From the Greek Septuagint text as was used by First Century Christians
Written by DaniEl, covering a period from about 633-BCE to about 537-BCE.
The prophecies of DaniEl appear to be authentic, since they were quoted by Jesus.

Chapter 1

1 It was during the third year of the reign of JehoiAkim (the king of Judah) that NebuChadnezzar (the king of Babylon) came to JeruSalem and attacked it. 2 Then the Lord gave JehoiAkim into his hands, along with part of the things that were in the Temple of Jehovah, which he carried back to the land of Shinar and put into the treasury of the temple of his god.

3 After that, the king told his Chief Eunuch AshPenaz to bring some of the sons of IsraEl as captives to him who were descended from royalty and nobility. 4 They were to be young, perfectly formed, good looking, wise in all things, knowledgeable, intelligent, and bold enough to stand in the palace of the king. And then he told him to school the young men in the writing and the language of the Chaldeans. 5 The king also arranged for them to eat at his table each day, to share in his banquet wine, and to be given special care for three years, after which they were to be brought before the king. 6 Among these sons of Judah were DaniEl, HananiAh, AzariAh, and MishaEl. 7 However, the chief eunuch renamed DaniEl BelTeShazzar (gr. BalTaZar), HananiAh ShadRach (gr. ZedRach), MishaEl MeShach (gr. MiSek), and AzariAh AbedNego (gr. AbdNago).

8 Now, DaniEl had decided in his heart that there was no way he would pollute himself at the table of the king, nor would he drink any of his banquet wine. So he petitioned the chief eunuch not to be forced to pollute himself, 9 and God granted DaniEl the chief eunuch's mercy and compassion. 10 However, the chief eunuch said to DaniEl: 'I'm afraid of my lord the king, and since he's the one who's selecting your food and the things that you are to drink, I don't want him to see your faces looking sadder than the faces of the other boys who are your peers. For if that happens, the king will have my head!'

11 But DaniEl told MelZar (the man whom the chief eunuch had put in charge of DaniEl, HananiAh, MishaEl, and AzariAh) this: 12 'Then, test your servants for ten days. Give us just the seeds of the fields to eat and just water to drink. 13 Then compare us to the other boys who eat at the king's table; and whichever looks better is what you should choose for your servants.'

14 So he did what they asked and tested them for ten days. 15 Then at the end of the ten days, he examined them and noticed how they looked… and he found that they were stronger and in better shape than the other boys who were eating at the king's table. 16 As the result, MelZar did away with their suppers and the wine that they were to drink, and gave them seeds to eat. 17 Then God gave them understanding and intelligence in all their studies, and He made them wiser. And it was then that DaniEl came to have an understanding of visions and dreams.

18 Well, the time finally arrived when they were to be brought before the king, so the chief eunuch took them to NebuChadnezzar. 19 Then, after the king questioned them, he found that there were none others like these four boys, DaniEl, HananiAh, MishaEl, and AzariAh, and he allowed them to stand before him. 20 In every matter of wisdom and knowledge (whatever the king asked them about), he found them ten-times greater than all the other dignitaries and sorcerers throughout his realm.

21 DaniEl thereafter lived all the way into the first year of the reign of King Cyrus.

Chapter 2

1 It was in the second year of the reign of NebuChadnezzar that the king had a dream that so deeply disturbed his spirit that he couldn't sleep. 2 So he gave the order to call for [all his] officials, priests, sorcerers, and Chaldeans, to have them interpret the dream.

Then when they came and stood before the king, 3 he said to them: 'I had a dream that bothered me so deeply that I must know what it means.'

4 Well, the Chaldeans replied to the king in the Syrian language, saying, 'O king; May you live through the ages! Just tell your servants what you dreamed, and we will announce the interpretation to you!'

5 But the king told the Chaldeans: 'I've forgotten what it was about… and if you can't tell me the dream and give me the interpretation, I'll have you destroyed and your homes torn down! 6 However, if you can tell me the dream and give me its interpretation, I'll give you many gifts, do many favors for you free of charge, and I'll honor you greatly… but first you have to tell me the dream, and then you must explain to me what it means!'

7 Well, they answered him a second time, saying: 'May the king tell the dream to his servants, and then we will announce its interpretation!'

8 And at that, the king said to them: 'I know for a fact that you're just buying time for yourselves, because I told you that every word of the dream has left me. So now, if you can't tell me the dream, I'll know that you are corrupt and lying, and that you've agreed to keep speaking before me just to [buy more] time. 9 First tell me my dream, and then I'll know that I can believe the interpretation you give me!'

10 But the Chaldeans told the king: 'There's no man on dry land who can make known what the king is asking, for this is something that no great king or ruler has ever asked of an official, a priest, or a Chaldean. 11 What the king is asking is so difficult that no one can tell him such a thing… other than the gods who don't live here in the flesh.'

12 And at that, the king flew into a rage! He was so angry that he ordered all the wise men of Babylon to be destroyed, 13 and he sent out a edict for them all to be put to death.

Well, when they went looking for DaniEl and his friends to do away with them, 14 DaniEl asked this of AriOch, the king's head-of-the-guards (who had come to execute all the wise men of Babylon). 15 He said to him: 'O [servant] of the king; Why was such a presumptuous decree put before him?'

Then AriOch told DaniEl about the things that had been said.

16 So then DaniEl went before the king and petitioned him to give him enough time to find the interpretation so that he could announce it to the king. 17 Then DaniEl went back to his house and there he [met with] his friends HananiAh, MishaEl, and AzariAh, to ask them to help him interpret [the dream]. 18 So they trusted in the compassions of the God of heaven [to help them unlock] this mystery and to keep DaniEl and his friends from being destroyed along with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.

19 Well, that night DaniEl had a vision in which the mystery of the dream was revealed to him. So he praised the God of heaven, and said this:

20 'May the Name of The Great God be praised
Through the age and into ages of ages.
To Him, understanding and wisdom belong…
21 He's the One who changes the seasons and times.

'He appoints kings and removes them…
To the wise, He's the One who gives wisdom
And intelligence, so they'll understand…
22 He uncovers the things that are hidden and deep.

'He knows all that happens in darkness,
For He is the source of all light.
23 So, I acknowledge and praise You,
O Great God of the ages.

'You're the One who gave me the wisdom and power,
And revealed what I petitioned from You
Regarding this matter of the king;
For, You have revealed it to me.'

24 Then DaniEl went to AriOch (the one whom the king had appointed to destroy all the wise men of Babylon) and said to him: 'Don't destroy the wise men of Babylon! I want you to take me before the king so I can announce the interpretation of the dream to him.'

25 As the result, AriOch quickly took DaniEl before the king and told him: 'I've found a man among the captive sons of Judah who will announce to the king the interpretation of his dream!'

26 And the king asked DaniEl (whom he referred to as BelTeShazzar): 'Are you really able to tell me the dream that I saw and then explain its meaning to me?'

