tear apart all their bonds,
And they'll no longer be toiling for strangers.

9 'Then they'll work for Jehovah, their God,
And I will raise David to be their king.

10 'But you, O My servant, Jacob;
Don't be afraid,
says Jehovah!
O IsraEl, do not feel terror;
For {Look!} I'll bring you back from those far-away lands.

'I'll bring your seed from that captive place;
Jacob will be returned and find rest;
He'll receive an abundance of good things,
And he will have nothing to fear.

11 'Because I'm with you, I'll save you, says Jehovah.
And I will appoint a conclusion,
To those nations where you have been scattered.

'No way have I appointed your end.
But I will correct you in fairness,
And scrub you until you are clean!'

12 'Jehovah said:
I'll remove the pain of destruction,
13 For no one else will be judging your case,
And no one else will be treating your [wounds],
To bring consolation to you.

14 'By your friends, you have been forgotten,
And no one has asked why I struck you…
Why I let your enemies beat you.

'My discipline has been substantial,
Because the things that you did were so bad!
15 So don't yell [to Me] about your destruction,
And the incurable state of your misery!

'It happened because your sins were so great,
And because of the harsh things you've done…
It's why I brought all these bad things upon you.

16 'But then, those who [are now] eating you,
Will find themselves being consumed,
And your enemies will be taken as captives…
Those scattering you, will be scattered,
And those looting you, will be plundered.

17 'Then your grievous wounds, I will cure…
Yes, I will then treat all your ailments,
says God.
Then Zion will be called The Replanted Place,
And none will [attack] her again.

18 'Jehovah said:
{Look!} I'll return those of Jacob who've been taken away…
All who were led off as captives.
Then I will show mercy upon them,
And rebuild their city here in the heights,
Where all the people will be seated,
According to the fairness of their actions.

19 'And from among them, there will come singers,
As well as sounds brought by musicians,
Who will grow in super abundance,
And no way will they then be diminished.

20 'Each man will enter along with his sons,
Just as they did in the past,
And their praises will rise up to Me,
When I come against those who oppressed them.

21 'From among them, I'll then choose a leader…
Yes their ruler will be one of them.
Then I'll collect them and bring them to Me
(All those who choose in their hearts to return),
says Jehovah.…
22 They'll be My people and I'll be their Lord.

23 'This is why the rage of Jehovah was sent:
To change the godless, His anger went out…
To make them turn back to Him.

24 'But there's no way to turn back [God's] anger and rage,
Until He has taken some action…
Until He does what His heart has concluded…
And in the last days, you will understand.'

Chapter 31

1 Then the Lord told me this:
'They'll be the race of IsraEl's God…
Yes, they'll be His people once more.'

2 And the Lord said:
'Though they found it hot in the desert,
When they were destroyed by the sword;
IsraEl will again find places to rest!

3 'For, in the distance, they will see Jehovah,
And this is what He will say:
With a love of the ages, I've loved you,
So I've drawn you close to show pity on you…
4 I will rebuild you and you'll be rebuilt,
O virgin daughter of IsraEl.

'You'll lift your tambourines once again,
And play them before the whole gathering.
5 And once more, you will plant vineyards,
Upon Samaria's mountains…
Yes, you will go planting and plant,
And you will go praising and praise!

6 'Then, on the day that I call you,
On Ephraim's mountains, the watchmen will cry:

Get up and go to Mount Zion…
Yes, go to Jehovah, your God!'

7 'Then Jehovah said this to [the people of] Jacob:
Be glad and shout to those leading the nations…
Do it… shout loudly in praise!
Jehovah has rescued His people…
The remaining ones of IsraEl!

8 'Look… from the north, I will lead them,
And gather them from the ends of the earth,
To observe a [glorious] Passover
They'll return and they'll have many children!

9 'When they left, they did so in tears;
But I'll comfort them and lead them to rest,
Along straight roads with [pure] streams.

'Then, from [that path], they'll not stray,
For I'll be IsraEl's Father again,
And [a Father] to Ephraim, My firstborn.

10 'O nations; hear the word of Jehovah,
And announce it to far-away islands.
Say, The One who blew away IsraEl's chaff,
Will gather them back once again,
And guard them like a flock that is grazing.

11 'For Jehovah has [paid the] ransom for Jacob,
And from mighty hands, He has saved them.
12 So in joy, they'll come back to Zion.

'Then, there in a land filled with grain,
They will find good things from God…
Wine, as well as much olive oil,
Along with fruit, cattle, and sheep.
So their lives will become like trees filled with fruit,
And they will be hungry no more.

13 'Then the virgins will do much rejoicing,
And men young and old will be shouting in joy.
For their mourning will be turned into cries of glee…
He'll comfort them and they'll be happy.

14 'I'll magnify the lives of the Priests,
And [the lives of] the sons of Levi,
So My people will then own many good things!

Jehovah said:
15 'A voice was heard crying from RamAh…
The sounds of weeping, wailing, and grief.
It was the voice of RachEl, crying for her sons,
And she refused to accept any comfort,
Because they're no longer [living].

16 Then Jehovah said:
'Stop crying and dry the tears from your eyes,
Because, there's a wage for your work.
They'll be returned from their enemies' lands,
17 And there's still hope for those who've survived,' says Jehovah;
'For your sons will return to their borders.'

18 'I heard Ephraim grieving;
So I listened and he told Me this:
You beat me and I was corrected;
For I'd acted like a [wild] calf.
But You turned me around and I have returned;
For, You are Jehovah, my God!

19 'Captivity brought a change to my mind;
For this was the day of [my] shame,
And after I moaned, I then understood.
Plainly, I showed You that I had accepted,
The scorn [I deserved] from my youth.

20 'Ephraim is My dearly loved son…
A child in whom I find joy.
And because My words are within him,
I will never forget him.

'It was because of this, that I hurried;
For, when it comes to showing him mercy,
I will show mercy upon him,' said Jehovah.

21 'So erect the road signs and guideposts,
And give your hearts to your shoulders,
For they are [going back home]!
Come back, O IsraEl, the virgin!
Return to your cities in mourning!

22 'O My daughter;
When will you return from those places,
Where you are being disgraced?
For Jehovah has made new places for you,
Where it will be safe to do planting,
And where people can travel in safety.'

23 Jehovah of Armies (IsraEl's God) then told me this:
'Once more, you'll be speaking of Me,
In the land of Judah and in all your towns,
When I bring back those who were carried away.'

So, praise Jehovah on His Holy Mount!
24 For, those who live in the cities of Judah,
And the farmers [who dwell] in His land,
Will grow once more, along with their flocks!

25 'To the thirsty souls, I'll send something to drink,
And the hungry souls, I will fill.
26 Then, when you awaken [from sleep],
You'll see that your rest has been peaceful.

27 '{Look!} The days are coming,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll sow both IsraEl and Judah,
With the seed of men and the seed of wild beasts.

28 'It'll be as when I watched over them,
(Not when I brought bad and destruction).
And over them, I will be watchful…
They'll be rebuilt and replanted,' said Jehovah.

29 'In those days, no way will they say,
Though it was the fathers who ate unripe grapes,
The teeth of their children felt chills.

30 Then, only the sinners will die
For the bad things they've done,
And those eating green grapes will feel their own chills.

31 'Look… the days are coming,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll make an arrangement with IsraEl's house,
As well as with the houses of Judah.

'I'll conclude a New Sacred Agreement,
32 That's unlike the one that I made with their fathers,
In the day I took hold of their hands,
To lead them from Egypt's land.
For they failed to keep My Sacred Agreement;
So, I let them go,' says Jehovah.

33 'This is my Sacred Agreement,
Which I'll make with IsraEl then,' said Jehovah:
'I will put My Laws in their minds,
And in their hearts, I will write them.
Then, they'll be My people and I'll be their God.

34 'There's no way they'll then teach their neighbors and brothers,
And tell them to learn of Jehovah!
For, all will know Me, from their small to their great,
Then I'll be kind to their sins and their errors…
No more, will such things be remembered!

35 For, thus says Jehovah,
Who appointed the sun to light the day,
And the moon and the stars to light up the nights…
The One who brought the roar of the seas,
As well as the sounds of their waves…
Jehovah, the Almighty, is His Name:

36 'If these Laws before Me should come to an end,
Then the race of IsraEl will no longer stand,
As a nation before Me
Throughout the rest of their days.'

37 Jehovah says:
'If the skies can be raised much higher,
And the floor of the ground can be lowered,
I can reject the race of IsraEl,' says Jehovah,
'For all the [bad] things they've done.

38 '{Look!} The days are coming,' said the Lord,
'When a city will be built to Jehovah.
[It will run] from HananEl Tower,
Up to the gate at the corner.
39 To the hills of Gareb, I'll measure it out
And surround it with most precious stones.

'From the Valley of Phagarim and its ashes,
And from AsaRemOth to the Wadi of Cedars,
Then, east to the corner of the Horse Gate,
It'll be a Holy Place to Jehovah,
And its roots won't be pulled up again…
It won't be destroyed through the ages.'

Chapter 32

1 These words came from Jehovah to JeremiAh in the tenth year [of the reign] of ZedekiAh, the king of Judah, which was the eighteenth year of [the reign of] of NebuChadNezzar, the king of Babylon. 2 At the time, the army of the king of Babylon had built a siege wall around JeruSalem, and JeremiAh [was under arrest and being kept in] the courtyard of the guard, which was located inside the [palace] of the kings of Judah, 3 since King ZedekiAh had him thrown in jail.

[For, the king had asked him], 'Why did you prophesy and tell us that Jehovah said, {Look!} I will hand this city over to the king of Babylon and he will take it… 4 and that, ZedekiAh won't escape from the hands of the Chaldeans, but he will be delivered into the hands of the king of Babylon, where he will speak to him mouth to mouth and eye to eye… 5 and that, ZedekiAh will go into Babylon and stay there until I look favorably upon him. So if you wage war against the Chaldeans, you won't succeed?'

6 Then the Word of the Lord came to JeremiAh, telling him this: 7 '{Look!} Your paternal uncle HanamEl (the son of ShalLum) will come to you and ask you to buy his field in AnathOth… and it will be advantageous for you to acquire it!'

8 Well thereafter, my paternal uncle HanamEl (the son of ShalLum) did what the Lord said he would do. It was there in the courtyard of the guard that he said to me, 'Buy my field, the one in AnathOth of the land of BenJamin, because you are the eldest and it would be advantageous for you to acquire it!'

Well, I knew that this was the word of Jehovah, 9 so I bought the field in AnathOth from HanamEl (my paternal uncle), paying him seven large silver coins for it. 10 Then I recorded [the transaction] in a scroll, put a seal on it before witnesses, and weighed out the silver in a balance scale. 11 Thereafter, I took the scroll that had been testified to and sealed, and gave it to BarUch (the son of NeriAh, the son of MaAseJah) before the eyes of HanamEl (my uncle), 12 those who had served as witnesses of the deed scroll, and before the eyes of all the Judeans who were sitting in the courtyard of the guard.

13 Then before them all, I gave orders to BarUch, saying, 14 'Jehovah, the Almighty God of IsraEl, says that you should take this scroll that has been sealed and which is proof of my ownership, then read it and put it into an earthenware jar, so it will last for many more days. 15 Because, Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, told me this:
Fields, houses, and vineyards,
Will again be restored in this land.'

16 Then, after I gave the deed scroll to BarUch (the son of NeriAh), I prayed to Jehovah, saying: 17 'O Great Being; O Lord God; You who made the lands and the skies with Your mighty arm held high above You, and from whom nothing at all can be hidden; 18 O You who show mercy to thousands and who brings the sins of the fathers upon the chests of their children; the great and Almighty God; Jehovah of Armies is Your Name:

19 '[You are the God] of great counsel,
And mighty are all of Your works.
Your eyes see the things the sons of men do,
And You pay each one back for his deeds,
According to the fruits of the things he has done.

20 'You're the One who brought the miracles and signs,
To IsraEl, when they were in Egypt,
And which have happened down to to this day.
For, You have made Your Name known
To all who've been born on the earth to this time.

21 'You're the One who led IsraEl from Egypt,
With signs and miracles from Your mighty hand…
With Your arm held high and through visions.

22 'And thereafter, You gave them this land,
About which You swore an oath to their fathers…
A land that's flowing with honey and milk.

