From the Greek Septuagint text as was used by First Century Christians
This book was written sometime during the mid-7th Century BCE.
It is a proclamation against the Assyrians (the world empire of that period),
since it appears as though its people had forgotten the warnings of JonAh.
Apparently, Nahum had been carried into exile by the Assyrians, since his home, Alqosh, is located in Assyria,
in the same area where the Bible tells us that the 'lost' 10 tribes of IsraEl had been relocated by the Assyrians,
and where the people known as the 'Kurds' still dwell today.

Chapter 1

1 The concern over Nineveh. This is the scroll of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.

2 Because He is very zealous,
Jehovah will not fail to punish…
In His rage, Jehovah will punish,
All those who have stood against Him…
He'll destroy all those who've opposed Him.

3 Jehovah is patient and mighty,
And the [guilty], [He] will not acquit.
His ways are rumbling and final,
And the clouds are as dust under His feet.

4 He can squeeze the seas and make them dry,
And He can desolate rivers.
This is how BaShan and CarMel were weakened,
And why Lebanon's blossoms have failed.

5 Before Him, the mountains have shaken…
And [before Him], the hills have all trembled.
They rise at His presence throughout the earth,
As do all [the peoples] who dwell there.

6 Before His rage, who can stand…
Yes, who can withstand His anger?
For, sovereign rulers melt at His rage,
And even the rocks split apart.

7 Yet He's gentle to those who will wait upon Him,
In their day of affliction…
And He knows all those who respect Him.

8 Like a downpour, He wipes away and consumes,
All those who’re aroused [to oppose Him],
And He chases His enemies into the dark.

9 So against Jehovah, what plans can you make?
For, He can wipe you away.
But, He will not punish you twice,
Or punish you for the same [errors].

10 His enemy's [cities], He will lay bare,
To their very foundations.
Like twisted yews, they’ll be burned…
The same as very dry stubble.

11 It's against Jehovah that you have made plans…
Yes, against Him, you’ve made wicked plans.
12 So Jehovah (who rules all the waters) says this:

‘I will send them away,
And they'll not be heard from again.
13 For I'll lift their whips from [your backs],
And take their shackles off of [your hands].’

14 It was concerning [the Assyrians], that Jehovah said this:
‘Your name won't be mentioned again,
For I’ll destroy all your idols
(Those that you molded and carved),
Then a time will be set for your funeral,
Which will arrive very soon.

15 '{Look!} Upon the mountains, he's coming…
The feet of the one who's announcing good news,
And the one with reports about peace!

'So in Judah, declare a holiday [feast],
And you must pay all your vows!
So that never again will they enter [your gates],
Nor again, must they view your corruption.'

Chapter 2

1 Now He’s finished [His work] and He has consumed…
This One who came up and breathed in your face…
This One who [sent] affliction to you!

So, watch the roads and [wrap up] your loins…
Be very manly and strong!
2 For Jehovah has taken away,
The haughtiness of Jacob's [tribes],
As well as IsraEl's insolent ways.

And now, He is ready to shake off,
Those who have been shaking you,
And their branches, He'll ruin.
3 He's commanding men who have weapons,
And laugh at fire, because of their might.

Their chariots have now been prepared,
And their horsemen will make many wail.
4 Their chariots will wreak havoc along all the roads,
And thereafter, they'll meet in the squares.

The sight of them is like burning lamps,
And lightning [is found in their wake].

5 So [Assyria's] mighty will then stop and think,
And in the daytime, they’ll flee.
As they leave, they will be feeble,
And between their walls, they will run,
From the troops in the lead, that are coming.

6 Then their city gates will be opened wide,
And all their great homes will be ruined…
7 Yes, all their supports will lie bare.

Their [women] will appear with their servants,
And like doves, they'll be led away,
To the flutter of their beating hearts.