27 And there in the presence of the king, DaniEl said this: 'The mystery that the king has asked the wise men, sorcerers, officials, and astrologers to announce to him isn't theirs to explain. 28 However, there is a God in the sky who uncovers mysteries, and He has made known to King NebuChadnezzar what's going to happen in the last days.

'The dream that you saw in your head while you were lying in your bed is this: 29 You, O king, through the thoughts that you had in your bed, were elevated to see what will happen after this… for mysteries have been made known to you about things that will happen [in the future].

30 'Now, I'm no wiser than any other living man; but this mystery has been uncovered to me so that the king may understand what it means, and so that you may know the thoughts that are in your own heart.

31 'You looked, O king, and you saw a huge idol that was overwhelming in size… it stood right in front of your face and it frightened you! 32 This idol had a head of pure gold; its breast, arms, and hands were of silver; its belly and thighs were of brass; its legs were of iron, and its feet were part iron and part baked clay.

33 'Well, you stared at it until a rock was cut from a mountain without any hands, which thereafter flew and hit the image on its feet of iron and baked clay, completely shattering them… 34 and everything else was shattered at the same time (the baked clay, the iron, the brass, the silver, and the gold). Then it all became like a cloud of dust from a threshing floor during the harvest, 35 until a wind came and blew it all away, leaving nothing at all. And after that, the stone that had struck the image became a huge mountain that filled the whole earth.

36 'So that was the dream… and now I'll tell the king what it means. 37 You, O king, are the king of kings to whom the God of heaven has given a strong, fortified, and honorable kingdom. 38 And in every place where the sons of men live, as well as in every place where the wild animals of the fields and flying creatures of the skies live, has been given into your hands by Him, for He's made you the lord over it all. So you, O king, are the head of pure gold.

39 'But after you, another kingdom will arise that's inferior to yours, and then a third kingdom (the one of brass) will come to dominate the whole earth. [It will be followed by] a fourth kingdom that will become as strong as iron… 40 for just as iron can crush and tame all things, it will crush and tame everything.

41 'Then the feet and the toes that you saw, which were part iron and part baked clay, will be a divided kingdom. You saw the iron mixed with the baked clay, because some of the roots of the iron will be in it. 42 And because the toes of the feet are part iron and part baked clay, part of the kingdom will be strong and part of it can be easily broken. 43 For as you saw the iron mixed with the baked clay; [this kingdom] will be mixed with the seed of men… and they won't stick to each other, just as iron won't stick to baked clay.

44 'And in the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom through the ages that will never be corrupted, and His Kingdom will not be passed on to others. It will crush and sift all kingdoms, and it will stand through the ages.

45 'So, now that you've seen the stone cut from a mountain without hands, and how it crushed the baked clay, iron, brass, silver, and gold; the great God has revealed to the king what's going to happen after this. The dream is true, and you can trust its interpretation.'

46 Well at that, King NebuChadnezzar fell to his face and bowed before DaniEl, and he offered him a very nice perfume as a gift. And thereafter, he [also told his servants] to give him something to drink.

47 Then the king said to DaniEl: 'It's a fact that your God is the God of gods, Lord of lords, and King of kings. For He alone can uncover mysteries… as you were able to uncover this mystery!'

48 Then the king honored DaniEl by giving him many great gifts, and he appointed him over all the [districts] of Babylon as the ruler over all the governors and wise men of Babylon. 49 And because he requested this of the king, ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego were appointed over the construction projects throughout all the regions of Babylon, and DaniEl [thereafter served] in the courtyard of the king.

Chapter 3

1 It was during his sixteenth year that King NebuChadnezzar had a gold-[plated] idol made that stood a hundred feet tall and ten feet wide, which he placed in the plains of Dura, near Babylon. 2 Then he called for all his top officials, generals, lieutenants, governors, vassal kings, 3 and everyone else of authority in all his districts, and told them to come and [celebrate] a holiday of dedication for the idol that he had erected. So everyone came there and stood before the idol that NebuChadnezzar had set up, 4 and the [king's] herald yelled at the top of his voice: 'O nations, peoples, tribes, and languages; You've been told that 5 when you hear the sound of trumpets, woodwinds, harps, stringed instruments, and bagpipes playing the anthem, you must all fall to your faces and bow before the idol of gold that King NebuChadnezzar has erected. 6 And if anyone chooses not to bow before it, he will be immediately taken out and thrown into a blazing furnace!'

7 So when the people heard the sounds of the trumpets, woodwinds, harps, stringed instruments, and bagpipes playing the anthem, all the peoples, tribes, and languages bowed low before the gold idol that King NebuChadnezzar had erected.

8 But thereafter, certain Chaldeans went up and made an accusation against the Jews… 9 they went to King NebuChadnezzar and said: 'O king; May you live through the ages! 10 However, the king gave an order that when we hear the sound of the trumpets, woodwinds, harps, stringed instruments, and bagpipes playing the anthem, 11 any man that doesn't fall and bow before the gold idol should be thrown into a blazing furnace. 12 Now, there were three Jewish men whom you've put over construction in Babylon – ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego – and they didn't obey your decree, O king; for they've chosen not to serve your gods or to bow before the gold idol that you've erected.'

13 Well at this, NebuChadnezzar flew into an angry rage and he had them bring ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego before him. 14 And NebuChadnezzar said to them: 'ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego; Is it true that you won't serve my gods, and that you won't bow before the gold idol that I've erected?

15 'Now, when you hear the sound of trumpets, woodwinds, harps, stringed instruments, and bagpipes playing the anthem, it would be best for you to fall to your faces before the gold idol that I've made. Because, if you don't bow to your faces before it, you will be immediately taken out and thrown into a blazing furnace… and then we'll see which God can rescue you from my hands.'

16 But ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego replied to King NebuChadnezzar: 'We don't really have to answer you about this matter, 17 for our God in the heavens (whom we serve) can rescue us from the fire in the furnace… and He will rescue us from your hands, O king! 18 But even if He shouldn't do this; you must know, O king, that we won't serve your gods or the gold idol that you've set up and before which you've told us to bow!'

19 Well, NebuChadnezzar was furious, and the way that he viewed ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego started to change. So he gave instructions to heat the furnace seven-times hotter than usual… until they couldn't get it any hotter! 20 Then he gave some powerful men instructions to shackle ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego, and then throw them into the blazing furnace.

21 So the men were shackled, and thereafter they were thrown into the midst of the blazing furnace fully clothed, [wearing their] pants, underclothes, and official turbans. 22 And following the instruction of the king, the furnace was made seven-times hotter than usual.

23 Well, the three men (ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego) fell into the midst of the blazing furnace wearing shackles… but then they started walking around in the midst of the flames, praising God and blessing their lord. 24 And when NebuChadnezzar heard their praising, he was shocked. So he quickly got up and asked his mighty men: 'Didn't you throw three men wearing shackles into the midst of the fire?'