23 'Then they entered this land and they claimed it…
But they refused to listen to Your orders or voice…
They wouldn't do what You told them to do,
So You brought all these bad things upon them.

24 'Look! A great army has come to this city,
Which they have made plans to conquer.
And to the hands of Chaldeans, it's been given…
Yes, to those who are warring against it,
Bringing the sword, famine, and plagues…
Look! All that You said, has now happened!'

25 'Now, You've told me to bring along silver,
And before witnesses, purchase a field…
Despite the fact that this city's been given,
Into the hands of Chaldeans!'

26 Then the Word of Jehovah came to me saying:
27 'Since, I am Jehovah, the God of all flesh;
[Did you think] that such things could be hidden from Me?'

28 Then Jehovah said:
'I have allowed this city to be given,
Into the hands of the Chaldeans,
And into the hands of Babylon's king…
So, he will [very soon] take it!

29 'The Chaldeans will come and [capture] this city,
Then, they will burn it with fire,
Consuming the houses where people burned incense,
Upon all their roofs, before BaAl,
And where they offer [food] to their gods,
In order to make Me feel bitter.

30 'Only the sons of IsraEl and Judah,
Would practice such bad in front of My eyes.
For, since their youth, they've offered such things,
Before [gods] that they made with their hands,
So as to make Me feel bitter,' says Jehovah.

31 'So, My anger and rage has been on this place,
From the day it was built until now,
To remove it from in front of My face,
32 Because of all the very bad ways,
Of the sons of IsraEl and Judah.

'They've done all these things to make Me feel bitter…
Their kings, their rulers, their prophets, and priests…
The men of Judah and JeruSalem.

33 'They've turned their backs, not their faces, to Me.
So at dawn, I [sent someone] to teach them,
But, they wouldn't listen or learn.

34 'Then, in their unclean condition,
They put disgusting things in the Temple,
Which is called by My Name.

35 'There, they built shrines to BaAl;
And they also offered their sons and their daughters
To Molech, in the Valley of Hinnom
Something that I never told them to do…
Such disgusting things never entered My heart
To make Judah sin [in this way].'

36 Then Jehovah the God of IsraEl made a pronouncement against the city, for He told me to say this:
'Through famine, sword, and the plague,
I've handed this city to Babylon's king.
37 But {Look!} I'll also gather them back from those lands,
Where I'll scatter them in My rage…
From all that I'll do in My fury!

'I'll bring them back to this place,
And in safety, resettle them here;
38 Then they'll be My people and I'll be their God.

39 'I'll give them new ways and new hearts,
So that they will learn how to to fear Me
For the rest of their days and for their own good,
As well as for the good of their children.

40 'A [New] Sacred Agreement of the ages,
I will then make with them…
One that I won't take away.
I'll put the fear of Me in their hearts,
So they'll never turn from Me again.

41 'Then I'll visit them to do good things;
And with My whole heart and soul,
I'll plant them securely here in this land.'

42 Then Jehovah said:
'And as I brought bad things to these people,
I'll also bring the good things I promised.
43 They will buy fields in this land,
That you say won't be walked by man or by beast,
For it's been handed to the Chaldeans.

'With silver, they will buy fields once again,
Which you'll record and seal in a scroll,
And to which, witnesses will then testify.

44 'In the land of BenJamin [it'll happen],
As well as in JeruSalem,
And in all the cities of Judah.

'[It will happen] in all cities in the mountains,
And in the Shephela and Negev.
For from where they were taken, I'll bring them back,' says Jehovah.

Chapter 33

1 Then the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh a second time while he was still bound in the courtyard of the guard. 2 He said,
'The Lord who shaped and created the land,
Whose Name is Jehovah, says this:

3 'Cry out to Me and I will reply…
I'll report of things mighty and great,
About which, you haven't known!'

4 Then Jehovah the God of IsraEl told of how the houses of the city [of JeruSalem] and the [palace] of the king of Judah would be demolished for use as siege mounds and fortifications 5 in their fight against the Chaldeans, and of how they were to become filled with the [bodies] of those whom [He will] strike down in His anger and rage when He turns His face from the city because of all its wickedness.

6 [He said]:
'{Look!} Then I'll bring a cure and a closing of wounds…
I'll treat them, and I will make sure,
They'll all hear and then come to know,
That I'm bringing them peace they can trust.

7 'I'll return those of IsraEl and Judah,
Who were [carried away] and resettled,
And I will rebuild them as they once were.

8 'I will cleanse them of all their errors,
With which they have sinned against Me.
And no way will I remember their sins,
Or the many ways that they've left Me.

9 'Then before all the peoples throughout the earth,
I'll give them a joyful, praised name.
The [nations] will all hear of the good things I'll do,
And they will be humbled and fearful,
Because of the good and the peace,
Which I will be bringing upon them.'

10 Then the Lord said:
'And in this place that you'll call desolation,
You'll hear [the sounds of] both men and beasts,
Once more in the cities of Judah.

'And then, outside of JeruSalem
(In those desolate places,
Where the sounds of men and beasts are not heard),
11 There'll be the voices of gladness and joy,
The sounds of grooms and their brides,
And the sounds of men who are saying,
Praise the Almighty God;
For Jehovah really does care,
And through the ages, He will show mercy!

'Then they'll carry gifts to the House of Jehovah;
And those taken from the land, I'll return,' said the Lord.

12 'And Jehovah of Armies said:
But this place must become desolation,
And its cities will be void of cattle and men…
It'll be a place of lodging for shepherds,
And a place for them to bed down their flocks.

13 'In all the cities in the mountains,
And in the cities of the Shephela and Negev,
And throughout BenJamin's land…
All the places outside of JeruSalem,
And in all the cities of Judah;
There will be those who'll count sheep,
said Jehovah.

14 '{Look!} The days are coming, says Jehovah,
When I'll [fulfill] all the good words I spoke,
About the houses of IsraEl and Judah.

15 'Yes, in those days and at that time;
From David, a shoot that is righteous will sprout,
And a king will reign who'll bring understanding,
As well as what's righteous and fair to this land.

16 'In those days, upon Judah, salvation will come,
And JeruSalem will be lived in securely.
Then they'll call [Me],
Jehovah, Our Justice.'

17 'And Jehovah said:
There'll always be a man of David's [line],
Sitting upon IsraEl's throne.

18 'And from among the Levites and Priests,
There will always be a man who will stand,
To bring burnt offerings before Me,
As well as sacrifices, incense and gifts
Throughout the rest of the days.'

19 Then the Word of the Lord came to JeremiAh saying, 20 'Jehovah said this:
If you could annul My Sacred Agreement
– My Agreement with the day and the night –
So there'd be no day and night in that time;
21 Then, there would be no more need,
For [David's] sons to reign from his throne,
Nor for Levites and Priests to serve before Me.

22 'For the seed of My firebrand, David,
Will become too many to be counted
– Like the armies of the heavens and the sands of the seas –
And the same will be true for the seed of the Levites,
Who will be serving before Me.'

23 Then the Word of the Lord came to JeremiAh saying:
24 'Don't you hear what those people are talking about?
They're saying that the Lord chose two families,
And then, He pushed them both out…
That [I am oppressing] My people,
And they'll not stand as a nation before Me.'

25 And thereafter, Jehovah said:
'If My Agreement with the day and the night had not been,
And if I hadn't sent all the Laws
[To govern] the lands and the skies;
26 Jacob's seed would not have been chosen,
Nor would the seed of My servant David,
So to Me, they could never return…
This seed of rulers [that came] from the seed,
Of AbraHam, IsaAc, and Jacob.

'Yet I'll return them from their captive condition,
And upon them, I will show mercy.'

Chapter 34

1 These words came to JeremiAh from Jehovah concerning NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon, the entire camp of his army, and all the kingdoms of the earth that are under the domination of his hand… all those people who are waging war against JeruSalem and the cities of Judah. 2 The Lord God of IsraEl told me to go to ZedekiAh the king of Judah and tell him that thus says Jehovah:

'When it comes to handing things over;
I'll hand this city to Babylon's king…
He'll capture it and burn it with fire.

3 'No way will you be saved from his hands;
For he'll capture you and snatch you away;
He'll look at you eye to eye,
And speak to you mouth to mouth…
And to Babylon, he will then take you.'

4 Listen to what Jehovah has said, O ZedekiAh king of Judah, for this is what He [told me] to say:

'You will not die by the broadsword;
5 And when you die, they'll burn incense,
Like they did for your fathers before you.
As they burn it, they'll be crying, O Lord!
While they are mourning for you.'
Yes, this is what was said by Jehovah.

6 So JeremiAh then went and said all these things to King ZedekiAh there in JeruSalem. 7 And thereafter, the armies of the king of Babylon attacked JeruSalem and all the remaining cities of Judah (because the fortified cities of LachIsh and AzekAh in Judea still hadn't [been conquered]).

8 And once again, the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh after King ZedekiAh [had issued a decree] to the people in JeruSalem concerning [God's] Sacred Agreement, in which he called for everyone to set 9 all their male and female slaves and their Hebrew male and female servants free, so that there would be no more slaves in Judah. 10 And all the great men as well as all the rest of the people actually agreed to release their male and female slaves, so they wouldn't have to serve them anymore… yes, they actually paid attention and set them all free! 11 But right after they did that, they went and took back their male and female slaves (whom they had just set free) and put them to work as their slaves once again!

12 So the Lord said to JeremiAh:
'In the day that I saved your fathers from Egypt,
And from the houses in which they were slaves,
13 I made a Sacred Agreement with them,
14 In which I said that on every sixth year,
They must release all their brothers
(Those who'd sold themselves as their slaves)…
That they may only toil for six years,
And then, they must all be set free!

'But, they haven't listened to Me,
Or turned their ears so they'd hear what I said!

15 'Yet today, they decided to do the right thing,
When you told them to set free their neighbors;
And before Me, they said they would do this,
There in the [Temple] that's called by My Name.

16 'Then they turned and broke their agreement with Me,
By reclaiming [all of] their slaves…
Those whose lives they had just set free…
They turned back and made them slaves once again!

17 'It's because of this,' says Jehovah…
'Because they refused to listen to Me,
And set free their brothers and neighbors;
{Look!} I'll call the release on their behalf…
By the sword, famine, and plague!
And then, I will scatter these people,
Throughout all the kingdoms of the earth.

18 'As to those who voided My Sacred Agreement,
By not keeping the promise that they made before Me,
With a calf that they cut in two pieces;
19 I will come through the midst of those halves…
To the rulers of Judah and JeruSalem
(To the mighty, as well as the priests,
And to all the people who live in that land);
20 Then, to their enemies, I'll hand them…
I'll hand them to those who are seeking their lives!

'Then their rotting flesh will serve as the food,
For all the birds in the skies,
And for all the wild beasts on the ground.

21 'And I'll hand over Judah's King ZedekiAh,
As well as all of his princes,
To their enemies who are seeking their lives…
To the armies of Babylon's king…
To those before whom they are fleeing!

22 'Look! I'm the One who has issued the order,' says Jehovah!
'To bring them into this city,
Where they'll battle against her and take her,
And then, they will burn her with fire!
I'll make all the cities of Judah,
Places where no one will walk.'

Chapter 35

1 It was during the time of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah that the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh saying:

2 'Call for the families of the Rechabites,
Then, bring them to the House of Jehovah
And into one of the courtyards,
Where you must offer them wine.'

3 So he led JaAzaniAh (the son of JeremiAh and grandson of HabaZiniAh), his brothers, sons, and the rest of the families of the Rechabites into the [Temple] of Jehovah 4 and [seated them] in the dining room of the sons of Hanan (the son of IgDaliAh, a man of God), which was located next to the house of the [Temple] overseers and above the house of MaAseJah (the son of ShalLum), the person who guarded the entryways. 5 Then I set a clay pitcher of wine before them and some cups, and I told them to drink some wine.

6 But they said: 'There's no way that we will drink any wine, because our ancestor JoNadab (the son of Rechab) told us: You must never drink wine – you and your sons – through the ages! 7 And you must not build houses, plant seeds, or ever own a vineyard. You must dwell in tents for as long as you live in this land!