8 Nineveh is a pool amidst waters,
And her men won’t resist, they'll just flee,
When no one is paying attention.

9 So their silver and gold will be looted…
There are no limits to all that they'll take.
And those looters will then be weighed down,
With [the city's] desirable things.

10 There'll be thrusting, shaking, and tumult…
Hearts will be breaking and knees will be weak…
Loins will all become loose,
And all faces will look like burned pots!

11 So, where is this great lion's den…
Yes, where is the pasture [where she hides] her cubs…
Where has the [great] lion gone?
She's gone away to be with her cubs,
Who ran when there was nothing to fear.

12 She's the same lion that once snatched away,
All that her cubs had required.
And for her, the cubs strangled their prey,
Until their den became filled with game…
Their home was filled with the things she had seized.

13 ‘But look… I'm now the One that's coming against you,’
Says Jehovah, the Almighty;
‘And all of your army, I’ll burn into smoke.

'I’ll devour your lions with the broadsword,
And I’ll take all the game from your land,
So the things you once did won’t be heard of again.’

Chapter 3

1 O you city of blood,
And of all that is false and unrighteous;
You’ll no longer be in charge of the game.
2 For the sounds of whips, [you will hear],
And the rumble of [chariot] wheels;
The hot pursuits upon horses,
And the dust that they'll raise with their wheels;
3 The attacks of men riding horses,
And the shine of their swords and the flashing of shields.

Huge multitudes will be slaughtered,
As a great downfall comes upon you.
For, unnumbered nations will come there,
And from [looting and rape], their bodies will tire.

4 You’re a whore who once brought satisfaction,
And in the making potions, you took the lead.
Then you sold your whoring to the nations,
And your potions, you sold to their tribes.

5 'So look… I'm the One who's against you,’
Says the Almighty Jehovah!
‘I will uncover your backside,
And then show all the nations your shame…
Other kingdoms will see your dishonor!

6 ‘Because of all your uncleanness,
I’ll bring what's disgusting upon you,
And I'll use you as an example.

7 'Then, all who see you will leave you and say,
O Nineveh, you great wretched one;
Who will now mourn over you,
And where can they search to send comfort?

8 ‘So, tune up the strings of your lyres,
And prepare your potions for Amun
([Your God] who inhabits the rivers);
For your walls are surrounded by water,
And from there, you've ruled all the way to the sea.

9 'Though Ethiopia and Egypt have served as your strength,
They'll [be no help] when you're taken away…
There'll just be Libya and the Sudan,
Who will come to your aid.

10 ‘You'll be captured and taken to exile,
And your infant's [heads] will be dashed on the walls.
For your honorable things, they will cast lots,
As your great men are tethered and bound.

11 ‘So, you’ll be provoked and get drunk,
As from your enemies, you must seek shelter.
12 But what will happen to those in your forts,
Is the same as what will happen to you.

'For, you will then be the fruit…
And when they start shaking the [tree],
You will fall into the mouths,
Of those who have come to consume you.

13 ‘{Look!} Your enemies view your [armies] as women,
So they'll burn the bars off your doors,
And open the gates throughout your land!

14 'Then, you will draw water from your rivers,
In order to save all your forts!
Yes, tread mortar and mix it with straw…
Then, make it stronger with bricks!
15 For, fire and the sword will destroy you…
They will consume you like locusts…
And by grasshoppers, you'll be oppressed.

16 ‘Though you once made your trade grow,
Above the stars in the heavens;
Grasshoppers will come and spread [over you]…
17 Small locusts will leap and consume,
And cover your fences like frost.
Then, as the sun rises, they'll just hop away…
And woe, because you won't know where they've gone!

18 ‘And you, O Assyria's king;
All your shepherds have fallen asleep,
And all your mighty are resting.
Your people [have fled] to the mountains,
And no one is searching for them.
19 Thus, none will heal your destruction,
And your wounds will soon be inflamed.

'Yet those hearing the message about you,
Are now clapping their hands…
For, to them all, you've done evil things.’

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