And they replied: 'Yes we did, O king.'

25 But the king said: 'I see four men here that are walking around free in the midst of the flames, and none of them are being burned! And the vision that I'm having of the fourth one is as that of a son of God!'

26 Then NebuChadnezzar leaned forward toward the cover of the blazing furnace and said: 'ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego… you servants of the highest God; Come here… come out of there!'

So ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego came from the midst of the flames, 27 and then all the governors, generals, lieutenants, and king's officials were called over to see these men, and to [witness the fact] that the fire hadn't consumed their bodies! For the hair on their heads hadn't been singed, their [clothes] were still the same, and there wasn't even the smell of smoke on them!

28 Then, right there before them all, the king bowed to Jehovah and said: 'Praise the God of ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego who sent His messenger and rescued His servants that put faith in Him. For these men changed the word of the king and then they offered their bodies in fire, because they wouldn't serve any god other than their God!

29 So thereafter, the king issued this decree:
'Any people, tribe, or language that speaks blasphemously against the God of ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego will be destroyed and their houses will be pillaged… for there's no other god who can rescue in such a great way.'

30 Then the king promoted ShadRach, MeShach, and AbedNego over all regions of Babylon, paid them more, and put them in charge over all the Jews in his realm.

Then sometime later, the king [wrote this] about [something else that had happened to him]:

Chapter 4

1 'NebuChadnezzar the king, to all peoples, tribes, languages… to all who live in the land;
May you have an abundance of peace.
2 I'm pleased to announce to you that the highest God has performed signs and miracles to me… 3 and His signs are great, His wonders are mighty, His kingdom is through the ages, and His authority is through generations.

4 'I (NebuChadnezzar) was prospering in my palace and my throne was thriving. 5 But then I had a vision in a dream that struck me with fear and left me disturbed in my bed, for the vision that I saw in my mind really bothered me. 6 So I decreed that all the wise men of Babylon should brought before me so they could explain the meaning of the dream to me. 7 Then all the sorcerers, priests, astrologers, and Chaldeans came to me, and I told them of the dream, but they were unable to explain what it meant.

8 'But thereafter, DaniEl (who is called BelTeShazzar, and who truly has the Breath of God) came in the Name of my God, and I told him my dream. 9 [I said], O BelTeShazzar, you leader of [my] wise men and someone whom I know has the Breath of God and is never powerless when it comes to understanding mysteries; Listen to the vision that I saw in my dream and then tell me what it means. 10 For this is the vision that I saw in my mind while I was in my bed:
{Look!} There was a huge tree that stood in the center of the earth… it was very tall, 11 and the tree kept getting stronger and larger until it reached into the heavens and spread to the ends of the earth. 12 Its leaves were beautiful and it was filled with enough fruit to feed everyone. So the wild animals of the fields camped under it, the flying creatures of the skies lived in its branches, and all flesh was being fed by it.

13 'Then in the vision that I had in my bed that night, I saw a holy observer (a messenger) coming down out of the sky 14 who shouted and said:

'Now, you must cut down the tree…
Yes, cut off its branches and shake off its leaves,
Then scatter its fruit [on the ground].
You must chase off all the wild beasts
That are living under its branches,
And drive the flying creatures away!

15 'Leave nothing but its roots in the ground;
Then, bind it with iron and brass
So it will just lie there covered by grass,
Surrounded by wild beasts of the fields
And bathed by dew from the skies
Just like grass on the ground.

16 'Then his heart will be changed from that of a man,
And the heart of a beast will be given to him…
For seven times, this is how he'll be changed.

17 'Then the observer said:
This is a [vision] from the Most Holy One
To show to all the people who are living
That Jehovah is over all kingdoms
And He can give them to whomever He chooses…
He can even appoint men who are viewed with contempt
To be in charge of it all.

18 'So, this is what I saw in the dream (yes me, King NebuChadnezzar). So I [said to] BelTeShazzar, Explain it to me… tell me what it means! Though none of the other wise men in my kingdom have been able to interpret it for me, I know that you can, O DaniEl, because the Holy Breath of God is within you!

19 'Well, DaniEl was unable to say anything for an hour, because he was so disturbed by his thoughts. Then I asked: O BelTeShazzar; why are you taking so long in interpreting the dream?'

'And BelTeShazzar replied: O lord; Leave the interpretation to those who hate you and to your enemies! 20 For the tree that you saw, which became so strong and so tall that it reached into the heavens and covered the whole earth, 21 and which grew such great leaves and had such an abundance of fruit that it fed all the wild animals that lived under it, as well as all the flying creatures that lived in its branches 22 is you, O king. Because your fame and greatness has been made to grow so much that it now reaches into the heavens, since you now rule to the ends of the earth!

23 'And when the king saw a holy observer coming down from sky who [was told] to [cut down] the tree and destroy it, but to leave its roots in the ground and to band the tree with iron and brass, then let it lie there among the shoots of grass among the wild animals [where it is to be bathed by] the dew from the skies, [and is to remain that way] for seven times… 24 this is what it means, O king. It is the highest form of interpretation, for this is what's going to happen to you, O my lord the king.

25 'You will be driven away from mankind
And be forced to live among beasts in the plains,
Where they'll feed you grass like an ox,
And you'll [be bathed by] dew from the skies.

'For seven times, you will be changed,
Until you accept that Jehovah is higher
Than all the kingdoms of men,
And that He gives it to whomever He chooses.

26 'However, because they were told to leave the tree's roots in the ground, your kingdom will be yours until you understand that your power has come to you from the heavens.

27 'But because of this, O king (and may my council be pleasing to you);
You must pay for your sins by giving to the poor…
You must pay a ransom for your errors
By showing compassion to the needy.
And then God may be lenient with you for your sins.

28 'Well, all of these things happened to me (King NebuChadnezzar). 29 For just twelve months later, while I was walking in the temple of my kingdom in Babylon 30 and I was saying to myself, Isn't this the great Babylon that I've built as my royal home through my own power, strength, honor, and glory… 31 yes, while those words were still in my mouth, a voice came from sky that proclaimed:

'To you, it is now being said,
O King NebuChadnezzar,
That your kingdom has been taken from you.

32 'For, men will drive you away,
And then you'll live among the wild beasts,
Where they'll feed you grass like an ox.

'For seven times, you will be changed,
Until you know that Jehovah
Is the One who is over all kingdoms of men,
And He gives it to whomever He wishes.

33 'Well it happened to me (King NebuChadnezzar) in that very hour… I was driven away from my people, I ate grass like an ox, I was bathed by the dew from the sky, my hair became as strong as that of a lion, and my fingernails grew long like bird's claws!