8 'So, we've obeyed the instructions of JoNadab (the son of Rechab) our ancestor, and we haven't done anything that he told us not to do. We haven't drunk any wine throughout our lives – not us, our wives, our sons, or our daughters – 9 nor have we built houses, owned vineyards, or planted seeds in fields… none of this has ever happened among us. 10 We've done everything that our ancestor JoNadab told us to do, and we've been living in tents. 11 Then, when NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon came to this land, we told him: We will leave [our position] in front of the Chaldeans and the armies of the Assyrians and go up to JeruSalem. So, we've been living here ever since.'

12 And after that, the Word of the Lord came to me and told me that 13 Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, said this:
'Go and speak to the men of Judea,
And to those who are living in JeruSalem;
Then, tell them that thus says Jehovah:

'There's no way that you've heard the things that I've said;
14 Yet, the sons of JoNadab (son of Rechab)
Have obeyed the instructions he gave to his sons,
Not to drink any wine…
And they've drunk no wine to this day!
They've paid attention to their father's commands;
But, when I spoke plainly, you didn't hear!

15 'So each morning, I sent you My servants, the Prophets…
I sent them and told them to teach every man,
To turn from his evil ways…
To be better and not follow or serve other gods,
So you could continue to live in the land
That I gave to your fathers and you.
But you have learned nothing at all…
Your ears have paid no attention!

16 'Yet, the sons of JoNadab (the son of Rechab),
Have obeyed the commands of their father…
They've not done the things he said [not to do],
While you haven't listened to Me!

17 'So because of this, says IsraEl's God, Jehovah of Armies;
{Look!} I will bring upon Judah,
And on those who live in JeruSalem,
All the bad things I've spoken against them.
For, when I spoke, they paid no attention…
When I called to them, they didn't reply.'

18 Then JeremiAh said to the house of the Rechabites,
'This is what Jehovah has said:
Since the descendants of JoNadab (the son of Rechab),
Have paid attention to their father's commands,
And done everything that he told them to do;
It's because of this,
says IsraEl's God, Jehovah of Armies;
19 No way will a man of JoNadab's sons,
Ever fail to stand before Me.'

Chapter 36

1 It was in the fourth year [of the reign] of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah, that the Word of Jehovah came to me saying:

2 'Get a papyrus scroll for yourself,
And write all the words that I've said,
About both IsraEl and Judah,
And about all the nations of which I have spoken,
From the time of JosiAh, king of Judah,
Down to this very day!
3 Then, perhaps the house of Judah will hear,
Of all the bad things that I've planned to do,
And then turn from their wicked ways,
So I can cover their failures and sins.'

4 Therefore, JeremiAh called BarUch (the son of NeriAh), who wrote all the words of Jehovah that came from the mouth of JeremiAh on a papyrus scroll. 5 Then JeremiAh said to BarUch: 'Because I'm being watched, I can't enter the [Temple] of Jehovah. 6 So you'll have to go there and read this papyrus scroll into the ears of all the people who happen to be in the House of Jehovah on a fast day… read it into the ears of all the Judeans who are coming there from all their cities, 7 and perhaps their need for mercy will fall before Jehovah and they'll turn from their evil ways. For the anger and rage that Jehovah has spoken against these people is great!'

8 As the result, BarUch (the son of NeriAh) did everything that JeremiAh told him to do. He went and read the scroll of the words of the Lord there at the [Temple] of Jehovah. 9 And in the fifth year and ninth month [of the reign] of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah, all the people of JeruSalem and of the house of Judah held an assembly to fast before Jehovah, 10 and BarUch again read the scroll of the words of JeremiAh into the ears of all the people who were there at the [Temple] of Jehovah. [He did this] from the [apartment] of GemariAh (the son of Shapha) the scribe, in the upper courtyard, which is in front of the threshold of the [Temple's] New Gate.

11 Well, after MichaiAh (the son of GemariAh and grandson of ShaPhan) heard all the words of Jehovah being read from the scroll, 12 he went down to the palace of the king and into the house of the [royal] scribe, where {Look!} he found all the rulers gathered – EliShama the scribe, DalaiJa (the son of ShemaiAh), ElNathan (the son of AchBor), GemariAh (the son of ShaPhan), ZedekiAh (the son of HananiAh), and all the supervisors. 13 Then MichaiAh told them everything that he'd heard BarUch read from the scroll into the ears of the people. 14 So the rulers sent for BarUch (the son of NeriAh, the son of JeHudi, the son of NathaniAh, the son of ShelemiAh, the son of Cushi) and told him: 'Pick up the scroll that you read into the ears of the people and bring it here!' Then BarUch (the son of NeriAh) picked up the scroll and went down to them, 15 and they said, 'Now, read that scroll into our ears!' And BarUch read it to them.

16 Well, after they heard all the words being read, each one started advising his neighbor, and they said to BarUch: 'We've decided that we should announce all these words to the king!' 17 And they asked BarUch: 'Just where were you when you wrote all these words?' 18 And he replied: 'These words came from the mouth of JeremiAh… he's the one who spoke the words. All I did was record them in the scroll!'

19 Then the rulers said to BarUch: 'Go somewhere and hide… both you and JeremiAh! Don't let anyone know where you are!'

20 So they had the scroll kept under guard in the house of EliShama the scribe, and they went into the courtyard of the king and told the king everything that it said. 21 Then the king sent JehuDi to get the scroll, and he went and took it from the house of EliShama the scribe, then JehuDi read it before the king and all the rulers who were sitting around him.

22 The king happened to be in his winter palace at the time (for it was the ninth month), and he was sitting in front of his fireplace. 23 And after JeHudi had read just three or four lines, [the king] shredded [the scroll] with a scribe's razor and tossed it into the fire in his fireplace. As the result, the papyrus scroll was entirely burned up and destroyed.

24 Well, nobody was surprised… none of those who were there ripped their clothes… not the king, any of his servants, or any of those who heard those words. 25 However, although ElNathan, DalaiJa, and GemariAh had suggested to the king that he shouldn't burn the papyrus, 26 he refused to listen to them. Then the king told JerahMeEl (the king's son), SaraiAh (the son of AzriEl), and ShelemiAh (the son of AbDeEl) to go and arrest both BarUch the scribe and JeremiAh the Prophet. However, these men were already in hiding.

27 Well, after the king burned the scroll that BarUch wrote containing all the words that were spoken by JeremiAh, the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh again, saying,
28 'Take another scroll of papyrus
And write the same words that you wrote in that scroll,
Which King JehoiAkim burned.
29 Then tell JehoiAkim (king of Judah),
That Jehovah says this:

'Though you have burned up this scroll,
You asked why I had it written.
For it told you that Babylon's king,
Will enter this land and destroy it,
Wiping away both men and beasts.

30 'And for this, Jehovah has said this against [you]:
'O JehoiAkim, you king of Judah,
Who is sitting upon David's throne;
No longer will you sit [on that throne];
For, into the sweltering heat of the day,
And into the icy cold of the night,
Your decaying flesh will be tossed,
31 Since I'm coming against you, your family, and sons.
And because of their lawless ways,
Upon you and those in JeruSalem and Judah,
I'll bring all the evils about which I've warned,
And to which you chose not to listen.'

32 Then JeremiAh took another papyrus scroll and gave it to BarUch (the son of NeriAh) the scribe, and he once again wrote the same words that came from the mouth of JeremiAh upon it – all the words that JehoiAkim the king of Judah had burned in the fire – and he added many more words to it (such as these).

Chapter 37

1 Well thereafter, ZedekiAh (the son of JosiAh) started reigning in place of ConiJah (the son of JehoiAkim), whom NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon had appointed to reign in the land of Judah. 2 But he, his servants, and the people of the land wouldn't listen to words that Jehovah had spoken through JeremiAh either. 3 But later, King ZedekiAh sent JehuKal (the son of ShelemiAh) and ZephaniAh (the son of MaAseJah) the Priest to JeremiAh to say this to him: 'Please pray to Jehovah your God for us.'

4 Well at the time, JeremiAh was free to come and go wherever he wanted in the city, because they hadn't put him in prison. 5 But when the Chaldeans heard that the armies of PharaOh were marching from the land of Egypt, they [started their attack] on JeruSalem. 6 And that's when the word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh that said, 7 'Jehovah the God of IsraEl says that you are to say this to the king of Judah (the person who sent you to inquire of Me):

'{Look!} These armies of PharaOh that are marching to help you,
Will turn and flee back to Egypt.
8 And then the Chaldeans will come here,
And they will wage war on this city…
They'll take it and burn it with fire!'

9 'Jehovah says:
Now your souls shouldn't think about saying,
The Chaldeans will turn back once more,
Because, there's no way that will happen.

10 'And if you should beat the Chaldeans,
Who are coming to wage war against you;
Even the wounded that they leave behind,
Will arise and burn this city with fire.'

11 Well, that's what happened… soon the Chaldean armies [attacked] JeruSalem right in front of the armies of PharaOh.

12 Meanwhile, JeremiAh had left JeruSalem and gone to the land of BenJamin to purchase some land there among his people. 13 But when he arrived at the gates of BenJamin, IriJah (the son of ShelemiAh and grandson of HananiAh) had him arrested. He seized JeremiAh and accused him of running away to the Chaldeans!

14 But [JeremiAh] replied: 'That's a lie! I'm NOT running away to the Chaldeans!'

However, IriJah refused to listen. He arrested JeremiAh and took him before the local rulers. 15 Then, because the rulers [hated] JeremiAh, they had him flogged and sent him to the house of JoNathan the scribe, which had been turned into a prison. 16 There JeremiAh [was thrown] into an [outhouse] pit [near] the [main] house, where he was confined for several days.

17 Finally, King ZedekiAh sent for him, and the king asked him secretly whether he had received any word from Jehovah. And JeremiAh replied, 'Yes… He says that you'll be handed over to the king of Babylon!'

18 Then JeremiAh asked the king this: 'How have I wronged you, your servants, or your people, so that you'd have me thrown into a prison latrine… 19 and where are those prophets who prophesied to you and told you there's no way that the king of Babylon will ever come into this land?

20 'Now, hear this, O Lord, O king: You must show mercy on me as I'm standing here before you… you must not return me to the house of JoNathan the scribe and allow me to die there!'

21 So the king gave orders, and then they locked JeremiAh in the guard house, where they provided him with a loaf of bread each day (which was baked outside the city) until there was no more bread left. And after that, JeremiAh stayed in the courtyard of the guards.

Chapter 38

1 Well, ShephatiJah (the son of MatTan), GedaliAh (the son of Pashur), JuKal (the son of ShelemiAh), and Pashur (the son of MelchiAh) heard the words that JeremiAh had spoken to the people when he warned them that 2 Jehovah had told him that anyone who remained in the city would die by the broadsword, famine, and plague, but that those who [surrendered] to the Chaldeans could save their own lives and live. 3 For Jehovah said:

'When it comes to being handed over;
This city will be handed over,
To the armies of Babylon's king,
And he will thereafter take it.'

4 So those rulers went to the king and told him this: 'We have to do away with that man, because he's weakening the hands of the troops that remain in this city and the hands of all the people when he says things like that. He doesn't prophesy about peace, he just tells us bad things!'

5 So (because the king was unable to resist them) King ZedekiAh said: 'Look! There he is in your hands!'

6 As the result, they took JeremiAh and threw him into the [outhouse pit] that belonged to MelchiJah (the king's son), which was located in the courtyard of the guard. They took rough cords and lowered him into the pit, which contained no water, just manure, and there he stayed in the filth.

7 Well, the Ethiopian Eunuch EbedMelech happened to be in the King's courtyard when they threw JeremiAh into the pit. At the time, the king was seated at the Gate of BenJamin; 8 so EbedMelech left the king's palace and went to speak to the king. He said: 9 'My lord, O king; These men have done something very wicked by dropping the Prophet JeremiAh into the outhouse pit, for he'll starve to death there, since there's no more bread left in the city!'

10 So the king gave orders to EbedMelech, saying: 'Take thirty men to the pit and pull him out, so he doesn't die.'

11 Well at that, EbedMelech gathered the men. Then they went to the sub-basement of the king's palace and found some old rags and ropes, and they tossed them down to JeremiAh in the pit, 12 saying, 'Wrap these around you!' And that's what JeremiAh did. 13 Then they lifted him with the ropes and pulled him up out of the pit; and thereafter, JeremiAh again stayed in the courtyard of the guards.

14 Well after that, the king sent for JeremiAh while he (the king) was staying in the house of AsaLiseEl (which is located inside the [Temple area] of Jehovah). And the king said to him: 'I want to ask you something… and don't hide the truth from me!'

