Does God Exist?

When a person says that there is no God, it shows a lack of thinking depth.
Why can we say that?
Well, consider what we learn from science:

According to scientists, our universe exists in a realm where there is no time or space.
How do they know that?
Because time and space are features of our universe… they’re just parts of the universal algebraic equation E=MC2.
That is: energy, solid mass, distance, and time are the foundation blocks of our universe.
So, outside of our universe, these things don’t exist.

Therefore, the true scientific conclusion is that either:
1. Everything came from nothing all by itself,
2. The algebraic equation that became our universe came from a very intelligent mind.

Also notice that the ‘big bang’ could never have started, because there can be no starting point where there is no time.
And the popular ‘multiple universe’ theory can’t be true, because there can’t be two or more (in fact, there can’t even be one) where there is no space.

So, how can something come into existence without a starting point and no location or space for it to be?
Actually, that’s impossible… unless we draw the only logical conclusion that it came from an already existing intelligence and power.

Therefore, when someone says that there is no God;
Understand that it is less likely that we and our universe exist than to conclude that God doesn’t exist.
Because we live in the real ‘Never Land’…
It always was, but it never was.
We are His imagination.

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