34 'Then, after those days had been fulfilled, I (NebuChadnezzar) raised my eyes to the sky, and my senses were returned to me. So I praised the Most High who lives through the ages… I praised and spoke gloriously of His authority that lasts through the ages, and of His kingship [that lasts] through generations of generations. 35 For before Him, those of us who live on the earth are like nothing at all, since He rules the armies of the heavens and those who live on the earth in any way that He wishes… and no one can resist His hand or ask Him why He does the things that He does.

36 'Then, after my senses returned, the honor of my kingdom was restored to me; my appearance returned to me; and my rulers and great men once again looked up to me. So thereafter, I also strengthened my kingdom and more greatness was added to me.

37 'Now, I (NebuChadnezzar) praise, honor, and glorify the King of the heavens, because everything that He does is righteous, all His ways are fair, and He humbles all those who are too proud.'

Chapter 5

1 [Well, many years later], BelShazzar (the last Babylonian king) had prepared a feast for a thousand of his most important men, and they were each served wine. 2 Then, while BelShazzar was tasting and drinking the wine, he told [his servants] to bring in the items of gold and silver that his ancestor NebuChadnezzar had taken from the Temple [of Jehovah] in JeruSalem, so that the king, his important men, and his concubines and mistresses could drink from them. 3 So they brought in the items of gold and silver that had been taken from the Temple of God in JeruSalem; and the king, his important men, and his concubines and mistresses 4 started drinking wine from them, as they praised their gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone.

5 But in that very hour, the fingers of a man's hand appeared and started writing on the whitewashed wall near the lamp, there in the king's palace. And when the king saw the knuckles doing the handwriting, 6 his appearance changed… he was so deeply disturbed that he became incontinent and his knees started shaking! So the king yelled to have the priests, Chaldeans, and astrologers brought in to him. 7 Then he said to those wise men of Babylon: 'Whoever can read this writing and interpret it for me will be dressed in purple, a gold necklace will be placed around his neck, and he'll be appointed as the third ruler in my kingdom!'

8 So all the king's wise men came in. However, they were unable to read the writing or interpret it for the king. 9 Therefore, King BelShazzar remained disturbed, his appearance was still changed, and his important guests were also very disturbed.

10 Then the queen entered the banquet room and said this to the king: 'O king; May you live through the ages! Don't allow this to bother your thoughts and change your appearance, 11 for there's a man in your kingdom who is filled with the Breath of God… back in the days of your ancestors, he was found to be an insightful and understanding man. And because of this, your ancestor King NebuChadnezzar put him in charge of all his advisors, Chaldeans, and astrologers. 12 For he has a greater measure of [God's] Breath, and he's the most intelligent and understanding when it comes to such things as interpreting dreams, reporting things that are [forgotten], and untying knots. [This man] is DaniEl, whom the king renamed BelTeShazzar. You should call for him and he'll interpret [these words] for you.'

13 So DaniEl was thereafter brought before the king, and the king asked him: 'Are you DaniEl, the one whom my ancestor the king brought here among the captives from Judah? 14 I've heard that the Breath of God is in you and that you're insightful, understanding, and exceedingly wise. 15 Now, my wise men, priests, and astrologers have come here and tried to read this writing and to interpret it for me, but they couldn't explain what it means. 16 However, I've been told that you are able to interpret such judgments; so if you can read this writing and interpret it for me, I'll dress you in purple, I'll place a gold chain around your neck, and I'll appoint you to be the third ruler in my kingdom.'

17 But DaniEl said to the king: 'You can keep your gifts and you can give the [power] over your house to someone else. However, I will read the writing and interpret it for you, O king.

18 'O king; It was the Highest God who gave the kingdom, greatness, honor, and glory to your ancestor, NebuChadnezzar. 19 And it was because of this greatness, that God put him over all the peoples, tribes, and languages, and made them tremble in fear before him so that he could destroy anyone he wished, beat anyone he wished, promote anyone he wished, and humble anyone he wished. 20 But when his heart became too haughty and his spirit became too proud, he was brought down from the throne of this kingdom and this honor was removed from him. 21 Then he was driven away from among mankind and his heart became like that of a wild animal. So he lived among the zebras, he was fed grass like an ox, and his body was bathed and washed by the dew from the skies until he recognized that the Most High God is the One who really rules the kingdoms of mankind, and He can give [the power] to whomever He chooses.

22 'Now you, O BelShazzar ([NebuChadNezzar's] descendant) have not humbled your heart before God, which is something that you knew you should do, 23 and you've acted haughtily before Jehovah the God of heaven by having the items from His Temple brought before you, where you, your important men, and your concubines and mistresses drank wine from them as you were praising your gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone, who can't see, hear, or know anything at all… you failed to glorify the God who holds your breath and everything you are in His hands. 24 So it's because of this that the knuckles of a hand were sent from His presence… yes, He's the One who sent this writing to you.

25 'This is what the writing says: Mene, Tekel, Peres.
26 And this is what it means:
Mene means that God has measured your kingdom and brought it to an end.
27 Tekel means that it has been weighed on a scale and found wanting.
28 Peres means that your kingdom has been divided among the Medes and Persians.'

29 Well after that, BelShazzar gave the order to dress DaniEl in purple, to put a gold chain around his neck, and he proclaimed him to be the third ruler in his kingdom. 30 However, that very night, BelShazzar (the king of the Chaldeans) was killed 31 and Darius the Mede took the kingdom as his own at the age of sixty two.

Chapter 6

1 Well after that, Darius appointed a hundred and twenty governors to be in charge over his entire kingdom. 2 Then he appointed three ministers to be over them to whom the governors had to report, because the king didn't want to be bothered… and DaniEl was one of these ministers. 3 Then because he had an extra portion of [God's] Breath, DaniEl was placed over the other two ministers, so he was in fact in charge of the whole kingdom.

4 Of course, the other two ministers and the governors [weren't pleased with this], so they kept looking to find some wrongdoing that they could use as an accusation against DaniEl. However, they couldn't find any excuse, sin, or error against him, because DaniEl was always faithful.

5 Well, the other two ministers soon came to realize that the only thing they could use against DaniEl was the Law of his God.6 So they and the governors went before the king and said this:
'O King Darius; May you live through the ages!
7 We, the generals, governors, and supreme leaders whom you've appointed over your kingdom – those whom you've appointed to royal positions – have met together, and we want you to enact [this law] to strengthen [your rule]: Anyone who makes a request of any man or god other than you for the next thirty days, O king, must be thrown into the lion's pit. 8 Please, O king, enact this law and write it for public display, since the decrees of the Medes and Persians can't be changed.'

9 As the result, King Darius gave orders for the decree to be written.

10 Well, when DaniEl found out about the decree, he just went home, and there in an upper room before open windows that faced JeruSalem, he bent down on his knees to pray before and to praise his God three times that day (as he had always done). 11 Meanwhile, those men had been watching him closely, so when they saw DaniEl petitioning and begging before his God, 12 they went to the king and said: 'O king; Didn't you enact an order saying that anyone who makes a request of a god or a man other than you for thirty days should be thrown into the lion's pit?'