15 But JeremiAh asked, 'If I answer you [truthfully], won't you just have me killed? Besides, you haven't listened to any of the advice that I've given to you so far.'

16 Then the king secretly swore an oath to him, saying, 'As Jehovah who gave us this life lives; I won't kill you or hand you over to these men who are seeking your life!'

17 So JeremiAh said to him, 'Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl said this:
If you should go and surrender to the governors of Babylon's king, you will live… you'll save your own life and this city won't be burned with fire… both you and your family will live! 18 But if you don't go [and surrender], this city will be handed over to the Chaldeans and they'll burn it with fire. And after that happens, there's no way that you'll be saved from their hands.'

19 Then the king said to JeremiAh: 'But if I do that, I'll have a problem with the Judeans who went over to the side of the Chaldeans… if I'm handed over to them, they'll make [life miserable for] me!'

20 But JeremiAh told him: 'There's no way that you'll be handed over to those people. You should listen to the word of Jehovah that I've spoken to you, because it would be better for you to save your own life and survive! 21 However, if you don't choose to go out and surrender, this is what Jehovah has said:

22 '{Look!} All the women who remain in [your] house,
Will be carried to the king of Babylon's princes.
Then these women will say that your allies deceived you;
For they care so little about you,
That they'll turn and stumble your feet,
In order to bring you to ruin.

23 'Then they'll take your wives and your children,
And there's no way that you will be saved…
You'll be captured by Babylon's king,
And this city will then be burned to the ground.'

24 Then ZedekiAh said to JeremiAh: 'If you don't speak about this to anyone else, you won't die. 25 But if the rulers should hear that I've spoken to you and then come to you and ask, What did you say to the king… if you don't hide it from us, we won't do away with you… what did you say to the king? 26 You must tell them: I went to plead for mercy before the eyes of the king. I just asked him not to take me back to the house of JoNathan and let me die there.'

27 Well thereafter, the rulers did come to JeremiAh and ask him, and he just said what the king told him to say. And after that, they didn't say any more, because they didn't know anything. 28 So JeremiAh stayed in the courtyard of the guards until the time that JeruSalem was captured.

Chapter 39

1 Well, it was in the ninth year and tenth month [of the reign] of ZedekiAh the king of Judah that NebuChadNezzar, the king of Babylon, came to JeruSalem with all his armies and attacked it. 2 And it was in the eleventh year, on the fourth month and ninth day of ZedekiAh's reign that the city's walls were breached. 3 Then all the governors of the king of Babylon entered [the city] and sat down at the Central Gate. There was NergalSharezer, SamGar, NeboSarsechim, NebuSarkes, NergalShareZer (the King's advisor), and all the rest of the governors of the king of Babylon.

4 Meanwhile, ZedekiAh (the king of Judah) and all his soldiers had fled the city during the night, going through the king's garden and then through the gate that leads between the city wall and the fortification around the wall, following the road to the ArabAh. 5 But the Chaldean army chased them down, catching up with ZedekiAh on the other side of JeriCho. Then they carried him back to NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon, who was at RibLah (a city in the land of HaMath), where he passed judgment on him… 6 and the king of Babylon had ZedekiAh's sons killed there in front of his eyes (there in RibLah), along with all the rest of the rulers of Judah. 7 Then he had ZedekiAh blinded and bound in shackles, before he was led off to Babylon.

8 After that, the Chaldeans set the King's palace and the houses of the people on fire and demolished them. 9 Then all those who were left in the city and the deserters were taken before the king of Babylon, 10 and NabuZarAdan (the chief of the guards) had them carried off to Babylon. However, he did leave many of the poor people of the land of Judah and those who were of no importance behind, assigning them over the fields and vineyards.

11 Then NebuChadNezzar (the king of Babylon) gave instructions to NebuZarAdan (the chief of the guards) concerning JeremiAh. He said, 12 'Take him and keep an eye on him… but don't do anything bad to him. Just treat him as you would like to be treated.'

13 So NabuZarAdan (the chief of the guards), as well as NabuShasban, RabSares, Nergel, SharEzer, RabMag, and all the princes of the king of Babylon sent for JeremiAh. 14 They took him out of the courtyard of the guards and handed him over to GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam and grandson of ShaPhan), who then led him out to sit among the rest of the people. 15 But it was while he was still in the courtyard of the guards that the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh, telling him this:
16 'Go speak to the black man, EbedMelech,
And tell him that thus says Jehovah…
Yes, say that the God of IsraEl said this:

'{Look!} I've fulfilled My words on this city,
To do just bad things, not good!
And now, though you will have to stand before them;
17 In that day, I will be there to save you
, says Jehovah.
I will not hand you over,
To stand before those faces you fear.

18 'So when it comes to saving, I'll save you…
No way will you fall by the sword…
Your reward will be your own life,
Because you put faith in Me,
says Jehovah.'

Chapter 40

1 Then the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh again, after he had been led off in shackles by NabuZarAdan (the chief of the guards) and after he'd been separated from the rest of the Judeans who were being relocated from RamAh to [the empire of] Babylon.

2 Then, as the chief of the guards was leading him away, he said to JeremiAh: 'Your God Jehovah spoke to you against this place and against all its badness, 3 and then the Lord did just as He said He would do, because you had all sinned against Him and you refused to listen to His voice. So these things that are happening to you are according to His Words. 4 But, after I remove the manacles from your hands, you can choose to travel with me to Babylon, where I'll watch out for you… or you can choose to just run away from here! Look! The whole land before you is good; so you can choose to go to anywhere that pleases your eyes, 5 or you can return to GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam and grandson of ShaPhan), whom the king of Babylon has appointed over the land of Judah, and you can live with him there among your people… yes, if it seems good in your eyes to go there, then go!'

Well after that, the chief of the guards held a feast for JeremiAh and they gave him some gifts before sending him away. 6 And thereafter, [JeremiAh] went to GedaliAh at MizPah and stayed among the people who'd been left behind in the land.

7 Also, when all the [Judean] generals who were still in the fields with their armies heard that the king of Babylon had appointed GedaliAh over the land, they brought their men and their wives to him, along with the simple people and the poor of the land… all those who hadn't been relocated by the Babylonians.

8 Then IshMaEl (the son of NethaniAh), JoHanan (the son of KareAh), SeraiAh (the son of TanHumeth), the sons of EphAi the Netophathite, and JezaniAh (the son of the MaAchathite) came to GedaliAh at MizPah… they and all their men went to him. 9 And GedaliAh swore an oath to them and their men, saying, 'You will no longer have anything to fear from the servants of the Chaldeans. Therefore, I urge you to come and live in this land and to work for the king of Babylon, since this is what would be the best thing for you to do! 10 {Look!} Understand that as I'm sitting here in MizPah, I'm doing so before the faces of the Chaldeans, and [they're protecting us from anyone] who might come against us. So, gather your wine, autumn fruits, and olive oil in jars, and live in these cities that we've been able to retain!'

11 Well, when all the Judeans who were in MoAb (as well as those who were staying among the sons of AmMon and scattered throughout the land of Edom) heard that the king of Babylon had appointed an allotment to Judah and that he had appointed GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam) to be over them, 12 they each returned from the places where they'd been scattered and they gathered to GedaliAh in MizPah in the land of Judah, bringing along all their wine, autumn fruits, and huge amounts of olive oil.

13 But thereafter, JoHanan (the son of KareAh) and all the generals of the armies that were still in the fields went to GedaliAh at MizPah 14 and they warned him, saying: 'Don't you know that BaAl Ish (the king of the sons of AmMon) is sending IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh) to [assassinate] you?'

However, GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam) just didn't believe them.

15 And thereafter, JoHanan (the son of KareAh) went and spoke to GedaliAh in secret there in MizPah. He told him: 'I will go and strike down IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh)… however, don't tell anyone! For he's going to kill you and scatter all the Judeans that have gathered here with you, then he will destroy the rest of Judah!'

16 But GedaliAh told JoHanan (the son of KareAh): 'Don't you dare to do this thing… for you're really lying about IshMaEl!'

Chapter 41

1 Well, it was in the seventh month that IshMaEl, the son of NathaniAh and grandson of EliShama (who was related to the king) came to GedaliAh in MizPah with some of the royal appointees and ten other men. Then there, after sharing some bread, 2 IshMaEl and the ten men who came with him got up and struck down GedaliAh with their swords, killing him (the man who had been appointed over the land by the king) 3 as well as all the Judeans who were with him at MizPah and all the Chaldeans that they found there… he even killed the guards!

4 Then, two days after they'd killed GedaliAh (for no one had found out about it yet), 5 some eighty men came from Shechem, Shiloh, and Samaria with their beards shaved off and wearing torn clothes, beating their chests and carrying gifts of frankincense in their hands [to offer before] Jehovah. 6 So IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh) came from MizPah to meet them, and they all started crying.

Then [IshMaEl] said to them: 'Now, let's all go and visit GedaliAh.' 7 And as they were traveling through the city, he and his men struck them down and killed them next to a well. 8 But as they were witnessing what was happening, ten of the men said to IshMaEl, 'You shouldn't kill us, because we've brought along treasures from the fields… wheat, barley, honey, and olive oil!'

So he passed them by and left them alive there in the midst of their [murdered] brothers.

9 The well where IshMaEl had tossed all those whom he'd killed was very large (it's the one that King Asa [had dug] in fear of BaAsha, the king of IsraEl)… yes, that's where IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh) threw their [dead bodies].

10 Then IshMaEl took all the people who were left behind in MizPah – including the daughters of the king who had been left in the care of the chief of the guards by GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam) – and he set out for the other side [of the land] of the sons of AmMon.

11 Well, when JoHanan (the son of KareAh) and the generals who were with him heard of all the evil things that IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh) had done, 12 he took the entire encampment and set out to wage war with him, catching up with him next to the water of the great pool in GibeOn. 13 And when all the people who were with IshMaEl saw JoHanan (the son of KareAh) coming with the generals, they were very happy 14 and they sided with JoHanan. 15 However, IshMaEl escaped along with eight of his men, heading toward the [land of] the sons of AmMon.

16 Then JoHanan took all the generals and their armies, along with all the remaining people from MizPah – those whom IshMaEl (the son of NathaniAh) had captured after he killed GedaliAh (the son of Ahikam), all the mighty men of war, as well as all the women, the eunuchs, and all the things that were left in GibeOn – 17 and they set up camp at KimHam (near BethLehem), as they headed toward the land of Egypt. 18 [For they had decided] to run from the Chaldeans, since they were afraid to face them because of IshMaEl's striking down GedaliAh (the man whom the king of Babylon had appointed to be over their land).

Chapter 42

1 Well, they traveled on from there – all the generals, JoHanan (the son of KareAh), JezaniAh (the son of HoshaiAh), and all the people from the least to the greatest – and they went to JeremiAh the Prophet and said this: 2 'May our need for mercy fall before you! Please pray to Jehovah your God about all these things; for there were once as many of us as your eyes could see, but now we are so few. 3 Tell us which way Jehovah your God says we should go, and that's the way we'll go!'

4 And JeremiAh the Prophet said to them: 'I've heard you, so {Look!} I will pray to Jehovah our God about the things you've said, and then I'll announce to you whatever Jehovah tells me… there's no way that I'll hide a single word from you!'

5 And they replied to JeremiAh: 'May Jehovah be a righteous and trustworthy witness against us if we fail to follow every word that Jehovah your God sends to us. 6 We will obey [every word] from the voice of our God Jehovah, the One to whom we are sending you, whether it's for the good or for the bad! We will pay attention and listen to the voice of our God Jehovah, so that things will go well for us!'

7 Well, it was ten days later that the Word of Jehovah came to JeremiAh. 8 So he called for JoHanan (the son of KareAh), the generals, and all the people (from the least to the greatest), 9 and he said to them, 'Jehovah, the God of IsraEl to whom you sent me, has heard all your prayers before Him. 10 [And this is what He told me to say]:

'If you wish to survive, you must stay in this land…
For I'll build you up, not wipe you away…
I'll plant you and not pluck you out…
I'll bring you rest from the bad that I've sent.

11 'Don't be in fear of Babylon's king,
The one whose face you now fear…
No, don't be afraid,
says Jehovah;
For I'm with you and I will save you…
I will rescue you from his hands!

