A letter from Paul to Titus, which is thought to have been written (possibly in Aramaic) around 62-CE.

Chapter 1

1 From Paul – a slave of God, an Apostle of Jesus the Anointed One and a follower of the faith of God’s elected who have a complete knowledge of truth and whose worship 2 is based on the hope of age-long life, which The God (who doesn’t lie) promised ages ago 3 and who in His own due time made His Word known through an important message that was entrusted to me by the command of our God and Savior –
4 To Titus, a true child in the faith that we hold in common;
May you have loving care and peace from God the Father and from the Anointed Jesus our Savior.

5 The reason why I left you in Crete is so that you could straighten out some of the problems there, and for you to appoint elders in each city, as I instructed you.

6 [So, choose those that] have not been charged with misconduct… one-woman men who have believing children that aren’t rebellious or accused of being beyond hope.
7 Because, as a manager of the household of God, an overseer must be blameless.
[He can’t be] selfish, quick tempered, a heavy drinker, a fighter, or a greedy person.
8 Rather, [he must be] hospitable, a faithful friend, levelheaded, righteous, devout, self-controlled, 9 [and a person that] lives by the word of truth, so he can teach and encourage those that are strong as he exposes the wrongs of those that contradict.

10 For there are many that are rebellious and deceitful windbags (most of whom are circumcised) 11 and whose mouths need to be sealed.
They’re the ones that are dishonestly making money by teaching things that they shouldn’t, and they’re misleading entire households.

12 It was one of their own prophets that said,
Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons’ …
13 And that’s a fact!
This is why you’ll have to be tough when it comes to exposing their wrong ways, so they can become healthy in the faith and stop 14 paying attention to Jewish myths and the rules of men, which are turning them away from the truth.

15 For though everything is clean to those that are clean, nothing is clean for those that are dirty and faithless, because both their minds and their consciences are dirty.
16 And while they all claim to know God, everything they do disproves it, because they are disgusting, disobedient, and unqualified to do anything worthwhile.

Chapter 2

1 You however, keep on talking about the correct, healthy teachings.
2 Encourage the older men to be free from excesses and to be serious, levelheaded, and healthy in their faith, love, and endurance.

3 [Also encourage] the older women to behave as though they had just entered a holy place…
Not to be slanderers or alcoholics, but to become teachers of good things.

4 Teach the younger women to love their husbands and their children…
5 To be level headed, pure, homemakers, and good people that are willing to obey their men so that God’s Word won’t be spoken of shamefully.

6 And you must give younger men the same encouragement… to be levelheaded.
7 [Teach them to] become good examples in all sorts of good deeds, to be serious and blameless in their teaching, 8 and to speak in wholesome ways so that no one can condemn them and none that oppose us will have anything bad to say about us.

9 Also, teach those that are slaves to obey their masters in everything… to please them well, not to talk back, 10 and not to steal things!
They should prove that they are faithful in doing whatever is right, so they can adorn the teachings of our God and Savior in everything.
11 For the reason why God’s loving care is beeing displayed [through us] is so that we all might be saved.

12 And once they have rejected the godlessness and worldly desires, they must then be taught how to live sensibly, righteously, and devoutly in this age, 13 as they await the blest hope and the manifestations of the glory of the great God and Savior of us, the Anointed Jesus, 14 who handed himself up in order to free us by ransom from lawlessness, and to bring out a clean people for himself that are all zealous in doing whatever is good.

15 Yes, I’m authorizing you to talk about such things, as well as to encourage and correct…
And don’t let anyone ignore you!

Chapter 3

1 Keep on reminding them that they must be obedient and that they must submit to the rulers and the authorities…
That they must always be ready and willing to do good things!

2 They shouldn’t be slanderous to anyone or want to fight with them. [Rather, they should all] be willing to give in to [the wishes of] others and to be humble before everyone.
3 For though we were all once senseless disobedient sinners that were slaves to our own desires in badness and envy (disgusting [people] that hated each other), 4 our God and Savior came here to display [God’s] loving care for mankind…
5 Not because we were righteousness, but because of His mercy!
Then He saved us through the bath that re-created us and made us new by his Holy Breath.

6 Yes, He poured plenty of it over us, through Jesus, our Anointed Savior, 7 so that after we are counted as righteous (through His loving care), we might become heirs who have the hope of age-long life.

8 You can believe these things…
And these are the instructions that I want you to keep on giving to them, so that those who have come to believe in The God will stand firm in doing all that is right!

Yes, these are good and helpful things that you must teach them.
9 [For they must learn to] avoid foolish questions, genealogies, arguments, and fights over the Law, since such things don’t really do any good and they’re just a waste of time.

10 But if someone continues to promote a sect after you’ve reasoned with him a first and a second time, reject this person!
11 [Do this] because you know that those who turn from The Way are self-condemned sinners!

12 After I send Artemas or TychiKos to you, try to come to me here in NikoPolis, because this is where I’ve decided to spend the winter.

13 Hurry and send Zenas the lawyer and Apollos… and make sure that they have everything they need.
14 Let our [brothers] learn how to do good things by providing for their needs, so their efforts won’t be wasted.

15 All of those that are with me send you their greetings.

Give my greetings to all those in the faith that truly care about us.

May [God’s] loving care be with all of you.

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