And the king replied: 'What you say is true, and the decrees of the Medes and Persians may not be changed!'

13 So they said to the king: 'Well, DaniEl (one of those who were brought as captives from Judea) hasn't followed your decree, for he's still praying before his God three times each day!'

14 This really disturbed the king, and though he wanted to do something to save DaniEl, 15 those men said to the king: 'You must know, O king, that any decree of the Medes and Persians may not be altered once the king has enacted it, no matter what the circumstances or the position [of the person] involved!'

16 So the king gave the order and they took DaniEl and threw him into the pit of lions. And there the king asked DaniEl: 'Will your God whom you've served so faithfully rescue you?'

17 Then they took a stone slab, placed it over the top of the pit, and they sealed it with the king's ring and the rings of his top men, so that nothing could be changed for DaniEl. 18 And at that, the king returned to his palace and went to bed without eating supper… he had no food carried into him, and he couldn't sleep.

19 Well when the king got up the next morning (at daybreak), he went out to the lion's pit. And as he was approaching it, he called out to DaniEl, shouting loudly: 20 'O DaniEl… O servant of the Living God… has your God whom you've served so faithfully been able to rescue you from the mouths of the lions?'

21 And DaniEl replied: 'O king; May you live through the ages! 22 Yes, my God sent His messenger who blocked the mouths of the lions. They haven't destroyed me, because He found me righteous… and I haven't done anything against you, O king.'

23 Well, the king was overjoyed and he ordered that DaniEl was to be taken out of the pit. And when they lifted him out, they found that DaniEl hadn't been harmed in any way, because he had trusted in his God.

24 Then the king gave orders and they took the men who'd accused DaniEl and threw them, their sons, and their wives into the lion's pit. Well, they hadn't even reach the floor before the lions had them… they crushed all their bones, leaving nothing but dust.

25 So after that, King Darius wrote a letter to all the peoples, tribes, and languages throughout the whole earth that said this:
'May you have peace!
26 From my presence, I've sent this decree to all states throughout my realm:

'Before the face of DaniEl's God
All should tremble and fear.
For, He is the one Living God
And He exists through the ages.

'His Kingdom will not be destroyed
And it will last through the ages;
He alone will rule 'til the end.

27 'He snatches away and He rescues;
He sends us miracles and signs
In the heavens and on the earth…
This is the One who saved DaniEl
From the mouths of the lions.'

28 So DaniEl continued to prosper during the reign of Darius and on into the reign of Cyrus the Persian.

Chapter 7

1 It was during the first year of the reign of BelShazzar (the king of the Chaldeans) that DaniEl saw a vision in his head as he was lying his bed, and this is what he wrote about the things that he saw:

2 In my vision during the night, I (DaniEl) saw the four winds blowing hard and stirring up the Great Sea; 3 and four large animals came up out of the sea that were different from each other. 4 The first looked like a female lion, and she had the wings of an eagle. But as I watched, her wings were plucked off and she was lifted away from the earth; then she stood on feet that were like those of a man, and the heart of a man was given to her.

5 Then I saw a second wild animal that looked like a bear. It was lying on one side and there were three ribs sticking out of its mouth from between its teeth. Then it was told to get up and devour much flesh.

6 After that, {Look!} I saw another wild animal that looked like a leopard, but it had four wings [like those of] of a bird on its back, and it had four heads. Then it was given great power.

7 And as I was watching, I saw a fourth wild animal that was astonishing, frightening, and huge. It had teeth of iron that were mighty for eating and crushing, and it trampled the others with its feet. It was very different from the wild animals that had come before it, and this one had ten horns. 8 Then as I was looking at its horns, another small horn came up in the midst of them, which pushed out the three horns that were in front of it. {Look!} This horn had the eyes of a man, and it started saying grandiose things.

9 Well, I kept on watching and then a throne appeared, upon which the Most Ancient One seated Himself. His clothes were as white as snow, the hair on His head was like pure wool, His throne was like flames of fire, and His throne had wheels that looked like flames. 10 Also, a river of fire shot out from before Him, and there were millions who were serving Him, and tens of millions who were standing before Him.

Then a judgment seat was brought forward and scrolls were opened. 11 And as I was watching, a voice came from the [animal's] horn that spoke those grandiose words.

However, the wild animal was thereafter condemned and put to death, then its body was thrown into a blazing fire. 12 And after that happened, the rulership of the other wild animals was returned to them (gr. metestathe or changed over), and their lives were extended for a time and a season.

13 Then as I was watching the things in the vision that night, {Look!} someone like a Son of Man arrived riding upon the clouds of the skies, and he went in front of the Most Ancient One, 14 who then gave him rulership, honor, and a Kingdom, so that from then on, all the peoples, tribes, and languages were to serve him. And [he was told that] the authority he was given was to last through the ages… it would never pass away or be destroyed.

15 Well at that, the spirit within me (DaniEl) shuddered (as often happens to me), because the visions that I saw in my head were so disturbing. 16 So I went up to the one who was standing there, because I wanted him to explain the meanings of all these things… and he spoke to me plainly, making the interpretation very clear. 17 [He said]:
'These four great beasts are four kingdoms
That will arise on the earth…
18 But thereafter, they'll be taken away.

'Then this [Son of Man] will take over the kingdom
Of the holy ones of the Most High…
Through the age and through ages of ages,
He'll be in charge ever after.'

19 Then I wanted to find out more about the fourth wild animal, because it was so different from the other wild animals and it was so frightening because of its iron teeth and brass claws that it used to eat, crush, and trample. 20 I also wanted to learn more about the ten horns that were on its head, and about the [horn] that arose and shook off three of the [horns]… the one that had eyes and a mouth that spoke grandiose things, because it was the most disturbing of all the things that I saw. 21 For as I was watching, that horn attacked the holy ones and conquered them. 22 But then the Most Ancient One came and gave these Holy Ones His most favorable judgment, and they were able to take over their Kingdom.

23 Then he told me this:
'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom,
Which will rule over the earth.
It will be greater than all other kingdoms,
For it will devour all the lands…
It will trample upon them and cut them to bits.

24 'His ten horns are ten kings that will rise;
And after them, another will come
Who will conquer the previous kings…
All three of them will be humbled.

25 'Then he will speak grandiose words
And mislead the Holy Ones of the Most High.
He'll choose to change times and laws
For a time, [two] times, and a half.

26 'But then the judgment seat will arrive,
And his position of rule will be changed…
He'll be removed from view and destroyed
Until the end has arrived.

27 'Then the Kingdom, the authority, and the greatness
Of all the kings under the heavens
Will be given to the Holy One of the Most High,
Whose Kingdom will last through the ages…
Then these kings will serve and obey Him.'

28 Well, that was when [the dream] ended. But these thoughts disturbed me so much that they changed my appearance, so I (DaniEl) remembered them and kept them in my heart.