12 'I will grant you this one act of kindness,
And I will show mercy upon you…
For I'll take you back to your land.

13 'But if you should say to yourselves,
No way will we stay in this land,
And you fail to obey the voice of your God…
14 Yes, if you should say,
There's no way…
For we've chosen to go down to Egypt,
So we will no longer know war,
Or hear the sounds of the trumpets,
Nor will we go hungry, because there's no bread…
We'll [go down to Egypt] and live there;
15 Then, hear the Word of Jehovah,
O you remnant of Judah!
For Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, says this:
If you point your faces toward Egypt…
If you enter [that land] and then plan to stay…
16 The broadsword that you are facing
– The one of which you're in fear –
Will also find you in Egypt.
And the famine that you have been facing,
Will also overtake you in Egypt…
For that is where you will die!

17 'Yes, all those men whose faces are set,
To go down to Egypt and live,
Will fall by the broadsword, famine, and plague…
None will survive all the evils,
Which I will be bringing upon them!

18 'Jehovah of Armies, the 2 God of IsraEl, said this:
As My rage has dripped on JeruSalem,
My rage will drip upon you,
Should you choose to go down into Egypt.

'You'll become a land that's unwalked,
And come under the hands of other men…
A cursed [people] you'll be, who are scorned,
And never again will you see this [land]!

19 'Yes, this is what Jehovah spoke against you, O remaining ones of Judah… you must not go down into Egypt!

'Now, you're aware of all this, for I've testified to you about it today! 20 But you [weren't really being honest] with yourselves when you sent me to Jehovah your God and said, Pray to the Lord for us and we'll do whatever Jehovah our God tells us… whatever He says, we'll do!

21 And now, although I've warned you, you won't listen to the voice of Jehovah your God and follow [the words] that He sent to you. So you will come to your end in that place where you now want to go and live, by means of the broadsword, famine, and plague.'

Chapter 43

1 Well, just after JeremiAh had finished speaking all the words that Jehovah their Lord God had sent to them, 2 AzariAh (the son of HoshaiAh), JoHanan (the son of KareAh), and all the proud ones started shouting at JeremiAh and saying: 'You're lying! Our God Jehovah didn't send you to tell us that we shouldn't go down into Egypt and live there! 3 And look at BarUch (the son of NeriJah)… he has joined with you against us to hand us over to the Chaldeans, so that they can just kill us or move us to Babylon!'

4 Well, JoHanan (the son of KareAh), the generals, and all the people refused to listen to the voice of Jehovah and stay in the land of Judah. 5 So JoHanan took all the generals, all the rest of the Judeans who had returned from the nations (where they'd been scattered) to live in the land of Judah, 6 as well as all the mighty men, the women, the children, the remaining daughters of the king, all the souls that had been left behind by NabuZarAdan (the chief of the [Babylonian] guards), as well as GedaliAh (the son of AhiKam), 7 the Prophet JeremiAh, and BarUch (the son of NeriJah), and they went to TahPanHes in Egypt. For they refused to listen to the voice of Jehovah.

8 And it was while JeremiAh was in TahPanHes that the voice of the Lord came to him, saying:
9 'Take two huge rocks for yourself,
And [bury] them under the thresholds,
Of the gates of PharaOh's house in TahPanHes.
Do this in front of all Judah's men,
10 And tell them that thus says Jehovah of Armies:

'{Look!} I'll send for My servant, NebuChadNezzar,
And he'll set his throne on these [buried] rocks,
And lay his shields down upon them.
11 For he'll come and then attack Egypt,
Bringing death to those who are already dead,
Resettlement to those who've been moved away,
And the sword to those who bear swords.

12 'Then he'll burn the [temples] of their gods,
And he will resettle them all…
Yes, the land of Egypt, he'll fumigate,
As a shepherd fumigates his own clothes…
Only then will he leave there in peace.

13 'He'll destroy the columns of the City of the Sun,
And he'll burn Egypt's gods in a fire.'

Chapter 44

1 Then the Word of the Lord once again came to JeremiAh concerning the Judeans who were living in the land of Egypt… those who had settled near the watchtower, or in TahPanHes, or in Memphis, or in the land of Pathros. He said, 2 'Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl says this:

'You have witnessed all the bad things,
That I brought upon JeruSalem,
And upon the cities of Judah;
And {Look!} they lie desolate down to this day…
No one lives there at all,
3 Because of their wicked faces,
And what they did to make Me feel bitter,
By burning incense to gods they've not known…
It's you and your fathers who did this!

4 'So [each morning], I sent them My servants the Prophets,
To tell them not to do these bad things…
Those disgusting things that I've hated.
5 But your people wouldn't listen to Me,
Nor would their ears pay attention,
To make them turn from their evil ways,
Of burning incense before other gods.

6 'So My anger and rage dripped upon them.
And now, all the cities of Judah
(All those around JeruSalem),
Have been desolated and burned…
They lie unwalked to this day.

7 'So Jehovah (IsraEl's Almighty God) asks you this:
Why are you still bringing evil,
Into your lives, O My people…
Against your women, your infants, and babies,
So there'll be no survivors in Judah?

8 'For, you continue to make Me feel bitter,
By the [bad things] you do with your hands,
When you burn incense to other gods,
In the land of Egypt where you've gone to live.
So now, you'll be cut off and cursed,
And scorned among all the nations!

9 'Have you forgotten the evils,
That your fathers committed…
The evils of Judah's kings;
The evils of all of your rulers;
And the bad things that your wives have done,
In JeruSalem and in Judah…
10 Which they've not stopped doing down to this day?

'For, they have not learned to fear,
Nor have they followed the orders,
That I set before them and their fathers.

11 'It's because of this,
Said IsraEl's God, Jehovah of Armies;
{Look!} Against you, I've now set My face,
Because of all the bad things you've done,
Since the time that I sent destruction to Judah.

12 'So I'll take the remnant of Judah,
That went down to Egypt to live,
And I'll cause them to fail throughout the whole land…
Yes, from the least to their greatest,
They'll fall by the broadsword and famine
They'll be cursed, scorned, and destroyed!

13 'I'll visit those who've settled in Egypt,
The same as I visited JeruSalem…
I'll bring the same broadswords, famines, and plagues,
14 Which [JeruSalem's people] could not escape.

'So now, none of the remnant of Judah,
That went down to Egypt and hoped to return,
Will be allowed to go back again.
There's no way that they'll ever return…
Except for a few who'll escape.'

15 Well, [none of the men] would reply to JeremiAh, because they all knew that their wives were burning incense to other gods. And at the time, there was a great gathering of the women among all those who had settled in the land of Egypt at Pathros. And there these women said, 16 'We won't pay any attention to the words that you've spoken to us in the Name of Jehovah, 17 and we'll do what we said we're going to do… we'll keep on burning incense to the Queen of Heaven! Yes, we'll keep on offering her [food and drink] as our fathers, our kings, our rulers, and the rest of us have done in Judah and around JeruSalem in the past… back when we were better off… back when we had enough bread to eat and things weren't so bad! 18 For it was only after we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and offering her [food and drink] that things became worse and we started failing due to the sword and from the famine. 19 Haven't you noticed all that has happened since we started burning incense to the Queen of Heaven… when we (without the aid of our husbands) made cakes and offered drinks to her?'

20 Then JeremiAh replied to all the people (the mighty men, the women, and everyone else who had responded to him) saying: 21 'When it comes to the incense that you've burned in the cities of Judah and in JeruSalem (you, your ancestors, your kings, your rulers, and the rest of the people of the land); Jehovah hasn't forgotten this! Yes, it has reached all the way up to His heart! 22 And it's because He was unable to bear all your wicked deeds and the disgusting things you were doing that He brought desolation upon your land… He made it an unwalked place and a curse to this day!

23 'You stood there before Him and burned incense – sinning against Jehovah – and you didn't pay any attention to the voice of the Lord, or to His instructions, or His Laws, or His proofs. Rather, you went and took up all these evil practices that you've continued to do down to this day.'

24 And JeremiAh said to the women and all the people: 'So, hear the Word of Jehovah, all you Judeans who are now living in Egypt! 25 For Jehovah the God of IsraEl says that you and your women have brought the fulfillment [upon yourselves] by your own mouths and your own hands, when you said that you will continue to acknowledge and burn incense to the Queen of Heaven, and to offer [food and drink] before her.

'So you plan to continue making offerings before her, do you? 26 Well, because of this, hear the Word of the Lord, all Judah and those who have settled in the land of Egypt:
{Look!} I have sworn an oath by My Name, said Jehovah,
That My Name won't remain in the mouths of these Jews;
Because, they no longer say,

O Jehovah, our Lord;
Come and live among us in Egypt!

27 '{Look!} I'll be zealous about bringing them harm (not the good)!
So the Jews who now live in Egypt,
Will fall by the broadsword and famine,
Until [they all] cease to be!

28 'Just the [few] who escape from the sword,
Will ever return to Judea…
And there will be very few!

'Then, all the remnant of Judah
(Those who went down to and now live in Egypt),
Will know whose words have proved to be true…
If it's My words, or those [of their gods].

29 'And this is your sign, says Jehovah,
That I will visit this place…
So you'll know that My words have stuck upon you,
Because of your evil deeds:

30 '{Look!} I'll hand the house of Egypt's King HophRa,
To his enemies and those who are seeking his life,
As I handed Judah's King ZedekiAh,
To his enemy, NebuChadNezzar,
Who was seeking his life.'

Chapter 45

1 Then these were the words that the Prophet JeremiAh spoke to BarUch (the son of NeriAh) as he was writing all the words that came from the mouth of JeremiAh in this scroll, which happened in the fourth year of [the reign of] JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh), the king of Judah. He said, 2 'Jehovah, the God of IsraEl, said this about you, O BarUch, 3 because you made this complaint:
Alas! To my misery, the Lord has added hard labor;
For I went to bed moaning and then found no rest.

4 'So, Jehovah told me to say this to you:
{Look!} That which I've built, I'll demolish,
And that which I've planted, I'll pluck…
Yes, even this land that is Mine.

5 'Were you looking for great things to happen?
If so, you had best take that thought from your mind;
For {Look!} upon all flesh I'm bringing what's bad
, says Jehovah.
But as your reward, I'll give you your life,
No matter which way you may choose to go.'

Chapter 46

1 These are the words that Jehovah sent to JeremiAh the Prophet, against [each of] the nations. 2 [He said this concerning] Egypt and the armies of PharaOh Necho the king of Egypt, who was at the EuPhrates River in CarChemIsh when he was [killed] by NebuChadNezzar, the king of Babylon, which happened in the fourth year [of the reign] of JehoiAkim (the son of JosiAh) the king of Judah:

3 'Now, pick up your weapons and shields,
And then, get ready for battle!
4 Saddle the horses and mount up their riders;
Don your helmets and chest plates;
And then, pick up your spears!

5 'Why are they frightened and running?
It's because their mighty have fallen,
And into exile, they're going…
They'll not return to their land,' says Jehovah.

6 'Their nimble will not be able to flee,
And their strong won't be saved from those in the north,
For at the River EuPhrates, they'll fall.

7 'What is this that's rising like a river…
Yes, like a river that's swollen?
8 The waters of the river of Egypt arose,
(Saying), I will ascend and cover their land…
I'll destroy their cities and those who live there.

9 'Ready the chariots and mount up your horsemen!
Assemble the Ethiopians and Libyans,
All armed and carrying shields!

'Come, O Lydians, and stretch tight your bows,
10 For this day belongs to the Lord God of Armies,
Who'll arise to take vengeance upon His enemies.
Then the sword will devour and be filled…
It will get drunk on their blood.

'There'll be a sacrifice to Jehovah of Armies,
[Being offered by those] from the land to the north,
There at the River EuPhrates.

11 'So, go to Gilead for ointment,
[To heal] the virgin daughter of Egypt!
But the attempts to heal her will all be in vain,
And the ointments will do her no good.

12 'Now the nations have all heard your voices,
For your cries have filled the whole earth.
Warriors fighting warriors have weakened together,
And together, they've fallen [in battle].'

13 This is what Jehovah said through JeremiAh the Prophet concerning the coming of NebuChadNezzar (the king of Babylon) to strike the land of Egypt:

14 'Send the announcement to Egypt…
Let them hear it in Migdol,
And then, give warning to Memphis!
Tell those who live in TahPanHes,
Prepare your yew to be [chopped] by the sword!

