From the Greek Septuagint text as was used by First Century Christians
This is likely a late 7th Century BCE prophecy that was spoken against
the descendants of IsaAc's son Esau (the Edomites) concerning their coming destruction
for the bad things they had done to Judah when it was being destroyed.

Chapter 1

1 This is the vision of ObadiAh.

 Jehovah God said this against Edom (I heard this report from Jehovah, and it's a summary of what He sent to the nations):

'{Look!} Arise against her in battle!

2 'Among the nations, I've left you just few,
And upon you, I've brought much disgrace.
3 For, you have made your hearts proud,
By camping high among cracks in the rocks,
And you have said in your hearts,
Who can bring me back down to the ground?

4 'But, if you fly as high as an eagle,
And put your nest among all the stars;
From there, I will lead you back down,' says Jehovah.

5 'If thieves were to enter among you,
Or robbers were to come during the night;
[How many things] would you lose?
Wouldn't they take just the things [that they want]?
And if those who [steal] grapes came among you,
Wouldn't they leave you a gleaning?

6 'But, there will be those who'll search Esau through,
And take all the things that you've hidden away.
7 Then, to your borders, they'll drive you,
Where your allies will fight against you and win╔
Yes, men with whom you're at peace,
Will then rise up against you,
And they won't understand why they did this.

8 'So, in that day,' says Jehovah,
'I'll destroy all of Edom's wise men;
And in the mountains of Esau,
Understanding won't be anymore.

9 'They'll frighten your Temanite warriors;
And then, from the mountains of Esau,
All the men will be carried away.

10 'Because you've been so defiant,
And brought slaughter to Jacob, your brother;
You will be covered with same,
And through the age, you'll be gone.

11 'For, from the day that you faced and opposed them,
To the day that strangers captured their army,
And foreigners entered their gates,
Who then cast lots for JeruSalem's spoils,
You had the same goal as did they.

12 'You shouldn't have [sneered at] your brother,
On the day that those strangers arrived╔
You shouldn't have rejoiced at his downfall,
And [approved of the murder] of Judah's sons.

'You shouldn't have [laughed] in the day of their pain,
13 And you shouldn't have entered their gates,
On this day of their misery!

'Especially you should never have looked,
Upon them in joy at their ruin.
Nor should you have joined to attack them,
In the day that they were destroyed.

14 'In their mountain passes, you shouldn't have stood,
To destroy those who tried to escape,
Nor should you have locked up those fleeing,
In their day of affliction.

15 'But now, the Day of the Lord has arrived,
Upon all those nations [that did this].
And now all the [bad] things you did,
Are the things that they'll do to you╔
What you did will come upon your own head!

16 'So, as you drank wine on My Holy Mount,
The nations will drink wine from you╔
Yes, they will swallow you down,
And it'll be as though you never had been.

17 'But salvation will come to Mount Zion,
And My Holy Place will be there again.
Then the house of Jacob will inherit,
All those who've inherited them.

18 'Like the fire that came upon Jacob's house,
And the flames that came to the house of JoSeph;
The house of Esau will be burned like stubble╔
Among them, fire will burn and consume.
There'll be no wheat harvest in Esau,
For I, Jehovah, have spoken.

19 'Then the Mountains of Esau will be,
Owned by those who live in the Negev.
And those who live in Philistine Shephela,
Will inherit Ephraim's mountains,
Along with Samaria and BenJamin's plains,
And all of GileAd's land.

20 'For the sons of IsraEl who will then return,
Will inherit CanaAn's land to ZarEphath.
And those who return to JeruSalem,
Will inherit the Negev all the way to EphRatha.

21 'So, those from Mount Zion who were saved,
Will take vengeance on the mountains of Esau,
And your kingdom will belong to Jehovah.'

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