Chapter 8

1 It was in the third year of the reign of King BelShazzar that I (DaniEl) had a vision that was like the previous one. 2 In the vision, I found myself at the palace in Sushan (in the region of Elam), and I was standing by the Ulai River. 3 Then when I looked up, I saw a ram standing at the river bank that had two long horns. One horn was taller than the other and it grew from behind it. 4 Then I saw the ram butting toward the west, north, and south, so that none of the other wild animals could stand before him and none could be saved from his hands. So he did whatever he wished and he became very powerful.

5 Well as I watched, {Look!} a male goat came across the land from the southwest whose [his feet] weren't touching the ground. This goat's horn was very conspicuous, because it grew out from between his eyes. 6 Then he rushed toward the ram that I saw (the one with the two horns) and butted him as hard as he could, 7 because he was furious with him… he ran as fast as possible and he hit the ram and broke off both of his horns, which left [the ram] weak and unable to oppose him. Then [the male goat] threw the ram to the ground and trampled him, and no one came to save him.

8 Thereafter, the male goat became extremely famous for his strength. But then his large horn was broken and four horns grew up from beneath it that each pointed toward one of the four winds of the skies. 9 However, one of them became extremely powerful… it grew rapidly toward the south and east 10 until it reached to the powers of the heavens. Then he threw [the other three horns] to the ground and he started trampling on the stars. 11 And toward the commander-in-chief he grew more powerful, so that because of him, the sacrifices were about to be disturbed and the Holy Place was going to be destroyed. 12 It will be prepared for him as a sin offering sacrifice, and this will cause righteousness to be tossed to the ground. But after he does this, he will prosper.

13 Well after that, I heard the holy one speaking. He asked:
'How long will this vision stand…
When the sacrifices are taken away
And the sin of destruction is allowed,
As the Holy Place and its power
Is to be trampled upon?'

14 And he said:
'After two thousand, three hundred mornings and evenings,
The Holy Place will be cleansed.'

15 Well, as I was seeing this vision, I (DaniEl) wanted to understand more. Then I saw what looked like a man standing before me; 16 and I heard a man's voice speaking from the midst of the Ulai. He called out and said: 'GabriEl; Let him understand the vision!'

17 So he came over to where I was standing. And as he was coming, I became very disturbed and fell to my face. Then he said to me:
'Pay attention, O Son of Man;
For this vision is of the time of the end!'

18 Well, as he was speaking to me, I stayed there with my face to the ground; but then he touched me and stood me up on my feet. 19 And he said:
'{Look!} I'll explain what will bring the end to [God's] rage;
For, these are the things that will happen
In the time of the end:

20 'The ram that you saw with [two] horns
Is the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians,
21 And the male goat is the king of the Greeks.

'The great horn that stands between its eyes
Will be their greatest of kings,
22 And after he's broken, the four horns that arise
Will be four kings that come after him;
But, none will be as strong as he was.

23 'Now, in the last days of their kingdom,
They will become filled with sins.
Then a king will arise who has a proud face…
One who understands riddles.

24 'Though he'll have great power, the strength won't be his;
Then he'll prosper and corrupt in wondrous ways…
He'll take action and he will bring ruin
To a people who are mighty and holy.

25 'He'll prosper by putting on yokes,
And in his hands, there'll be treachery;
For in his heart, he'll think himself great.

'His treachery will bring many to ruin,
And he'll destroy many to establish himself…
He'll break them like eggs in his hands.

26 'As for the vision of the evenings and mornings;
The things that you saw are all true!
But, you must now seal up this vision,
For it will happen in some future time!'

27 Then I (DaniEl) went to bed and I was sick for several days after that. But I [finally] got up and did my work for the king; and I wondered about the vision… but I was the only one who knew about it.

Chapter 9

1 Well, it was in the first year of Darius (of Xerxes), who was from the seed of the Medes and who ruled over the kingdom of the Chaldeans, 2 that I (DaniEl) came to understand the number of the years from the words that Jehovah had given to the Prophet JeremiAh; for he had prophesied that JeruSalem would lie desolate for seventy years. 3 So I turned my face toward Jehovah God to ask Him about this through prayers, supplications, and by fasting in sackcloth and ashes. 4 I prayed to my God Jehovah, acknowledging Him and saying this:

'O Lord; O great and wonderful God who keeps His Sacred Agreements and who is merciful to those who love Him and keep His Commandments;
5 We've sinned, done wrong, and been godless;
From Your Commandments and ways, we have turned.
6 We've not listened to Your servants the Prophets…
Those who spoke in Your Name,
Or to our kings, rulers, ancestors, and kin.

7 'Though You, O Jehovah, are just;
The people of IsraEl and Judah,
As well as those in JeruSalem,
Have been covered with shame to this day…
Yes, all those people who [lived there]
And who've now been [carried away]
To every place that You've sent them,
Because they had been in rebellion
By annulling their Sacred Agreement with You.

8 'The faces of our kings, rulers, and fathers
Who've sinned against You are shamed.
9 But from You, O Jehovah our God
Has come forgiveness and tender compassion,
Despite our sins of withdrawing from You.

10 'To Your voice, we've not paid attention,
O Jehovah, our God,
Nor have we obeyed the Laws that you gave
Through the hands of Your servants, the Prophets.

11 'IsraEl has broken Your laws
And turned aside from hearing Your voice.
So the curses and oaths that were written
In the Law of Moses (the servant of God)
Have now fallen upon us
Because of our sins against You.

12 'So the words that [Moses] once spoke against us
And against the judges who judged us
Have now all come to pass…
They have brought such evil upon us
As has never been seen in JeruSalem's skies.

13 'In the Law that You gave to Moses
It was written that such bad things would happen
If we failed to search for the face of our Lord
And turn away from our sins.

14 'This was the concern of Jehovah our God,
So He sent upon us, our own evil ways.
It was right for Jehovah to do all these things,
Since we've not paid attention to His voice!

15 'Now, O Jehovah our God…
You who led Your people from Egypt
With Your great, mighty hand
And established a Name for Yourself to this day;
We have broken Your Laws…
We've fallen into errors and sin!

16 'But Lord;
In your great loving care,
Please turn Your anger and rage
From Your [holy] city, JeruSalem,
And from Your most holy Mountain!

'It was because we walked in the sins of our fathers
That JeruSalem and Your people
Have become an object of such ridicule
By those who are living around us.

17 'O Jehovah, our God;
Hear the prayer of Your servant
And listen to the things that I'm begging!

'May Your Face be seen in Your Most Holy Place
Before those whom You've deserted…
Do this for the sake [of Your Name]!

18 'O my God;
Lean Your ear and listen to me!
Please open Your eyes and notice
How we and the city where You've put Your Name
Have been brought to destruction!'