15 'Why are your mighty all lying face down?
They can't get up, for the Lord knocked them down!

16 'Your mighty [armies] have weakened,
Then they turned to their comrades and said,
Let's arise and return to our people and homes…
Let's [flee from] the face of the Greeks!

17 'You can call on the name, PharaOh Necho,
The one who's the king of all Egypt,
But [his time of glory has past].

18 'As I live,' says the King, Jehovah of Armies;
'As Tabor is found among mountains,
And as sure as CarMel is found by the sea,
19 I've come here to settle up matters.

'So get ready, O daughter of Egypt,
And you who are still left alive there;
For, Memphis will now be destroyed,
And she'll be referred to as Woe,
Because she'll be left without people.

20 'Egypt is like a heifer that's readied for slaughter,
By a broken branch that will come from the north.
21 For the soldiers they've hired are like calves,
That are cared for and very-well fed.
But, they will soon turn and all run away,
22 Because they won't wish to wait for that day,
When their destruction will come…
The time when they will be punished.

'Her voice is like the hissing of snakes,
That slither along in the sand.
So, they'll attack her with axes,
As though they are chopping up wood.

23 'Then, they will cut down her forests,' says Jehovah!
'For, no one can imagine their numbers…
As with locusts, there's no way to count them!

24 'Disgrace will come to the daughter of Egypt,
And she'll be given to the men from the north.'

25 Yes, IsraEl's God, Jehovah of Armies says this:
'{Look!} Amun (the God of Thebes), will be punished.
For I will bring this on Egypt,
As well as on her gods and her kings…
To PharaOh and those who are trusting in him.

26 'To those seeking their lives, I will hand them…
To the hands of King NebuChadNezzar,
As well as to the hands of his servants.

'Once again, it will be like it was long ago,' says Jehovah.
27 'So My servant Jacob should not be afraid,
Nor should IsraEl ever be terrified.

'{Look!} For I'll bring you back from far away lands…
Your seed, from where they were captives.
Jacob will come and then sleep in peace,
And no one will bring them more trouble.

28 'So, don't be afraid, O Jacob, My child,' says Jehovah,
'For, I will be there with you!
And all the nations to which you were led,
Will be appointed to destruction…
All nations where I sent you will then be consumed.

'But though I'll never appoint you an end,
I will still judge and correct you.
I won't declare you free of all guilt,
Nor will you then be acquitted.'

Chapter 47

1 These words of Jehovah came to JeremiAh the Prophet against the Philistines before PharaOh attacked Gaza:

2 Jehovah says:
'{Look!} From the north, the waters will rise,
To become a river that's flooding.
It will flood the land and all its good things…
Yes the city and all those who live there.

3 'Then all the men will start crying…
And those living there will start shouting,
Because of the sounds of the beating of hoofs,
And the rumble of their chariot wheels.

'Fathers won't turn to [help] their own sons,
Because their hands will all be too weak,
4 In the day that he comes to destroy the Philistines…
To wipe away Sidon, Tyre, and their friends.

'To the Philistines, Jehovah is sending destruction,
As well as to CappaDocia's islands.
5 Baldness will come upon Gaza;
AshKelon will be thrown away,
Along with Anakim's [giants].'

6 How long will you strike with the sword of the Lord…
Until when, will it finally be stilled?
Please put it back into its sheath…
Lift it away and put it to rest!

7 But, what can make it be stilled?
For it came from Jehovah upon AshKelon,
And against [her cities] by the sea,
So all the rest would be shaken.

Chapter 48

1 Jehovah of Armies, the God of IsraEl, said this against MoAb:

'Woe to Nebo, for it was destroyed,
And KiriAth JaiRim was taken…
Their forts were all vanquished and shamed.

2 'MoAb won't be dancing in HeshBon,
For God's planned many bad things against her.
Come cut her out of the nations!
Let's bring her end with the sword!

3 'From HoroNaim comes the sound of men's shouts,
For, ruin and destruction's arrived…
4 MoAb will be wiped away!

Announce this too in Zogora!
5 For, Luhith is now filled with weeping,
And on the road to HoroNaim, they're crying.

'You can hear the cries of destruction;
6 So escape, and run for your lives…
Go and live in the desert like zebras!

7 'Because you've relied on your treasures and forts…
This is why you'll be captured…
You'll be taken away and resettled,
Along with your princes and priests.

8 'To all your cities, ruin will come…
None of your towns will be saved.
Even your valleys will then be destroyed,
As will all of your plains,' says Jehovah.

9 'Post signs over MoAb that say she has plague;
So soon, she'll have to be burned.
Her cities will then become unwalked lands,
For there'll be no one living in them.

10 'O cursed is the one who's indifferent,
When it comes to doing the work of the Lord…
Cursed is the one who holds back his sword!

11 'MoAb has rested since childhood,
Relying upon his own glory.
He's never poured dregs from pitcher to pitcher,
Nor has he been carried away.
So his sense of taste hasn't left him,
And his ability to smell still remains.

12 'But because of this,' says Jehovah,
'{Look!} Days are coming, when I will be sending,
Those who wish to lean upon him.

'They'll water [the wine] in his pitchers,
And they will break all his trumpets.
13 MoAb will be disgraced before Chemosh,
As IsraEl was disgraced before BethEl.

14 'So, how can you say, We are strong…
All our men are mighty for war?

15 For, MoAb and his cities are gone…
His young men have fallen in slaughter,'
Says the King, Jehovah of Armies.

16 'MoAb's day of harm has quickly arrived.
17 So, those around him should all move away,
And those who were trusting in him should now ask,
Who broke this famous one's staff…
Who broke that magnificent rod?

18 'So, descend from your glory and sit where it's damp,
O you daughters of Dibon!
Now that MoAb has been destroyed,
Someone is coming to you,
Who will destroy all your forts!

19 'Stand in the road and then look,
O you who are sitting in AroEr,
Then, ask the fleeing what has happened.

20 'MoAb is broken and he's been disgraced.
So shriek, cry out, and announce it in Arnon,
That mighty MoAb has fallen!

21 'For, judgment has come to the land of Misor…
On MephaAth, JaHazah, and Holon,
22 As well as on Dibon and Nebo,
And on the house of the DiblaThaim.

23 'On KiriAth JaiRim, it has come,
And on the house of GaMul,
As well as on the house of MeOn.

24 'It has come on KiriAth and BozRah…
Upon all the cities of MoAb,
Both those that are near and those far away.

25 'The horn of MoAb is broken,
And his mighty arm is destroyed,' says Jehovah.
26 'Now, let [all his people] get drunk;
For before them, he made himself great.

'In his own vomit, MoAb will wallow…
He'll be considered a joke.
27 And this was caused by you, IsraEl…
Your cunning ways brought this upon them,
Because they waged war [as your ally].

28 'The people of MoAb have all fled their towns,
And now they must live among rocks…
They must live like doves among rocks.

29 'I heard the insolence of MoAb,
And he was very insulting…
Then his insults and pride raised his heart.

30 'I'm aware of the [bad] things he's done,' says Jehovah,
'And from him, I've endured far too much…
Yes, I know of his [wicked] deeds.

31 'Because of this, MoAb will shriek…
And the men of KeIr will be yelling,
Because of their squalid conditions!

32 'The same as I've weeped over JaZer,
Is how I'll cry over you,
O great grapevine of SibMah.
For your vines have reached to the sea,
And touched the city of JaZer.

'Now, ruin has come to your autumn fruits,
And on those who are picking your grapes.

33 'But at CarMel, there's reason for shouting and joy;
For there's no one to tread MoAb's wine vats…
From morning to evening, they're [shouting in] joy.

34 'From HeshBon, to ElYaleh, and to JaHaz,
There now arises a cry;
From ZoAr to HoroNaim there's bleating,
As though they are three-year-old heifers.
For the waters at NimRim have dried.

35 'To MoAb, I will bring destruction,' says Jehovah;
'To this one who goes up to his shrines,
And burns incense there to his gods.

36 'So like pipes, MoAb's heart will soon resonate,
The same as My heart resonates
For all the people of KeIr-Aras…
Where like pipes, their [hearts] will resonate too,
Since the things that they've gained will all perish.

37 'Then all their heads will be sheared,
And all their beards will be shaved;
They'll be beating their chests with their hands,
And every loin will wear sackcloth.

38 '[There'll be wailing] on the roof tops of MoAb,
As well as in all their squares,
Because, I will have smashed MoAb,' says Jehovah,
'Like a pot that is no longer used.

39 'O how very contrite;
O how MoAb's repented;
For, MoAb's now laughed at and shamed…
An object of horror to those [passing by].'

40 Jehovah says:
'I'll spread and stretch out My wings over MoAb…
41 KiriAth and her forts will be seized.
In that day, the hearts of the armies of MoAb,
Will become like the hearts of their women.

42 'MoAb will [soon] be destroyed,
And he will no longer be many;
For against him, Jehovah will prove Himself great.

43 'Snares, fear, and the pit have arrived,
Upon you who have settled in MoAb,' says Jehovah.
44 'For those fleeing in fear will fall into pits,
And those climbing out will be caught in a snare.
Yes I'm bringing these things upon MoAb,
In the year that I go there to visit,' says Jehovah.

45 'In the shadow of HeshBon, they stopped…
The army that was running away.
For, fire arose out of HeshBon,
And in SiHon's midst, there were flames,
Which devoured the forehead of MoAb,
And the scalps of the sons of SiHon.

46 'Woe upon you, O MoAb!
For the people of Chemosh have all been destroyed,
And their sons and daughters were carried away.
47 But the captives of MoAb, I will return,
In the last days,' says Jehovah.

This was the judgment upon MoAb.

Chapter 49

1 To the sons of AmMon:

Jehovah asked this:
'Are there no more sons in IsraEl…
Is there no one left to inherit [the land]?
Why has Moloch inherited Gad and his sons,
And why does he dwell in their cities?

2 '{Look!} Because of this, days will come,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll bring the disturbance of war,
To be heard in RabBah by AmMon's sons,
And then, they will all be destroyed.
So their land [will soon] be unwalked,
And their shrines will be burned up in fire.
Then, IsraEl will inherit its kingship,' says Jehovah.

3 'Shout, O HeshBon, for Ai was destroyed!
Cry out, O daughters of RabBah,
And then, wrap sackcloth around you!
Give in and lament over Moloch;
For together, his priests and his rulers,
Will be carried away and resettled.

4 'Why are there cheers in EmaKeim,
O you presumptuous daughter…
You who've relied on you treasures and asked,
Who would [dare to] come against me?

5 '{Look!} I will bring you something to fear,'
Says Jehovah of Armies,
'From your cities, [your people] will scatter,
In whichever direction their faces [will look],
And those who flee will never return.

6 'But the sons of AmMon, I will return,
From wherever they've been taken captive,' says Jehovah.

7 To Edom:

Jehovah says:
'There is no more wisdom in Teman;
For the council of their experts has been wiped away,
And their wisdom has been beguiled and undone.

8 'So, get accustomed to sitting,
All you are living in Dedan;
For, in the day that I come to visit,
I will be bringing hard times.

9 'Then, those who harvest grapes will arrive,
And they will leave nothing behind…
They'll come upon you and snatch you away,
As though they are thieves in the night.

10 'For, as I had once dragged down Esau,
I'll uncover the things that you've tucked away…
No way can you keep them hidden.
Then, you'll be destroyed by a people,
Who are not your neighbors or brothers.

11 'So, abandon your orphans, that they might survive;
For, I will keep them alive,
As I will keep your widows alive,
Because they've put faith in Me.'

12 Jehovah says:
'{Look!} Those who weren't under [My] Law,
Were given the cup from which they must drink.
And because you will be found guilty,
You will also drink from that cup.

13 'For I swear this oath by Myself,' says Jehovah,
'That your land will soon be scorned and unwalked;
In her midst, you will be cursed,
And your cities will be deserts through the ages!'

14 Then I listened and heard this from Jehovah, for He sent His messengers to all the nations to tell them this:

'Gather and come here against her…
Arise and get ready for war!
15 {Look!} I've appointed her to be small among nations,
And something despised by all people.

16 'For her [schemes] have worked out against her,
And because of the audacious ways of her heart,
Her people will live in the hills,
And in holes among rocks…
But if they set their nests higher than eagles,
I will still bring them back down,' says Jehovah.