'So, we can no longer approach You
And throw our worries before You
Because of our unrighteous ways, O Lord…
Though we have many things that concern us.

19 'Please listen, O Lord, and cover our sins…
Do it quickly, because this city and its people
Are the ones who are called by Your Name!'

20 Well, it was just as I was speaking, praying, and confessing my sins and the sins of my people, throwing my desire for mercy before my God Jehovah concerning His Holy Mountain 21 that GabriEl (the person whom I saw flying in my first vision) touched me (it was about the time for the evening sacrifice), 22 and then he helped me to understand… he spoke to me and said this:

'O DaniEl;
I have come here to teach you,
So that you can now understand.
23 I've been coming since you started your prayer
To tell you that you have been found to be
A very desirable man.

'So, you must now reflect on the things
That you will see in this vision.

24 'Seventy periods of seven have been set for you and your people
And on the Holy City on Zion
So as to bring an end to their sins,
To set a seal on their sins,
To wipe away all of their lawless deeds,
And to atone for their errors…
To restore righteous ways through the ages,
To put a seal on the prophecies and visions,
And to anoint the holiest of the holy.

25 'So know this and now understand:
From the delivery of the word and its response
For JeruSalem to be rebuilt
Until the Anointed (Christ) Leader arrives,
Will be seven periods of seven,
Plus sixty-two periods of seven.
They'll rebuild the walls and the squares,
But they'll do it through difficult times.

26 'And after the sixty-two periods of seven,
The anointed one will then be destroyed (gr. exolothreuthesetai)…
For in that place, there'll no longer be justice.

'Then the Holy Place and the city
Will be corrupted by a leader who'll come
And cut them off by a downpour.
So he'll order an extinction upon them
Until the end of his war.

27 'He will strengthen the Sacred Agreement with many
During one period of seven;
But in half of that period of seven,
Sacrifices and drink offerings will be lifted away.

'Then, to the Temple will come the disgusting destroyer,
And until that time has reached its conclusion,
There'll just be complete desolation.'

Chapter 10

1 Thereafter, it was during the third year of the reign of Cyrus, the king of Persia that these true words were uncovered to me (DaniEl… who was also called BelTeShazzar), and I was able to gain a great understanding from this vision.

2 At the time, I (DaniEl) had been in mourning for three weeks… 3 I hadn't eaten any meat or bread, and no wine had entered my mouth. And during those three weeks, I hadn't rubbed myself with oil.

4 Well, it was on the twenty-fourth day of the first month, as I was standing on the banks of the great Tigris River, 5 that I raised my eyes and I saw a man wearing linen clothes. His hips were wrapped in the gold of Ophir, 6 his body looked like stone, his face looked like lightning, his eyes looked like burning lamps, his arms and legs looked like shining brass; and when he spoke, it was like the sound of a large crowd.

7 I was the only one who saw this vision, for the men who were with me at the time didn't see anything. However, something came over them that frightened them and they all ran away, 8 leaving me alone.

Well, when I had this great vision, it left me weak… it took all my glory and corrupted it, leaving me without any strength. 9 Then I heard a voice speaking words; and when I heard what was being said, I was confused. So I fell with my face to the ground.

10 Then {Look!} a hand reached out and touched me and lifted me up on my knees and onto the palms of my hands. 11 And this what he said to me:
'O DaniEl, you very desirable man,
Understand the words that I'm speaking to you.…
Get up and stand on your feet,
For I've been sent here to help you!'

Well when he said that, I stood erect (but I was still shaking). 12 And he said to me:
'Don't be afraid, O DaniEl.
For from the first day that you opened your heart
So as to comprehend [all these things],
And you started [your fast] to Jehovah your God;
All of your words have been heard,
And I've come here because of the things that you prayed.

13 'But the ruler of the kingdom of the of Persians
Stood and opposed me for twenty-one days,
Until MichaEl (the foremost of rulers)
[Finally] came to my aid.

'So, that is where I then left him…
With the ruler of the kingdom of the Persians,
14 And I've come here so as to explain
What will happen to your people in the last days.
For, this is a vision of things that will be.'

15 Well as he was saying that, I fell with my face to the ground once again, because I was so confused. 16 Then {Look!} someone who looked like one of the sons of men came and touched my lips, and I was able to open my mouth and speak.

So I said to the one who was standing before me: 'O lord, seeing this vision of you has twisted my insides and left me weak. 17 So O Lord, how will your servant be able to speak to you, since I'm weak, I'm unable to stand, and I can hardly breathe!'

18 Then [someone who] looked like a human came and touched me, and gave me strength; 19 and he said:
'Don't be afraid, you most desirable man…
May you have peace…
And now you must be manly and strong!'

Well as he was speaking to me I did become stronger, so I said: 'Now speak, O my lord, because you've given me the strength!'

20 Then he asked:
'Do you know why I have come here to you?
Though I must now go back and fight a war
Against the ruler of the kingdom of Persia
(And then the ruler of the Greeks will arrive)…
21 First, I must help you to write words of truth.
And no one is with me when it comes to these things
Other than MichaEl, your ruler.

Chapter 11

1 'Since the first year of Cyrus,
I've been standing nearby in power and might…
2 And now, I will tell you the truth:
{Look!} Three kings will arise in Persia,
Then a fourth will come who'll be richer.
And after he gains all his wealth,
He will attack the kingdoms of Greece.

3 'Then [from Greece], a mighty king will arise
Who will gain a vast kingdom,
And he'll do whatever he wishes.

4 'But after his kingdom's established,
It will be divided and broken
Toward the four winds of the skies.
And no longer will it thereafter be
As strong as it was during his rule.
For his kingdom will then be plucked up
And divided among the outsiders.

5 'Then the king in the south will grow mighty,
But another of these rulers will grow stronger,
And he'll use the authority he's given
To rule a kingdom that's vast.

6 'However, after his time,
They will all become allies;
And the daughter of Egypt's king
Will go to the king in the north
And she will make treaties with him.
But his arm won't be strong and his seed won't survive.

'Then, she will be handed over,
Along with all those who brought her,
As well as with her young women,
And the one who made her strong in her time.

7 'Then, someone will arise from the root of her flower,
And when he's ready, he will attack
The army of the king of the north
And overrun his supporters…
He will conquer and then win the war.

8 'He will carry away all their molded gods
And the rest their most desirable things
(Including their silver and gold),
And back to Egypt, he'll take it…
For he'll dominate the king of the north.

9 'Thereafter, [the king] of the north
Will come and enter the kingdom
Of the king of the south…
But then, he'll go back to his land.

10 'So his sons will gather an army,
Which will quickly overrun and pass through.
[In his land], they will settle,
And they'll fight all the way to his stronghold.

11 'This will enrage the king of the south
And he will raise a large army
To fight against the king of the north,
And he will take many captives.

12 'Then his heart will become just too proud,
And thousands, he'll cut to the ground…
But the war he will fight won't be won.