17 'Then Edom will be a land that's unwalked…
All who go there will just be amazed,
And whistle at what has happened to her.

18 'For as Sodom and GomorRah were destroyed,
Along with all those who lived there,' said Jehovah;
'No man will sit [in Edom] again,
Nor will sons of men ever dwell there.

19 '{Look!} Like lions, they will then arrive,
[And attack] AiTham from the Jordan;
They'll quickly drive them out of their land,
And a young man [will serve as their ruler]!

'For, who else is there that is like Me,
And by whom can I be opposed…
Which shepherd can stand and oppose Me?'

20 So, hear the plan of Jehovah…
His plan against Edom and what He's devised,
Against those dwelling in Teman:

'Their smallest of sheep will be taken away,
And the places where they rest will be empty.
21 The sounds of their downfall will shake the whole earth,
And their cries will be heard 'cross the seas.

22 '{Look!} He'll soar like an eagle and spot her;
Then, stretch his wings out toward her forts.
In that day, the hearts of the mighty of Edom,
Will become like women with birth pains.'

23 To Damascus:

'HaMath will soon be disgraced,
And from Arpad, they'll hear bad reports…
They will be startled and enraged,
And they'll be unable to rest.

24 'Damascus was weakened and she turned to flee…
But by trembling, she was overcome.
Concern and grief held her down,
Like a woman who's about to give birth.

25 'O you praised city that was never abandoned…
You town that was ever so loved;
26 Your young men will fall in your squares,
And your mighty will all be cut down,' says Jehovah of Armies.

27 'For I'll kindle a fire on the walls of Damascus,
And burn the Plaza of the Sons of Hadad.'

28 To Cypress and the queen in her courtyard, [concerning the attack by] NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon.

Jehovah of Armies says this:
'Arise and go up to Cypress,
Then wage an attack upon Kedem's sons.
29 Take all their tents and their sheep,
As well as their clothes, their camels, and jars;
For I've called for destruction upon them.

30 'Flee right away… just grab what you need,
O you who rest in your yards,' says Jehovah!
'King NebuChadNezzar has made plans against you,
31 So get up and flee to a nation that's safe,
All you who are sitting and resting,
In a place with no gates and no bars.

32 'Then, all your camels will be plundered,
And your cattle will all be destroyed.
I'll blow them away with the winds,
And shave them away from your sides…
I'll bring your enemies to drive them away,' said Jehovah.

33 'Then your yards will become ostrich playgrounds…
Places unwalked through the ages.
No way will men ever sit there again,
Nor will sons of men ever live there.'

34 Well, after the Lord told the Prophet JeremiAh what would happen, all these things happened to Elam around the beginning of the reign of ZedekiAh, the king of Judah. 35 For Jehovah of Armies told him this:

'Look! I will break Elam's bows,
As well as his sources of power.
36 I'll bring the four winds against Elam,
From the four corners of the skies,
And they'll be scattered to those four winds.

'Many nations will come against Elam,
To push them out of their land.
37 Before their foes, they'll be scattered
(Before those who are seeking their lives).
For I'm bringing upon them My anger and rage,' says Jehovah,
'And I'll chase them away with My sword,
Until they're completely consumed.

38 'Then in Elam, I'll establish My throne…
And that's where I'll send a king and great men,' says Jehovah.
39 'But in the last days, I'll return,
All the captives of Elam,' says Jehovah.

Chapter 50

1 These are the words that Jehovah spoke against Babylon and the land of the Chaldea through the mouth of JeremiAh, the Prophet:

2 'Announce it to all the nations…
Make it heard and put up a sign…
Let everyone hear (do not hide it)!

'Say, Babylon has now been captured,
And to Bel, disgrace has arrived.
MeroDach has been [destroyed]…
All of his idols were shamed,
And they have been [carried away].

3 'For a nation from the north came against her,
And brought her land to extinction.
So, no one will ever live there again…
None from among men or beasts.

4 'During those days and at that time,
They will be entered and shaken,' says Jehovah.
'Then the sons of IsraEl and Judah,
Will get together and leave her.

'Before Jehovah, they'll be weeping [in joy];
For they'll be seeking their God.
5 They'll ask for directions to Zion,
And that's where they'll set their faces to go.

'In Jehovah, they will seek refuge,
And they'll remember His Sacred Agreement.

6 'For My people became as sheep that were lost,
Since their shepherds had pushed them into the hills…
They led them astray from mountain to hill…
And then they just walked away.

7 'So, those who found them consumed them.
Their enemies said, We won't spare them,
Because they've sinned against God,
In those pastures [that He gave] to their fathers.

8 'So, get out of Babylon's midst;
Flee from the land of Chaldea!
Escape like sheep being chased by wild beasts!
9 For {Look!} against Babylon, I will arise,
With great nations from the lands in the north,
Which will now come and attack her,
And take [her people] as captives…
For the arrows of their finest of warriors,
Will not return without seeing success.

10 'Then those in Chaldea will be plundered,
And those who loot her will take all they want,' says Jehovah.

11 'For, she was glad and found glory,
When My inheritance was plundered by her…
She leaped like a calf in My pasture,
And then, she gored like a bull.

12 'So, she will bring shame to her mother,
And become the least of the nations…
A barren parched land, and a desert.

'{Look!} It will lie empty as a place that's unwalked,
13 For because of the rage of Jehovah,
She will no longer be lived in…
Yes, everyone there will be gone.
And those who travel through Babylon,
Will look sadly and whistle at her fate.

14 'So, come and lay siege against Babylon…
Stretch your bows and then shoot her down!
Don't spare the bows in your attack,
For against Jehovah, she's sinned.

15 'Then, tie up her hands and lead her away…
Raze her parapets and walls!
For, this is vengeance from God…
Do to her as she once did to you!

16 'May Babylon's seed then be wiped away
(Those who [swing] sickles in the harvest),
Before the swords of the Greeks,
Who will send them all back to their people…
Each one will return to his home.

17 'IsraEl was a flock that had strayed,
So lions pushed them out [of their land].
Assyria's king ate them first,
And then Babylon's king chewed on their bones.

18 'But because of the things they will do,' says Jehovah of Armies;
'{Look!} I'll take vengeance on Babylon's king and his land,
As I've done to Assyria's king.

19 'And then; I'll bring IsraEl back to their pastures,
And in Bashan and CarMel, they'll feed…
Yes, upon Ephraim's mountains,
And in Gilead, their souls will be satisfied.

20 'In those days and at that time,' says Jehovah;
'In IsraEl, they'll search for unrighteous things,
But they will no longer exist.
And though they may seek sins in Judah,
They won't be able to find them…
They'll only find kindness from those who return.

21 'So, go to that land and attack her…
Attack all the people who live there…
Punish the ones who once clapped their hands…
Wipe them away with the sword,' says Jehovah!
'Do to them, what I told you to do!

22 'There's the sound of destruction and war,
Within the land of Chaldea.
23 O how they'll be defeated and smashed,
By the hammer of the whole earth…
O how the nations will bring,
Extinction upon Babylon!

24 'They'll attack and she will be captured;
Before those in Babylon know,
That they'll be relocated and taken away;
For it's Me, Jehovah, whom they've opposed!

25 'The Lord has opened His storehouse,
And withdrawn the things of His rage,
To do the work of Jehovah of Armies,
Within the land of Chaldea.

26 'So because it's her time, open her stores…
Then, search her through like a cave,
And thereafter, you should destroy her…
Don't leave a trace [of where she had been]!

27 'Dry up all of her fruits,
And carry them down to the slaughter!
Woe to them, for their day has arrived…
The time for them to be punished!

28 'There's the sound of [people] who are fleeing…
From Babylon's lands, they are running.
So announce Jehovah's vengeance to Zion…
God's vengeance over what they did to His Temple.

29 'Urge many to come against Babylon…
Tell all to stretch tight their bows!
Set your camps up all around her,
And allow no one to escape.

'Pay her back for the things she has done…
Do to her as she once did to you!
For it's against Jehovah that she has been standing…
Against IsraEl's Most Holy God.

30 'It's because of this, that she'll fall.
And all the young men in her squares,
As well as all of her warriors,
Will be [stabbed through] in that day,' says Jehovah.

31 '{Look!} I am against you, O proud one,'
Says Jehovah of Armies,
'And your day has finally come…
The day for you to be punished!

32 'The insolence you had will now fall,
And no one will raise it again.
For, in her woods, I'll kindle a fire,
To devour everything that's around her.'

33 Jehovah of Armies also said:
'To the sons of IsraEl, you acted as tyrants,
And to the sons of Judah, you were even worse…
You've been tyrants to all whom you've captured,
And not let them return to their homes.

34 'But the Mighty One will ransom them back
(Jehovah the Almighty is His Name).
He judges His opponents in fairness,
Before He takes them away from their lands.
And now, He is sending His rage,
To those who are living in Babylon.

35 'Bring a sword upon the Chaldeans,' says Jehovah,
'And upon all of Babylon's people…
Upon all her great men and experts!

36 'Bring a sword against her clairvoyants,
And prove them all to be fools!
Bring a sword against all her soldiers,
And let them each receive wounds!

37 'Bring a sword upon all their horses,
And upon their chariots also.
Then those in her midst will be acting like girls!

'Bring a sword upon all her treasures…
[Yes, haul them away] as your loot!

38 'Though she has relied on her waters,
They will soon be disgraced.
For, they are a land of carved idols,
Before which, those in the islands have bowed.
39 So their idols will be sent to those islands,
Where, among chained demons, they'll dwell.

'Through the ages, she'll not be lived in again…
Through generations, no one will camp there.
40 For as God destroyed Sodom and GomorRah,
As well as the places round-about them,' said the Lord,
'There's no way that men will live there again,
Nor will sons of men ever stay there.

41 'Look! There are people who are coming from the north…
A great nation will come from the ends of the earth,
Along with many [great] kings,
42 All carrying arrows and swords.

'They will be very audacious;
For, they will act without mercy,
And their voices [will roar] like the seas.

'O you daughters of Babylon;
They'll come against you on horses,
And with fire, as they're preparing for war.

43 'Babylon's king will hear the report,
And then, his hands will grow weak…
He'll be gripped with pangs like a woman giving birth.

44 '{Look!} Like a lion, he'll ascend from the Jordan,
And he'll go to a place called AiTham.
Then quickly, I'll drive them upon her…
I'll set all their young men against her.

'For who else is like Me and who can resist…
What shepherd can stand before Me?

45 'So, hear the plan of Jehovah…
His plans against Babylon,
And the equipment that He has devised,
Against those in the land of Chaldea.

'Surely, their lambs will all be destroyed…
Surely, their fields will be captured!

46 'From the sounds of Babylon's conquest,
All on the earth will be shaken,
And her cries will be heard in all nations.'

Chapter 51

1 Jehovah said:
'{Look!} I'll awaken a wind that burns and destroys,
Against Babylon's people,
And all the Chaldeans who live there.

2 'Against Babylon, I'm sending the proud,
Who'll insult her and wipe out her land.
Woe to Babylon and those round-about her,
In the day that she is oppressed.

3 'Let the bowman stretch out his bow,
And strap on all of his weapons!
Do not spare her young men…
Wipe all her armies away…
4 May all in the land of Chaldea fall dead.

'May their [mercenary troops] be pierced through and fall.
5 For, IsraEl and Judah aren't the widows,
Of their God, Jehovah the Almighty.

'It was because their land became filled with injustice,
And from IsraEl's holy ways, they had strayed,
That they were allowed to be captured.

6 'So, those in Babylon's midst should now flee…
Each man should save his own soul!
In her unrighteous ways, do not get involved,
Since it's time for her to be punished [by God]…
He'll repay her for the bad things she's done!

7 'Within the hands of Jehovah,
Babylon is like a gold cup,
From whose wine, the earth became drunk.
For she forced all the nations to drink it,
And this is why they are reeling.

8 'So, Babylon will fall and be broken;
Then the [time to] lament her will come, when they'll say:
'Bring an ointment to heal all her wounds,
And to see if she can be saved!

9 'Though we gave her treatment, she couldn't be healed.
So, all should return to their lands,
Since heaven has approached to pass judgment on her…
Before the stars, she has been exposed.

10 'Yes, Jehovah's brought judgment upon her;
So come, let's announce it in Zion…
For, this is the work of Jehovah our God.

11 'Prepare you bows… fill your quivers;
For the spirit of the king of the Medes,
Has now been aroused by Jehovah,
To bring His rage against Babylon,
And to wipe her away.
Yes, this is the vengeance from God,
For He's getting revenge for His people.

12 'Raise the flags on Babylon's walls;
Prepare the watchmen and ready the shields!
For Jehovah's about to do what He said,
Against those who are dwelling in Babylon.

13 'O you who camp between waters,
And you who [put trust in] your treasures;
The limit has finally been reached,
As to what your bowels are able to hold.

14 'For Jehovah swore this oath by His mighty arm:
I'll fill you with men… as many as locusts!
And they'll shout as they're coming against you!

15 He's the Mighty One who made the earth…
The One, who in His great wisdom,
Prepared the habitation of man,
And the One who with great understanding,
Stretched out the heavens above it.

16 With His voice, He sends waters into the skies,
And He brings the clouds from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning down with the rain,
And from His treasures, He then draws the light.

17 He has proven all men to be foolish,
[And foolish] is the knowledge of their goldsmiths;
For, they have cast idols and they have carved gods,
All of which are unable to breathe.

18 So their deeds are wasted and scornful,
And they'll be destroyed when He visits.
19 Yet this isn't the portion of Jacob…
Their inheritance is the One who shapes all…
His Name is Jehovah of Armies!

20 'So before Me, lay out your items of war,
And I'll scatter [many] nations before you…
Yes, over many kings, I will raise you,
21 And before you, I'll scatter their horses and riders,
As well as their chariots and horsemen.

22 'I'll scatter before you, husbands and wives…
I'll scatter their elders and children.
I'll scatter before you their young men and virgins…
23 I'll scatter their shepherds and flocks.

'I'll scatter before you their farmers and farms…
Governors and commanders, I'll scatter.
24 Before your eyes, I will pay back,
Those of Babylon and Chaldea,
For the evils they did against Zion,' says [God].

25 '{Look!} I'm against you, O mount of corruption,
And your iron that corrupts the whole earth.
So I'll stretch My hand out against you;
Then upon you, I will roll rocks,
As I set your mountain on fire!

26 'No way will your rocks then be carried,
To be used as foundation corner stones…
You'll be wiped away through the ages,' says Jehovah.

27 So, raise the banners throughout the whole earth…
Signal the nations with trumpets;
Then, make them holy against her…
Those from Ararat and the AshKenazi!

'Bring many weapons against her…
Bring horses like locusts, upon her!
28 Drag many nations [to fight] her…
The king of the Medes and the rest of the earth…
Their leaders and all their commanders!

29 Then the earth will be shaken and reel,
By Jehovah's plans against Babylon,
Who's arranged the extinction of Babylon's land,
So that no one will live there again!

30 Babylon's soldiers will fail to wage war…
They'll just sit in their forts as they're losing control.
They'll become like women whose tents are ablaze,
And then, her bars will be broken.

31 Those chasing will meet others chasing,
As they pursue the announcers,
Who will meet with those who proclaim,
And make the announcement to Babylon's king,
That his great city was captured,
32 And the last of his moats have been breached…
That his ramparts have been burned down by fire,
And all of his men have surrendered.

33 For Jehovah of Armies (the God of IsraEl) says this:
'The palace of Babylon's king,
Will become a floor to do threshing…
And now is the season for threshing,
Because it's time for the harvest!

34 'By NebuChadNezzar, Babylon's King,
I was crushed and divided…
He caught up with me in the darkness;
Then, like a beast, he swallowed me down,
And his belly was filled with My good things…

35 So said those living in Zion.
In misery and in great trouble,
To Babylon, I was then carried,
And my blood was laid on those Chaldeans.'

36 'Because of this,' says Jehovah;
'{Look!} I will judge your opponents,
And send My vengeance to them for the ways,
That they will be punishing you.

'I'll destroy her [rivers] and dry up her springs,
37 And Babylon will be an extinction
– A den for wild beasts and for snakes –
Which won't be lived in again.

38 'As lions and their cubs are aroused in the heat,
I'll give them a drink that will make them all drunk…
I'll stupefy them and put them to sleep,
39 Which will be a sleep for the ages,
From which they'll never awaken,' says Jehovah.

40 'I'll bring them like lambs for the slaughter…
Like rams that are mixed among [goats].

41 'Sheshach will thereafter be captured,
And the earth's boastful ones will be hunted…
For Babylon will no longer be [a great power],
Among the rest of the nations.

42 'May Babylon be covered by the sea…
May she be covered by the roar of its waves…
43 May all her cities meet with destruction,
And may her land becomes dry and unwalked.

'Nothing alive will go there again,
Nor will sons of men ever rest there.
44 For, I will take vengeance upon Babylon,
And from her mouth, I'll snatch what she ate.
No more will nations gather with her,
And even her walls will soon fall.

45 'So, come out of her midst, O My people…
Let each one save his own life,
From the anger and rage of Jehovah.

46 'And don't let your hearts be consumed…
Don't fear the reports that are heard in that land.
For in one year, there'll come a report,
And in the next, another will come,
Of misery and sin in the land,
And of one leader ruling another.

47 'Because of this, {Look!} days will come,
When I'll bring My vengeance on Babylon's idols.
Then, all in their land will be shamed,
As in her midst, the slain will be falling.

48 'Heaven and earth will be joyful,
As well as all those who live there.
Her destroyer will come from the north,' says Jehovah.
49 And as Babylon murdered the IsraElites,
The slain will fall in Babylon's land.

50 'So flee, O you who've been saved from the sword;
For, you should stay there no longer!
Speak of Jehovah in far-away lands,
And in your hearts, remember JeruSalem!

51 'We were shamed when we heard of our scorn,
And in dishonor, we covered our faces;
For, foreigners entered our Most Holy Place…
They entered the [Temple] of Jehovah!

52 'And because of this, {Look!} days will come,' says Jehovah,
'When I'll take vengeance upon her carved idols,
And the slain will fall in her land.

53 'So, should Babylon climb up to the heavens,
And fortify her strength in the heights;
I'll still send those who'll destroy her,' says Jehovah.

54 From Babylon, you will hear cries,
As destruction comes to the Chaldeans.
55 Babylon will be wiped away by the Lord…
With the sounds of waves, He'll destroy her,
And to her voice, He'll bring ruin.

56 Misery will come upon Babylon;
For, all her warriors will be captured,
And terror will come to her bowmen…
Yes, this is her payback from God.

57 'The Lord will repay her with what she is due,
And He'll make them all [reel like] drunks…
Her governors, commanders, and all her wise men,'
Says the King, Jehovah the Almighty.

58 And thus says Jehovah the Almighty:
'The broad walls of Babylon will fall,
And her gates will fail and be burned;
For the nations and peoples have tired of her pride.'

59 [All of these] are the words that the Lord had instructed JeremiAh the Prophet to say to SeraiAh (the son of NeriAh and grandson of MaAseJah) when he went with ZedekiAh (the king of Judah) into Babylon in the fourth year of his reign (SeraiAh was in charge of the gifts that were [brought to the king]). 60 Then JeremiAh wrote of all the bad things that were to come upon Babylon in a scroll, including all the rest of these words that were written against Babylon.

61 For JeremiAh told SeraiAh that when he got to Babylon, he should read all these words to [the people of Babylon], and then say,
62 O Jehovah;
It was You who spoke ill of this place,
And You're the One who said You'd destroy it,
So that no one will ever live here again…
Neither man nor beast, through the ages.

63 'And then, when you finish reading this scroll, tie it to a rock and toss it into the EuPhrates, 64 then say:
This is how Babylon is going to sink,
And it will not rise again…
She'll vanish, because of the bad things I'll bring.'

Yes, these were all the words of JeremiAh.

Chapter 52

1 Well, King ZedekiAh was twenty-one years old when he started his reign, and he ruled from JeruSalem for eleven years. His mother's name was HamuTal, and she was the daughter of JeremiAh of LibNah. 2 And like JehoiAkim, the things that he did were wicked before Jehovah. 3 So the wrath of the Lord stayed upon JeruSalem and Judah until He finally cast them away from His face, and then ZedekiAh rebelled against the king of Babylon.

4 It was in the ninth year and tenth month of his reign, on the tenth day of the month, that NebuChadNezzar the king of Babylon came against JeruSalem with all his armies. He camped outside the city and built a rampart around it; 5 then the city stayed under siege until the eleventh year of King ZedekiAh. 6 And by the ninth day of the fourth month, there was famine in the city, so there was no longer any bread for the people of the land.

7 Then the city's [walls] were breached and all its warriors fled… they escaped during the night by way of the gate in the middle of the wall and the area around the wall that was next to the king's garden. [They did this] as the Chaldeans were already in and around the city. And then they headed toward the desert.

8 Well, the army of the Chaldeans chased after the king, catching up with him on the other side of JeriCho, where all his servants had left him. 9 So they seized the king and led him to the king of Babylon (who was in RibLah in the land of HaMath at the time), where he spoke to him and then passed judgment on him.

10 Then the king of Babylon had all the sons of ZedekiAh killed before his eyes, and he killed all the rulers of Judah there in RibLah. 11 And thereafter, he blinded the eyes of ZedekiAh, bound him in shackles, and the Babylonian king took him to Babylon, where he kept him in the mill house until the day that he died.

12 It was during the fifth month, on the tenth day of the month, that NabuZarArdan, the chief of the guards (who stands before the king of Babylon) came to JeruSalem, 13 and he burned the [Temple] of Jehovah, the king's palace, and all the houses in the city with fire, including all of its mansions. 14 Then the chief of the guards had the Chaldean armies tear down all of the city walls, 15 and he removed all the poor people (those who had been left behind in the city) as well as those who had gone over to the king of Babylon, along with everyone else. 16 However, the chief of the guards did leave some of the poor people behind to serve as vinedressers and farmers.

17 Then the Chaldeans broke up the columns of brass outside the [Temple] of Jehovah, along with their bases and the brass Sea, and they carried all the brass off to Babylon. 18 This included the bowls, the meat hooks, and the rest of the brass items that were used to officiate [at the Temple], 19 as well as the silver things (the snuffers, the oil flasks, the lamp stands, the incense pans, and the cups). Then the chief of the guards took all the things that were made of gold and silver, 20 as well as the two columns, the Sea, and the twelve brass calves that were under the Sea (which King Solomon had made for the [Temple] of Jehovah), [back to Babylon].

21 No one could know the weight of all the brass; for the columns each stood thirty-three feet tall, they had a circumference of twenty-two feet, and their walls were four fingers thick. 22 All the moldings were eight feet long (one of them was very fine), and there was a net of pomegranates around the moldings, all of which was made of brass. 23 There were ninety-six pomegranates on each [molding] and a hundred pomegranates on each of the nets that encircled them.

24 Then the chief of the guards carried off SeraiAh (the High Priest), ZephaniAh (his second in command), and three of the entrance guards. 25 And from the city, he took one of the eunuchs who was in charge of the warriors, seven of the famous men who stood before the king (all of whom were found in the city), the scribe of the armies, the one who acted as scribe for the people of the land, and sixty men from among the people of the land who were found in the midst of the city. 26 NabuZarArdan (the chief of the guards) took them all away and led them before the king of Babylon in RibLah, 27 and the king of Babylon had them all killed at RibLah (in the land of HaMath). Then the rest of the people of Judah were deported from the land.

28 There were three thousand and twenty-three people whom NebuChadNezzar deported in his seventh year. 29 Then in the eighteenth year of NebuChadNezzar's [reign], he deported eight hundred and thirty-two souls from JeruSalem. 30 And in the twenty-third year of [his reign], the chief of the guards deported seven hundred and forty-five souls from among the Judeans. So all the souls [who were carried way] came to four thousand, six hundred.

31 Then in the thirty-seventh year, on the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month after the relocation of JehoiAchin the king of Judah, EvilMerodach (the king of Babylon) took JehoiAchin (the king Judah) and led him from the house where he'd been kept under guard (he did this in the first year of his reign). 32 Then he spoke to him kindly and gave him a throne that was higher than all the thrones of the other kings who were there with him in Babylon. 33 He took him from his prison, provided him with better clothes, and allowed him to eat bread before him for as long as he lived. 34 He was also provided a daily allowance by the king of Babylon until the day that he died.

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