13 'Thereafter, the king of the north
Will gather an army that's larger,
And toward the end of [his rule],
He'll attack and enter with power,
Along with many [weapons of war].

14 'But during that time, there will be a rebellion
Against the king of the south,
As the rabble among your people grow stronger,
So that this vision will be proven true…
But then, they will also get weaker.

15 'Then the king of the north will attack,
And he will build many siege mounds
To capture their fortified cities.

'And the chosen ones of the south will arise,
But they will not be quite as strong.
16 So the one who enters will do what he wants,
And none will be able to stop him.

'Then he'll stand in the glorious land,
And with his own hands, he'll destroy it.

17 'Thereafter, he'll then set his face
To march against their whole kingdom
With those who have been proven upright,
And this is what he will do:

'The daughter of women, they'll give him
So that he can thereafter corrupt her,
But she will not stay and she'll never be his.

18 'So he'll turn his attention to the islands,
And many will be captured there.
This will stop the ridicule of their kings…
But only for a short time.

19 'At that time, he will turn his attention
To making his land much stronger again;
But, he will get weak and then fall,
And never be [heard from] again.

20 'Then from out of his roots will arise
The shoot of a kingdom to oppose him,
Who'll demand all the glory of his kingdom.

'And in those days, he'll be broken…
But not by rebellion or war.
21 Rather, one will stand in his place
Whom he once treated with contempt
And not given the glory of his kingdom.
But, in prosperity, he will [return],
And through treachery, he'll then take the kingdom.

22 'So the strength of the one who was bringing the flood
Will be broken and washed away from his face…
The one who's in charge of the Sacred Agreement.

23 'For, after he's made an alliance,
He will then be deceitful.

'Through a nation that's small, he'll gain power;
24 And he'll go to a prosperous place
To do something that his own fathers
And even their fathers were unable to do…
Plunder and divide up the loot.

'He'll spend time making plots against Egypt;
25 Then, when he's strong, he will set his heart
Against the king of the south,
And attack him with a great army.

'But the king of the south will gather an army,
And beat him with their new weapons of war…
26 He'll devour everything that he wanted to take,
And then he'll destroy his whole army…
He'll break him and he will kill many.

27 'Both kings will have wicked hearts;
So, when they sit down at a table,
They'll both lie and nothing will be settled
Until the end has arrived.

28 'Then, when he goes back to his land,
He will return with much plunder,
And with his heart set against the Holy Sacred Agreement.

'And when he returns to [his] land,
29 He'll invade the south once again…
But this time, it won't be the same as the first.

30 'Then, [ships] of Cyprus will attack him
And [teach him] that he must be humble;
But he'll return and show his rage once again
Against the Holy Sacred Agreement.

'He'll attack all those who've supported
The Holy Sacred Agreement,
31 Then arise and profane the great Holy Place,
And the daily sacrifices will end.

He will bring the disgusting destroyer
32 Against all those who are breaking the Law
And who've disregarded the Sacred Agreement.

'Yet, those who know God will grow stronger
And they'll do what needs to be done…
33 For they'll come to understand many things.

'But they'll be weakened by swords and by fire,
And as captives, they'll be carried away…
They'll be ravaged for a very long time.

34 'Yet, after they've reached their weakest condition,
They will be given some help;
But many will be added to them
Who will not show the same interest.

35 They'll drag down those who do understand
And purify them as through fire
Until the time of the end,
Which is still a long time away.

36 'Thereafter, the king will grow in his might
And put himself over all gods…
Including the God of all gods.

37 'He will speak words that are pompous,
And prosper until [God's] wrath hits its peak.
He won't listen to the gods of his fathers,
Or to the desires of his women.

'Because he'll [think] of himself as so great,
He won't pay attention to gods…
38 He'll worship his warring nation as god…
A god unknown to his fathers.

'He will glorify silver and gold,
As well as precious gems and desirable things.
39 Then inside his fort where he'll hide,
He will worship another strange god
(Whichever one that he chooses)
Who will share some of his glory.
Then as gifts, he will give away land
To make many submit to his rule.

40 'And in the time of the end,
He'll lock horns with the king of the south…
He'll gather many chariots, horsemen, and ships,
And enter the land of the king of the south…
He will pass through and conquer.

41 'Then he'll turn toward the glorious land,
Where he will cause many to weaken;
But the sovereignty of Ammon's sons,
As well as of Edom and Moab,
Will then be saved from his hands.

42 'He'll stretch his hand over the earth,
And the land of Egypt will not be saved.
43 He'll dominate all with the hidden reserves
Of their silver and gold,
And the best things of Libya, Ethiopia, and Egypt…
[Things that he'll find in] their forts.

44 'Then, out of the north and the east,
He will hear things that disturb him.
So he'll leave in a rage to destroy
And wipe away many people.

45 'His royal tent, he'll then pitch
Between the sea and the Glorious Mountain
Until he comes to his end…
When no one will be able save him.

Chapter 12

1 'And in that very same hour,
The Highest Messenger, MichaEl, will come
(The one who keeps watch on the sons of your people),
And a difficult time will arrive
Such as has never happened before
And will never happen again.

'At that time, your people will be saved
(Those whose [names] have been written in the scroll),
2 And many who are sleeping in graves will arise,
Some to life through the ages,
And others to disgrace and ages of shame.

3 'Then, those who understand what I'm saying
Will shine like lights in the skies.
And the many who prove to be righteous
Will shine like the stars through the ages.

4 'And you, O DaniEl;
Now cover these words and seal up the scroll
Until the time of the end.
[It's a time when] many will be taught
And knowledge will be multiplied.'

5 Then I (DaniEl) looked and I saw two others who were standing there, one on this side of the river and the other on the opposite bank; 6 and one of them asked the man in the linen clothes who was standing over the water in the river: 'When will all these wonders of which you spoke reach their conclusion?'

7 And the man in the linen clothes who was standing over the river raised both his right and left hands high toward the heavens, and he swore an oath to The God who lives through ages, saying:
'The holy ones will be scattered
For a time, [two] times, and half of a time,
Before these things come to an end.'

8 Well I heard it, but I didn't understand it. So I said: 'O lord; When will these things that you spoke of start to happen, and when will your judgment arrive?'

9 And he said:
'Go, O DaniEl…
Cover and seal up these words!
10 For, there will be many that are chosen
And they will be [dressed] in white robes.
By fire, they will be purified…
And thereafter, they all will be holy.
But the sinners will continue to sin,
And they will not pursue knowledge.

11 'From the time the disgusting destroyer arrives
And the sacrificing comes to an end,
Is a thousand, two hundred, and ninety days.
12 And all of those will be blest
Who hang on to the end
Of a thousand, three hundred, and thirty-five days.

13 'Now, [you will] go to your rest
Until that day and hour arrives.
Then you will be resurrected,
And you will receive your inheritance
After those days have concluded.'

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